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About the webmaster

My name is Mike Meier and I live in Switzerland. I was born in 1977 and I've been into Zoids ever since I was a little kid. If you want to know more about me, my personal website is probably a good place to start.

I never really had any serious intentions to start a Zoids website because I already run too many websites as it is. Then one day I got bored, my friend's digicam was lying around in my apartment, and, well, you're looking at the result.

About this website

All of the pictures on this website are of my own personal Zoids, and they were taken by me. That means they are my property, so please don't steal them. If you want to use any of the pics, e-mail me at eyes_see_red (at) yahoo (dot) com and ask. I probably won't say no, but please ask first.

None of my Zoids are for sale. Sorry. However, I'm still looking to buy a number of vintage models. Click here to see my want list.

The rights to the Zoids toyline and any and all related designs, names and logos are owned by Takara Tomy, of course.

I'm running this website purely for fun, and you will find very little in the way of useful info about Zoids on here as this page is intended mainly as a showcase for my own modest collection. There are plenty of fine Zoids fansites out there that offer you all the info you could ever want. Check out the Links section.