HAG-UNUM Database
This database is exclusive and unique, but nevertheless accessible free of charge: The complete directory of HO gauge locomotive and car models supplied by the formerly renowned Swiss manufacturer HAG from 1954 to 2012 - brought to you by Chris Umbricht and Stefan Unholz. Here you can view pieces which you may never have seen before. The database provides a description of each item, its original and current monetary values, and a photo. However, the stuff produced by the new company at Stansstad is no longer listed.

If you are asked for user identification when accessing the database, simply select the button «guest account» and click on the button «login».

News for model train enthusiasts
Up-to-date news items, rumours, and gossip for all fans and collectors of Swiss model train manufacturers.

Shop List
Here you can find a list of Swiss model railway dealers with their addresses and (where available) links to their websites.

HAG Yahoo Group
Questions and answers on HAG HO model trains made in Switzerland - for enthusiasts all over the world. English spoken!

Train Exchange and Auction Calendar
This calendar has been discontinued. Thank you for your kind understanding.

This section contains some useful addresses of websites about railways and trolleybuses (clubs, speciality dealers, and magazines).