- Updated the concerts section

- Recent mastering job:
Marvin Tate / Joseph Clayton Mills - The Process [CD]

- Current mixing/mastering:
Mein Freund der Baum (Flo Stoffner / Rudi Mahall / Paul Lovens)
Hans Koch / Fred Frith (Live)



Electro-Acoustic Ensemble SONIC MOUNTAIN

Oct 16 Trafó House of Contemporary Art, Budapest - trafo.hu/hu-HU
Oct 18 Gromka, Ljubljana
Oct 19 Kunstraum Walcheturm, Zuerich - www.walcheturm.ch/
Oct 20 Teatro Sociale, Bellinzona - www.teatrosociale.ch/
Oct 21 Zoom-In Festival, Berne - www.zoominfestival.ch/

Klaus Filip, electronics (AUT)
Franz Hautzinger, trumpet (AUT)
Christian Kobi, tenor saxophone and soprano saxophone (CH)
Hans Koch, bass clarinet and soprano saxophone (CH)
Tomas Korber, guitar, electronics (CH)
Thomas Peter, amplified object, live-electronics (CH)
Zsolt Sörés, viola, electronics (HU)
Taku Sugimoto, guitar (JAP)


- Started work on a collaboration with Jürg Frey for Makam

- Some recent mastering jobs:
Strøm - X [CD]
Elgar - Elgar [LP]
Hans Koch / Thomas Peter - Wucherungen [CD]

My new piece Aufhebung for Guitar and Drums is being premiered by the duo Buck-Wolfarth on Sunday, October 4th in Zurich. It will be played on the following dates in the course of the next few weeks along with a new work by Jürg Frey

02.10.2015 | BUCK/WOLFARTH | Stadtmuseum, Aarau | 18.15 Uhr
04.10.2015 | BUCK/WOLFARTH | Schlosserei Nenninger, Zürich | 17.00 Uhr (Premiere)
23.10.2015 | BUCK/WOLFARTH | Atelier Schiller, Basel| 20.00 Uhr
24.10.2015 | BUCK/WOLFARTH | Gewürzmühle, Zug | 20.00 Uhr
01.11.2015 | BUCK/WOLFARTH | Atelier J.v.Waerden, Zürich | 17.00 Uhr
14.11.2015 | BUCK/WOLFARTH | Jo 102, Zürich | 19.00 Uhr

Embarking on a small US-Tour with Konus Quartett second half of October

Christof Thurnherr wrote an article about me in Jazz'n'More. Read it here.

Musik für ein Feld has been received very positively by critics so far. Here are some reviews:

Vito Camarretta (October 2014)
Nick Cain, The Wire
(July 2014)
Joacim Nyberg, Sound of Music (June 2014)
Richard Pinnell, The Watchful Ear (14.05.2014)
Brian Olewnick, Just Outside (1.5.2014)
Julien Heraud (27.04.2014)
François Couture, Monsieur Délire (09.04.2014)


Musik für ein Feld

Written by Tomas Korber
Performed by Konus Quartett and Tomas Korber
Cubus Records (CD)

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