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The Original Official Web Site (Now archived / no longer maintained) of the

68th Entry

Royal Air Force, Halton

(From May 2001 to 20th April 2008)

From 20th April 2008 this website has been copied to http://www.halton68th.co.uk to become the new official website of the 68th Entry and Bob Kellock has kindly agreed to replace me, Brian McCarthy (now living in Switzerland), and take responsibility as your new webmaster.

Last modified: May 18 2008 

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The 68th Association :-  Information about the association formed in April 2001. 

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[New!]In Memoriam :-  Pete Collier passed away on 15th February 2008

[New!]Missing List :-  Bob Kellock removed. He's alive and well and living in Wiltshire and is your new Webmaster

Brats Yarns :-   Tales from Halton days and beyond

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Diary of a Window :-   The history of the acquisition and installation of the 68th stained glass window

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Encyclopedia Bratanica :-  A glossary of terms etc. from Halton days

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This website is intended for the use of members of the 68th Entry of Aircraft Apprentices at Halton. Contributions to keep it interesting and up to date are always welcome. 

My ISP since my moving to Switzerland is Cablecom. They  provide 50Mb of Web space as part of their broadband package. This is more than enough to cope with new input. The present site takes up just under 10Mb.

Where possible this site will make cross-references (hyperlinks) to other sites to avoid wasting Web space. 

Another advantage of cross references is central maintenance of active data. e.g. email lists.

Some sites I have already included are:- RAFHAAA, 33rd, 69th, 70th and 99th Entries, the RAF Apprenticeship Scheme, REME, RAF and other air forces


Brief Histories

RAF Station Halton

Volunteers for a write-up please. prompts:- Rothschild, workshop construction, rumoured employment of WW1 POW's for same, railway siding, grass airfield, Princess Mary's Hospital, the catering school, the dental school, WW2 impact, What was the Apprentice Wing/Squadron structure - Entries/Trades. I remember Airframes (and Armourers presumably) starting in 2A Wing and moving to 1A Wing. What did the 'A' stand for? presumably squadron  - Electrical and Instruments ('gash trades' was the contemporary parlance by the lower mortals in 1 Wing and 2 Wing) were assigned to 3 Wing. That must have left Engines in 2 Wing?

Map of Halton area:- Miscellaneous

The Apprenticeship Scheme

Please go to:- http://www.rafhalton.co.uk/apprentice.htm

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