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Encyclopedia Bratanica 

Akhurst - Squadron Leader 2 Wing - first Halton Apprentice

Astra - camp cinema, very popular with brats.

Berko Boys - A gang of youths from Berkhamsted

Berry - (dingle!) Pilot/Flying Officer flight commander? for Airframes/Armourers

bint - girl (deriv. Arabic - girl, daughter)

Blackman - D.I. Sergeant for Airframes/Armourers

boggies - National Service airmen

Bull night - barrack rooms cleaning

bunk - single rooms in barrack blocks. There were two per barrack room; an inside and outside bunk. They were occupied by either A/A NCOs or regular( D.I.) NCOs

camp bicycle - a local 'friendly' lass. 

cc - aka jankers - confined to camp. A punishment metered out to recalcitrant brats  in preferred measures - e.g. 3, 7, 14 days

Davies - D.I. Sergeant for Airframes/Armourers

Deevey - D.I. Corporal for A Squadron, Engines

Earwicker - D.I. Flight Sergeant for A Squadron, Engines

F000 - toilet paper

F1250 - RAF Identity Card

F295 - Leave Pass

F252 - disciplinary charge form

F700 - Aircraft maintenance sign-off form

Gash Trades - 'endearing' term used by Airframes/Armourers/Engines for the trades in 3 Wing - Electrical and Instruments

Hine - D.I. Sergeant for C Squadron, Electrical and Instruments. Vertically challenged, nick-named Drag

Johnson - ('Amy')  WRAF Pilot/Flying officer, very attractive, taught English in the brats school. 

Kermode - the AA's set book on theory of flight

Lea Enfield Mk IV? rifle - http://www.rememuseum.org.uk/arms/rifles/armbsr.htm

(You'll notice the Weapon No 1 on the REME site was a 33rd Entry issue)

Llewellyn - Flt.Lt. o.c. 2A Wing?

Nuffield Centre - A popular Services club among Apprentices in London which ran dances regularly attended by the nurses from Charing Cross Hospital?

Orr (Paddy) - D.I. Sergeant for A Squadron, Engines

Pimple - A grass patch on top of the hill overlooking Henderson-Groves square. A popular place for brats to climb up to and survey the world of their three year sojourn.

Pit - Bed

Plummers -  aka Armourers

Slim Turner -  One of the more human RAF Policeman at the Henderson-Groves guardroom. He ran the Station broadcasting service.

Snag - LA/A 

Snoops - aka RAF Police

Snowdrop - aka RAF policeman

Tank - aka NAAFI - supplier of Nelson cakes, Eccles, Still (powdered lemon drink) 1d and single chips 1d - not a bad supper for 2d

Webb -  D.I. Sergeant for Airframes/Armourers