About Us

Synapsys is a provider of services and know how for internet based applications.

We are specialized in dynamic content and focus on delivering pragmatic, problem oriented solutions. See Activities for a detailed list of our expertise and Clients / Projects for a list of completed projects.


Employees & Partners

Synapsys provides a comprehensive set of know how and resources for most problems. However, sometimes additional resources are required to do a project or solve a problem in a timely and cost effective way. The list below shows some of our high quality employees and partners.


Marco Forster

Founder and owner of Synapsys AG.

Marco has gained his professional experience in R&D and project management at Satronic, Sperry Univac, Orion Research and Tecan where he last held the position of vice president of R&D. In 1995 the prospects of the internet lead him to found his own company.

Marco holds a bachelors degree in electrical engineering (HTL). With various post graduate studies in project management and software engineering he complemented his practical experience. Marco still actively participates in Perl, Javascript and Java development projects.

In his spare time Marco enjoys tennis and skiing.

Rolf Sigrist

Business Development - Strategy - Marketing

Rolf has over 25 years business experience in the telecom industry where he held various management positions. His advise and ideas were extremely valuable for us.

An engineer by training, Rolf also holds an MBA. Having worked and lived in the French speaking part of Switzerland, Spain and the United States he learned to speak French, Spanish and English.

All these skills and his practical and global thinking make Rolf the prime choice for our business development consulting needs.

Hansjörg Kunz

Integration of robotic systems for automated sample processing in pharmaceutical and diagnostic markets. Hansjörg is a mechanical engineer by training and has been a reliable partner since the founding of Synapsys AG.

Remy Giger

Communication la carte
Innovative, creative and affordable advertising, public relations and graphical design agency. Reliable and to the point. That's why we use them.
Thierry Dupinet

Software Development - Image Analysis

Thierry holds a masters degree in software engineering. His specialty is image analysis. After his studies he developed a revolutionary imaging system for blood grouping and antibody / rhesus typing.

We worked with Thierry on a script language interpreter for the process data calculation of a big CNC gearwheel grinder. We got to appreciate his enormous efficiency and the extreme high quality of his work.

Thierry programs in multiple languages, primarily C++. He is the father of two children and a passionate sportsman.

Peter Wainwright

Perl - Apache

Even though we have substantial experience with Perl & Apache, Peter is one of the worlds leading experts on those topics. He is the author of the highly recommended books Professional Perl Programming, Professional Perl Development, Professional Apache 2.0 and Pro Apache.

Peter Wainwright has worked as a freelance developer and software consultant. He got his first taste of programming on a BBC Micro and gained most of his early programming experience writing applications in C on Solaris. He then discovered Linux, shortly followed by Perl and Apache, and has been happily programming there ever since. Outside of the software industry he is a partner of Space Future Consulting, an international space tourism consultancy firm.

Carl Roberts

Database Support and Development

Carl is a very experienced database specialist. He has over 15 years of experience with Oracle version 6 to 9i and MS SQL Server. As an Oracle Certified Professional he is proficient in PL/SQL but also C and Java.

We have worked with Carl on a large web based banking application where he lead and managed the database team.

Kamran Derakhshan

Databases - Oracle - PL/SQL

Kamran is a freelance developer / contractor and software consultant. With 15 years of experience in the IT industry he is specialized in all aspects of the Oracle Database and
Oracle's development tools. He is also experienced in implementing and customizing of Oracle's Applications such as Oracle Financial's and Oracle HR.

Kamran has worked on multiple large database projects in Switzerland. We worked with him on a large a web based banking application where Kamran implemented the business logic in the database.

RO IT Systems / Ronan Oger

Ronan Oger is the CEO of RO IT Systems GmbH, a company specialized in collaboration and communication software for the enterprise. RO IT Systems is the developer of Eido Knowledge Portal, an integrated knowledge management and collaboration platform. Eido provides advanced functionality to support automated workflow management and advanced searching capabilities. RO IT Systems GmbH provides full service consulting to develop turnkey solutions for companies, including business process reorganization.

Jona SG, Bonn & Hamburg
Software Engineering and Consulting, Clinical Lab Software Products and Project Workflow Management Tools
The flexible mechanical Workshop. Engineering, metal- and steel constructions of any kind. Large CNC processing center.
Our accountants, auditors, tax and legal advisors. Argo has been offering accounting, audit, legal and organizational consulting services since 1980. We appreciate their professional, social and ecological responsibilities toward their clients and the mutual trust and continuity. Argo Consilium AG is a member of the Swiss Institute of Certified Accountants and Tax Consultants.

Infotronic / Pirmin Knobel
Lachen SZ

OO-Design Guru - C++ - Java - UNIX - Windows

Pirmin holds a bachelors degree in electrical engineering (HTL) with a post graduate degree in software engineering. Since 1985 Pirmin has been involved in professional software development. His strength are object oriented analysis and design and event driven applications for UNIX and Windows. He is proficient in C++ and Java. He is well reputed in the industry and has multiple years experience in the telecom and banking sector. We worked with Pirmin on the development of a complex real time machine control system based on PC components.

Pirmin authored a portable object library which is the foundation for the rapid development of any kind of event driven application.

In his spare time Pirmin is a passionate mountain biker and globetrotter.