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Information on my closest Pippy ancestors can be seen on the Family Web pages for Annebella G. Pippy (1861 - 1931) or her father George A. Pippy (1831 - 1899). His father was George Pippy, born 1801, the son of George Pippy born 1769. (Annebella's brother, George Baxter Pippy, was told by his father that he was the 6th George in succession.

Extensive information on Pippy desendants, for those really interested, can be obtained by contacting James Roberts at jerobert@nb.sympatico.ca.

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Early Pippy History

There were several Pippys in Newfoundland in the mid 18th century. We are the descendants of 5 brothers who lived at Blackhead and/or Harbour Grace, Newfoundland, thought to be sons of a George Pippy. The five brothers were:

The birth dates indicated by many sources are often incorrect.

Pippy legends

According to legend, the first Pippy in Newfoundland was a French naval officer, supposedly an admiral, a Huguenot, whose surname was possibly once spelled as Pippet, Pipie, Pyppe, Pepin, Pippon, Poippe, Poype, Pippey, etc. He is thought to have fled from France to England or the Channel Islands during the persecution of the Huguenots, anglicized his name, and from there he and his wife went to New York. The legend continues that he met his son or sons and eventually moved to Newfoundland where they settled.

We have also been told that there were 2 Pippy brothers who came to Newfoundland from Devon, England around 1634, the sons of a French naval officer. One supposedly settled in the Avalon area and the other in Twillingate.

Most of the above information came through June Middleton: Hazelbrook, Charlottetown, RR1, Prince Edward Isand C1A 7J6 CANADA

An article on the subject of the orign of the PIPPY family has been published in 2011.

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