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  • My Dad, Lee G. Stallard, has published a historical novel, a romance based partly on his experince in China during WWII.
    "The Gates of Nanping Kai" (August 2011)


  • I have added some "tin-type" pictures of my Adams connection.
    Can anyonehelp me identify them? The pictures are from SW Virginia ca. 1892.
    (August 2007)



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This site provides 17th century Stallard information. I am also interested in the following surnames, Stallard, Miller, Engdahl, Asplund, Pippy, Adams, Duncan and others listed in my Family Web. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have additional information on any of these lines. Or if you have a related family history site I would be happy to at a link to your web site. Just send me your URL.

Snail mail: Bob Stallard, Garteli 10, CH-3210 Kerzers, Switzerland

Robert L. Stallard

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