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All programs listed on this page are freeware Windows programs, except otherwise noted.


The following programmer software can be used with the ISP-adapter described by my AVR starter kit:

The following programmers are compatible with AVR Studio and connect to the serial port of the PC.


If you want to program in assembler, here are the necessary tools:


A port of the popular GCC ANSI C compiler is available for the AVR:

Simulator / Debugger

Atmel AVR Studio is a simulator/debugger for the AVR family of microcontrollers. AVR Studio enables the user to fully control execution of programs on the built-in AVR Instruction Set Simulator, or on an AVR In-Circuit Emulator (bought separately). AVR Studio supports source level execution of Assembly and C programs.


If you think there must be a better way to edit source files than notepad or DOS edit, here is the answer:

The following windows program is very useful for calculating the timer/counter preset values and for converting integer and floating point values into binary or hex values.


Miscellaneous Tools

The following tools are not directly related to AVR, but are very useful for developing and testing AVR applications:



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