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AVR Projects
-Build your Starter Kit
-ISP Cable
-LCD Interface
-Serial Interface
-HVSP Fuse Restore

 AVR Software
-Example Programs

Development Tools for AVR
-Misc Tools

AVR Links
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AVR Microcontroller Projects  

Build your own Starter Kit using a breadboard
ISP Cable for AVRISP and PonyProg
Interface to HD44780 based text LCD
Serial Port interface with RS232 / TLL level conversion
HVSP Fuse Restore for ATtiny
AVR Software

AVR-GCC Example Programs
AVR-GCC libraries:
       I2Cmaster, LCD library, UART library
STK500v2 compatible boot loader
Development Tools for AVR

Programmer, Assembler, Compiler, Simulator/Debugger,
IDE, Misc Tools
AVR Links

Mailing Lists
Discussion forums
Links for other AVR projects
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