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(Main Courses)

Paprika isi (Tuna, Udang, Ayam, Bayam)

(Tuna, shrimps, chicken or spinach cooked in paprika)

Tum Ayam

(Marinated steamed chicken meat wrapped in banana leaves)

Semur Lidah

(Beef tongue stewed in sweet light soya)

Semur tahu

(Tofu stewed in sweet light soya with mushrooms)

Pépés Ikan *

(Marinated fish wraped in banana leaves)

Rendang sapi

(Beef stewed in thick souce)

Mie Goréng (Tuna, Ayam, Udang)

(Fried noodles with tuna, chicken or shrimps)

Nasi Goréng Jawa (Tuna, Ayam, Udang)*

(Javanese fried rice with tuna, chicken or shrimps)

Nasi Pecel Tumirah *

(Mixed vegetables topped with peanut souce)

Sayur Lodéh

(Mixed vegetables cooked in light coconut milk)

Kari Mérah/Hijau (Ayam, Udang, Sapi, Sayur)

(Red or green curry with chicken, shrimps, beef or vegetables)

Cah Ayam (Bayam, Kangkung, Campur)

(Spinach, water spinach or mixed vegetables sauted with garlic)

Balado Tahu Jamur *

(Slices of tofu and mushroom cooked in sweet soya)

Balado Ikan Teri *

(Fried tiny fish , sweet soya and peanuts)

Tuna Mérah Asam Manis

(Tuna in red sweet and sour sauce)

Saté (Ayam, Udang)

(Skewered chicken or shrimp)


NOTE : Please inform us if you wish to have your meal * SPICY or extra ***SPICY



Bobor Bayam (Ayam, Udang)

(Spinach in coconut milk with pieces of chicken or srimps)

Sup Ayam

(Chicken vegetable soup)

Lumpia (Ayam, Sayur, Udang, Kepiting)

(Choice of spring rolls filled with chicken, vegetables, prawns or crab)

Bakwan Tahu (Tuna, Udang, Kepiting)

(Choice of tofu cake with tuna, prawns, or crab)

Bakwan Jagung (Tuna, Udang)

(Fried corn cake with your choice of tuna or shrimp pieces)



Agar - agar Nangka

(Jackfruit pudding)

Kolak Pisang

(Sliced banana in light coconut milk and ginger palm sugar)

Bubur Ketan

(Black sticky rice pudding and coconut milk)


(Side dishes)

Sambal Matah *

(Balinese chillipaste with raw fresh lemon grass)

Sambal Ulek *

(Javanese chilli paste with mixed chillies and garlic)

Sambal Trasi *

(Chilli with shrimps paste)

Sambal Tomat *

(Chilli paste with tomatos)

Sambal Bajak *

(Chilli paste with mixed spicies)

Sambal Kacang *

(Chilli Peanut sauce)

Krupuk Udang

(Shrimp crackers)