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Leica Geosystems

The successor of Wild Heerbrugg AG

Three Independent Global Companies Share One Brand 
The successor of important firms as:
Wild Heerbrugg, Kern & Co. Aarau, Magnavox, Leitz, Reichert, Jung,  Cambridge Instruments, ...

Leica Camera
Oskar Barnack developed the world's first 35mm camera. 

Leica Microsystems
"Leica Microsystems has developed from five brand names, all with a long tradition: Wild, Leitz, Reichert, Jung and Cambridge Instruments. Leica Microsystems symbolizes not only tradition, but also innovation."

Leica Geosystems manufacturing companies:
Polymeca AG

Swissoptic AG
Wiltronic AG 

Leica Geosystems Milestones & history:
English version 

Deutsche Version

WEB cam's from Switzerland, nearby my location:
( watch out about the time difference )

Gäbris (1250m ü.Meer):


Säntis (2500m ü.Meer) Säntis Sepp:

click on the picture to go to the live picture


Livebild der Säntis-Panoramakamera (2500m ü.Meer):


Schlatt mit Blick auf Alpstein (924m ü.Meer):


If you prefer to see Switzerland on a map you can use this links:
Interaktive Schweizer Karten
ore use this link to see where the town of HEERBRUGG is located 


Other interesting sites:

Gais, my hometown
with very good maps, also from Heerbrugg

Brochure: Surveying Made Easy. (176K)
This paper details some important aspects of surveying including instrument settings, error sources, and application programs.

Handbuch: Vermessen leicht gemacht (176K)
Deutsche Fassung : Die vorliegende Broschüre soll den Einstieg in die Vermessung erleichtern.


Land Surveying information, and U.S. links to Licensed Land Surveyors via E-mail

National Museum of American History
a on-line catalog of surveying and geodetic instruments in the National Museum of American History

Virtual Museum of Surveying
The Museum consists of exhibits which cover a variety of topics related to surveying history. 

Museum of Surveying
A museum in Lansing, Michigan devoted to the presentation of surveying history.

The Coast and Geodetic Survey Photo Historic Image Collection
The Getting There Collection contains over 300 images depicting the methods and problems of "getting there"....

Surveyors Historical Society

 A society dedicated to the preservation of the history of the science of surveying.

History of the National Geodetic Survey

Featuring an album of historical images, biographies, stories & tales, 

historical map & chart collection and much, much more.

Washington Map Society

A society focused on cartography, its history and collecting of maps.

The Oughtred Society

A society devoted to slide rule collectors and historians.

The Antique Telescope Society, Inc.
Society interested in astronomical instruments history and discovery, the history of opticsand the preservation and use of those antique instruments through stewardship and education. 

The Library of Congress - Geography & Map Division

Online Map Collections 1544-1999; featuring maps on various subjects including

Discovery & Exploration, Military Battles & Campaigns, Cities & Towns,

Cultural Landscape, and Transportation & Communication.

 A Introduction to Astronavigation

Calculating Machines
Website devoted to collecting calculating devices and associated information.

Features links to websites of both actual and virtual museums.

Virtual Surveying Instrument Collection
University of New South Wales, Sydney

The Gemmary
   Forum, Instruments, and Restoration supplies

Antique Surveying Instruments

 Pocket Compass Guide
Every thing one needs to know about pocket compasses

 A collection of information about Pibal theodolites

The Complete Surveyor

Interessante Bookmarks

Celestial Navigation Data

Data Services

The Museum of HP Calculators

Gecko Optical Classifieds
Complete optical classifieds - Western Australia

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