How old is my Kern & Co. AG Aarau
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Dating of Kern instruments is sometimes difficult because of two mainly reasons:

  • pre 1900, instruments like levels and theodolites did not have serial numbers
  • on drawing sets, they also used old items with old logos in newer sets (I have a set where they used logos from three periods ...)

So if your instrument has a serial number I might be able to tell you the approximately production date.

pre 1900:    no serial number (first registered serial number is 16615 from Jan.16. 1899)
    1910        19500
    1920        23500
    1930        27500
    1940        30500
    1950        40000
    1960        73000

If not, you might use the following overview over there company logos to date your instrument:
(based on my drawing sets and brochures)

I divide them mainly in six categories (all data are approximately since they used different logos in a single set to use up there stock):
known as used from Logo used on case Logo used on instruments Logo used on brochures, manuals, price list

1819 - 1885
no marking on instruments


1885 - 1914

early one without any marking 

later ones with the Kern trademark




1914 - 1926



1926 -  1949


1950 - 1959


1959 - 1990

If you have additional information ore comments, please send them o me by email.
I will be glad to add them to this site to share them with other collectors.

Ore if you have a set or instrument do date, please send m some pictures.

I am also interested to acquire new sets. So, please let me know if you have a set ore instrument you do not need anymore


is this a Kern ? 

Dividers are marked with a "K" and the case is marked with "Aarau"

Regarding the shape of the set, could it be a 

drawing sets from Aarau, but not from Kern  
 Hommel - Esser , Aarau
Gysi & Co. Aarau 
J.Bossart , Suhr-Aarau Suisse

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