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Since Kern & Co. AG, Aarau is also related to Wild Heerbrugg and I also collect Kern instruments I will give you also a overview about there history.

And on the following page will I give you some information how to date your Kern instrument:
How old is my Kern instrument

Date Action / Milestones
Founding of Mechanische Werkstätte  "Jakob Kern" Aarau, Switzerland Jakob Kern (August 17, 1790 - February 4, 1867)
The first items produced were drawing instruments.
(This picture came from the first pricing brochure)

Later, he became well known for his geodetic and astronomical instruments:
This theodolite was purchased in 1835 by the well known General Dufour, who made the first triangulation survey in  Switzerland.
New location: Ziegelrain, Aarau:

The two sons of Jakob Kern joined the firm. 
Adolf Kern-Saxer (1826-1896)
Drawing Instruments
Emil Kern-Rychner (1830-1898)
Surveying Instruments
1863 Jakob Kern retired from business 
1885 Adolf Kern retired from the business and his son Heinrich Kern  (1857-1934) assumed management responsibility for the firm.  
1885 new name: Kern & Co.
1897   Emil Kern retired from business
1914  foundation of a company: Kern & Co. AG 
1.June 1920 New location: Schachen, Aarau  (1920 and 1979)
1933 Heinrich Kern retired from business
His son Walter Kern  (*1888) was
managing the firm. 
1945 The first subsidiary firm formed in the USA. Others were formed in 1972 in Canada; 1976 in Brazil and Denmark.
1961 Peter Kern, 5th generation family member, (1921-    ) joined the board of directors.
13.May 1988 Merged with the Wild Leitz group.
1991 closing down the plant in Aarau


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