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26. April 1921   Foundation of Heinrich Wild, Werkstätte für Feinmechanik und Optik  
30. April 1923 new name:  Verkaufsaktiengesellschaft Heinrich Wild  
1923 new name: Verkaufs-Aktiengesellschaft Heinrich Wild's Geodätische Instrumente
1937  new Logo
1954   Foundation of Wild Heerbrugg AG  
1971  50 year anniversary / new Logo
1972  Cooperation Wild Heerbrugg AG and Ernst Leitz Wetzlar GmbH  
1974 new Logo
1. January 1987 Ernst Leitz Wetzlar GmbH and Wild Heerbrugg AG merge to form the Wild Leitz group
13.May 1988 takeover of  Kern & Co. AG  
1. January 1989 Changing the name from Wild Heerbrugg AG to Wild Leitz AG  
16. August 1989 First information about the merger with Cambridge Instrument  
2. April 1990 The merger of Wild Leitz Holding AG with the Cambridge Instrument Company plc creates the new Leica Holding B.V. group

The successors of Wild Heerbrugg:

at this point my overview of Wild Heerbrugg is ending.
More information on the successors will you find on the following weppages


This are the three independent successor of :

Wild Heerbrugg AG, Switzerland

Ernst Leitz GmbH, Wetzlar, Germany

Kern & Co. AG, Aarau, Switzerland





1994 Buyout of the Plotter business to 
Zünd Systemtechnik AG

1996 Leica Camera GmbH is transformed into a public company. Now the company is called Leica Camera AG
1997 Foundation of the international Leica Microsystems Group


1. April 1997 The electronics manufacturing facilities in Heerbrugg become an independent company, named Wiltronic AG
6. October 1997 The optical manufacturing facilities in Heerbrugg become an independent company, named Swissoptic AG
1997 Fondation of LH Systems, LLC, a joint venture company of Leica Geosystems AG (Heerbrugg, Switzerland) and BAE SYSTEMS, Inc. (San Diego, California, USA) for the photogrammetry and aerial camera systems business


October 1997 new name for all wholly owned subsidiary companies:
Leica Geosystems

1. April 1998 Leica Microsystems Group is sold to a international investment group


1. April 1998 The mechanical engineering facilities in Heerbrugg become an independent company, named Polymeca AG
3.September 1998 Investcorp, the London-based international investment group, acquires Leica Geosystems from the Dutch-based Lancet Investments B.V., Rijswijk  
12. Juli 2000 Going public / Börsengang Leica Geosystems Holding AG  
13. July 2001 Leica Geosystems and the German company Berliner Glas KG Herbert Kubatz GmbH & Co announced on today that they have reached an agreement that Berliner Glas KG will acquire a majority of the shares of SwissOptic AG, today a 100% daughter company of Leica Geosystems.
Since April 1, 2001, Berliner Glas KGaA has taken over 75% of SwissOptic AG's share capital.


1. April 2002 The former business unit “Defense & Special Projects” in Heerbrugg will become an independent daughter company of Leica Geosystems AG as of 1st April 2002 , named Leica Vectronix AG

3.Feb 2003: acquisition of Leica Vectronix AG from the French high-technology defense and communications group SAGEM 

3. Feb. 2003
Escatec, a Swiss owned and Malaysia based contract manufacturer for electronic and mechatronic products, will acquire a 75% interest in Wiltronic AG and Leica Geosystems will maintain a minority investment of 25%.



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Home Overview Important People Milestones in the story of Wild Heerbrugg Milestones of Technology Buildings Milestones of Kern & Co. AG Milestones of Leica