Other games

I would like to show you some other famous games that exist for the Commodore 64. Several of them are also available for other computers like Apple, Atari, Amiga and IBM PC, but of course we Commodore freaks mean that the Commodore 64 version was the best - if not with the graphics - definite with the sound! :-)

Of course there exist many other great games, but these games here are some of my favourites.

Sublogic Flight Simulator II

I think most of you know the Microsoft Flight Simulator. But did you know that version 2 of the Flight Simulator also exists for many 8-bit computers like Apple 2 and the Commodore 64? It fits on one floppy disk side, which is 160KB. But it had already many functions. The map, communication, navigation and so on. Of course the graphics frame rate is not so hot! Note the slightly flickering bicolor frame, simulating the cockpit window.

Ready for take off at Chicago Meigs airfield.

The Great Giana Sisters

This game is very special. It was released in 1987, but cancelled immediately, because it was too similar to the Nintendo game "Mario Bros". Nevertheless the game became very popular in the underground scene, because of the great sound from Chris Hülsbeck and the really nice and smooth graphics.

Boulder Dash I, II and III

Boulder Dash was always a very addicting, but also difficult game for me. You play "Rockford", the little guy that must dig though different caves, collect diamonds and avoid contact with the enemies, and the rocks, that always keep falling down on his head.

Realm of Impossibility

Another game that I used to play lot's of hours... Walk through many dungeons containing zombies, snakes and other strange creatures to collect keys and crowns. Even more fun and alot easier was it to play in two player mode, so you could help each other keeping away the enemies. The name comes from that some dungeons contain optical illusions like the ones from M. C. Escher.