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Back Door BDCD-1998-11

Back Door to Your Soul-CD

1. Spicy And Soulful
2. Salty
3. Heavy Load
4. Go Slow
5. Mouse Trap Hop
6. Tell It
7. Back Door To Your Soul
8. Patchwork
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9. Some Blues In My Stewpot
10. Trying To See
11. Mixed Pickles
12. Infrared
13. Next Week
14. Bodyfunk
15. One Hour Too Late
16. Homegrown
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all tunes composed by Chris Lange
guitars, piano, keyboards and percussion played by Chris Lange
harmonica-solos on track 7 and 9 played by Dinu Logoz
recorded and mixed between March and September 1998 in Zurich/Switzerland

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"BACKDOOR TO YOUR SOUL" is Chris Lange's comeback album. It was recorded 1998, almost 30 years after his first vinyl long player from 1969, issued then under his own "Blue Blood" label with the title "Chris Lange plays BLUESY MOOD". On this new instrumental album, Chris plays all the guitar and piano parts, as well as the electronic keyboards, which results in a more modern soul/blues/funk sound. On these recordings we can easily hear the influence of southern-soul and gospel music (which was always Lange's first love), especially on tunes like "Spicy And Soulful", "Go Slow", "Next Week" or "One Hour Too Late". On two other selections (the title tune "Back Door to Your Soul" and "Some Blues In My Stewpot"), Chris gets musical support by blues harmonica-player Dinu Logoz, one of his old band buddies from his seventies r&b-group "Driving Wheel". Old "Driving Wheel" recordings from 1975-77 are still available on the CD-album "Way Back In The Seventies". You can order this CD from Dinu Logoz at the following address: BLUE NOSE RECORDS, Sandackerstr. 14, CH-8112 Otelfingen/Switzerland (e-mail:

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Early Recordings 1961 - 1967

Back Door BDCD-2005-05

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1. Harmonica Rock
2. Thinking About You
3. It's Boogie Time
4. Elmore's Death
5. Honkin' Blues
6. Christmas Blues
7. Happy Harmonica
8. Woodchopper Blues (feat. Jack Dupree)
9. Helen's Dream
10. Rock'n'Rollin' Rhythm&Blues
11. Slidin' In My Heart
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12. The Blues Way Down At The Bottom
13. Muddy's Thought
14. Horseback
15. Memory Exchange
16. Soulful Love
17. Blow Away
18. Call On Me
19. Mississippi Delta
20. Roberta (The Girl From The Pastry Shop)
21. Blues For Evelyn
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all tunes recorded between 1961 and 1967 in Zurich/Switzerland
Chris Lange: guitars, bass, percussion
Gilbert Gfeller: Harmonica, piano, drums
Jurg 'George' Schott & Peter Jordi: rhythm guitars, bass
John Treichler: bass
Jack Huber; Hermann Steinemann & Bobby Leutwiler: drums, percussion & handclaps
Champion Jack Dupree: vocals


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"RUSTY STRINGS" is available also at CEDE.COM.

"RUSTY STRINGS" presents a selection of blues and rhythm and blues instrumental-tunes, recorded between January 1961 and May 1967 in Chris Lange's home-recording studio in Zürich/Switzerland. Chris then sent some of those recordings as "demos" to blues record labels such as "Chess/Checker" in Chicago (track 1, 3, 5 and 7 - all from a February 1962 recording date), as well as to Moses Asch's "Folkways-Records" in New York and to "Storyville"-Records in Copenhagen/Denmark. The result were a couple of recording sessions for Chris with blues-singer/piano-player Champion Jack Dupree and many LP- and CD-issues as Dupree's sideman and guitar player (see all the Champion Jack Dupree-albums below). Chris Lange's co-musicians on the "Rusty Strings"-album (Gilbert Gfeller - harmonica, piano and Jurg "George" Schott - rhythm guitar) are the same who played with Chris in his blues-bands during the early and mid sixties. Featured on one track ("Woodchopper Blues") is also famed bluesman Champion Jack Dupree.

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Chris Lange & Robert Weideli

Back Door BDCD-2000-10

The Back Door Blues Men-CD

1. Mama, 'Tain't Long 'Fore Day
2. Slidin' Delta
3. Miss Otis Regrets
4. Hey Hey, Baby Hey
5. Ramblin' Man Blues
6. Louis Collins
7. Illinois Central Blues
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8. Blues Jumped The Rabbit
9. Hometown Blues
10. In The Evening
11. Easy Rider Blues
12. The Glory Of Love
13. Sunny Side Of Love
14. More Sweet Glories Of Love
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Robert Weideli: vocals & acoustic guitar
Chris Lange: electric & acoustic guitars, piano and percussion
recorded between January and July 2000 in Zurich/Switzerland

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On the album "THE BACKDOOR BLUES MEN" we welcome the comeback of another Swiss "blues-pioneer" from the sixties, the country-blues and delta-blues singer/guitarist Robert "Blues" Weideli. On this appealing, laidback blues album we can hear Robert's voice and his guitar performing a selection of blues- and jazz/blues-oldies from the 30's, 40's and 50's, such as Leroy Carr's "In The Evening", Katie Webster's "Sunny Side Of Love" or Cole Porter's "Miss Otis Regrets" and other gems. The accompanying electric or acoustic guitar and piano is played by Chris Lange, who also co-arranged and produced this CD-album. Quote from the liner notes of Samuel Mumenthaler* in the CD booklet: "For thirty years Chris Lange and Robert Weideli have lived quietly never loosing their big love for the blues. Quite the contrary: their record collections grew, the guitar was always in a corner ready to be played. Now these two ‘godfathers of Swiss blues’ meet for the first time on a CD. Their music sounds just like their lives (and that of many blues men) are: mature, without any show effects, earthy. Together the two have dug up old blues recordings of Blind Willie McTell, Leroy Carr and others from the early 30s. However, the two experts only took the lyrics from these archetypical songs, the music they redid entirely. The result are 14 quiet blues tunes characterized by the (often unplugged) guitars of the duo, the laid back voice of Robert Weideli and Chris Lange’s authentic blues piano: music form the back room. Music without gimmicks. Music from two prophets of Swiss blues that we gladly welcome back."
* Samuel Mumenthaler is the author of the book ‘BEAT POP PROTEST – the sound of the Swiss sixties’ and was the drummer of well known Swiss Rock-bands such as ‘Züri West’ and ‘Phon Roll’.

NEW: Please visit Robert Weideli's Website, where you can listen to some tunes from the Back Door Blues Men-album by clicking on the "Audio & Video"-Link.

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