The pure Spanish Arabian mare “Mojicar al Ryah Grey, born in 2002 She has an exeptional gait, ideal for sportive harness drivig and training. This beauty is also a good reproducer. Mojigar  al Ryah is mounted from time to time and is used in EAA. Now she is in the training for harnessing driving. V. Jaime al Hauhwa vV. Jalisco M.Moranna   mV.Ghadames Mojicar al Ryah is SCID and CA free Lorem Ipsum Dolor ARABIENS MARE MOJICAR ALRYAH Born:2002 Breeder: J & C Scheidel Propietor: Barbara Uetz SCID - clear CA - clear Lorem Ipsum Dolor Pedigree   Moranna x Jaime el Hauhwa 100% straight classical spanish Lorem Ipsum Dolor © Barbara Uetz 2014 After the odyssy with the American ESTOPASAN sperm, I decided to buy Mojicar al Ryah and have her inseminiated in Gernany with the sperm already bought in 2007. The importation of sperm to Germany is easier than it is to Switzerland.   She was legally imported to Switzerland and is now inscried in SZAP. Mojicar al Ryah is now living with her colt in our herd. She certainly is enjoying her maternity break, relaxing in the fields with her foal. Mojicar al Ryah grew up in Germany