Singles Collection    last updated 11/22/2002

Band Title Label Number Year Country
17 Easy come, easy go/Enough is enough Indie S001 1990 SWE
17 Rokket in my pokket/When the nite cumz Indie S002 1991 SWE
2 DIE 4 You got what it takes/Make your mind up(Hey, Hey) Polydor PO237 1992 GB
220 VOLT Heavy christmas/Lorraine CBS 651254-7 1987 GB
220 VOLT Lorraine/Whiter than white CBS 650083-7 1987 GB
220 VOLT Love is all you need/On the other side CBS 653090-7 1988 GB
220 VOLT Beat of the heart/Live it up CBS 652957-7 1988 HOL
220 VOLT High heels/Children of the plains CBS A6556 1985 HOL
220 VOLT Young and wild/Dreams CBS 651048-7 1987 SWE
221 VOLT Still in love/Criminal CBS 654694-7 1989 SWE
45 GRAVE Black cross/Wax Goldar Records G1401 1981 USA
707 Megaforce/Hell or high water Boardwalk 10016004 1982 GER
A PERFECT CIRCLE 3 Libras/Magdalena(Live)(Gatefold sleeve) Virgin 2438972687 2000 EEC
A PERFECT CIRCLE Judith/Orestes(Demo)/Magdalena(Live)/Brena(Live)(Gatefold sleeve) Virgin 2438968107 2000 EEC
AC/DC Baby please don't go/Jailbreak(Single from Box) Atlantic PRO171 1976 FRA
AC/DC Girls got rhythm/If you want blood/Hell ain't a bad place to be/Rock n'roll damnation Atlantic K11406E 1979 GB
AC/DC It's a long way to the top/Can I sit next to you girl Atlantic HM3 1980 GB
AC/DC Touch too much/Live wire(Live)/Shot down in flames(Live) Atlantic K11435 1979 GB
AC/DC Whole lotta Rosie/Hell aint a bad place to be(Live) Atlantic HM4 1978 GB
AC/DC Girls got rhythm/T.N.T. Atlantic ATL11411N 1979 GER
AC/DC Highway to hell/If you want blood Atlantic ATL11321N 1979 GER
AC/DC Touch too much/Live wire(Live) Atlantic ATL11450N 1980 GER
ACID Black car/Exterminator Giant GS502 1983 EEC
ACID Lucifera/Ghostriders Giant GS501 1983 EEC
AEROSMITH Love in an elevator/Young lust(+Patch) Geffen GEF63 1989 GB
AEROSMITH Shut up and dance/Deuces are wild(LP version)/Crazy(Orchestral) Geffen GFS75 1993 GB
AEROSMITH Dream on/Somebody CBS CBS4000 1976 HOL
AFRODITE Cartoon girl/All the way Bozz BOS1043 1989 SWE
AIIZ I'm the one who loves you/Ringside seat Polydor POSP314 1981 GB
AIIZ No fun after midnight/Treason Polydor POSP243 1981 GB
AIR RAID 69 in a 55/Anytime Mapa Records MAP3357 1983 USA
AIRLINES Emilia/Storstadskyla Mariann MAS2335 1981 SWE
AIRLINES Sista valsen/Storstadskyla Rixi TRIX012 1982 SWE
AKILLES Passaway/Taste of blood(Signed by A Niemi) Active Music HEJS-039 1991 SWE
ALASKA Miss you tonight/Run with the pack(American remix) Music For Nations KUT116 1985 GB
ALASKA Show some emotion/You don't have to worry Bronze BRO196 1985 GB
ALCATRAZZ Island in the sun/General hospital Rocshire RCA434 1984 GB
ALCATRAZZ Island in the sun/General hospital RCA 104301 1983 USA
ALCATRAZZ No parole from rock'n'roll/Hiroshima mon amour Rocshire XR95047 1983 USA
ALIEN Only one woman/Somewhere out there Virgin 109670 1988 SWE
ALLIN GG Live fast,die fast/Living like an animal/I need adventure/Louden boomer Black & Blue 410017 1984 SWE
ALLIN GG Public animal #1(7 trax) Black & Blue 608068X 1987 SWE
AMULANCE Holocaust/Feel the pain (Promo) New Renaissance NRS56 1991 USA
ANDERSON ANGRY Calling/Clear and simple Food For Thought YUM116 1989 GB
ANGEL That magic touch/Big boy(let's do it again) Casablanca 45CB140229 1977 FRA
ANGEL Winter song/Can you feel it Casablanca 45CB140334 1977 FRA
ANGEL 20 Century foxes/Can you feel it Casablanca CAN193 1980 GB
ANGEL Winter song/Can you feel it Casablanca CAN113 1977 GB
ANGEL Don't take your love/Bad time Casablanca BF18654 1979 GER
ANGEL Flying with broken wings/Under suspicion Casablanca BF18584 1977 GER
ANGEL Winter song/Can you feel it Casablanca BF18567 1977 GER
ANGEL Anyway you want it/Mirrors Casablanca VIP2439 1976 JAP
ANGEL Telephone exchange/On the rocks Casablanca VIP2547 1977 JAP
ANGEL Ain't gonna eat out my heart anymore/Flying with broken wings (Promo) Casablanca NB914DJ 1977 USA
ANGEL WITCH Angel witch/Gorgon Bronze BRO108 1980 GB
ANGEL WITCH Loser/Suffer/Dr.Phibes Bronze BRO121 1981 GB
ANGEL WITCH Sweet danger/Flight nineteen Bronze EMI5064 1980 GB
ANGELES DEL INFIERNO Todo lo que quiero/No quiero vivir sin ti WEA 148673-7 1986 SPA
ANGELIZE In it for love/Ladies CUF CUF009 1988 SWE
ANGELS Back street pickup/Take it easy(+ Dogs are talking single Limited Edition) Mushroom K10132 1990 AUS
ANGELS Between the eyes/Dead man's shoes EPIC ES991 1984 AUS
ANGELS Bleeding with the times/Blood on the moon/Don't wast my time/When the time comes Mushroom K16008 1991 AUS
ANGELS Can't take no more/Stonewall Mushroom K258 1987 AUS
ANGELS Dogs are talking/Hold on(Demo)/Break my heart(Demo)/I got you,You got me(Demo) Mushroom K10015 1990 AUS
ANGELS Face the day/Public enemy EPIC ES510 1980 AUS
ANGELS Let the night roll on/Junk city (Promo) Mushroom K1044 1989 AUS
ANGELS Look the other way/Run for the shelter Mushroom K9598 1985 AUS
ANGELS Love takes care/Be with you Mushroom K543 1988 AUS
ANGELS No secrets/Staring voices EPIC ES417 1980 AUS
ANGELS Rhythm rude girl/Bitch(Live) (Promo) Mushroom K10206 1990 AUS
ANGELS Some of that love/Mercury blues (Promo) Mushroom K11039 1991 AUS
ANGELS Stand up/Chaplain's drum EPIC ES792 1982 AUS
ANGELS Sticky little bitch/Breakdown(Folding cover) Mushroom K9642 1985 AUS
ANGELS Underground(Studio/Live)/Small price(Live)/Look the other way(Live) Mushroom K9760 1985 AUS
ANGLICAN SCRAPE ATTIC Hirax/Execute/Lipcream/Concrete Sox/Sacrilege 1985 GB
ANGLICAN SCRAPE ATTIC Hirax/Execute/Lipcream/Concrete Sox/Sacrilege 1985 GB
ANGLICAN SCRAPE ATTIC Hirax/Execute/Lipcream/Concrete Sox/Sacrilege 1985 GB
ANTHEM Victim in your eyes Nexus SPS3 1986 JAP
ANTHRAX Antisocial/Parasite Island 1S409 1989 GB
ANTHRAX Black lodge/This is not an exit(Postercover/#302) Elektra EKR171W 1993 GB
ANTHRAX I am the law/Bud/Luvbomb and satan's lounge band Island IS316 1987 GB
ANTHRAX I am the law/Bud/Luvbomb and satan's lounge band Island LAW1 1987 GB
ANTHRAX I am the law/Madhouse(Live)/I am the law(Live) Island ISX316 1987 GB
ANTHRAX Indians/Sabbath bloody sabbath/Taint Island ISP325 1986 GB
ANTHRAX Indians/Sabbath bloody sabbath/Taint Island ISP325 1986 GB
ANTHRAX Indians/Sabbath bloody sabbath/Taint Island ISP325 1986 GB
ANTHRAX Lonely(Radio edit/LP version) Elektra EKR166 1993 GB
ANTHRAX Soldiers of metal/Howling fury Megaforce MRS01 1983 USA
ANVIL Make it up to you/Metal on metal Attic MET002 1983 FRA
ANVIL School love/Paint it black Polydor 7DM0058 1981 JAP
ANVIL CHORUS Blondes in black/Once again Leviathan 12118 1982 USA
AQUILA Dreams of Africa/Love is no game Active Music HEJS-029 1989 SWE
ARAGORN Black ice/Noonday Neat Records NEAT07 1981 GB
ARCH RIVAL God bless America/(Ridin high/Rock the night away/God bless America/Pedal to the metal) Indie 1989 USA
ARMORED SAINT Can you deliver/False alarm (Promo) Chrysalis WWS17499 1984 JAP
ARMORED SAINT Can you deliver/False alarm(Signed frontcover) Chrysalis WWS17499 1984 JAP
ARROW The only way/A better run Private WSM8401 1988 SWE
ARROWZ Bird of steel/Help me Pang PSI051 1982 SWE
ASIA Heat of the moment/Ride easy Geffen A2207 1982 HOL
ASSASSIN Treason/All your love Indie CABKL001 1984 USA
ATLANTIS High on music/Let's go to my place Airplay FIS2112 1990 SWE
AURORA I'll be your fantasy/If I really knew her Diamond Dog RAM9 1982
AUTOGRAPH Turn up the radio/Thrill of love RCA PB3953 1984 GER
AUTOGRAPH Turn up the radio/Thrill of love RCA RPS167 1984 JAP
AVALON Dangerous feelings/It's hard Backstage Music BSM004 1986 SWE
AVATAR City beneath the surface/Sirens/The whip PAR Records PAR1002 1983 USA
AVENGER Too wild to tame/On the rocks Neat Records NEAT31 1983 GB
AXIS Lady/Messiah Heavy Metal Records HEAVYMM1047 1980 GB
BABYS A piece of the action/Read my stars Chrysalis 11818 1978 EEC
BABYS Turn and walk away/Too far gone Chrysalis 102610 1980 EEC
BABYS True love true confession/Broken heart/Money Chrysalis CHS2398 1980 GB
BABYS California/Love don't prove me right Chrysalis 6155257 1979 GER
BABYS Isn't it time/Give me your love Chrysalis 6155206 1977 GER
BABYS Broken heart/Wild man Chrysalis 11817 1977 HOL
BABYS I'm falling//I believe in love Chrysalis 15699 1978 HOL
BABYS Isn't it time/Give me your love Chrysalis 11738 1977 HOL
BABYS Back on my feet again/Turn around in Tokyo Chrysalis WWR20662 1980 JAP
BABYS Everytime I think of you/Love don't prove I'm right Chrysalis WWR20531 1978 JAP
BABYS I'm falling/Silver dreams Chrysalis WWR20405 1977 JAP
BABYS Back on my feet again(Stereo/Mono) (Promo) Chrysalis CHS2398 1979 USA
BABYS Back on my feet again/Turn around in Tokyo Chrysalis CHS2398 1979 USA
BABYS Everytime I think of you/Head first Chrysalis CHS2279 1978 USA
BAD ENGLISH Don't walk away/Tough times don't last EPIC 6561137 1990 GB
BAD ENGLISH Forget me not/Lay down EPIC 6550897 1989 GB
BAD ENGLISH Straight to your heart/Make love last EPIC 6574207 1991 GB
BADGE Silver woman/Something I've lost Heavy Metal Records HEAVYMM2 1981 GB
BALANCE Slow motion/Is it over Portrait A2732 1982 HOL
BAM BAM BOYS Let me touch your skin/White lies KGR Records S018 1988 SWE
BARNES JIMMY Daylight/Paradise/Daylight(Live)/Rusurrection shuffle(Live)(Postercover) Mushroom K9582 1985 AUS
BARNES JIMMY Driving wheels/Different lives(Postercover) Mushroom K488 1987 AUS
BARNES JIMMY I'd die to be with you tonight/Vision Mushroom K9819 1985 AUS
BARNES JIMMY I'm still on your side/Going to Mexico Mushroom K527 1988 AUS
BARNES JIMMY Last frontier(Live)/Many rivers to cross(Live) Mushroom K784 1989 AUS
BARNES JIMMY Lay down your guns/Broken heearts Mushroom K10133 1990 AUS
BARNES JIMMY Let's make it last all night/Bad news Mushroom K10207 1990 AUS
BARNES JIMMY Love is enough/Do or die(Live)/Paradise(Live) Mushroom K10463 1991 AUS
BARNES JIMMY No second prize/I've got news for you Mushroom K9468 1984 AUS
BARNES JIMMY Ride the night away/Paradise(Remix) Mushroom K9931 1985 AUS
BARNES JIMMY Too much ain't enough love/Do or die Mushroom K454 1987 AUS
BARNES JIMMY Waitin' for the heartache/Seven days Mushroom K5232 1988 AUS
BARNES JIMMY Good times/Love is enough (OST:Lost boys) WEA A7751 1987 GB
BARNES JIMMY Too much ain't enough love/Do or die (Promo) Geffen GEF38 1988 GB
BARNES JIMMY Working class man(OST:Gung ho)/Boys cry out for more Geffen 928749-7 1985 GER
BARNES JIMMY Working class man(OST:Gung ho)/Boys cry out for more Geffen P2077 1985 JAP
BARNES JIMMY Good times/Love is enough (OST:Lost boys) Atlantic 789237 1986 USA
BARNES JIMMY Too much ain't enough love (Promo) Geffen 927920-7 1988 USA
BASHFUL ALLEY Running blind/My my my Graffiti BA01 1982 GB
BB STEAL Ride on/Troubled child Vertigo 4228685987 1991 AUS
BEASTIE BOYS Fight for your right/Time to get ill CBS 6504187 1987 GB
BEASTIE BOYS No sleep till Brooklyn/Posse in effect CBS BEAST1 1987 GB
BEAUVOIR JEAN Feel the heat/Standing in the line of fire Virgin 107935-100 1986 GER
BEHEMOTH Deathwings/Vengeance Bullet CONT1 1983 FRA
BEHEMOTH Deathwings/Vengeance Private 1982 SWE
BENGAL TIGERS Break and bend/Fallen idol Mushroom K9216 1983 AUS
BENGAL TIGERS Cheat on/Burn it up Mushroom K9469 1984 AUS
BITCH (SWI) Rockin' tonight/She's in love Bellaphon BCH3014 1980 SWI
BITCH (SWI) Teenage heartache/Hollywood dance Bellaphon 10040002 1982 SWI
BITCHES SIN Always ready(For love)/Sign of the times Neat Records NEAT09 1981 GB
BLACK ANGELS All you've got tonight/Rock the city Meteor MOR22030 1984 SWI
BLACK CAT MOAN Heartbreak jury/Out in the cold Microtrain Music LOK02 1991 SWE
BLACK COFFEE Black coffee/Winter portrait/Leaves/Sound of space Memoria C6225731001 1997 RUS
BLACK DEATH Here comes the wrecking crew/Aetribution(Single from 1st LP) Auburn AU7002 1984 USA
BLACK 'N BLUE Hold on to 18/Chains around Heaven Geffen/Japan 07SP839 1984 JAP
BLACK 'N BLUE Swing time/Rockin' on heaven's door (Promo) Geffen PROS2358 1985 USA
BLACK ROSE No point runnin/Sucker for your love Teesbeat TB5 1982 GB
BLACK SABBATH Devil and daughter(One sided single) IRS EIRSPD115 1989 GB
BLACK SABBATH Headless cross/Cloak and dagger(Autographed by Tony Iommy) IRS EIRSCB107 1989 GB
BLACK SABBATH Neon knights/Children of the sea(Live) Vertigo SAB3 1980 GB
BLACK SABBATH Paranoid/Iron man Nems NEP1 1982 GB
BLACK SABBATH Paranoid/Snowblind Nems BSS101 19?? GB
BLACK SABBATH Tomorrow's dream/Laguna sunrise Vertigo 6059061 1972 GER
BLACK SABBATH It's alright/Rock'n'roll doctor Vertigo 6079100 1976 HOL
BLACK TIMES Dark night/We stand together Musk MP10-849 1984 SWI
BLACK WATER Knock down/Power lights Indie SMS810113 1981 SWI
BLACKFOOT Cry country/Too hard to handle/On the run(Live)/Train train(Live)(Double Single) Atlantic K11686F 1981 GB
BLACKFOOT Good morning/Payin' for it Atlantic K11673 1981 GB
BLACKFOOT Highway song/Rollin' & tumblin'(Live)/Fly away(Live) Atlantic K11760 1982 GB
BLACKFOOT Morning dew/Livin' in the city Atlantic B9690 1985 GB
BLACKFOOT On the run/Street fighter Atlantic K11610 1980 GB
BLACKSMITH Tomorrows mystery/The king has lost his crown Party Records PRS004 1986 SWE
BLIND GUARDIAN Banish from sanctuary/Hall of the king No Remorse Records NRR1006 1989 GER
BLITZ Key to your heart/On the run Jayrem Records JAY728 1986 NZ
BLITZKRIEG Buried alive/Blitzkrieg(Signed by whole band) Neat Records NEAT10 1981 GB
BLUE MURDER Jelly roll/Black hearted woman Geffen 9228857 1989 USA
BODINE Shout/Free kick Rhinoceros 24-9557-7 1983 GER
BON JOVI Live on tour(Breakout/Runaway/Tokyo road/Wanted dead or alive(all live)) Mercury 888820-7 1987 AUS
BON JOVI Bad medicine/99 in the shade Vertigo JOV3 1988 GB
BON JOVI Bad medicine/99 in the shade (Photofile 8 Colour Photographs) Vertigo JOVS3 1988 GB
BON JOVI Born to be my baby/Love for sale (Calendar card pack) Vertigo JOVS4 1988 GB
BON JOVI I'll be there for you/Homeland train (Postercover) Vertigo JOVPB5 1988 GB
BON JOVI In and out of love/Roulette(Live) Vertigo VERP19 1984 GB
BON JOVI Interview Disc Collection (4 discs) Baktabak BAKPAK1007 1986 GB
BON JOVI Livin' on a prayer/Wild in the streets Vertigo VER28 1986 GB
BON JOVI Never say goodbye/Raise your hands Vertigo JOV2 1986 GB
BON JOVI Runaway/Breakout(Live) Vertigo VER14 1984 GB
BON JOVI She don't know me/Breakout (Promo) Vertigo VERDJ11 1984 GB
BON JOVI Wanted dead or alive/Shot through the heart Vertigo JOV1 1986 GB
BON JOVI Wanted dead or alive/Shot through the heart (Incl.Metal Foil Stickers) Vertigo JOVS1 1986 GB
BON JOVI You give love a bad name/Let it rock Vertigo VER26 1986 GB
BON JOVI Bad medicine/99 in the shade Mercury 7PP-272 1988 JAP
BON JOVI In and out of love/Roulette(Live) Mercury 7PP-178 1984 JAP
BON JOVI Livin' on a prayer/Wild in the streets Mercury 7PP-219 1986 JAP
BON JOVI Only lonely/Always run to you Mercury 7PP-164 1985 JAP
BON JOVI You give love a bad name/Raise your hands Mercury 7PP-211 1986 JAP
BON JOVI Bad medicine/99 in the shade Mercury 870567-7 1988 USA
BON JOVI Born to be my baby/Love for sale Mercury 872156-7 1988 USA
BON JOVI Lay your hands on me/Runaway(Live) Mercury 874452-7 1989 USA
BON JOVI Living on a prayer/Wild in the streets Mercury 888184-7 1986 USA
BON JOVI Only lonely/Always run to you Mercury 880736-7 1985 USA
BON JOVI Runaway/Love lies Mercury 818309-7 1984 USA
BON JOVI She don't know me/Burning for love Mercury 818958-7 1984 USA
BON JOVI Wanted dead or alive/I'd die for you Mercury 888467-7 1986 USA
BON JOVI You give love a bad name/Raise your hands Mercury 884953-7 1986 USA
BOSTON A man I'll never be/Don't be afraid EPIC EPC6837 1978 HOL
BOSTON More than a feeling/Smokin' EPIC EPC4658 1976 HOL
BOW WOW You’re mine/Don't cry baby(Live) Heavy Metal Records HMINT2 1983 GB
BREAKER Blood money/Afraid of the dark Breaker Music #001 1983 USA
BRITNY FOX Girlschool(Short version)/Kick'n'fight CBS 653144-7 1988 GB
BRITNY FOX Long way to love/Girlschool(Postercover) Sony 08SP3040 1988 JAP
BROCAS HELM Blood machine/Skullfucker Brocas Helm 2000 USA
BROCAS HELM Time of the dark/Ghost story Bad Postre Records BP004 1998 USA
BUDGIE Keeping a rendezvous/Apparatus RCA BUDGE3 1981 GB
BUFFALO Battle town heroes/Women of the night(Black cover) Heavy Metal Records HEAVY03 1981 GB
BUFFALO Battle town heroes/Women of the night(Red cover) Heavy Metal Records HEAVY03 1981 GB
BUFFALO Mean machine/The rumour Heavy Metal Records HEAVY15 1982 GB
BULLETBOYS For the love of money/Crank me up Warner Bros. 727554 1988 USA
BUSH STAN & BARRAGE Heart vs. head/Love don't lie(Radio Edit) Scotti Brothers INT112332 1987 GER
BUSH STAN & BARRAGE The touch(OST:The Transformers)/Dare to be stupid Scotti Brothers INT112311 1985 GER
BUSH STAN & BARRAGE Crank that radio (Promo) Scotti Brothers ZS407182 1987 USA
BUSH STAN & BARRAGE Heart vs. head (Promo) Scotti Brothers ZS407603 1987 USA
CALIGULA So fine/Must get out Indie UNI2577 1991 SWE
CALILIO Lips/I remember you Platina PL60 1989 SWE
CANDLEMASS Samarithan/Solitude Axis 7AX1 1988 GB
CANDLEMASS Nimis/Rock'n'roll Trust No One 14 2000 SWE
CELTIC FROST From the vaults(Into the chapel in the moonlight/Dethroned emperor/Morbid tales/Return to the eve) 1999 BOOT
CELTIC FROST Rare & unreleased rehearsals(Procreation of the wicked/Morbid tales/#116 of 500) 1998 BOOT
CENTURY MEDIA Liar:D.C.W./Poltergeist:You've learned your lesson Century Media 1989 GER
CHATEAUX Fight to the last/Young blood Ebony EBON9 1982 GB
CHEAP TRICK Can't stop fallin' into love/You drive,I'll steer EPIC 656148-7 1990 GB
CHER The shoop shoop song(It's in his kiss)/Baby I'm yours Geffen 656673-7 1990 HOL
CHER I found someone/Dangerous times Geffen 928191-7 1997 USA
CHER If I could turn back time/Some guys Geffen 922886-7 1989 USA
CHERRY BOMBZ The house of exstasy/Declaration Lick Records LIX4 1986 GB
CHINA In the middle of the night/Dead lights Vertigo 876510-7 1989 GER
CHINA Wild jealousy/Don't look back Vertigo 870547-7 1988 GER
CHINATOWN Short and sweet/How many times Airship AP138 1981 GB
CHINAWHITE Blood on the streets/Ready to saitsfy Future Earth Records FER014 1983 GB
CINDERELLA Don't know what you got/Fire and ice(Poster Cover) Vertigo VERP43 1988 GB
CINDERELLA Somebody save me/Hell on wheels Mercury 7PP-228 1986 JAP
CIRITH UNGOL I'm alive/Atom smasher Old Metal Records OMR001 1998 USA
CLAWFINGER Nigger/Get it MVG Records MVGS7 1993 SWE
CLOWN Night on the town/Big mouth EMI 635854-7 1981 SWE
COLD CHISEL Flame trees/River deep mountain high WEA 7.25941 1984 AUS
COLD CHISEL Hold me tight!/No sense WEA 7-259773 1983 AUS
COLD CHISEL Saturday night/Painted doll WEA 7-259621 1984 AUS
COLD STEEL Bracing the fall/The worst is yet to come Turbo Music HM0768 GER
CONCRETE BLONDE God is a bullet/Free IRS EIRS121 1989 GB
CONCRETE BLONDE Joey/I want you IRS EIRS143 1990 GB
COOPER ALICE I am the future/Zorro`s ascent Warner Bros. WAR15004 1982 POR
COOPER ALICE Billion dollar babies/Mary Ann Warner Bros. WB7724 1973 USA
COOPER ALICE Freedom/Time to kill MCA 7574152127 1987 USA
COOPER ALICE Go to hell/I never cry Warner Bros. WBS8228 1976 USA
CORONER I want you/Divine step(PROMO) Noise SONDERPRESSUNG3 1991 GER
CORONER Purple haze/Masked jackal(Signed front cover) Noise N01196 1988 GER
COVERDALE DAVID The last note of freedom(Hans Zimmer:Car building) EPIC 656292-7 1990 GB
COX JESS Bridges/Check it out Neat Records NEAT26 1982 GB
COX JESS One in a million/Bad time girl Neat Records NEAT35 1983 GB
CRASH Dio:Stand up and shout(Live)/Accept:Balls to the wall Phonogram LC1633 GB
CRIMSON GLORY Lady of winter/Eternal world Roadrunner RR54507 1988 HOL
CRIMSON GLORY Lonely(Remix)/In dark places Roadrunner RR54487 1989 HOL
CRUCIFIXION Take it or leave it/On the run Neat Records NEAT19 1982 GB
CRUSING(WILLY DE VILLE) Heat of the moment/Pulling my string CBS CBS8527 1979 HOL
CRY WOLF Pretender/Stop,look & listen(PROMO) IRS 7P519016 1991 EEC
CRYSTAL KING Coca Cola Promo(One sided/Picture single) Aardvark P43 JAP
CRYSTAL PRIDE Sharon/Song for Jeanne D'Arc/Silver hawk Indie 8111011 1981 SWE
CULT Love removal machine/Wolf child`s blues/Conquistador/Groove Co. Beggars Banquet BEG182D 1987 GB
CURRIE CHERRIE Science fiction daze/The only one Mercury SFL2246 1979 JAP
D.A.D. Sleeping my day away/Ill will(Special black sleeve) Warner Bros. W2775X 1989 GB
D.I.Y. So hard/Heaven can wait Make Records MR8802 1988 SWE
DALTON Can't stop loving you now/The race is on(+ Poster) EMI 1362327 1986 SWE
DALTON I think about you/Gimme, gimme EMI 1363027 1988 SWE
DALTON Love injection/Breakin' away(Postercover) EMI 1362587 1989 SWE
DALTON Loving you/We're into rock(Poster sleeve) EMI 1362587 1987 SWE
DALTON You're not my lover(but you were last night)/No reason(Postercover) EMI 1362867 1987 SWE
DAMN YANKEES High enough/Piledriver Warner Bros. 5439195957 1990 GER
DANCER Grave digger/Lookin'at the future Mandrake Root 10MR7010 1987 JAP
DANGEROUS TOYS Scared(Remix)/Bones in the gutter CBS 655500-7 1989 HOL
DARK ANGEL Merciless death/We have arrived(Square shape) MS8602 USA
DEAD END Replica/Worst song Major Records MAJ001 JAP
DEDRINGER Direct line/She`s not ready Dindisc DIN12 1981 GB
DEDRINGER Hot lady/Hot licks and rock'n'roll Neat Records NEAT18 1982 GB
DEDRINGER Maxine/Innocent`til/Took a long time/We don`t mind Dindisc DIN11 1981 GB
DEDRINGER Sunday drivers/We don`t mind Dindisc DIN10 1980 GB
DEEP PURPLE Black night(Live)/Painted horse/When a blind men cries Purple Records PUR135 1973 GB
DEEP PURPLE Black night/Strange kind of woman Harvest HAR5178 1971 GB
DEEP PURPLE Burn(Edit)/Coronarias redig/Mistreated(Live) Purple Records PUR137 1974 GB
DEEP PURPLE Smoke on the water(Live)/Bird has flown(Live)/Grabsplatt Harvest SHEP101 1980 GB
DEEP PURPLE Smoke on the water/Woman from Tokyo/Child in time Purple Records PUR132 1973 GB
DEEP PURPLE Woman from Tokyo/Black night(Live) EMI 1C00694185 1973 GER
DEF LEPPARD Hello America/Good morning freedom Vertigo LEPP1 1980 GB
DEF LEPPARD Let it go/Switch 625 Vertigo LEPP2 1981 GB
DEF LEPPARD Photograph/Bringin`on the heartbreak Vertigo VER5 1981 GB
DEF LEPPARD Ride into the sun/Getcha rocks off/The overture(2nd Issue) Bludgeon Riffola MSB001 1979 GB
DEF LEPPARD Rock of ages/Action!Not words Vertigo VER6 1983 GB
DEF LEPPARD Too late for love/Foolin' Vertigo VER8 1983 GB
DESOLATION ANGELS Valhalla/Boadicea Indie AM266 1984 GB
DESTROYERS Lost in time/Gypsy woman Indie D1001T 1988 SWI
DEUCE Back to the wall/Queen of the night/Jealousy Powermetal Records EVB004 1986 GB
DIAMOND HEAD Four cuts(Call me/Trick or treat/Dead reckoning/Shot out the lights) MCA DHM101 1982 GB
DIAMOND HEAD In the heat of the night/Play it loud(Live)/Live & innocent(Live)/Interview MCA DHM102 1982 GB
DIAMOND HEAD Makin'music/Andy Peebles interview MCA DHM103 1983 GB
DIAMOND HEAD Out of phase/The kingmaker MCA DHM104 1983 GB
DIAMOND HEAD Out of phase/The kingmaker MCA DHMP104 1983 GB
DIAMOND HEAD Shoot out the lights/Helpless Happy Face MMDH120 1980 GB
DIAMOND HEAD Sweet & innocent/Streets of gold Media Records SCREEN1 1980 GB
DIAMOND HEAD Waited too long/Play it loud Happy Face DHM004 1981 GB
DIAMOND HEAD Call me/Dead reckoning MCA 104355 1982 HOL
DIANNO Heartuser/Road rat FM Records VHF1 1984 GB
DIANNO Flaming heart/Don't let me be misunderstood Nexus K07S-7045 1984 JAP
DICKINSON BRUCE All the young dudes/Darkness be my friend EMI EM142 1990 GB
DICKINSON BRUCE Back from the edge/I'm in a band with an Italian drummer Raw Power RAW1012 1996 GB
DICKINSON BRUCE Born in 58/Tattooed millionaire(Live) EMI EM185 1990 GB
DICKINSON BRUCE Dive dive dive/Riding with the angels(Live) EMI EM151 1990 GB
DICKINSON BRUCE Shoot all the clowns(Remix)/Over and out  EMI EM341 1994 GB
DICKINSON BRUCE Tattooed millionaire/Ballad of mutt EMI EM138 1990 GB
DICKINSON BRUCE Tears of the dragon/Elvis has left the building/Tears of the dragon/Fire child EMI EMPD322 1994 GB
DICKINSON BRUCE Tears of the dragon/Fire child  EMI EM322 1994 GB
DICKINSON/ATKINSON (I want to be)Elected London INT8697047 1992 GB
DIO Holy diver/Evil eyes Vertigo DIO1 1983 GB
DIO Mystery/Eat your heart out(Live) Vertigo DIO4 1984 GB
DIO Mystery/Eat your heart out(Live) Vertigo DIOP4 1984 GB
DIO We rock/Holy diver(Live) Vertigo DIO3 1984 GB
DOCTOR & THE MEDICS Spirit in the sky/Laughing at the pieces IRS A7057 1986 GB
DOKKEN We're illegal/Paris(Sticker on cover) Carrere CAR229 1982 GB
DOKKEN Dream warriors/Back for the attack Elektra 769483-7 1987 USA
DOOM Go mad yourself(Fire on the OIL/Last stand to hell/Why/GMY) Eplosion Records EXPHM101017 1986 JAP
DOUBLE O ZEROS Be a zero/Show me/Hose`em down/Famous/Best foot forward Mountain Records M733EP001 1985 USA
DOUBLE TROUBE Jag kommer/Martini Start Records STM8404 185 SWE
DOWNSET Downset/A cry for truth (Signed by 3 incl. Roy Z) ABS108 1994 GB
DOWNSET About ta blast/Body cry (Signed by 3 incl. Roy Z) 1993 USA
DOWNSET Anger/Ritual (Signed by 3 incl. Roy Z) 1993 USA
DR.KNOW Burn/EP(Deprogram/Stop the machine/These pressures/Ice house/Watch it burn) Mystic Records M7EP152 1985 USA
DRAGSTER Ambitions/Won't bring you back Heavy Metal Records HEAVY04 1981 GB
DREAM POLICE Hot legs/Uncle Gus CBS 655590-7 1990 GB
DREAM POLICE It's only love/Wild side Columbia 657475-7 1991 NOR
DREAM POLICE Sex booze and tattoos/Dirty Billy Four Leaf  FLCS1041 1990 SWE
E.F.BAND Self made suicide/Sister Syne Redball RR026 1980 GB
EASY STREET Everybody want some/High on emotion Hem Records HEMS102 1992 SWE
ELEKTRADRIVE Let it survive/Brainstorm Smoko SMK0003 1983 ITA
EMERSON Something special/Stars in Hollywood Neat Records NEAT34 1983 GB
ENUFF Z'NUFF New thing/Kiss the clown Atco 799207-7 1989 USA
ERIKSON AKE & BEDLAM Shame on you/And they can play too!!! Dr.Roxx Records PRE103 1989 SWE
EUROCK The loner/Stenblomma Eutone EUS575 1984 SWE
EUROPE The final countdown/On broken wings EPIC A7127 1986 HOL
EXPORT You've got to rock/Wheeler dealer His Master's Vice VICE2 1981 GB
EXPOSED AT LAST Rock Japan/On my knees Hit Hard HARD1 1980 GB
EXTREME Decadence dance/Money(Etched disc) A&M AM773 1990 GB
EYES Nobody said it was easy/Start livin' Sonet T20132 1990 SWE
EZO Here it comes(English version/Japanese version) Invitation VIHX1709 1987 JAP
FAITH Possession/Hymn of the sinner Hellred Music HSP2060 1986 SWE
FAITH NO MORE Epic/War pigs(Live)(Gatefold) London LASHG21 1990 GB
FAITH NO MORE From out of nowhere/Edge of the world London K10303 1990 GB
FASTER PUSSYCAT Babylon(Promo) Elektra 769413-7 1987 USA
FASTWAY Tell me/The stranger EPIC 075P306 1984 JAP
FATES WARNING Anarchy divine Evatone 103504-1CS 1988 USA
FEAR OF GOD(CH) 17 track EP Far Out Records 1991 SWI
FEARLESS IRANIANS FROM HE Theme/Land of the free/Blow up the em/Iranian klan Boner Records BRO6 1986 USA
FEMME FATALE Falling in & out of love/Fortune and fame MCA MCA1309 1988 GB
FIFTH ANGEL Promo Flexi from their s/t album EPIC EV103537 1988 USA
FIST Collision course/Law of the jungle Neat Records NEAT03(MCA663) 1980 GB
FIST Forever amber/Brain damage Neat Records NEAT02(MCA640) 1980 GB
FIST Name,rank & serial number/You'll never get me up Neat Records NEAT04 1980 GB
FIST The wanderer/Too hot Neat Records NEAT21 1982 GB
FLOTSAM & JETSAM Swatting at flies/Date with hate (Promo) MCA MCA7P2602 1993 USA
FORD LITA Gotta let go/Run with the $ Vertigo VER10 1984 GB
FORD LITA Kiss me deadly/Broken dreams RCA PA49503 1988 GB
FORD LITA Kiss me deadly/Broken dreams RCA PB49575 1988 GB
FORD LITA Kiss me deadly/Broken dreams(Poster Bag) RCA PB49501 1988 GB
FORD LITA/OZZY OSBOURNE Close my eyes forever/Under the gun (Advance DJ Promo) RCA PB49409DJ 1988 GB
FORD LITA/OZZY OSBOURNE Close my eyes forever/Under the gun RCA PB49409 1988 GER
FORD LITA/OZZY OSBOURNE Close my eyes forever/Under the gun RCA 7863588997 1988 USA
FOREIGNER Dirty white boy/Rev on the red line Atlantic K11373 1979 GB
FOREIGNER White lie/Under the gun Arista/BMG 74321233637 1994 GB
FOREIGNER Cold as ice/I need you Atlantic 3410 1977 USA
FOREIGNER Double vision/Lonely children Atlantic 3514 1978 USA
FOREIGNER Head games/Do what you like Atlantic 3633 1979 USA
FORGER She's a liar/Hot love tonight Forger FORGER001 1985 GB
FOUR HORSEMEN Nobody said it was easy/Homesick blues Def Jam Records DEFA12 1991 GB
FOUR HORSEMEN Rockin is ma business/Moonshine Def Jam Records DEFA15 1991 GB
FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD Two tribes/One February Friday Ariola 106495 1984 GER
FREHLEY ACE Into the night/Fractured too (Promo) Megaforce A9255 1987 GB
FREHLEY ACE Take me to the city(Cut out single) Musical Tragedies MT370 1996 GER
FREHLEY ACE Into the night/Fractured too Megaforce P2276 1987 JAP
FREHLEY ACE Into the night/Fractured too Megaforce 7567892557 1987 USA
FREHLEY ACE It's over now/The acorn is spinning Megaforce 7567890327 1988 USA
FRIGID BICH Call us Robinhoods/You're no loser Eclipse Records EC-1 1981 USA
FUZZTONES She's wicked/Epitaph for a head ABC Records ABCS006 1985 GB
GALLERY En del av mej/Inte bara jag EMI 7C006-35724 1980 SWE
GALLERY Jag kommer I natt(elektrisk kärlek)/Trance Epic EPC1711 1981 SWE
GALLERY Sköt dej själv/Du… EMI 7C006-35801 1980 SWE
GAMMA Right the first time/Condition yellow Elektra W13165 1982 ITA
GASKIN I'm no fool/Sweet dream maker Rondelet ROUND7 1981 GB
GEDDES AXE Return of the gods/Wildfire/Aftermath ACS Records ACS1 1981 GB
GEDDES AXE Shapen your wits/Rock and roll is the way Steel City AXE1 1982 GB
GEORDIE Black cat woman/Geordie`s lost his liggie Bellaphon BF18221 1973 GER
GIANT I'm a believer/No way out A&M AM546 1989 GB
GILLAN Living for the city/Breaking chains Virgin VS519 1982 GB
GILLAN Living for the city/Purple sky Virgin VSY519 1982 GB
GILLAN Living in the city/Breaking chains Virgin VSY519 1982 GB
GILLAN Long gone/Fiji Virgin VS537 1982 GB
GILLAN Mad Elaine/Mercury high Island WIP6423 1977 GB
GILLAN Mutually assured destruction/The maelstroem (Book cover) Virgin VSK1O3 1981 GB
GILLAN Mutually assured destruction/The mealstroem Virgin VS103 1981 GB
GILLAN New Orleans/Take a hold of yourself Virgin VS406 1981 GB
GILLAN Nightmare/Bite the bullet(Live) Virgin VS441 1981 GB
GILLAN No easy way/Handles on her hips/I might as well go Virgin VS362 1980 GB
GILLAN No laughing in heaven/One for the road/Lucille/Bad news Virgin VS425 1981 GB
GILLAN Restless/On the rocks(Live) Virgin VS465 1981 GB
GILLAN Restless/On the rocks(Live) Virgin VSY465 1981 GB
GILLAN Restless/On the rocks(Live)(Postercover+Patch) Virgin VS465 1981 GB
GILLAN Sleeping on the job/Higher and higher Virgin VS355 1980 GB
GILLAN Trouble/Your sisters on my list/Mr.Universe(Live)/Vengeance(Live)/Smoke on the water(Live) Virgin VS377 1980 GB
GILLAN Vengeance/Smoke on the water(Live) Acrobat BAT12 1979 GB
GILLAN Sleeping on the job/Higher and higher Victor VIPX1526 1980 JAP
GILLAN Smoke on the water/Mad Elaine Eastworld EWR20472 1978 JAP
GILLAN IAN No good luck/Love gun Teldec YZ513 1990 GB
GILLAN IAN South Africa/John Virgin VS1088 1988 GB
GILLAN IAN Nothing but the best/Hole in my vest Teldec 9031720407 1990 GER
GILLAN/THE PROFESSIONALS I`ll rip your spine out/Little boys in blue Sounds SOUNDS2 1981 GB
GIRL Hollywood tease/You really got me/My number (Postercover) Jet Records JET176 1980 GB
GIRL My number Jet Records JET159 1979 GB
GIRL Old dogs/Passing clouds Jet Records JET7019 1982 GB
GIRL The single(Do you love me/Strawberries) Jet Records JET169 1980 GB
GIRL Throu the twilite/McKitty`s back Jet Records JETP7014 1981 GB
GIRL Hollywood tease/My number Jet Records/Japan 06SP455 1980 JAP
GIRL Love is a game/Little Miss Ann Jet Records/Japan 07SP508 1980 JAP
GIRLSCHOOL Take it all away/It could be better City Records NIK6 1979 FRA
GIRLSCHOOL Take it all away/It could be better(Diff.Cover) City Records NIK6 1979 FRA
GIRLSCHOOL 1-2-3-4 Rock and roll/Tush/Don't call it love(New studio version) Bronze BRO169 1983 GB
GIRLSCHOOL Burning in the heat/Surrender Bronze BRO176 1983 GB
GIRLSCHOOL C'mon let's go/Tonight(Live)/Demolition(Live) Bronze BRO126 1981 GB
GIRLSCHOOL Emergency/Furniture fire Bronze BRO89 1980 GB
GIRLSCHOOL Head over heels/Action GWR Records GWR14 1988 GB
GIRLSCHOOL Hit and run/Tonight Bronze BRO118 1981 GB
GIRLSCHOOL I`m the leader of the gang/Never too late GWR Records GWR1 1986 GB
GIRLSCHOOL Nothing to lose/Baby doll Bronze BRO95 1980 GB
GIRLSCHOOL Race with the devil/Take it all away Bronze BRO100 1980 GB
GIRLSCHOOL Wildlife EP(Don't call it love/Wildlife/Don't stop) Bronze BRO144 1982 GB
GIRLSCHOOL Yeah right/The hunter Bronze BRO110 1980 GB
GIRLSCHOOL C'mon let's go/Kick it down Victor VIPX1597 1981 JAP
GIRLSCHOOL Don't call it love/Wild life Victor VIPX1619 1983 JAP
GIRLSCHOOL Hit & run/Yeah right Victor VIPX1577 1981 JAP
GIUFFRIA I must be dreaming/Tell it like it is MCA P2079 1986 JAP
GIUFFRIA Lonely in love/Do me right MCA P1970 1985 JAP
GIUFFRIA Love you forever (Promo) MCA MCA52882 1986 USA
GLASGOW Stranded/Heat of the night Neat Records NEAT40 1984 GB
GLORY Feel the fire/Runaway BOZZ BOS1026 1989 SWE
GLORY I'm hurt/Burning for you Bozz BOS1007 1988 SWE
GLORY Love never lasts/Can't hide your tears Alpha Records ONESIN106 1991 SWE
GOLDSMITH Life is killing me/Music man Bedlam Records MLM001 1982 GB
GRAMM LOU Ready or not/Lover come back Atlantic 7567892697 1987 USA
GRAND PRIX Shout/Keep on believing Chrysalis PRIX2 1983 GB
GRAND PRIX Thinking of you/Feels good RCA RCA7 1980 GB
GREASY SADDLES Breakin' your chains/Crankshaft sprocket City Records CITY10 1990 SWE
GREAT WHITE Substitute/No better than hell (Promo) EMI CP1309 1984 GB
GREEDIES A merry jingle/A merry jangle Vertigo GREED1 1979 GB
GRIM REAPER Rock you to hell Evatone 102715-1CS 1987 USA
GRINDER Just another scar/Train raid NRR1007 No Remorse Records 1989 GER
GROUNDHOGS Cherry Red/Spit Pt.2/Light my fire Pts.1 & 2(from Groundhogs LP) Psycho PSYCHO24 1984 GB
GUARDIAN ANGEL(GR) Beyond the twilight/Give way to the rush Cygnus Records CGS001 1994 GRE
GUARDIAN ANGELS Every piece of you/One by one  Sonet T10228 1987 SWE
GUARDIAN ANGELS Every situation/Dreamer Sonet T10263 1988 SWE
GUARDIAN ANGELS Two of a kind/Silent light(Scratches B-side) Sonet T10290 1989 SWE
GUARDIAN ANGELS When I'm back/I'm gonna stay/Forever Sonet T10245 1987 SWE
GUNS N`ROSES It`s so easy/Mr.Brownstone Geffen GEF22 1987 GB
GUNS N'ROSES Don't cry(Original/Alternativ Lyrics) Geffen GFS9 1991 GB
GUNS N'ROSES Flexidisc for Appetite for destuction release Geffen 1987 GB
GUNS N'ROSES Knockin'on heaven's door(Live/LP version) Geffen GFS21 1992 GB
GUNS N'ROSES Live and let die(LP Version/Live Version) Geffen GFS17 1991 GB
GUNS N'ROSES Nightrain/Reckless life(Free Patch) Geffen GEF60X 1987 GB
GUNS N'ROSES Paradise city/Used to love her Geffen GEF50 1988 GB
GUNS N'ROSES Paradise city/Used to love her (Holster Pack) Geffen GEF50X 1988 GB
GUNS N'ROSES Patience/Rocket Queen Geffen GEF56 1988 GB
GUNS N'ROSES Since I don't have you/You can't put your arms around Geffen GFS70 1994 GB
GUNS N'ROSES Sweet child o'mine/Out ta get me(Remix) Geffen GEF43 1987 GB
GUNS N'ROSES Sweet child o'mine/Out ta get me(Remix)(Free peel off sticker) Geffen GEF55X 1987 GB
GUNS N'ROSES Welcome to the jungle/Whole lotta Rosie(Live) Geffen GEF30 1987 GB
GUNS N'ROSES Yesterdays/November rain Geffen GFS27 1992 GB
GUNS N'ROSES November rain/Sweet child o'mine Geffen GES19067 1991 GER
GUNS N'ROSES Sweet child o'mine/Out ta get me Geffen 927794-7 1987 GER
GUNS N'ROSES Welcome to the jungle/Nightrain Geffen 927685-7 1988 GER
GUNS N'ROSES You could be mine/Civil war Geffen GES19039 1991 GER
GUNS N'ROSES It's so easy (Promo) Geffen 1235 1987 SPA
GUNS N'ROSES Paradise city/Move to the city Geffen 927570-7 1987 USA
GUNS N'ROSES Patience/Rocket Queen Geffen 922996-7 1987 USA
GUNS N'ROSES Sweet child o'mine/It's so easy Geffen 927963-7 1988 USA
GUNS N'ROSES Welcome to the jungle/Mr.Brownstone Geffen 927759-7 1988 USA
HADES Deliver us from(Girls will be girls/Social disease) Clown Productions SP444 1982 USA
HADES The cross/Widow's mite Fox Recording VPAG3567 1985 USA
HAGAR SAMMY I can't drive 55(Promo) Geffen 729173 1984 USA
HAMMER HAWK War/Heavy metal forever Stormbringer SKULL9805 2000 SWE
HAMMER HAWK War/Heavy metal forever Stormbringer SKULL9805P 2000 SWE
HAMMERFALL I want out/At the end of the rainbow Nublear Blast NB414 1999 GER
HANDSOME BEASTS All riot now/The mark of the beast Heavy Metal Records HEAVY01 1980 GB
HANDSOME BEASTS Breaker/Crazy/One in a crowd Heavy Metal Records HEAVY02 1981 GB
HANDSOME BEASTS Sweeties/You're on your own Heavy Metal Records HEAVY11 1981 GB
H-BLOCKX How do you feel?(Video version/Club mix) BMG 4321402927 1996 GER
HEAD FIRST New kid in town/Just one night (Signed front cover) Echo 4502 1984 SWI
HEAD FIRST Young girl/Tonight (Signed back cover) Berton 9070 1983 SWI
HEAR N'AID Stars Vertigo HEAR1 1986 GB
HEAVY LOAD Monsters of the night/I'm alive WEA 248983-7 1985 SWE
HEAVY LOAD Trespasser/Take me away Thunderload TSP823 1982 SWE
HEAVY LOAD Trespasser/Take me away(From LP) Thunderload TSP823 1982 SWE
HEAVY PETTIN In and out of love/Love on the run (Signed frontcover) Polydor HEP1 1983 GB
HEAVY PETTIN Love times love/Shout it out Polydor HEP3 1983 GB
HEAVY PETTIN Rock me(Edit)/Shadows of the night Polydor HEP2 1983 GB
HEAVY PETTIN Roll the dice/Love times love Neat Records NEAT17 1982 GB
HELIX Don't get mad get even/Check out of love Capitol CAP72925 1983 CAN
HELL Save us from those who would save us/Deathsquad Deadly Weapon DWS666 1983 GB
HELLACOPTERS Toys and flavors/A cross for Cain Sweet Nothing 7SN002 2000 GB
HELLACOPTERS City slang/Born broke(Live) Munster REF7112 1997 SPA
HELLACOPTERS Riot on the rocks/Television addict Safety Pin SP003 1997 SPA
HELLACOPTERS Soulseller/Ain't nothin'to do White Jazz 7JAZZ008 1997 SWE
HELLACOPTERS The devil stole the beat from the Lord/Holiday cramps/Be not content White Jazz 7JAZZ021 1999 SWE
HELLACOPTERS 1995/Tilt city/Freespeedin' Get Hip  GH195 1997 USA
HELLACOPTERS Like no other man/Gimmie Shelter Flapping Jet FJ007 1997 USA
HELLACOPTERS  It's not a long way down/Lone gone losers(Live)/Freeway to hell(Live) 007 Records 007#20 2000 JAP
HELLACOPTERS  Hey!/Her strut White Jazz 7JAZZ010 1998 SWE
HELLACOPTERS  Move right out of here/Heart of the matter White Jazz 7JAZZ023 1999 SWE
HELLACOPTERS/NITWITZ Times are love/Jackass Rocketdog RD07001 1997 HOL
HELLANBACH Out to get you/Light of the world/Let's get this show on the road/Nobody's fool Guardian GRHC56 1980 GB
HELLHAMMER Buried and forgotten(Live)/Messiah(Rehearsal) 666 SWI
HELLION Driving hard/Black knight Mystic Records M45126 1983 USA
HELLION Screams in the night/Put the hammer down (Signed) New Renaissance NRR4501 1987 USA
HELLION/BITCH Nightmares/I`m in love Mystic Records M745131 1983 USA
HELLOWEEN If I could fly/Deliver us from temptation Nuclear Blast 2736165327 2000 GER
HELLRAZER Made of metal/Hooligan Speed Machine BMR001 1987 GB
HIRAX Blasted in Bangkok(The beginning of the end/Fear the war within) Lautrec Records LR1 1987 USA
HIRAX El diablo negro (I see blood red/Slit your wrist) Black Devil Records DEEPSIX#30 2000 USA
HOUSE OF LORDS I wanna be loved/Call my name RCA 358805-7 1988 USA
HUGHES/THRALL The look in your eye/Muscle and blood EPIC A2795 1982 HOL
HUNGRY HEAD HUNTERS Down in the dumps/I want you Singapore Singles WES0007 1987 SWE
HUNT It's all too much/Heart bender Logo GO400 1981 GB
HURRICANE I'm on to you(Radio edit)/Baby snakes Enigma ENV7 1989 GB
HURRICANE Livin' over the edge/I'm onto you (Promo) Enigma ALDJ107 1988 JAP
IDOL BILLY Rebel yell/Crank call Chrysalis IDOL2 1983 GB
INTRUDER Cover up(Square Shape) Iron Works IW1024 1987 USA
INZIGHT Lay down stay down/We are gonna be in town tonight Active Music HEJ-S 034 1989 SWE
IRON HEAD Second to none/Double or nothin'(#338 of 500) OPM OPMR001 1998 USA
IRON MAIDEN 2 minutes to midnight/Rainbow`s gold EMI EMI5489 1984 GB
IRON MAIDEN Aces high/King of twilight EMI EMI5502 1984 GB
IRON MAIDEN Can I play with madness/Black bart blues EMI EM49 1988 GB
IRON MAIDEN Interview(Spiral Scratch Dec'88) Spiral Scratch SCRATCH3 1988 GB
IRON MAIDEN Out of the silent planet/Aces high(Live 1999) EMI EM5576 2000 GB
IRON MAIDEN Purgatory/Genghis Khan EMI EMI5184 1981 GB
IRON MAIDEN Run to the hills/Total eclipse EMI EMI5263 1982 GB
IRON MAIDEN Run to the hills/Total eclipse EMI EMIP5263 1982 GB
IRON MAIDEN Running free(Live)/Sanctuary(Live) EMI EMI5532 1985 GB
IRON MAIDEN Running free/Burning ambition EMI EMI5032 1980 GB
IRON MAIDEN Sanctuary/Drifter(Live)/I've got the fire(Live) EMI EMI5065 1980 GB
IRON MAIDEN The clairvoyant/The prisoner(Live)(Postercover) EMI EMS79 1988 GB
IRON MAIDEN The evil that men do/Prowler'88(Gatefold) EMI EMG64 1988 GB
IRON MAIDEN The number of the beast/Remember tomorrow(Live) EMI EMI5287 1982 GB
IRON MAIDEN The soundhouse tapes(Iron Maiden/Invasion/Prowler) Rock Hard Records ROK1 1979 GB
IRON MAIDEN The trooper/Cross eyes Mary EMI EMI5397 1983 GB
IRON MAIDEN Twilight zone/Wrathchild EMI EMI5145 1981 GB
IRON MAIDEN Twilight zone/Wrathchild EMI EMI5145 1981 GB
IRON MAIDEN Waysted years/Reach out EMI EMI5583 1986 GB
IRON MAIDEN Women in uniform/Invasion EMI EMI5105 1980 GB
IRON MAIDEN Flight of Icarus/I've got the fire EMI 1C00607721 1983 GER
IRON MAIDEN The number of the beast/Remember tomorrow(Live) EMI 1C00607638 1982 GER
IRON MAIDEN Prowler/Running free EMI EMS17075 1980 JAP
IRON RAINBOW Metal man/Ten rounds of combat Bad Posture BP05 1998 USA
IS THIS HEAVY OR WHAT Damien/Atrocity/Tribulation/Gravity Is This Heavy Or What ISHWEP001 1988 SWE
JACKSON MICHAEL/SLASH Give in to me/Dirty Diana(Posterbag) EPIC 659069-7 1993 GB
JAGUAR Axe crazy/War machine Neat Records NEAT16 1982 GB
JAGUAR Back street woman/Chasing the dragon Heavy Metal Records HEAVY10 1981 GB
JESUSEXERCISE The voice of profit/Revenge/Sick & holy Indie JESUS 1990 SWE
JET CIRCUS Be-bop-a-lula/Ghosttown Eurozont EZS018 1990 SWE
JET CIRCUS Victory dance/Rockin'horse Eurozont EZS013 1989 SWE
JEWEL Sing it/Wonderer Mandrake Root 10MR7P003 1985 JAP
JUDAS PRIEST Better by you better than me/Invader (Promo) CBS SCBS6077 1978 GB
JUDAS PRIEST Breaking the law/Metal gods (Gatefoldcover) CBS 8644 1980 GB
JUDAS PRIEST Chains/Judas Prist audio file CBS A2822 1982 GB
JUDAS PRIEST Diamonds and rust/Dissident aggressor (Promo) CBS SCBS5222 1977 GB
JUDAS PRIEST Don`t go/Solar angels CBS 9520 1981 GB
JUDAS PRIEST Evening star/Beyond the realms of death CBS SCBS7312 1978 GB
JUDAS PRIEST Freewheel burning/Breaking the law(Live) CBS A4054 1983 GB
JUDAS PRIEST Hell bent for leather/Ripper/Exciter/Hot rockin/Sinner/Green manalishi Pickwick 7SR5018 1983 GB
JUDAS PRIEST Hot rockin`/Breaking the law(Live) CBS A1153 1981 GB
JUDAS PRIEST Johnny B.Goode/Rock you all around the world(Live) CBS A9114 1987 GB
JUDAS PRIEST Johnny B.Goode/Rock you all around the world(Live)(Gatefold) CBS A9114W 1987 GB
JUDAS PRIEST Living after midnight/Breaking the law  Old Gold OG9864 1989 GB
JUDAS PRIEST Locked in/Reckless CBS A7144 1986 GB
JUDAS PRIEST Night crawler/Living after midnight(Live)(No.938) Sony 659097-7 1993 GB
JUDAS PRIEST Painkiller/United CBS 656273-7 1990 GB
JUDAS PRIEST Rock forever/Hell bent for leather/Beyond the realms of death (Promo) CBS SJP1 1979 GB
JUDAS PRIEST Rocka rolla/Never satisfied Gull GULS6 1974 GB
JUDAS PRIEST Some heads are gonna roll/Green Manalishi(Live) CBS A4298 1984 GB
JUDAS PRIEST The ripper/Epitaph Grass Roots GRK1004 1977 GB
JUDAS PRIEST The ripper/Island of damnation Gull GULS31 1976 GB
JUDAS PRIEST Turbo lover/Hot for love CBS A7048 1986 GB
JUDAS PRIEST United/Grinder(Postersleeve) CBS SCBS8897 1980 GB
JUDAS PRIEST You`ve got another thing coming/Exciter(Live) CBS A112611 1982 GB
JUDAS PRIEST You`ve got another thing coming/Exciter(Live) CBS A2611 1982 GB
JUDAS PRIEST A touch of evil/Between the hammer and the anvil Sony 656589-7 1991 HOL
JUDAS PRIEST Diamonds and rust/Dissident aggressor CBS CBS5222 1977 HOL
JUDAS PRIEST Heading out to the highway/All the way CBS A1091 1981 HOL
JUDAS PRIEST Living after midnight/Delivering the goods CBS 8379 1981 HOL
JUDAS PRIEST Ram it down/Heavy metal CBS 651689-7 1988 HOL
JUDAS PRIEST Take on the world/Starbreaker CBS 6915 1979 HOL
JUDAS PRIEST United/Grinder CBS 8897 1980 HOL
JUDAS PRIEST (Take these)Chains/You've got another thing comin' EPIC 075P189 1982 JAP
JUDAS PRIEST Freewheel burning/Breaking the law(Live) EPIC 075P261 1983 JAP
JUDAS PRIEST Love bites/Jawbreaker EPIC 075P296 1984 JAP
JUDAS PRIEST Some heads are gonna roll/You've got another thing coming EPIC 075P278 1984 JAP
JUDAS PRIEST Turbo lover/Hot for love EPIC 075P393 1986 JAP
JUDAS PRIEST Diamonds and rust(Live)/Starbreaker Columbia 111135 1979 USA
JUDAS PRIEST Heading out to the highway (Promo) Columbia 1102083 1981 USA
JUDAS PRIEST Heading out to the highway/Rock forever(L)/Hell bent for leather Columbia 1102083 1981 USA
JUDAS PRIEST Johnny B. Goode/Rock you all around the world Atlantic 7567891147 1988 USA
JUDAS PRIEST Locked in/Hot for love Columbia 3805856 1986 USA
JUDAS PRIEST Parental guidance (Promo) Columbia 3806281 1986 USA
JUDAS PRIEST Parental guidance/Rock you all around the world Columbia 3806281 1986 USA
JUDAS PRIEST Some heads are gonna roll/Breaking the law(Live) Columbia 3804371 1984 USA
JUDAS PRIEST The green Manalishi with the two-pronged crown (Promo) Columbia 311000 1979 USA
JUDAS PRIEST Turbo lover (Promo) Columbia 3806142 1986 USA
KARRIER I'm back/Way beyond the night Unit Records TRANS101 1984 GB
KAZJUROL Bodyslam(We gotta know/United forces/Pay to cum/Countless bathory) Burning Heart HEARTCORE001 1991 SWE
KAZJUROL Hallucinations/Dance tarantella/Blue eyed devils Burning Heart HEARTCORE002 1991 SWE
KAZJUROL Stagedive to hell/Who needs you?/Messengers of death Uproar UPROAR004 1986 SWE
KEEL The right to rock/You're the victim(I'm the crime) Vertigo 8807227 1985 HOL
KEEL Tears of fire (Promo/White Label) MCA S3317154 1986 USA
KERRANG! Almighty:Wild angel/Overkill:E.vil n.ever d.les Sexy Flexi SEX3 1990 GB
KERRANG! Anvil:Forged in fire Attic ANVIL1 1983 GB
KERRANG! Atom Seed:So good/The Beyond:Sacred garden Bendynoize BENDER2 1990 GB
KERRANG! Black Sabbath:After all/Claytown Troupe:Demon seed/Terrorvision:Pain reliever/The Beyond:Nail Total Vegas  K/EMI1 1992 GB
KERRANG! Bronz:Taken by storm/Motorhead:In their own words Bronze LYN14383 GB
KERRANG! Dogs D'Amour:King of thieves/Burning Tree:Same old story Sexy Flexi SEX2 1990 GB
KERRANG! Gillan:Purple sky/Gary Moore:Wishing well/Telephone:Squeeze Virgin GB
KERRANG! Harlow:Day by day/Kill City Dragons:Devil callin' Sexy Flexi SEX4 1990 GB
KERRANG! Loud:God is dead/Cheap And Nasty:Internal action Bendynoize BENDER3 1990 GB
KERRANG! Mama's Boys:Black listed/Bedroom eyes/Higher ground Jive LYN19497 GB
KERRANG! MSG:No time for losers/Follow the night/Get out/Gimme your love Chrysalis MSG1 GB
KERRANG! Murder Inc.:Murder Inc./Crowforce:Possession/Paradise Lost:No forgiveness/Candlemass:Ebony throne Devotion Records Kerrang!1000 1992 GB
KERRANG! Myofist:Double or nothing/Doc Holliday:Last ride/38 Special:Back door stranger/Firestarter A&M 1981 GB
KERRANG! Quiet Riot:Slick black cadillac(Live) EPIC 1983 GB
KERRANG! Ratt:U got it(5") WEA 1984 GB
KERRANG! Skid Row:Piece of me/Winger:Never Sexy Flexi SEX1 1990 GB
KERRANG! Thunder:Fired up(Live)/RPLA:Absolute queen of pop/Sweet Addiction:Sympathy Bendynoize BENDER1 1990 GB
KERRANG! Y&T:Hell or high water/Black tiger/Forever/Billy Squier:Everybody wants you/Emotions in motion A&M/Capitol GB
KIDD GLOVE Good clean fun/Street angel Morocco TMG1337 1983 GB
KILLER Crazy Daisy/Shake me Vertigo 6020087 1981 SWI
KILLER Lady Killer/Come along Bellaphon 10007152 1981 SWI
KILLER Midnight highway rider/Cystal butterfly Vertigo 6028091 1981 SWI
KING KOBRA (Iron Eagle)Never say die/This raging fire Capitol 62010947 1986 HOL
KING KOBRA/JON BUTCHER AXIS (Iron eagle)Never say die/This raging fire Capitol ECS17624 1986 JAP
KING SIZE I love London/Nightlife living Indie KSPHB001 1987 SWE
KING SIZE I love you/No no no West Bell Sinclair WBS0008 1987 SWE
KINGDOM COME Do you like it/Highway 6 Polygram 889002-1 1989 GB
KINGS X Over my head/Pleiades Megaforce 788868-7 1989 USA
KISS (You make me)Rock hard/Deuce Mercury 874052-7 1988 AUS
KISS Forever(Remix)/The street giveth & the street(Remix) Mercury 876716-7 1989 AUS
KISS Hide your heart/Betrayed Mercury 876146-7 1989 AUS
KISS Star trax(R'n'r all night/Shout it out loud/Love gun/Sure know something) Casablanca 6200027 1979 AUS
KISS 1980's Ladies/Hey Joe/La bamba IMC CS845 BOOT
KISS Black diamond/Strutter/Shout it out loud (Marquee,London 16-Aug-1988) PK103 BOOT
KISS Ladie's in waiting/Deuce (Limited Edition of 500) Collector Items 914013 BOOT
KISS I was made for loving you/Hard times Casablanca CB1182 1979 FRA
KISS 2000 man/I was made for loving you/Sure know something Casablanca NB1001 1979 GB
KISS A world without heroes/Mr.Blackwell Casablanca KISS 2 1981 GB
KISS A world without heroes/Mr.Blackwell Casablanca KISSP002 1981 GB
KISS Crazy crazy nights/No no no(Postercover) Vertigo KISSP7 1987 GB
KISS Creatures of the night/Rock and roll all nite(Live) Casablanca KISS 4 1982 GB
KISS Forever(remix)/The street giveth..(incl.Patch) Vertigo KISSP11 1989 GB
KISS Forever(remix)/The street giveth... Vertigo KISS11 1989 GB
KISS Heaven`s on fire/Lonely is the hunter Vertigo VER12 1984 GB
KISS Hide your heart/Betrayed Vertigo KISR10 1989 GB
KISS Hide your heart/Betrayed Vertigo KISS10 1989 GB
KISS Interview 1988(Gene Simmons)  KISS 7 GB
KISS Interview 1988(Gene Simmons)  KISS 7 GB
KISS Interview 1988(Gene Simmons)  KISS 7 GB
KISS Interview Picture Disc Collection(with/Gene Simmons/4 discs) Baktabak BAKPAK1003 1988 GB
KISS Interview with Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley Leeds,UKO 21-Oct-83(1-4) CPC-SRT GB
KISS Killer/I love it loud Casablanca KISS 3 1982 GB
KISS Lick it up/Not for the innocent Vertigo KISS 5 1983 GB
KISS Reason to live/Thief in the night(incl.Patch) Vertigo KISS8 1987 GB
KISS Rock and roll all nite/C'mon and love me Casablanca CAN126 1975 GB
KISS Shout it out loud/Sweet pain Casablanca CBX516 1976 GB
KISS Talk to me/She`s so European Mercury MER19 1980 GB
KISS Tears are falling/Heaven`s on fire(Live)(Cometition card) Vertigo KISS 6 1985 GB
KISS Turn on the night/Hell or high water Vertigo KISS 9 1987 GB
KISS Turn on the night/Hell or high water(Postebag) Vertigo KISSP9 1987 GB
KISS Unholy/God gave rock'n'roll to you II Mercury KISS12 1991 GB
KISS What makes the world go round/Naked city Mercury KISS 1 1980 GB
KISS All hell`s breakin`loose/Gimme more Casablanca 8181087Q 1983 GER
KISS Calling Dr.Love/Take me Casablanca BF18520 1976 GER
KISS Christine sixteen/Shock me Casablanca BF18550 1977 GER
KISS Down on your knees/Nowhere to run Casablanca 6000852 1982 GER
KISS Every time I look at you/Partners in crime Mercury 8642767 1992 GER
KISS God gave rock'n'roll to you II(German S Logo)/Kings X:Junior's go East West 7567986967 1991 GER
KISS God gave rock'n'roll to you II(ZZ Logo)/Kings X:Junior's East West 7567986967 1991 GER
KISS I was made for lovin`you/Hard times Casablanca BF18667 1979 GER
KISS I/The oath Casablanca 6000717 1981 GER
KISS Rock and roll all nite(Live)/Rock and roll all nite Casablanca BF18505 1975 GER
KISS Rocket ride/Tomorrow and tonight Casablanca BF18583 1977 GER
KISS Shout it out loud/Sweet pain Casablanca BF18503 1976 GER
KISS Sure know something/Dirty livin` Casablanca BF 18684 1979 GER
KISS Talk to me/Naked city Casablanca 6000463 1980 GER
KISS Heaven's on fire/Lonely is the hunter Casablanca 8802057 1984 HOL
KISS Lick it up/Not for the innocent Casablanca 814498-7 1983 ITA
KISS All hell's breakin'loose/Gimme more Casablanca 7S105 1984 JAP
KISS Calling Dr.Love/Take me Casablanca VIP2525 1976 JAP
KISS Christine sixteen/Shock me Casablanca VIP2546 1977 JAP
KISS Detroit rock city/Beth Casablanca VIP2464 1976 JAP
KISS Hard luck woman/Mr.Speed Casablanca VIP2489 1976 JAP
KISS I was made for loving you/Beth Casablanca 6S16 1979 JAP
KISS I was made for loving you/Hard times Casablanca VIP2752 1979 JAP
KISS The oath/Escape from the island Casablanca 7S54 1981 JAP
KISS All hell's breakin'loose/Young and wasted Mercury MS76216 1983 USA
KISS Calling Dr.Love/Take me Casablanca NB880 1976 USA
KISS Christine sixteen/Shock me Casablanca NB889 1977 USA
KISS Flaming youth/God of thunder Casablanca NB858 1976 USA
KISS I love it loud/Danger Casablanca NB2365 1982 USA
KISS I was made for lovin`you/Hard times Casablanca NB983 1979 USA
KISS Let's put the X in sex/Calling Dr.Love Mercury 4228722467 1988 USA
KISS Shandi/She`s so European Casablanca NB2282 1980 USA
KISS Strutter'78/Shock me Casablanca NB928 1978 USA
KISS Tears are falling (Promo) Mercury 884141-7DJ 1985 USA
KISS Tomorrow/Naked city Casablanca NB2299 1980 USA
KISS Turn on the night/Hell or high water Mercury 870215-7 1987 USA
KISS(ACE FREHLEY) New York groove/Snow blind(Mask) Casablanca CAN135 1978 GB
KISS(GENE SIMMONS) Radioactive/When you wish upon a star(Mask) Casablanca CAN134 1978 GB
KISS(GENE SIMMONS) Radioactive/See you in your dreams Casablanca BF18644 1978 GER
KISS(PAUL STANLEY) Hold me touch me/Goodbye(Mask) Casablanca CAN140 1978 GB
KISS(PETER CRISS) You matter to me/Hooked on rock and roll(Mask) Casablanca CAN139 1978 GB
KIX Don't close your eyes/Get it while it's hot (Promo) Atlantic 788902-7 1988 GER
KIX Blow my fuse/Cold blood Atlantic 788940-7 1988 USA
KIX Get it while it's hot/Don't close your eyes Atlantic 788902-7 1989 USA
KNIGHTMARE II Warlord/Probation violation  Raucous Records RR001 1984 USA
KNOCKOUT Yesterday night/Faces(Without names) V.I.P. Records VS1001 1989 SWE
KOOGA Don't break my heart/Lay down your love Kooga Records KO001 1988 GB
KRAKEN Fantasy reality/Deadmans dramland/Winged bulls of Ninevh Knave EJSP9370 1980 GB
KROKUS Heatstrokes/Shy kid Ariola 103644 1980 AUS
KROKUS Eat the rich/Russian winger Arista K9124 1983 AUS
KROKUS Screaming in the night/Russian winter Arista K9146 1983 AUS
KROKUS American woman/Long stick goes boom Arista  ARIST468 1982 GB
KROKUS Bad boys rag dolls/Save me Arista  ARIST451 1982 GB
KROKUS Ballroom blitz/Ready to rock Arist ARIST579 1984 GB
KROKUS Bedside radio/Back seat rock'n'roll Ariola ARO225 1980 GB
KROKUS Bedside radio/Back seat rock'n'roll Ariola ARO225 1980 GB
KROKUS Heatstrokes/Shy kid (incl.Sticker) Ariola ARO233 1980 GB
KROKUS Industrial strength EP(Bedside radio/Celebration/Easy rocker/Bye bye baby)+Patch Ariola ARO258 1981 GB
KROKUS Rock city/Mr.Sixty Nine/Mad racket(Live) Ariola ARO254 1981 GB
KROKUS Tokyo nights/Bedside radio(Live)/Shy kid(Live) Ariola ARO241 1980 GB
KROKUS Wild love/Winning man MCA 715058 1988 GB
KROKUS American woman/Bad boys rag dolls(Single total defekt!!!) Arista  103993-100 1982 GER
KROKUS Bedside radio/Come on Ariola 101737-100 1980 GER
KROKUS Long stick goes boom/Save me Arista  104465 1982 GER
KROKUS Musik Express Interview + 4 trax Ariola 1981 GER
KROKUS Say goodbye/Hard luck hero Arista  108215 1986 GER
KROKUS Smelly Nelly/Burning bones Ariola 102975 1981 GER
KROKUS Tokyo nights/Heatstrokes Ariola 102340-100 1980 GER
KROKUS Wild love/Winning man MCA 258026-7 1988 GER
KROKUS Tokyo nights/Shy kid Ariola CM293 1980 JAP
KROKUS Bedside radio/Come on Ariola 101218 1980 SWI
KROKUS Highway song/Trying hard Schnoutz 6028937 1977 SWI
KROKUS Suzie/Rock me, rock you Mercury 6028650 1978 SWI
KROKUS Heatstrokes(Stereo/Mono) (Promo) Ariola OS804 1980 USA
KROKUS Heatstrokes/Shy kid Ariola OS804 1980 USA
KROKUS Midnite maniac (Promo) Arista  AS1-9248 1984 USA
KROKUS Midnight maniac/Ready to rock Arista AS1-9248 1985 USA
KROKUS School's out (Promo) Arista AS1-9468 1986 USA
KROKUS School's out/Screaming in the night Arista AS1-9468 1986 USA
KROKUS Winning man/Mad racket Ariola OS819 1981 USA
KUNI Strangers in the night/Lockin'for action Polydor 5DM0210 1988 JAP
KYUSS Demon cleaner/Freedom run(Live) Elektra EKR192 1994 GB
KYUSS/WOOL Shine/Short term memory loss Bong Load Custom BL26 1996 USA
LAST FLIGHT Dance to the music/I'm ready Heavy Metal Records HEAVY05 1981 GB
LEGEND Hideaway/Heaven sent Indie LEG1 1981 GB
LEGS DIAMOND Fugitive/Out on bail Metronome 8830607 1984 GER
LEGS DIAMOND Help wanted/Remember my name(DJ Pressing"Mailing 6-1-79") United Record Pressing 7939 1979 USA
LEZLIE PAICE Fighting man/People wanna know Pang PSI074 1983 SWE
LIFELINE You better believe it/Together EMI 136239-7 1986 SWE
LIMELIGHT Metal man/Hold me, touch me Future Earth Records FER006 1980 GB
LIMELIGHT Ashes to ashes/Knife in your back Future Earth Records FER010 1982 GB
LION'S SHARE Ghost town queen/I'm on a roll CUF CUF08 1988 SWE
LITTLE ANGELS Ninety in the shade/England rocks(Live) Polydor LTL1 1988 GB
LITTLE ANGELS She's a little angel/Better than the rest (Promo) Polydor LTL2DJ 1989 GB
LITTLE CEASAR Chain of fools(Hit groove mix edit/Rock Edit) (Promo) Geffen GEF80 1990 GB
LIZZY BORDEN Ultra violence/Terror on the town Alfa ALI737 1986 JAP
LIZZY BORDEN Me against the world Evatone 102923-1CS 1987 USA
LONE WOLF Leave me behind/High class hooker Guardian GRC144 1982 GB
LORDS O T STONE/CELESTIAL Fire in the winter/Above azure oceans Displeased Records DOOO34 1994 HOL
LOUDNESS Burning love/Bad news Columbia AH203 1982 JAP
LOUDNESS Roadracer/Shinkiro Columbia AH379 1983 JAP
LOVE/HATE Black out in the rr/Mary Jane/Fuel to run/She's an angel (Keerang!#321) CBS XPS251 1990 GB
LOVERBOY Break it to me gently/Read my lips CBS 6514597 1987 GB
LOVERBOY The kid is hot tonite/Teenage overdose Columbia 1102068 1981 USA
LOVERBOY When it`s over/It`s your life Columbia 1802814 1982 USA
LYDIAN Sky is on fire/Sweet surrender(Signed) Cat Trax Records 1985 1985 USA
LYNCH MOB Wicked sensation/Street fightin' man Elektra 7559649247 1990 GER
LYNOTT PHIL Dear miss lonely hearts/Solo in Soho Vertigo SOLO1 1980 GB
LYNOTT PHIL Kings'call/Ode to a black man Vertigo SOLO2 1980 GB
LYNOTT PHIL Kings'call/Yellow pearl Vertigo LYN1 1980 GB
LYNOTT PHIL Nineteen/Nineteen(Dub mix) Polydor POSP777 1985 GB
LYNOTT PHIL Old town/Beat of the drum Vertigo SOLO5 1982 GB
LYNOTT PHIL(ROCKERS) We are the boys who make all the noise (Promo) CBS A3929 1983 GB
MACE Angie/Tigers on the stage Solid Rock SR473633 1982 SWI
MADISON Give it back/The tale Sonet SON2305 1986 SWE
MAELSTROM Waiting for my woman/Singing in the rain Indie ACS7041 1986 SWE
MAGNUM Changes(remix)/Everybody needs/Changes(Live) Jet JET188 1980 GB
MAGNUM It must have been love/Crying time(Prismatic Pack/No.4859) Polydor POSPG930 1988 GB
MAGNUM Live EP(All of my/Great adventure/Invasion/Kindom of madness) Jet JET175 1980 GB
MALMSTEEN YNGWIE J. Making love/Eclipse Polydor 877122-7 1990 AUS
MALMSTEEN YNGWIE J. Heaven tonight/Riot in the dungeons (Wrong writing on cover) Polydor YJM1 1988 GB
MALMSTEEN YNGWIE J. Making love/Eclipse Polydor PO79 1990 GB
MALMSTEEN YNGWIE J. Save our love/Motherless child Polydor 877598-7 1990 GER
MALMSTEEN YNGWIE J. I'm a viking/Don't let it end Polydor 7DM0130 1985 JAP
MALMSTEEN YNGWIE J. Heaven tonight/Riot in the dungeons Polydor 887518-7 1988 USA
MAMA`S BOYS Crazee EP(Mama we`re all cr/Crazy Daisy/Runaway dreams/Gentlemen rogues) Jive JIVEG71 1984 GB
MAMA`S BOYS In the heat of the night/Reach for the top Ultra Noise ION1038 1982 GB
MAMA`S BOYS Needle in the groove/Don`t tell mama (+ T-Shirt sticker) Jive JIVE96 1984 GB
MAMA`S BOYS Needle in the groove/Hard headed ways Ultra Noise ION1041 1982 GB
MAMA`S BOYS Mama we're all crazee now/Face to face Sony 07SP827 1984 JAP
MAMMATH Rock me/Rough'n'ready Neat Records NEAT42 1984 GB
MANOWAR Blow your speakers/Violence (Promo) Atlantic B9463 1987 GB
MANOWAR Blow your speakers/Violence and bloodshed Atlantic 799463-7 1987 GER
MANOWAR Kings of metal/Herz aus Stahl Atlantic 788988-7 1988 GER
MANOWAR Kings of metal (Promo) Atlantic 1016 1988 SPA
MANOWAR Wheels of fire (Promo) Atlantic 1069 1988 SPA
MANZANO Sientelo fuerte (Promo) GBBS Records R3015 1988 SPA
MARQUIS DE SADE Somewhere up in the mountains/Black angel X-Pose XP02 1981 GB
MARSEILLE Over and over/You`re a woman/Can can Mountain BON2 1979 GB
MARSEILLE The french way/Cold steel Mountain BON1 1978 GB
MARSEILLE Walking on a high wire/Too late(Special Cover) Ultra Noise WALK1 1984 GB
MARSHAL KANE Sucker for love/Hired heart Active Music HEJ-S020 1987 SWE
MARTIN ERIC Information/I can't stop the fire (+ Record company press release) Music For Nations KUT119 1985 GB
MASS Do you love me(Remixed single version (Promo) RCA JK14264 1985 USA
MATTSSON LARS ERIC Can't go on without your love/Mujaheddin warrior/The exciter/Eastern evil Lem Records LEMEP10 1987 FIN
MAY BRIAN Driven by you/Just one life Parlophone 204586-7 1991 GB
MAY BRIAN & FRIENDS Star fleet/Son of star fleet EMI EMI5436 1983 GB
MAYDAY Day after day/Love in the spaceage Reddingtons Rare Records DAN2 1980 GB
MEAT LOAF Bat out of hell/Heaven can wait EPIC EPC7018 1977 GER
MEAT LOAF Modern girl/Take a number Arista 106893 1984 GER
MEAT LOAF Peel out/You took the worlds right out of my mouth(Live) EPIC A2204 1982 HOL
MEGADETH Hangar 18/The conjuring(Live) Capitol CLS604 1991 GB
MEGADETH Holy wars/The punishment due(Posterbag) Capitol CLP588 1990 GB
MEGADETH Mary Jane/Hook in mouth Capitol CL489 1988 GB
MEGADETH No more Mr.Nice Guy/Different breed SBK Records SBK4 1989 GB
MEGADETH Skin o'my teeth/Holy wars(General Schwarzkopf mix)(Poster/Game Board) Capitol CLP669 1992 GB
MEGADETH Symphony of destruction/In my darkest hour(L) Capitol CLPD662 1992 GB
MEGADETH Symphony of destruction/Peace sells(Live) Capitol CLS662 1992 GB
MEGADETH Train of consequences/Crown of worms  Capitol CL730 1994 GB
MEGADETH Symphony of destruction/Breakpoint(Juke Box Issue) Capitol S757798 1992 USA
MENDES PREY On to the borderline/Running for you(Signed backcover) M.P. Records AM076 1982 GB
MERCYFUL FATE Black masses/Black funeral  Megaforce MRI02 1983 USA
METAL HAMMER AC/DC:Shake your foundations/Danger Atlantic 1985 GB
METAL HAMMER Bad Company:Simon Kirke introduces three tracks:This love/Fame & fortune/Burning up Atlantic GB
METAL HAMMER Little Angels:Bitter & twisted/Vain:Secrets/The Almighty:Full force lovin'machine/Xentrix:No compromise C9709 1989 GB
METAL HAMMER Running Wild:Raise your fist/Helloween:A little time/Sinner:Lost in a minute Noise GER
METAL HAMMER Y&T:25 hours a day/Heavy Pettin:Rock ain't dead Poly/A&M 1985 HOL
METAL HAMMER APRIL 87 Chariot:Life on the run/Paul Samson's Empire:One day heroes/Heavy Pettin:Heaven sent/Strangeways:Never gonna lose it METAL1 GB
METALLICA Enter sandman/Stone cold crazy  Vertigo METAL7 1991 GB
METALLICA Nothing else matters/Enter sandman(Live) Vertigo METAL10 1992 GB
METALLICA Sad but true/Nothing else matters Vertigo METAL11 1991 GB
METALLICA The unforgiven/Killing time Vertigo METAL8 1991 GB
METALLICA The unforgiven/Killing time/The unforgiven(Demo) Vertigo METAP812 1991 GB
METALLICA Wherever I may roam/Fade to black(Live) Vertigo METAL9 1992 GB
METALLICA Eye of the beholder/Breadfan Elektra 769357-7 1988 USA
METALLICA Killing time/Let it loose (# 189) Bong Water Records NAOO1 1987 USA
METALLICA Killing time/Let it loose (# 190) Bong Water Records NAOO1 1987 USA
METALLICA Killing time/Let it loose (# 45) Bong Water Records NAOO1 1987 USA
METALLICA Killing time/Let it loose (# 645) Bong Water Records NAOO1 1987 USA
METALLICA One/The prince Elektra 769329-7 1988 USA
MINISTRY Jesus built my hotrod/TV song (Promo) Sire W0096 1990 GB
MOGG In and out of love/Please don't call Air Music AIRS044 1987 SWE
MONROE MICHAEL Dead,jail or rock'n'roll/Shakedown Vertigo VER45 1989 GB
MONROE MICHAEL Man with no eyes/Dead jail or rock'n'roll Vertigo VER46 1989 GB
MONSTER MAGNET Cage around the sun/Super judge(Live) A&M 41984 1993 USA
MOORE GARY Rockin`every night(Live)/Back on the streets(Live)/Parisienne walkways(Live)(from LP) Virgin VDJ34 1982 GB
MOORE GARY Empty rooms/Nuclear attack 10 Records 106654 1984 GER
MOORE GARY/LYNOTT PHIL Out in the fields/Military man/Still in love with you/Stop messin` 10 Records TEN49 1985 GB
MOORE GARY/LYNOTT PHIL Out in the fields/Military man  10 Records 07VA1022 1985 JAP
MORDRED Everyday's a holiday/Super freak Noise 7MORD5 1989 GB
MORTAL SIN Excerpts from the new album "Face of despair" Vertigo MORTAL1 1989 GB
MOTHERLODE Downtown/Live it out Active Music HEJ-S 017 1986 SWE
MOTHERLODE Wise man/Moving emotion Active Music HEJ-S 027 1987 SWE
MOTLEY CRUE Dr.Feelgood/Sticky sweet (+ Patch) Elektra EKR97X 1989 GB
MOTLEY CRUE Girls girls girls/Sumthin'for nuthin'(Postercover) Elektra EKR59W 1987 GB
MOTLEY CRUE Girls girls girls/Sumthin'for nuthin'(x-Rated cov) Elektra EKR59V 1987 GB
MOTLEY CRUE Home sweet home('91 remix)/You're all I need Elektra EKR136 1991 GB
MOTLEY CRUE Hooligan's holiday(2 Versions) (# 1863) Elektra EKR180 1994 GB
MOTLEY CRUE Looks that kill/Piece of the action Elektra E9756 1984 GB
MOTLEY CRUE Primal scream/Dancing on glass Elektra EKR133 1991 GB
MOTLEY CRUE Smoking in the boys room/Use it or lose it Elektra EKR16 1985 GB
MOTLEY CRUE Smokin'in the boys room/Home sweet home(Remix) Elektra EKR33 1985 GB
MOTLEY CRUE Too young to fall in love(Remix)/Take me to the top Elektra E9732 1984 GB
MOTLEY CRUE Without you/Live wire(Leather mix) Elektra EKR109 1989 GB
MOTLEY CRUE You're all I need/Wildside Elektra EKR65 1987 GB
MOTLEY CRUE Girls girls girls/Sumthin'for nuthin' Elektra P2231 1987 JAP
MOTLEY CRUE Home sweet home/Red hot Elektra P2013 1985 JAP
MOTLEY CRUE Smoking in the boys room/Use it or lose it Elektra P1980 1985 JAP
MOTLEY CRUE Wildside/Five years dead Elektra P2307 1987 JAP
MOTLEY CRUE You're all I need/All in the name of... Elektra P2344 1987 JAP
MOTLEY CRUE Looks that kill/Piece of the action Elektra 769756-7 1983 USA
MOTLEY CRUE Smokin'in the boys room/Use it or lose it Elektra 769625-7 1985 USA
MOTLEY CRUE Stick to your guns/Toast of the town Leather Records MC001 1981 USA
MOTLEY CRUE Too young to fall in love/Take me to the top Elektra 769732-7 1984 USA
MOTLEY CRUE Wildside/Five years dead Elektra 769449-7 1987 USA
MOTORHEAD Ace of spades/Dirty love Bronze BRO106 1980 GB
MOTORHEAD Deaf forever/On the road(Live) GWR Records GWR2 1986 GB
MOTORHEAD Iron fist/Remember me I`m gone Bronze BRO146 1982 GB
MOTORHEAD Motorhead(Live)/Over the top(Live) Bronze BRO124 1981 GB
MOTORHEAD Motorhead(Live)/Over the top(Live) Bronze BROP124 1981 GB
MOTORHEAD No class/Like a nightmare(Fast Eddy cover) Bronze BRO78 1979 GB
MOTORHEAD No class/Like a nightmare(Lemmy cover) Bronze BRO78 1979 GB
MOTORHEAD No class/Like a nightmare(Philthy cover) Bronze BRO78 1979 GB
MOTORHEAD The golden years Live EP(Leaving here/Stone dead forever/Dead men tell no tales/Too late,too late) Bronze BRO92 1980 GB
MOTORHEAD The one to sing the blues/Dead man's hand WTG Records 656578-7 1990 GB
MOTORHEAD Rock'n'roll/Cradle to the grave Roadrunner RR5473 1987 HOL
MOTORHEAD(LEMMY & UPSETTE Blue suede shoes/Paradise Sunnyside Records STYLE777 1990 GB
MOTORHEADGIRLSCHOOL St.Valentines EP(Please don`t touch/Emergency) Bronze BRO116 1980 GB
MR.BIG Green tinted sixties mind/Shadows Atlantic A7702 1991 GB
MR.BIG To be with you/Baba O'Riley(Live) (Promo) Atlantic A7514 1992 GB
MR.BIG To be with you/Green tinted sixties mind (Promo) Atlantic 787566-7 1991 GER
MR.BIG Wild world/Temperamental Atlantic 787310-7 1993 GER
MUSIK EXPRESS Judas Priest:Heading out to the highway/Trust:Antisocial/Molly Hatchet:Beatin'the odds/Ozzy:Crazy train Musikexpress 1981 GER
MYTH Metal to the pedal/Rock or die Metal Force KS0001 1984 USA
MYTHRA Death and destiny/Killer/Overlord/U.F.O. Street Beat LAMP2 1980 GB
NAGAZAKI You can be/Nobody MS Records NAGA001 1986 SWE
NATTSVART Vargarna/Drakens öga Pang PSI069 1983 SWE
NEIL VINCE Sister of pain(Edit)/Blondes(have more fun)Non album Warner Bros. W0176 1993 GB
NEIL VINCE You're invited(Radio Edit)/T-RIDE:Luxury cruiser Hollywood  HWD123 1992 GB
NIGHTIME FLYER Out with a vengeance/Heavy metal rules Red Eye Records EYE2 1980 GB
NIGHTRANGER Sister Christian/Chippin'away MCA MCA881 1984 GB
NIGHTRANGER The color of your smile/Girls all like it MCA MCA1125 1987 GB
NIGHTRANGER Don`t tell me you love me/Nightranger Boardwalk 10016007 1983 GER
NIGHTRANGER Don't tell me you love me/Nightranger Boardwalk 07SP683 1982 JAP
NIGHTRANGER Sister Christian/Night ranger MCA MCA52350 1984 USA
NIGHTRANGER The secret of my success/Carry on MCA MCA53013 1987 USA
NIGHTRANGER When you close your eyes/Why does love has to change MCA MCA52420 1984 USA
NINJA Eye on you (Square Shape) Azra Records L26277 USA
NOISE INTERNATIONAL Sabbat:Wildfire/The best of enemies Noise 1989 GB
NOISE INTERNATIONAL Sabbat:A cautionary tale/Vendetta:And the brave man fails Noise 103462-1S USA
NORUM JOHN Back on the streets/Bad reputation(Live) CBS 651614-7 1988 HOL
NORUM JOHN Let me love you/Wild one CBS 651187-7 1987 HOL
NORUM JOHN We will be strong(w/Joey Tempest)/Free birds in flight(Live) EPIC 657670-7 1987 SWE
NOVA ALDO Hold back the night/Heart to heart/Monkey on your back/Hot love) Portrait DA4189 1983 GB
NOVA ALDO Fantasy/Under the gun Portrait 075P179 1981 JAP
NOVA ALDO Monkey on your back/Cry baby cry Portrait 075P253 1983 JAP
NOVA ALDO Fantasy/Under the gun Portrait 24-02799 1981 USA
NUCLEAR VALDEZ Summer/Summer(Acoustic Version) EPIC 655911-7 1990 GB
OBSESSED Failsafe/Neatz brigade Flight 19 Records FN03 1997 SWI
OBSESSED Altamont nation(Inside looking out/The Peckerwood stomp) Bong Load Custom BL20 1995 USA
ODIN Caution EP(Judgement day/Midnight flight/The blade) Indie 154914 1983 USA
OMEN SEARCHER Too much/Teacher of sin OCS Records O.C.S.002 1982 GB
ONE CENT Fear of time/Falling Indie UVK1 1989 SWE
ONLY CHILD Always/Rebel eyes Savage 7VAG901 1988 GB
ONLY CHILD Save a place in your heart/Shot heard around the world Savage 7VAG002 1988 GB
ONSLAUGHT Let there be rock(Special radio edit) Under One Flag FLAG103 1987 GB
ONSLAUGHT Welcome to dying/Nice'n'sleazy London LON198 1989 GB
ORIENT Dying for love/Heaven VMA VMAO-001 1987 SWE
ORIGINAL SIN Penalty of love/Already gone Silver Records OSS666 1982 USA
OSBOURNE OZZY Cracy train/You looking at me looking at you Jet Records EX564 1980 AUS
OSBOURNE OZZY Over the mountain/Mr.Crowley Jet Records JSO26 1981 AUS
OSBOURNE OZZY An Interview with Ozzy Osbourne(Limited 2500) Spiral Scratch OZZY1 1988 GB
OSBOURNE OZZY Bark at the moon/One up the B side Jet Records A3915 1983 GB
OSBOURNE OZZY Crazy train(Live)/Crazy train EPIC 650943-7 1987 GB
OSBOURNE OZZY Crazy train/You,looking at me looking at you Jet Records JET197 1980 GB
OSBOURNE OZZY Interview(Spiral Scratch/Limited Edition 5000) Spiral Scratch SCRATCH2 1988 GB
OSBOURNE OZZY Miracle man/Crazy babies EPIC 653063-0 1988 GB
OSBOURNE OZZY Mr Crowley(Live)/You said it all Jet Records JET7003 1980 GB
OSBOURNE OZZY Over the mountain/I don`t know Jet Records JET7017 1981 GB
OSBOURNE OZZY Perry Mason/Living with the enemy (# 2914) EPIC 662639-7 1995 GB
OSBOURNE OZZY Shot in the dark/Rock'n'roll rebel(Posterbag) EPIC QA6859 1985 GB
OSBOURNE OZZY So tired/Bark at the moon(Live)/Waiting for darkness/Paranoid(Live) EPIC DA4452 1984 GB
OSBOURNE OZZY Symptom of the universe/N.I.B. Jet Records JETP7030 1982 GB
OSBOURNE OZZY The ultimate sin/Lightning strikes(Donington souvenir single) EPIC A7311 1986 GB
OSBOURNE OZZY The Urpney song(feat.OZZY) Adventure Records ADVTS102 1990 GB
OSBOURNE OZZY Mama I'm coming home/Don't blame me EPIC 657617-7 1991 HOL
OSBOURNE OZZY No more tears/S.I.N. EPIC 657440-7 1991 HOL
OSBOURNE OZZY Mama I'm coming home (Promo)(Theatre of madness spanish tour 1992) EPIC ARIE3094 1992 SPA
OSBOURNE OZZY  Crazy babies/Demon alcohol EPIC 654540-7 1988 HOL
OVERDRIVE Overdrive/20th Century Stormbringer SKULL9806P 2000 SWE
PAGANINI Berlin by night/Don't let me down Vertigo 884088-7 1985 GER
PARADISE Breakin' loose/Jennifer West Bell Sinclair WBS004 1987 SWE
PARADISE Clean my soul/Take me home Active Music HEJ-S 025 1987 SWE
PENTAGRAM Fatal predictions/Demoniac possession Chainsaw Murder CM003 1987 SWI
PERRY STEVE Oh Sherrie/Don't tell me why you're leaving Columbia FC9334 1984 USA
PERSIAN RISK Calling for you/Chase the dragon Indie CUS1146 1981 GB
PERSIAN RISK Ridin'high/Hurt you Neat Records NEAT24 1983 GB
PHANTOM BLUE Why call it love?/Fought it out Roadrunner RR54457 1989 HOL
PHENOMENA Dance with the devil/Hell on wings Bronze BRO193 1985 GB
PHENOMENON The final word/Ain't no doubt about it 1222 USA
PICTURE Fantasies/Traitor Backdoor 8808907 1985 HOL
PINK CREAM 69 One step into paradise/Party maker EPIC 6553067 1989 GER
PINK CREAM 69 Ballerina/Signs of danger EPIC 656657-7 1991 HOL
PINK FAIRIES Between the lines/Boiling for a fight Stiff Records BUY2 1977 GB
PLASMATICS Butcher baby/Tight black pants Stiff Records BUY76 1980 GB
PLASMATICS Monkey suit/Squirm(Live) Stiff Records BUY91 1980 GB
POISON Every rose has it's thorn/Back to the rocking hors Capitol 203173-7 1988 EEC
POISON Something to believe in/Ball and chain Capitol CL594 1990 GB
POISON So tell me why/Unskinny bop(Live) Capitol 204590-7 1991 GER
POISON Talk dirty to me/Look what the cat dragged in Enigma INT113722 1986 GER
POISON I want action/Play dirty Sony 07SP1039 1986 JAP
POISON Nothin'but a good time (Promo) Capitol B44145 1988 USA
POISON Your mama don't dance/Look what the cat dragged in Capitol B44293 1989 USA
POLTERGEIST Tell me/Nothing lasts forever Haunted House HH01 1992 SWI
POSH FILTH Whip you/Fever Indie PF001 1990 SWE
POWELL COZY The loner/El Sid Ariola ARO205 1979 GB
POWELL COZY Dance with the devil/And then there was skin EMI 1C00694962 1973 GER
POWERTRIP Lab animal/Have a nice day/No place/Permanent dama Mystic Records M45125 1982 USA
PRAYING MANTIS All day and all of the night/Beads of ebony Arista ARIST397 1980 GB
PRAYING MANTIS Captured city/Johnny Coo (Promo) Ripper Records HAR5201 1979 GB
PRAYING MANTIS Cheated/30 pieces of silver/Flirting with suicide(Live)/Panic in the streets(Live) Arista ARIST378 1981 GB
PRAYING MANTIS Praying mantis/High roller GEM Records GMS36 1980 GB
PRAYING MANTIS Turn t tables/Question of time/Tell me the nightmare Jet Records JET7026 1982 GB
PRECIOUS Crazy for your love/As time goes on Mandrake Root 10MR7009 1987 JAP
PRECIOUS METAL Bad guys/Pretty boy (Promo) Mercury 884363-7DJ 1985 USA
PRETTY MAIDS Waitin'for the time/Back to back CBS A6577 1984 HOL
PRETTY MAIDS Young blood/Attention CBS 655597-7 1990 HOL
PRETTY MAIDS Future world CBS 102132-1CS USA
PRIDE You're the only one/Dreamer in the night Active Music HEJ-S 028 1989 SWE
PRIORITY Undercover/Magic night Indie P1 1989 SWE
PROPHET Everything you are/Listen to ya' Total Experience RPS186 1985 JAP
PSYCHOTIC WALTZ I remember/Only in a dream Rising Sun Productions RSPS001 1990 GER
QUEEN Bohemian rhapsody/These are the days of our lives EMI QUEEN20 1991 GB
QUEEN First EP(Good old fashioned lover boy/Death on 2 legs/Tenement funster/White Queen(as it began)) EMI EMI2623 1974 GB
QUEEN Innuendo/Bijou EMI QUEEN16 1991 GB
QUEEN Let me live/Bicycle rade/Fat bottomed girls EMI QUEENPD24 1995 GB
QUEEN One vision/Blurred vision EMI QUEEN6 1985 GB
QUEEN Spread your wings/Sheer heart attack EMI EMI2757 1977 GB
QUEEN The show must go on/Keep yourself alive EMI QUEEN19 1991 GB
QUEEN Too much love will kill you/We will rock youdigital remaster)/We are the champions(digital remaster) EMI QUEEN23 1996 GB
QUEEN Bicycle race/Fat bottomed girls (Promo) Elektra E45541 1978 USA
QUEEN It's late/Sheer heart attack Elektra E45478 1977 USA
QUEEN We are the champions/We will rock you Elektra E45441 1977 USA
QUEENSRYCHE Silent lucidity/The mission(Live) EMI 2572-7 1990 AUS
QUEENSRYCHE Another rainy night(without you)/Last time in Paris EMI 204611-7 1990 EEC
QUEENSRYCHE Silent lucidity/The mission(Live) EMI 204249-7 1990 EEC
QUEENSRYCHE Best I can(Radio Edit)/I dream in infrared(1991Acoustic Remix) EMI MT97 1991 GB
QUEENSRYCHE Bridge/The killing words(Live) (+ poster/12" special pack) EMI MTPD111 1995 GB
QUEENSRYCHE Empire/Scarborough fair EMI MT90 1990 GB
QUEENSRYCHE Eyes of a stranger/Queen of the reich EMI MT65 1988 GB
QUEENSRYCHE Gonna get close to you/Prophecy EMI EA222 1986 GB
QUEENSRYCHE Gonna get close to you/Prophecy/Queen of the Reich(Live)/Deliverance(Live)(Double) EMI EAD222 1986 GB
QUEENSRYCHE Jet city woman/Empire(Live) EMI MT98 1990 GB
QUEENSRYCHE Silent lucidity/I don't believe in love EMI MT104 1992 GB
QUEENSRYCHE Silent lucidity/The mission(Live) EMI MT94 1990 GB
QUEENSRYCHE Silent lucidity/The mission(Live)(Box with logo+photo) EMI MTS94 1990 GB
QUEENSRYCHE Take hold of the flame/Nightrider (Signed frontcover) EMI EA183 1984 GB
QUEENSRYCHE Gonna get close to you/Surgical strike EMI 201367-7 1986 GER
QUEENSRYCHE Jet city woman/I dream in infrared (1991 Acoustic remix) EMI 204469-7 1991 GER
QUEENSRYCHE Gonna get close to you/Surgical strike EMI 201367-7 1986 HOL
QUEENSRYCHE Warning/Deliverance EMI EYS17465 1984 JAP
QUEENSRYCHE Best I can(Promo Cover) EMI 402314-7 1990 SPA
QUEENSRYCHE Disconnected/Bridge(For Jukeboxes Only) EMI S7-18553 USA
QUIET RIOT The wild and the young/Rise and fall Pasha A7280 1986 GB
QUIET RIOT Mama weer all crazee now/Bad boy Sony/Japan 07SP829 1984 JAP
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE Bullet in the head/Settle for nothing(Live) EPIC 659258-7 1993 GB
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE Bulls on parade/Hadda be playing on the jukebox(Live) EPIC 663152-7 1996 GB
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE Guerilla radio/The ghost of Tom Joad (Lim. Edition No.2754) EPIC 668314-7 1999 GB
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE Killing in the name of/Clear the lane EPIC 658492-7 1993 GB
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE People of the sun/Zapata's blood(Live) EPIC 663628-7 1996 GB
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE Sleep now in the fire/Guerilla radio(Live) No.1896 EPIC 669136-7 2000 GB
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE Bullet in the head/Darkness EPIC 357492-7 1993 USA
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE No shelter (Promo) EPIC ZSS41210 1998 USA
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE The ghost of Tom Joad/Vietnow EPIC ES73705 1997 USA
RAGING FURY The rattlesnake rules/Gunslinger/Electric brain Claw NA001 1988 JAP
RAILWAY Heavy metal rock/(Just imagination/My friend/No more/More than enogh) Unit Art Records 32 1981 GER
RAINBOW All night long/Weiss Heim Polydor POSP104 1980 GB
RAINBOW Can't happen here/Jealous lover Polydor POSP251 1981 GB
RAINBOW Kill the king(Live)/Man on the silver mountain(Live)/Mistreated(Live) Polydor POSP274 1977 GB
RAINBOW Long live rock'n'roll/Sensitive to light Polydor 2066913 1978 GB
RAINBOW Since you been gone/Bad girls Polydor POSP70 1979 GB
RAM JAM Black Betty/I should have known EPIC EPC5492 1977 ITA
RAPID TEARS Headbang/Wonderland Chameleon CR324 1982 CAN
RAT BAT BLUE Gypsy heart/It ain't easy EPIC 656482-7 1990 SWE
RAT BAT BLUE Saints and sinners/Long gone EPIC 656661-7 1991 SWE
RAT BAT BLUE Talk to me/Love changes everything EPIC 656881-7 1991 SWE
RAT BAT BLUE Tuned on you/Drive thru EPIC 656188-7 1990 SWE
RATT Lay it down/Got me on the line Atlantic P1989 1985 JAP
RATT Round and round/The morning after Atlantic P1859 1984 JAP
RATT Wanted man/She wants money Atlantic P1909 1984 JAP
RATT What you give is-what you get/Between the eyes Atlantic P2059 1985 JAP
RATT You're in love/Between the eyes Atlantic P2015 1985 JAP
RATT Way cool Jr./Chain reaction Atlantic 788985-7 1988 USA
RAVEN Break the chain/The ballad of Marshall Stack (Signed frontcover/band) Neat Records NEAT28 1983 GB
RAVEN Crash,bang,wallop/Rock hard (Signed by Gallagher) Neat Records NEAT15 1982 GB
RAVEN Don't need your money/Wiped out (Signed by Gallahger) Neat Records NEAT06 1980 GB
RAVEN Hard ride/Crazy world (Signed by Gallagher) Neat Records NEAT11 1981 GB
RAVEN + UDO Born to be wild/Inquisitor  Neat Records NEAT29 1983 GB
RAVEN + UDO Born to be wild/Inquisitor(Picture) Neat Records NEAT29 1983 GB
RAVING MAD A dazzling display/Cryin' Indie RR240173 1987 SWE
RAW Great White:All over now/Hurricane:In the fire/XYZ:Nice day to die/Dead On:Full moon SBK Records RAW2 1990 GB
RAW Living Colour:Elvis is dead/Suicidal Tendencies:Give it revolution/Burning Tree:Burning tree/24-7 Spyz:New super hero worship EPIC XPS248 1990 GB
RAW Ozzy Osbourne:In his own words/Miracle man/In his own words/Demo alcohol CBS NUMBERONE 1988 GB
RAW Living Colour:Funny vibe/FM:Obsession/Bad English:Lay down/Alice Cooper:I'm your gun EPIC XPS239 1989 HOL
RAW DEAL Lonewolf/Take the sky Neat Records NEAT12 1981 GB
RED BARON Fools gold/Rock the highway(# 79 of 500) Manfred Productions MP080185 1985 SWE
RED BARON Rock'n'roll power/Fool's gold WEA 248414-7 1987 SWE
RENEE GEYER Hot minutes/Tangled up in treachery Mushroom K7986 1980 AUS
RENEGADE Do it/Mean streets Pan Music PAS001 1986 SWE
RIOT Outlaw/Rock city(Live) Elektra K12565 1981 GB
RIOT Outlaw/Rock city(Live) Elektra E47218 1981 USA
ROADRUNNER RECORDS Stars on Thrash:Various bands Evatone USA
ROBERTS KANE Does anybody really fall in love anymore?/I'm not looking for an angel Geffen GES19017 1991 GER
ROCK GODDESS Love has passed me by/Jerry  Just In Distribution CNUF29749 1986 FRA
ROCK GODDESS Heavy metal rock'n'roll/Satisfied then crucified A&M AMSX8263 1982 GB
ROCK GODDESS I didn't know I loved you/Hell hath no fury A&M AM185 1984 GB
ROCK GODDESS My angel/In the heat of the night A&M AMS8311 1983 GB
ROCK GODDESS My angel/In the heat of the night A&M AMS9279 1983 HOL
ROCK POWER Love Hate:Tumbleweed/Alice In Chains:Sunshine/Mind Funk:Sugar ain't so sweet/Tipsy Wit:Listen Sony 801205204 1991 GB
ROCK POWER White Lion:Leave me alone/Mr.Big:My kinda woman/Enuff Z'Nuff:In crowd/Saigon Kick:What do you do Warner Bros. 8012009041 1991 GB
ROD SQUAD Body heater/Die hard (+ Press release) Raucous Records RAUCOUS 1990 USA
RODS Power lover/Nothing going on in the city Arista ARIST457 1982 GB
RODS Too hot to stop/Power lover(Live) Arista ARIST484 1982 GB
RODS You keep me hanging on/Wings of fire Arista ARIST467 1982 GB
ROSE TATTOO Freedom's flame/Never too loud Albert AP1384 1984 AUS
ROSE TATTOO Blood and steel  N2 BOOT
ROSE TATTOO Assault & battery/Astra Wally/One of the boys/Manzil madness(Gatefold/Double) Carrere CAR220 1981 GB
ROSE TATTOO Bad boy for love/Tramp Carrere CAR191 1978 GB
ROSE TATTOO It's gonna work itself out/Two fightin'sons Carrere CAR263 1983 GB
ROSE TATTOO Rock'n'roll is king/I had you first Carrere CAR210 1981 GB
ROSE TATTOO Rock'n'roll outlaw/Remedy Carrere CAR200 1978 GB
ROSE TATTOO One of the boys/Stuck on you WEA WEA18227 1978 GER
ROTH DAVID LEE Yankee rose/Shyboy Warner Bros. W8656 1986 GB
ROTH DAVID LEE California girls(LP/Remix) Warner Bros. 929102-7 1985 GER
ROTH DAVID LEE Just a gigolo/I ain't got nobody Warner Bros. 929040-7 1985 GER
ROTH DAVID LEE California girls(2 versions) Warner Bros. P1925 1985 JAP
ROTH DAVID LEE Stand up (Promo) Warner Bros. 928108-7 1988 USA
RUBY TOPAZ Why/The sack Indie NS706 1982 USA
RUNAWAYS Right now/Black leather Cherry Red CHERRY8 1979 GB
RUNAWAYS School days/Wasted Mercury 6167587 1977 GB
RUNAWAYS Midnight music/Neon angels on the road to ruin Mercury 6167495 1977 GER
RUNAWAYS School days/Wasted Mercury 6167587 1977 GER
RUNAWAYS Cherry bomb/Blackmail Mercury SFL2121 1978 JAP
SABRE Miracle man/On the loose Neat Records NEAT23 1983 GB
SACRED ALIEN Spiritual planet/Energy Greenwood Music GW001 1981 GB
SACRED ALIEN/VIRGIN Legends/Sittin'in the front row Heighway Robbery SAD001 1983 FRA
SACRED REICH 31 flavours/Who's to blame Roadrunner RRPROMO016 1990 HOL
SAIGON KICK Love is on the way(Edit)/All I want Atlantic A7451 1992 GER
SAMSON Are you ready/Front page news Polydor POSP670 1984 GB
SAMSON Are you ready/Front page news Polydor POSPP670 1984 GB
SAMSON Hard times/Angel with a machine gun GEM Records GEMS38 1980 GB
SAMSON Life on the run/Drivin' with zz/Walking out on you(Live)/Bright lights(Live)(Gatefold/Double) Polydor POSPG519 1982 GB
SAMSON Losing my grip/Pyramid to the stars  Polydor POSPP471 1982 GB
SAMSON Red skies/Living,loving,lying Polydor POSP554 1983 GB
SAMSON Red skies/Living,loving,lying Polydor POSPP554 1983 GB
SAMSON Riding with the angels/Little big man GEM Records RCA67 1981 GB
SAMSON Riding with the angels/Little big man  GEM Records RCA67 1981 GB
SAMSON Telephone/Leavin'you Lightning Records GIL547 1978 GB
SAMSON The fight goes on/Riding with the angels Polydor POSP680 1984 GB
SAMSON Vice versa/Hammerhead GEM Records GEMS34 1980 GB
SAMSON Vice versa/Losing my grip Capitol CL395 1986 GB
SAMURAI Fires of hell/Dreams of the world Ebony EBON25 1984 GB
SARACEN No more lonely nights/Rock of ages Nucleus Records SAR1 1981 GB
SARACEN We have arrived/A face in the crowd Neat Records NEAT30 1984 GB
SARAYA Love has taken it's toll/Runnin' out of time Polydor 559292-7 1989 GER
SATAN Kiss of death/Heads will roll Guardian GRC145 1982 GB
SATANIC RITES Live to ride/Hit and run Heavy Metal Records HEAVY08 1981 GB
SATRIANI JOE Always with me, always with you/Surfing with the alien Food For Thought YUM112 1987 GB
SATROX Together forever/Get it out CBS 656116-7 1991 SWI
SAVAGE The China run/Ain't no fit place Ebony EBON10 1982 GB
SAVAGE THRUST But soon revenge/Agony & ecstasy Polydisc LSP002 1987 USA
SAVOY BROWN Lay back in the arms of someone(Long/Short) (Promo) Accord 1054 1981 USA
SAXON And the bands played on/Hungry years/HM thunder Carrere 49722 1981 FRA
SAXON 747(Stangers in the night)/See the light shining Carrere CAR151 1980 GB
SAXON Backs to the wall/Militia guard Carrere HM6 1979 GB
SAXON Big teaser/Rainbow theme/Frozen Rainbow Carrere HM5 1980 GB
SAXON Never surrender/20,000 ft(remix)/Bap-shoo-ap(Live)/Street fighting gang (Gatefold/Double) Carrere CAR204 1981 GB
SAXON Suzy hold on/Judgement day Carrere CAR165 1980 GB
SAXON We will remember/Altar of the gods Virgin DINS105 1991 GB
SAXON Wheels of steel/Stand up and be counted Carrere CAR143 1980 GB
SCORPIONS No one like you/Now  EMI HARP5219 1982 GB
SCORPIONS Is there anybody there/Can't get enough EMI 1C00645278 1979 GER
SCORPIONS Make it real/Hold me tight EMI 1C00646008 1980 GER
SCREAM Man in the moon/Outlaw Hollywood HWD112 1991 GB
SEPULTURA Territory/Policia  Roadrunner RR2382-7 1993 GB
SEPULTURA Refuse/Resist/Inhuman nature/Propaganda (Postercover) Roadrunner RR23777 1994 HOL
SEVENTH SON Man in the street/Immortal hours Rising Son Records 67 1982 GB
SHAKESPEARE Sneaking around/Orphan devil 006 SWE
SHAME Let me be the 1/Two of a kind Rekordia ROI0,4 1990 SWE
SHARKS Santa Claus is coming to town/I'm electric SM1011 1983 USA
SHAW TOMMY Remo's theme(What if)/Kiss me hello A&M AM2773 1985 USA
SHE Captured/New start Elle Records SHE001 1986 GB
SHIVA Angel of mons/Stranger lands Heavy Metal Records HEAVY16 1982 GB
SHIVA Rock lives on/Sympathy Heavy Metal Records HEAVY13 1982 GB
SHOOTING STAR Summer sun(Promo) Virgin/Geffen 728994 1985 USA
SHOOTING STAR You've got what you need (Promo) Virgin VA67005 1979 USA
SHOUT I won't be long/Timeless love Frontline 07GA5014 1988 JAP
SHY Break down the walls/Talk to me RCA PB41179 1987 GB
SHY Give it all you've got/She's got what it takes MCA MCA1369 1989 GB
SHY Money/If you want it MCA MCA1391 1990 GB
SHY Under fire/Young heart/Break down the walls (Kerrang! 143) RCA SHY100 1987 GB
SHY Young heart/Run for cover RCA PB41295 1987 GB
SIREN Terrible swift sword/Metro-mercenary Siren Music 406062 1984 USA
SKID ROW Monkey business/Slave to the grind Atlantic A7673 1991 GB
SKID ROW Slave to the grind/C'mon and love me (Promo) Atlantic A7603 1991 GB
SKID ROW Waysted time(Edit)/Holidays in the sun (Promo) Atlantic A7570 1991 GB
SKID ROW Youth gone wild/Delivering the goods(Live) Atlantic A7444 1992 GB
SKID ROW 18 and life/Midnight/Tornado Atlantic 788883-7 1989 GER
SKID ROW In a darkened room/Beggar's day Atlantic 787612-7 1991 GER
SKID ROW Youth gone wild/Sweet little sister Atlantic 788935-7 1989 USA
SKYCLAD Brother beneath the skin/Widdershining jig/Cradle will fall (from LP) Noise N0239-5 1994 GER
SLADE Ruby red/Funk punk & junk/Rock'n'roll preacher(Live)/Take me bak' ome(Live) (Gatefold/Double) RCA RCAD191 1982 GB
SLAUGHTER(CAN) Nocturnal hell/One foot in the grave/Torured souls (# 577 of 1000) Fringe Records FPS1725  1986 CAN
SLAVE RAIDER Make some noise (Promo/# 272) Jive SLAVE1 1988 GB
SLAYER Criminally insane/Aggressive perfector (Cross cover) Def Jam Recordings LONCC133 GB
SLAYER Seasons in the abyss/Aggressive perfector American Recordings DEFA9 1991 GB
SLAYER Serenity in murder/Raining blood/Dittohead(Live)/South of heaven American Recordings 126234-7 1985 GB
SLAYER South of heaven (Promo) Def Jam  1000 1988 SPA
SLAYER War ensemble/In a gadda da vida(Bootleg) Def Jam  HEADHUNTER002 SWI
SLEAZY ROZE Hot woman/Riding high/Snakeskin boots CWC Records CWC037 1990 SWE
SLEAZY ROZE Only one/She's so fine/Don't feed the animal(Edit) CWC Records CWC036 1988 SWE
SLEDGEHAMMER Living in dreams/Fantasia Slammer Records CELL2 1980 GB
SLEDGEHAMMER Sledgehammer/Feelgood Valiant Records ROUND2 1979 GB
SLEEP Lord of this world(Live)/The druid/Nain's baptism Off The Disk 15 1991 SWI
SMOKIN'ROADIE Midnight/Rip off Zone To Zone ZON03 1983 GB
SNAKE ROCK I don't care/Down and dirty Snake Rock NR14254 1982 USA
S.O.D. Seasoning the obese (Yellow Machinegun:My eyes under the sands/Again) Howling Bull HBA013 1999 USA
SOBREDOSIS Sangre joven/Bajo el fuego Chapa Discos OOX776 1985 SPA
SOLDIER Sheralee/Force Heavy Metal Records HEAVY12 1982 GB
SOUNDS MACHINE Living Colour:Open letter/Screaming Blue Messiahs:Sweet water pools/Queensryche:Revolution calling/Voivod:Too scared to scream CBS MACH2 1987 GB
SOUNDS WAVES Motorhead:Killed by death/Stupids:Live to rock/Kreator:After the attack/Celtic Frost:Visual aggression WAVES1 GB
SPELLBOUND My kinda girl/Gone rockin' Sonet SON2294 1984 SWE
SPELLBOUND Rockin' reckless/On the prowl Sonet SON2306 1986 SWE
SPIDER Breakaway/The morning after A&M AM204 1984 GB
SPIDER Rock'n'roll forever will last/Get down and (Kerrang!) Precision 7PX344 1986 GB
SPIDER Talkin''bout rock'n'roll/Down'n'out RCA RCA294 1982 GB
SPINAL TAP Spinal tap/Christmas with the devil  Enigma E1144 1984 USA
SPLIT BEAVER Savage/Hound of hell Heavy Metal Records HEAVY07 1981 GB
STAGE DOLLS Love cries/Hanoi waters Polydor PO44 1988 GB
STAGE DOLLS Still in love/Left foot boogie (Gatefold/# 928) Polydor POG78 1989 GB
STAGE DOLLS Still in love/Mystery Polydor PO78 1989 GB
STALLION Helpless/Girls (Signed by band) Alpha Records ONESIN050 1986 SWE
STALLONE FRANK Far from over/Waking up RSO 815023-7 1983 GER
STAMPEDE The other side/The runner Polydor POSP592 1983 GB
STATETROOPER She got the look/Veni, vidi, vinci Neat Records NEAT52 1985 GB
STATION Turn it on/When do we care Indie RP17962 SWI
STATUS QUO  Break the rules/Lonely night Vertigo 6059101 1974 FRA
STATUS QUO  Down down/Night ride Vertigo 6059114 1975 FRA
STATUS QUO  What you're proposing/A.B.Blues Vertigo 6000518 1980 FRA
STATUS QUO  A mess of blues/Big man Vertigo QUO12 1983 GB
STATUS QUO  Accident prone/Let me fly Vertigo QUO02 1978 GB
STATUS QUO  Break the rules/Lonely night Vertigo 6059101 1974 GB
STATUS QUO  Caroline(Live)/Dirty water(Live) Vertigo QUOP10 1982 GB
STATUS QUO  Caroline(Live/Dirty water(Live) Vertigo QUO10 1982 GB
STATUS QUO  Dear John/I want the world to know Vertigo QUO07 1982 GB
STATUS QUO  Gerdundula/Lakky lady Pye 7N45253 1970 GB
STATUS QUO  Going down town tonight(new version)/Too close to the ground Vertigo QUO15 1984 GB
STATUS QUO  In my chair (Quotations Just for the record) Pye QUO01  GB
STATUS QUO  In the army now/Heartburn Vertigo QUO20 1986 GB
STATUS QUO  Lies/Don't drive my car Vertigo QUO04 1980 GB
STATUS QUO  Live:Roll over lay down/Gerdundula/Junior's wailing  Vertigo QUO13 1975 GB
STATUS QUO  Living on an island/Runaway Vertigo 6059248 1979 GB
STATUS QUO  Marguerita time/Resurrection Vertigo QUO14 1983 GB
STATUS QUO  Marguerita time/Resurrection Vertigo QUOP14 1983 GB
STATUS QUO  Mean girl/In my chair(Old Gold) Old Gold OG9142 1981 GB
STATUS QUO  Ol'rag blues/Stay the night Vertigo QUO11 1983 GB
STATUS QUO  Pictures of matchstick men/Down the dustpipe(Flashback) Pye FBS2 1970 GB
STATUS QUO  Red sky/Don't give it up/Rockin'all over the world/Whatever you want (Gatefold) Vertigo QUODP19 1986 GB
STATUS QUO  Rocking all over the world/Ring of change Vertigo 6059184 1977 GB
STATUS QUO  Rock'n'roll/Hold you back/Backwater Vertigo QUO06 1980 GB
STATUS QUO  Rollin'home/Lonely Vertigo QUO18 1986 GB
STATUS QUO  Running all over the world/Magic Vertigo QUAID1 1988 GB
STATUS QUO  She don't fool me/Never too late Vertigo QUO08 1982 GB
STATUS QUO  Something'bout you baby I like/Enough is enough Vertigo QUO05 1981 GB
STATUS QUO  The wanderer/Can't be done Vertigo QUO16 1984 GB
STATUS QUO  What you're proposing/A.B.Blues Vertigo QUO03 1980 GB
STATUS QUO  Who get's the love/Halloween Vertigo QUO23 1988 GB
STATUS QUO  Accident prone/Let me fly Vertigo 6059216 1978 GER
STATUS QUO  Again and again/Too far gone Vertigo 6059210 1978 GER
STATUS QUO  Caroline/Joanne Vertigo 6059085 1973 GER
STATUS QUO  Down down/Night ride Vertigo 6059114 1974 GER
STATUS QUO  Lies/Don't drive my car Vertigo 6000577 1980 GER
STATUS QUO  Living on an island/Runaway Vertigo 6089248 1979 GER
STATUS QUO  Mystery song/Drifting away Vertigo 6059146 1975 GER
STATUS QUO  Paper plane/Softer ride Vertigo 6059071 1972 GER
STATUS QUO  Railroad I/Railroad II Pye 10973AT 1971 GER
STATUS QUO  Rain/You lost the love(Blue For You album cover) Vertigo 6059133 1976 GER
STATUS QUO  Something'bout you baby I like/Enough is enough Vertigo 6000639 1980 GER
STATUS QUO  Whatever you want/Hard ride Vertigo 6059242 1979 GER
STATUS QUO  Wild side of life/All through the night Vertigo 6059153 1976 GER
STATUS QUO  Rain/You lost the love(2x live picture) Vertigo 6059133 1976 HOL
STATUS QUO  Young pretender/Never too late Vertigo 6000839 1981 HOL
STATUS QUO  Pictures of matchstick men/Gentlemen Joe's sidewalk cafe Cadet 7001 1969 USA
STATUS QUO(PARTNERS IN CRIME)  Hold on/She's got eyes for you EPIC A4803 1984 GB
STATUS QUO(ROSSI/FROST) Jealousy/Where are you now? Vertigo VER24 1985 GB
STATUS QUO(ROSSI/FROST)  Modern romance/I wonder why Vertigo FROS1 1985 GB
STEEL Rock out/All systems go Neat Records NEAT14 1981 GB
STEELER Cold day in hell/Take her down Ravage Records MAK0111 1982 USA
STORMTROOPER Pride before a fall/Still comin'home Hearbeat BEAT1 1980 FRA
STRYPER Free/Calling on you Enigma B75000 1987 USA
STRYPER Reason for the season/Winter wonderland  Enigma E1135 1984 USA
STYX Blue collar man(Long nights)/Superstars (Gatefold) A&M AMS7388 1978 GB
STYX Mr.Roboto/Snowblind A&M AMS8308 1983 GB
STYX Rocking'the paradise/Snowblind A&M AMS8175 1981 GB
STYX Blue collar man(Long nights)/Superstars A&M AMS6647 1978 GER
STYX Renegade/Shooz A&M AMS7605 1976 GER
STYX Lights/Renegade A&M AMS7678 1980 HOL
STYX The best of times/Miss America A&M AMS9112 1981 HOL
STYX Boat on the river/Borrowed time A&M AMP1068 1979 JAP
STYX Mr. Roboto/Snowblind A&M AMP759 1980 JAP
SURVIVOR Eye of the tiger/Take you on a saturday Scotti Brothers 10014001 1982 GER
SWEDISH EROTICA Downtown/Break the walls Virgin 112166 1989 SWE
SWEDISH EROTICA Hollywood dreams/Hollywood dreams(Acoustic version) Virgin 112789 1989 SWE
SWEDISH EROTICA Rock'n roll city/Love hunger Virgin 112455 1989 SWE
SWEDISH EROTICA We're wild, young and free/Loaded rap Virgin 112564 1989 SWE
SWEET Blockbuster/Hellraiser(Golden Grooves Series) RCA GOLD524 1973 GB
SWEET Action/Sweet F.A. RCA RCA2578 1975 GER
SWEET Fever of love/A distinct lack of ancient RCA PB5011 1977 GER
SWEET Fox on the run/Miss Demeanor RCA 2611252 1975 GER
SWEET Funny funny/You're wrong for loving me RCA 4715198 GER
SWEET Hell raiser/Burning RCA 2611045 1973 GER
SWEET Little Willy/Man from Mecca RCA 7416179 1972 GER
SWEET Lost angels/Funk it up RCA RCA2748 1976 GER
SWEET Teenage rampage/Own up,take a look at yourself RCA 2611083 1974 GER
SWEET The ballroom blitz/Rock & roll disgrace RCA 2611058 1973 GER
SWEET The six teens/Burn on the flame RCA LPB0-5037 1974 GER
SWEET Turn it down/Someone else will RCA LPBO5043 1974 GER
SWEET The six teens/Burn on the flame RCA LPB05037 1974 USA
SWEET JAYNE Icarus/State of mind Cleopatra Records CSP2206 1981 AUS
SWEET SAVAGE Take no prisoners/Killing time Park Records PKR1001 1981 IRL
SYKES JOHN Please don't leave me/(LP/Instrumental) MCA MCA792 1982 GB
SYKES JOHN Please don't leave me/(LP/Instrumental) (Promo) MCA MCA792DJ 1982 GB
TAI ROSE Stay high/Take me home Indie TRS1 1989 SWE
TALISMAN I'll be waiting/Dangerous Airplay  AR3005 1990 SWE
TALISMAN Just between us/Standin'on fire Airplay  AR3006 1990 SWE
TALK OF THE TOWN Feel my heartbeat/Sing to the world GAP GAPS9 1988 SWE
TALK OF THE TOWN Free like an eagle/I love the look in your eyes GAP GAPS6 1988 SWE
TANK Crazy horses/Filth bitch boogie Kamaflage KAM7 1982 GB
TANK Don't walk away(Live)/The snake(From LP) Kamaflage KAMF1 1982 GB
TANK Don't walk away/Shellshock/Hammer on Kamaflage KAM1 1981 GB
TANK Echoes of a distant battle/The man that never was Music For Nations KUT101 1983 GB
TANK Stormtrooper/Blood, guts and beer(Live) Kamaflage KAP1 1982 GB
TANK Turn your head around/Steppin'on a landmine Kamaflage KAM3 1982 GB
TASTE Back to the water/Time heals all wounds Indie SFSI 7/90 1990 SWE
TAURUS Kärleksdrömmar/Franska fort Epic A2472 1982 HOL
TAYLOR ANDY Take it easy/Angel eyes Atlantic P2154 1986 JAP
TAYLOR ANDY When the rain comes down/Broken windows MCA P2183 1986 JAP
TEASER Do it to me/Don't tease me Philips 6012779 1977 GER
TEEZE Party hardy/Going away (Promo) SMC 45-925 1984 USA
TERRA ROSA Mr.Freelance(Live) King Records NS436 1989 JAP
TERRAPLANE I survive/Gimme the money City Records NIK8 1983 GB
TESLA Little Suzie/Before my eyes (Promo) Geffen GEF19 1987 GB
TESLA Modern day cowboy/Modern day cowboy(Live) Geffen GEF28 1987 GB
TESLA Little Suzie/Cumin'atcha live(Remix) Geffen 928353-7 1986 USA
THE LORD WEIRD SLOUGH FEG/SOLSTICE Fasttaker/Gloves of metal DPR3 1999 USA
THIN LIZZY Chinatown/Sugar blues(Live) Vertigo LIZZY06 1980 GB
THIN LIZZY Cold sweat/Bad habits Vertigo LIZZY11 1983 GB
THIN LIZZY Cold sweat/Bad habits/Angel of death(Live)/Don't believe a word(Live) (Double) Vertigo LIZZY11-22 1983 GB
THIN LIZZY Dancing in the moonlight/Bad reputation Vertigo 6059177 1977 GB
THIN LIZZY Dedication/Cold sweat Vertigo LIZZY14 1991 GB
THIN LIZZY Hollywood(Down on your luck)/The pressure will blow Vertigo LIZZY10 1981 GB
THIN LIZZY Jailbreak/Running back Vertigo 6059150 1976 GB
THIN LIZZY Killer on the loose/Don't play around/Got to give it up(Live)/Chinatown(Live) (Double) Vertigo LIZZY77 1980 GB
THIN LIZZY Killers Live:Are you ready(Live)/Dear Miss Lonely Hearts(Live)/Bad reputation(Live) Vertigo LIZZY08 1981 GB
THIN LIZZY Rosalie(Live)/Me and the boys(Live) Vertigo LIZZY02 1978 GB
THIN LIZZY Sarah/Got to give it up (Phil Lynott) Vertigo LIZZY05 1979 GB
THIN LIZZY Sarah/Got to give it up (Scott Gorham) Vertigo LIZZY05 1979 GB
THIN LIZZY The boys are back in town/Sarah Vertigo LIZZY15 1991 GB
THIN LIZZY The sun goes down/Baby please don't go Vertigo LIZZY13 1983 GB
THIN LIZZY Thunder & lightning/Still in love with you(Live) Vertigo LIZZY12 1983 GB
THIN LIZZY Trouble boys/Memory pain Vertigo LIZZY09 1981 GB
THIN LIZZY Waiting for an alibi/With love Vertigo LIZZY03 1979 GB
THIN LIZZY Hey you/Killer on the loose Vertigo 6059383 1980 GER
THOR Let the blood run red/When gods collide Ultra Noise ION165 1984 GB
THOR Let the blood run red/When gods collide  Ultra Noise PION165 1984 GB
THOR Thunder on the Tundra/Hot flames Ultra Noise ION168 1984 GB
THULSA DOOM City of people/Sleep with celebrity Custom Heavy CH004 2002 USA
THUNDER Back street symphony/No way out of the wilderness EMI EM137 1990 GB
THUNDER Dirty love/Fired up(Gatefold + Booklet) EMI EMG126 1990 GB
THUNDERHEAD 25 or 6 to 4/Terrified Intercord INT110329 1990 GER
THUNDERHEAD Take it to the highway/Alcohol(Live) Intercord INT110296 1989 GER
THUNDERTRAIN I'm so excited/Cindy is a sleeper(3rd Pressing) United National UNR7501 1977 USA
TIGER TAILZ Heaven/Peace sells Music For Nations KUT137 1990 GB
TIGER TAILZ Love bomb baby/She'z too hot(Live) Music For Nations KUT132 1989 GB
TINDRUM I love to love/Hot summer RCA PB42877 1989 NOR
TKO Ain't no way to be/Bad sister Infinity VIM1361 1979 JAP
TNT Back on the road/Rockin'the night Neat Records NEAT39 1984 GB
TOAD THE WET SPROCKET Reaching for the sky/One glass of whisky Sprockets BRS008 1980 GB
TOBRUK Wild on the run/The show must go on Neat Records NEAT32 1983 GB
TOKYO BLADE If heaven is hell/Highway passion Blade Records BL1 1983 GB
TOKYO BLADE Powergame/Death on Main Street Powerstation OHM2 1983 GB
TOKYO ROSE Dry your eyes/This is Tokyo Rose Guardian GRC270 1983 GB
TORME BERNIE My baby loves a vampire/Lightning strikes(Live) Zebra RA2 1983 FRA
TORME BERNIE All day and all of the night/What's next Parole Records PURL5 1979 GB
TORME BERNIE America/Chelsea girls Kamaflage KAM5 1982 GB
TORME BERNIE I'm not ready/(She's so)Free Jet Records JET126 1978 GB
TORME BERNIE Shoorah shoorah/Star/Search & destroy(Live)/Possession(Live) (Double) Kamaflage KAM8 1982 GB
TORME BERNIE Weekend/Secret service/All night/Instant impact Jet Records JET137 1979 GB
TORSTEN King of the nest/Are you ready 005 1999 SWE
TRACY GOES CRAZY When the sun goes down/Let me be the one Alexandra A1  1990 SWE
TRAMPOLIN Magic night/Hooked on love CBS A2851 1982 HOL
TRANSIT Heartbreaker/Let's go to the party K-Tel SI5254 1989 SWI
TREDEGAR Duma/The jester Aries UK Records CEP0001 1986 GB
TRESPASS Bright lights/The duel/Man and machine Trial Records CASE3 1981 GB
TRESPASS Jealousy/Live it up Trial Records CASE2 1980 GB
TRESPASS One of these days/Bloody moon Trial Records CASE1 1979 GB
TRIARCHY Metal messiah/Sweet alcohol/Hell hound on my trail Direct Records NEON2 1979 GB
TRUST Antisocial/Sects CBS A1006 1980 GB
TWILIGHT Rosen/Street song Apollo APS021 1983 SWE
TWISTED ACE Firebird/I won't surrender Heavy Metal Records HEAVY09 1981 GB
TWISTED SISTER I am(I'm me)/Sin after sin(Live) Atlantic A9854 1983 GB
TWISTED SISTER I wanna rock/Burn in hell(Live) Atlantic A9634 1984 GB
TWISTED SISTER Leader of the pack/I wanna rock Atlantic A9478 1985 GB
TWISTED SISTER Leader of the pack/I wanna rock(+Poster)(Gatefold) Atlantic A9478F 1985 GB
TWISTED SISTER The kids are back/Shoot'em down(Live) Atlantic A9827 1983 GB
TWISTED SISTER The price/S.M.F. Atlantic A9591 1985 GB
TWISTED SISTER We're not gonna take it/The kids are back(Live) Atlantic A9657 1984 GB
TWISTED SISTER You can't stop r'n'r/Let the good times roll(Live)/Feels so good(Live) (Postercover) Atlantic A9792 1983 GB
TWISTED SISTER You want what we got/Stay hungry Atlantic A9435 1986 GB
TWISTED SISTER Be cruel to your school/Stay hungry Atlantic 789438-7 1986 GER
TWISTED SISTER King of fools/Come out and play Atlantic 789423-7 1985 GER
TWISTED SISTER Hot love/Tinight Atlantic P2304 1987 JAP
TWISTED SISTER I wanna rock/The kids are back Atlantic P1917 1984 JAP
TWISTED SISTER Leader of the pack/I wanna rock Atlantic P2047 1985 JAP
TWISTED SISTER We're not gonna take it/The kids are back(Live) Atlantic P1894 1984 JAP
TWISTED SISTER Bad boys(of rock'n'roll)/Ladys boy Twisted Sister TS1002 1981 USA
TWISTED SISTER I wanna rock/The kids are back Atlantic 789617-7 1984 USA
TWISTED SISTER I'll never grow up now/Under the blade Twisted Sister TS1001 1979 USA
TYGERS OF PAN TANG Don't stop by/Slave to freedom(Live) MCA MCA723 1981 GB
TYGERS OF PAN TANG Don't touch me there/Burnin'up/Bad times(Signed by all members) Neat Records NEAT03 1980 GB
TYGERS OF PAN TANG Euthanasia/Straight as a die MCA MCA644 1980 GB
TYGERS OF PAN TANG Hellbound/Don't give a damn + Audition tapes:Don't take nothin'/Bad times (Double) MCA MCA672 1981 GB
TYGERS OF PAN TANG Love don't stay/Paradise drive MCA MCA755 1981 GB
TYGERS OF PAN TANG Love potion No.9/The stormlands MCA MCA769 1981 GB
TYGERS OF PAN TANG Love potion No.9/The stormlands  MCA MCAP769 1982 GB
TYGERS OF PAN TANG Making tracks/What you sayin' MCA MCA798 1982 GB
TYGERS OF PAN TANG Paris by air/Love's a lie MCA MCAP790 1982 GB
TYGERS OF PAN TANG Paris by air/Love's a lie (Free Tygers earring) MCA MCA790 1982 GB
TYGERS OF PAN TANG Rendez-vous/Life of crime MCA MCA777 1982 GB
TYGERS OF PAN TANG Rendez-vous/Life of crime MCA MCA777 1982 GB
TYGERS OF PAN TANG Rendez-vous/Life of crime MCA MCA777 1982 GB
TYGERS OF PAN TANG Rendez-vous/Life of crime MCA MCA777 1982 GB
TYGERS OF PAN TANG Rendez-vous/Life of crime (Postercover) MCA MCA777 1982 GB
TYGERS OF PAN TANG Rock n'roll man/Alright on the night/Wild cats MCA MCA612 1980 GB
TYGERS OF PAN TANG Suzie smiled/Tush MCA MCA634 1980 GB
TYGERS OF PAN TANG The story so far/Silver and gold/All or nothing MCA MCA692 1981 GB
TYGERS OF PAN TANG Love potion No.9/The stormlands MCA 104204 1982 GER
TYGERS OF PAN TANG Rendez-vous/Life of crime MCA 104512 1982 GER
TYRON Into the night/Caught in the night Indie TYR001 1988 SWE
TYRUS Much too young/My love is true Rialto Records RR5010 1988 GER
TYSONDOG Eat the rich/Dead meat Neat Records NEAT33 1983 GB
TYTAN Blind men and fools/Ballad of Edward Case Kamaflage KAM6 1982 GB
UFO Doctor doctor/On with the action Chrysalis CHS2287 1979 GB
UFO Doctor doctor/Lipstick traces Chrysalis 6155026 1974 GER
UFO Shoot shoot/Love lost love Chrysalis 6155046 1975 GER
UGLY BUT PROUD Knuckles from nowhere (Death clowns/Split personality) Depression Records DR-06 1987 USA
UNITED Hooked on a feeling/Heart on fire Start Klart SKRS007 1988 SWE
URIAH HEEP Free me/Masquerade Bronze 11650AT 1977 GER
URIAH HEEP Lady in black/Simon the bullit freak Bronze 17759AT GER
VALHALLA Coming home/Through with you Neat Records NEAT22 1982 GB
VALHALLA Still in love with you/Jack Neat Records NEAT36 1984 GB
VAN HALEN Panama/Girl gone bad Warner Bros. 929273-7 1983 GER
VAN HALEN Hot for teacher//Little dreamer Warner Bros. P1914 1984 JAP
VAN HALEN Jump/House of pain Warner Bros. P1817 1983 JAP
VAN HALEN Why can't this be love/Get up Warner Bros. P2100 1986 JAP
VAN HALEN Best of both worlds(LP/Live) Warner Bros. 928505-7 1986 USA
VAN HALEN Can't stop lovin'you/Crossing over Warner Bros. 717909-7A 1995 USA
VAN HALEN Hot for teacher/Little dreamer(+ Poster) Warner Bros. 729199-7 1984 USA
VAN HALEN Pretty woman/Happy trails Warner Bros. WBS50003 1982 USA
VANDENBERG Friday night/This is war ATCO 799781-7N 1983 GER
VANDENBERG Once in a lifetime/This is war(L) ATCO 799616-7 1984 GER
VANDENBERG Waiting for the night/This is war ATCO/Japan P1820 1983 JAP
VARDIS All you'll ever need/If I were king/Jumping Jack flash Logo VAR4 1981 GB
VARDIS Let's go/Situation negative Logo VAR1 1980 GB
VARDIS Silver machine/Come on Logo VAR3 1981 GB
VARDIS Situation negative/Jeepster/Too many people/Steaming (From LP) Logo VARFREE1 1982 GB
VARDIS Too many people/The lion's share/Dirty money/Blue (Double) Logo VAR2 1980 GB
VENOM Bloodlust/In nomine satanas Neat Records NEAT13 1982 GB
VENOM Die hard/Acid queen Neat Records NEAT27 1983 GB
VENOM In league with Satan/Live like an angel Neat Records NEAT08 1981 GB
VENOM Manitou/Women Neat Records NEAT43 1984 GB
VENOM Manitou/Women  Neat Records NEATP43 1984 GB
VENOM Nightmare/Satanachist Neat Records NEAT47 1984 GB
VENOM Warhead/Lady lust Neat Records NEAT38 1983 GB
VERGAT VIC/RAREBELL HERMA Down to the bone/Hot love/Junk funk/Triangle (Signed by Vic Vergeat) Harvest 7P518513 1981 GER
VINCENT VINNIE INVASION Love kills/Animal Chrysalis INVS1 1989 GB
VINCENT VINNIE INVASION All systems go sneak peek medley (Promo) Chrysalis VS443253 1988 USA
VINCENT VINNIE INVASION Boys are gonna rock/Animal (Promo) Chrysalis VS742447 1986 USA
VIOLATION Meet me at midnight/Balls out V.I.R. Records V001 1981 USA
VIRGIN STEELE A cry in the night/I am the one Music For Nations KUT104 1983 GB
VON ROHR CHRIS Boom boom tonight/Break me Ariola 108307 1987 GER
VON ROSEN Like a dream/You are the Queen Magic Music MAGS100 1986 SWE
VON ROSEN Someone like you/Time Magic Music MAGS101 1987 SWE
VOYEUR Prelude/Stand or fall/Hot touch Yasui Records 604002 1986 USA
WAITE JOHN If anybody had a heart/Just like lovers EMI EA220 1986 GB
WAITE JOHN Restless heart/Euroshima EMI EA193 1984 GB
WAITE JOHN These times are hard for lovers/Wild one EMI EA236 1987 GB
WAITE JOHN Tears/Dreamtime/Shake it up EMI 200416-7 1984 GER
WAITE JOHN Change/White heat Chrysalis WWS17532 1982 JAP
WAITE JOHN Missing you/For your love EMI EYS17473 1984 JAP
WAITE JOHN Mr.Wonderful/White heat Chrysalis WWS17264 1982 JAP
WAITE JOHN Change/White heat Chrysalis VS442606 1982 USA
WAITE JOHN Every step of my way/No brakes EMI B8282 1985 USA
WAITE JOHN If anybody had a heart(PROMO) EMI B8315 1986 USA
WAITE JOHN Missing you/For your love EMI B8212 1984 USA
WAITE JOHN/REID TERRY Deal for life/Gimme some lovin' EPIC 656516-7 1990 GB
WANTON Motorcycle man/I want you CTR CTR1283 1983 SWE
WARFARE Burn the kings road/Noise filth & fury Neat Records NEAT41 1984 GB
WARFARE This machine rocks/Burn the Kings Road (from LP"Pure filth") Neat Records NEAT1021 1984 GB
WARLOCK Without you/Burning the witches Mausoleum GUTS8402 1984 BEL
WARLOCK All night/Hellbound Vertigo 880902-7 1985 GER
WARRIOR Dead when it comes to love/Kansas city/Stab you in the back Neat Records NEAT20 1982 GB
WASP 95 nasty/Easy living(PROMO) EMI CL432 1986 GB
WASP Animal(f**k like a beast)/Show no mercy Music For Nations KUT109 1984 GB
WASP Chainsaw Charlie/The story of Jonathan(Picture)/Phantom in the mirrors(Single) + CD(3 part pack) EMI CDR63081-3 1992 GB
WASP Forever free/L.O.V.E. machine(+Patch) EMI CLS546 1989 GB
WASP I don't need you doctor/Widowmaker(Live)(Bloodpack) EMI CLS469 1987 GB
WASP I wanna be somebody/Tormentor EMI CL336 1984 GB
WASP Mean man/Locomotive breath  EMI CLM521 1989 GB
WASP School daze/Paint it black(Posterbag) EMI CL344 1984 GB
WASP Sunset & Babylon/Animal(Poster Cover) Capitol CLP698 1993 GB
WASP The real me/Lake of fools(Gatefold)  EMI CLG534 1989 GB
WASP I wanna be somebody/Tormentor Toshiba/EMI ECS17471 1984 JAP
WEAPON It's a mad mad world/Set the stage alight Indie WEPONE 1980 GB
WENDY & LEMMY Standby your man/No class/Masterplan Bronze BRO151 1982 GB
WENDY O WILLIAMS It's my life/Priestess Music For Nations KUT111 1984 GB
WHITE LION Cry for freedom/Dirty woman Atlantic 788767-7 1989 GER
WHITE LION Goin'home tonight/Dirty woman Atlantic 787993-7 1989 GER
WHITE LION Goin'home tonight/If my mind is evil (Promo) Atlantic 788789-7 1989 GER
WHITE LION Little fighter/Let's get crazy Atlantic 788874-7 1989 GER
WHITE LION Broken heart/El Salvador Victor/Japan VIPX1834 1985 JAP
WHITE LION Little fighter (Promo) Atlantic 788874-7 1989 USA
WHITE LION Tell me/All join our hands Atlantic 789051-7 1987 USA
WHITE LION Wait/Don't give up Atlantic 789126-7 1987 USA
WHITE LION When the children cry/Lady of the valley Atlantic 789015-7 1987 USA
WHITE SISTER Ticket to ride/Place in the heart FM Records VHF32 1986 GB
WHITE SPIRIT Backs to the grind/Cheetah Neat Records NEAT05 1980 GB
WHITESNAKE Here I go again/Bloody luxury Liberty BP416 1982 GB
WHITESNAKE Here I go again/Bloody luxury  Liberty BPP416 1982 GB
WHITESNAKE Love ain't no stranger(American mix)/Slow n'easy (+ Patch) Liberty BP424 1984 GB
WHITESNAKE Standing in the shadow/All or nothing(American mix) Liberty BP423 1984 GB
WHITESNAKE Still of the night/Here I go again(87)(Poster) EMI EMIW5606 1987 GB
WHITESNAKE Ready an'willing(Live)/Nighthawk(Live)/We wish you well(Live) Liberty 1C01683044 1980 GER
WIKKYD VIKKER Black of the night/Release Boogie FUR0235 1983 GB
WILD HORSES Criminal tendencies/The rapist EMI INT599 1979 GB
WILD HORSES Face down/Dealer EMI EMI5047 1980 GB
WILD HORSES Flyaway/Blackmail  EMI EMI5078 1980 GB
WILD HORSES I'll give you love/Rocky mountain way/The kid/Saturday (Double) EMI EMI5149 1981 GB
WILD HORSES Face down/Dealer EMI/Japan EMS17053 1980 JAP
WILDBORN You ain't foolin' me/I wonder Indie WAP851 1985 SWE
WILDFIRE Nothing lasts forever/Blood money Mausoleum GUTS8403 1984 BEL
WILDHEARTS Caffeine bomb/Girlfriend clothes East West YZ794 1994 GB
WILDHEARTS Greetings from Shitsville/Bullshit goes on(Pic No2) East West YZ773 1993 GB
WILDHEARTS TV Tan/Show a little emotion East West YZ784P 1993 GB
WINTER'S REIGN Go for gold/Mayday GWR Records GWR17 1990 GB
WINTER'S REIGN Ticket to ride/What do you call it War Records WAR2 GB
WITCH CROSS No angel/Are you there (+ original lyric sheet) Jamara JARE6660017 1983 DEN
WITCHCRAFT Runnin'away/Dead end street(Signed by whole band) Musk Records MP10829 1983 SWI
WITCHFINDER GENERAL Burning a sinner/Satan's children Heavy Metal Records HEAVY06 1981 GB
WITCHFINDER GENERAL Music/Last chance Heavy Metal Records HEAVY21 1983 GB
WITCHFINDER GENERAL Music/Last chance  Heavy Metal Records HEAVYPD21 1983 GB
WITCHFINDER GENERAL Burning a sinner/Satan's children(#16 of 300) Old Metal OMR002 1998 USA
WITCHFYNDE I'd rather go wild/Cry wolf Expulsion OUT3 1983 FRA
WOLFSBANE Clutching at straws/5 a.m. Indie WSB1 FRA
WOLFSBANE After midnight(Edit)/Idol Def America DEFA14 1991 GB
WOLFSBANE Ezy/Black lagoon Def America DEFA11 1991 GB
WOLFSBANE I like it hot/Limo(Live) Def America DEFA3 1989 GB
WRATHCHILD Alrite with the boyz/Sweet surrender Heavy Metal Records VHF3 1984 GB
WRATHCHILD Nukklear rokket/Trash queen FM Records VHF50 1989 GB
XYZ Inside out/Take what you can Enigma ENV16 1989 GB
Y&T Don't wanna lose/Squeeze A&M AMS8251 1982 GB
Y&T Mean streak/Straight thru'the heart A&M AM135 1983 GB
YOUNG FORCE Can't stand the night/Cold as ice CUF Skivklubb CUF006 1988 SWE
ZEIT För ung/Dra iväg Click S8280 1981 SWE
ZENO A little more love/Signs on the sky Harvest 201047-7 1986 GER
ZNOWHITE Live for the weekend/Never felt like this/Vengeance Evatone 10072W 1983 USA
ZOETROPE The right way/Call Indie 1980 USA