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Beezle Bug


Note: cd = original silver or gold discs
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TAO   Track At Once


10,000 Maniacs

Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley, CA, 17.2.93                             2cdr


13th Floor Elevators

Complete Easter Everywhere, alternates & outtakes                             1cdr

The Magic Of Pyramids, Austin, TX, 1966                                       1cdr

Avalon Ballroom & Sump'n Else TV Show, WFFA-TV, Dallas, 1966                  1cdr

Psycedelic Sounds Sessions, Summit Sound studios, october 1966                1cdr



Apollo Stadium, Adelaide, Australia, 12.4.76                                  1cdr

Old Waldorf, San Francisco, CA, 3.4.77                                        1cdr

Sink The Pink, Wembley stadion, London, 17.1.86                               2cdr

Pepsi Center, Denver, CO, 11.4.01                                             2cdr


Ryan Adams

The Space Madness Sessions, march 1994, pre Whiskeytown                       1cdr

Drunken Confessions & Freightwhaler Sessions, early 1996                      1cdr

Pinkheart Demos, Woodland studios, Nashville, TN, december 2000               1cdr

Tractor Tavern, Seattle, WA, 9.9.00                                           1cdr
Q Division Demos, Boston, MA, 29.9.00                                         1cdr

The Suicide Handbooks Sessions, Javelina studios, Nashville, january 2001     1cdr

Foley's Cellar, San Francisco, CA, 18.2.01                                    2cdr

Beautiful Place, Malmö, Sweden, 4.4.01                                        1cd

48 Hours, Cello Studios, Hollywood, CA, may 2001                              1cdr

Paradise Rock Club, Boston, 5.10.01                                           2cdr
Bedhead, unreleased songs recorded live 1999-2001, Bedhead vol.1-3            3cdr

Live Is Hell, unreleased songs recorded live 2000-2003, Bedhead vol.4-7       4cdr

Live Rock'n'Roll, unreleased songs recorded live 2000-2004, Bedhead vol.8-10  3cdr

Brown Sugar, Gold outtakes & Amsterdam 6.2.02                                 1cd
Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA, 3.3.02, w/The Sweetheart Revolution      2cdr

The Love Is Hell Sessions, New York, 2.9.-6.9.02, w/Marianne Faithfull        1cdr
Le Bataclan, Paris, France, 8.12.02                                           2cdr

Oosterpoort, Groningen, The Netherlands, 5.12.02, SBD                         2cdr

Housing Works Used Book Cafe, New York City, NY, 17.1.03                      2cdr

After The Fall, 2004 Tour Compilation, Bedhead vol.11-14, SBD, w/ Cardinals   4cdr

Albion Country Band

And We Will Sing The Frost Away, LSE, London, 14.10.72, Lagga Shoebox Archive 1cdr


Allman Brothers

Second Coming, demos 1969/70, Beach Auditorium, Jacksonville, FL feb. 1969    1cdr

Capricorn Demos, 1969                                                         1cdr

Gatlinburg Tapes, april 1971                                                  1cdr
A&R Studios via WPLJ-FM New York, NY, 26.8.71                                 1cdr

RFK Stadium, Washington D.C., 9.6.73                                          3cdr

Watkins Glen, NY, 28.7.73                                                     2cdr

Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA, 31.12.73                                       4cdr


Duane Allman

Venue Criteria Studios, City Miami State, FL, w/Eric Clapton                  2cdr       


Whiskey-A-Go-Go, Los Angeles, CA, 15.11.72 & Holland 1972                     1cdr

Music Hall, Boston, MA, 4.5.75                                                1cdr

Live In Central Park, New York, 1979                                          1cdr

Highway Tracks, outtakes from 3cd set                                         1cdr

Tori Amos

Mozartsaal, Mannheim, 2.12.01                                                 2cdr
L'Olympia, Paris, France, 27.11.01                                            2cdr


Eric Andersen

Jabberwocky, Syracuse, NY, 15.9.72                                            2cdr


Animalike, live 1965-67                                                       1cdr

Live 65-68 Compilation, Vol.1-3                                               3cdr

Deluxe BBC Files, BBC Broadcasts 1964-1967                                    2cdr
Radiohuset, Stockholm, Sweden, 18.1.68                                        1cdr



Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, 17.4.70                                     2cdr 2cd's on one


Louis Armstrong

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, 4.5.54                         2cdr

Downbeat Club, San Francisco, CA, 31.12.54, w/The Allstars                    1cdr

Kevin Ayers

Rainbow Theater, London, 1.6.74, w/ Wyatt, Eno, Cale & Nico                   2cdr


Burt Bacharach and Dionne Warwick

Studio Sessions, 1963-68, SBD                                                 1cdr A+


Ultimate Live Stereo, vol.1&2                                                 2cdr

Kickin' Ass, Philadelphia 1970, Apple acetate & Ass outtakes                  1cdr

Better Days, vol.1, outtakes                                                  1cdr

Alive, Cambridge, MA, 31.3.74 & Painters Mill, Maryland, march 1974           2cdr

Badly Drawn Boy

Reading Festival, Caversham, Reading, 26.8.00                                 1cdr

The Metro, Chicago, may 2001                                                  1cdr

Ogden Theater, Denver, CO, 29.10.02                                           2cdr A-

FM Broadcast of Chris Moyles' BBC Radio One show, 11.4.03                     1cdr

Rarities vol.1&2                                                              2cdr

Joan Baez

Bob Dylan & Joan Baez Together 1963-1964, compiled by Les Kokay               2cdr

La Mutualite, Paris, 1.5.66, FM                                               1cdr

Best Of, Quad to DTS version                                                  1cdr
Blessed Are, Quad to DTS version                                              1cdr A+

Bob Dylan Live 1975 Companion, vol.3, The Madonna Was Yours For Free          1cdr

Not Too Hip, Palladium, New York, june 1977                                   1cdr
Peace Sunday Rally, Pasadena, CA, 6.6.82, w/Bob Dylan                         1cdr 

Montreux Jazz Festival, Casino, Montreux, 14.7.89, SBD                        1cdr A

Rocky Mountain Folk Festival, Lyons, CO, 14.8.04                              2cdr

The Band

Big Pink Outtakes                                                             1cdr
Woodstock Music Festival, Bethel, NY, 17.8.69                                 1cdr

Academy Of Outtakes, New York City, 1971-1972                                 2cdr

Complete King Biscuit Flower Hour, 17.7.76, SBD Pre FM                        1cdr

Crossing The Great Divide, vol.1-3, outtakes & rarities                       3cdr


Devandra Banhart

East Orange, NJ, WFMU-FM, 14.11.02                                            1cdr A

Jay's Upstairs, Missoula, 26.1.03                                             1cdr w/White Session 16.9.04

White Session, Paris, France, 16.9.04                                         1cdr w/Missoula 26.1.03

Lille Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark, 15.10.04, remastered by BB                   2cdr A

Logan Square Auditorium, Chicago, IL, 14.11.04                                1cdr

Tent Stage, Accelerator 2005, Malmö, Sweden, 5.7.05                           1cdr


Gymnasium, Erkelenz, 5.5.82, SBD                                              2cdr

Saalbau, Essen, 13.11.84, SBD                                                 3cdr

Stadthalle, Offenbach, 22.12.84                                               3cdr

Schwarzwaldhalle, Appenweier, 21.1.85, SBD                                    3cdr                                        

Syd Barrett

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind, studio & radio 1968-1974                           2cdr

Beach Boys

Unsurpassed Masters vol.1, Alternate Surfin' Safari Album                     1cdr

Unsurpassed Masters vol.2, Alternate Surfin' USA Album                        1cdr

Unsurpassed Masters vol.3, Alternate Surfer Girl Album                        1cdr

Unsurpassed Masters vol.4, Miscellaneous Trax, 1963                           2cdr

Unsurpassed Masters vol.5, Miscellaneous Trax vol.2, 1964                     1cdr

Unsurpassed Masters vol.6, The Alternate All Summer Long Album                3cdr
Unsurpassed Masters vol.7, Alternate Beach Boys Today Album                   4cdr

Unsurpassed Masters vol.8, Alternate Beach Boys Today Album, vol.2            4cdr

Unsurpassed Masters vol.9, Alternate Summer Days & Summer Nights Album, 1965  4cdr

Unsurpassed Masters vol.10, Beach Boys Party sessions                         4cdr

Unsurpassed Masters vol.11, sessions, 1965                                    2cdr

Unsurpassed Masters vol.12, Sloop John B sessions, 1965                       1cdr

Unsurpassed Masters vol.13, Pet Sounds sessions, vol.1, 1965-66               4cdr

Unsurpassed Masters vol.14, Pet Sounds sessions, vol.2, 1965-66               4cdr

Unsurpassed Masters vol.15, Good Vibrations sessions, 1966                    3cdr

Unsurpassed Masters vol.17, Smile sessions, 1966-67                           3cd
Unsurpassed Masters vol.18, Smiley Smile sessions, 1967                       1cd

Unsurpassed Masters vol.19, Wild Honey sessions                               2cdr

Unsurpassed Masters vol.20, Friends & 20/20 sessions                          2cdr
Unsurpassed Masters vol.21, Today & Summer Days, Bonus Stereo                 1cd

Pet Sounds Sessions, vol.1, spoken word series                                1cdr

Michigan State University, 22.10.66, early & late show                        2cdr

Smile, no label                                                               1cd
Smile, Vigotone version                                                       2cdr

Smile, fan mix, Mok's SMiLE, song order like the official 2004 release        1cdr A+

Lei'd In Hawaii Rehearsal, 25.8.67 & more, vigotone                           1cdr

Rarities vol. 11, London 1968, both shows, dumb angel                         1cdr

Meets The Beach Boys, Fillmore East, 27.4.71, /w Grateful Dead                3cdr

Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, 1.5.71                                     1cdr

Carnegie Hall, New York, 24.9.71                                              1cdr

Brian's In The Music, University, Princeton, NJ, 13.11.71, from master by T   2cdr

Landlocked, 1970 & Adult Child, 1977, studio sessions                         1cdr

Get The Boot, unreleased & hard to find tracks                                1cdr
Projectsmile (interactiv CD-ROM)                                              1cdr

Beachwood Sparks

House Of Blues, Los Angeles, CA, 30.4.00                                      1cdr
Troubadour, Los Angeles, CA, 29.6.01                                          1cdr
House Of Blues, Las Vegas, NV, 7.9.01                                         1cdr



Live At The Starclub, Hamburg, 1960, master records                           1cd

Mach Shau!, upgraded, Star Club, Hamburg                                      1cdr

The Original Decca Tapes, yellow dog                                          1cd
New Years Day, Decca sessions, Dr. Ebbett's stereo remaster                   1cdr

Please Please Me, MFSL, Dr. Ebbett's US stereo remaster                       1cdr

Studio Sessions, 5.3.63 & 12.9.63                                             1cdr

Swedish Radio Show, Stockholm, 24.10.63                                       1cdr

And Now The Beatles, Dr. Ebbett's remaster                                    1cdr

Complete BBC Sessions, Great Dane version                                     9cdr

Complete BBC Sessions, upgrade 2004, Purple Chick version                    10cdr

Complete BBC Sessions, upgrade 2004, Purple Chick version, CD-ROM             1cdr

Unsurpassed Masters vol. 1-5                                                  5cd

Acetates, yellow dog                                                          1cd
Acetates, yellow dog 2002                                                     2cdr

Northwest Nights, Seattle, 21.8.64 & Vancouver, 22.8.64                       2cdr

Alf Together, the Alf Bicknell tape & more                                    1cdr
Introducing The Beatles, Dr. Ebbett's US mono remaster                        1cdr

With The Beatles, Dr. Ebbett's UK stereo remaster & remix                     1cdr

Beatles For Sale, DTS 5.1, Toup-10                                            1cdr

A Hard Day's Night, MFSL, Dr. Ebbett's US stereo remaster                     1cdr

Complete Hollywood Bowl, 1964/1965                                            2cdr
At The Hollywood Bowl, Dr. Ebbett's stereo remaster                           1cdr 

Beatles '65, Dr. Ebbett's US stereo remaster                                  1cdr

Help!, original matrix mono and stereo mix, alternates/outtakes               2cd

Help!, MFSL, Dr. Ebbett's US stereo remaster                                  1cdr

Help!, DTS 5.1, Toup-02                                                       1cdr
Yesterday And Today, Dr. Ebbett's stereo remaster                             1cdr

Alternate Rubber Soul                                                         1cdr

Rubber Soul, DTS 5.1, Toup-14                                                 1cdr
Rubber Soul, unofficial DTS version                                           1cdr

Rubber Soul, Dr. Ebbetts's dexterized remaster                                1cdr

Home Tapes, vol.3, 1964-66                                                    1cdr

Revolver, original monaural recording, original mono and stereo mix           1cd
Revolver, Dr. Ebbett's US stereo remaster                                     1cdr

Revolver, Mirror Spock Mobile Fidelity red wax mono                           1cdr

Revolver, DTS 5.1, Toup-03                                                    1cdr

Oldies But Goldies, Dr. Ebbett's UK stereo remaster                           1cdr

It's Not Too Bad, Strawberry Fields sessions                                  1cdr

Magical Mystery Tour, Dr. Ebbett's US mono remaster                           1cdr

Magical Mystery Tour, Dr. Ebbett's US stereo remaster                         1cdr

Magical Mystery Tour, Dr. Ebbett's German stereo remaster                     1cdr

Magical Mystery Tour, unofficial DTS version by WGWM                          1cdr

Magical Mystery Tour, DTS 5.1, Toup-01                                        1cdr A
The Lost Pepperland Reel                                                      1cdr

1967, outtakes 1967                                                           1cd
The Alternate Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band And A Little More         2cdr

Sgt. Pepper's Magical Mystery Tour, outtakes                                  1cd
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, original master recording              1cdr
Sgt. Pepper's Recording Sessions, including original mono mix                 2cd
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, MFSL version                           1cdr

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Dr. Ebbett's UK mono remaster          1cdr

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Dr. Ebbett's US stereo remaster        1cdr

Sgt. Pepper's, Mirror Spock MFSL Halfspeed UHQR stereo & Red Wax mono         1cdr A+

Sgt. Pepper's, Millenium remaster, japanese red vinyl stereo & mono           1cdr

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, DTS 5.1, Mirror Spock                  1cdr A+

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, DTS 5.1, Toup-04                       1cdr A+

Sgt. Pepper Naked, track extractions & isolations, BRG                         3cdr

A Day In The Life, yellow dog 2001                                            1cdr

Yellow Submarine, Dr. Ebbett's UK mono remaster                               1cdr

Yellow Submarine, MFSL, Dr. Ebbett's US stereo remaster                       1cdr

Revolution, vigotone                                                          1cdr

The Complete Esher Demos, 1968                                                1cdr

Primal Colors, unreleased acetate collection                                  1cdr
Gone Tomorrow, Here Today, White Album sessions                               1cd
White Album, MFSL version                                                     2cdr

White Album, Dr. Ebbett's UK mono remaster                                    2cdr

White Album, MFSL, Dr. Ebbett's US stereo remaster                            2cdr

White Album, Millenium remaster, japanese red vinyl stereo                    2cdr

White Album, Mirror Spock, German Direct Metal Mastered stereo                2cdr
White Album, original mono recording masters                                  2cd

White Album, unofficial DTS version by WGWM                                   2cdr

White Album, DTS 5.1, Toup-11                                                 2cdr

The White Album Chronicles, track extractions & isolations, BRG               8cdr

The Black Album, White Album sessions, chapter one                            2cd
White Album Alternates And Demos                                              2cdr

Hey Jude, Dr. Ebbett's UK stereo remaster                                     1cdr

Hey Jude, unofficial DTS version by SndInMyHD                                 1cdr

English Summer, rarities 1968-69                                              1cdr

More Sweet Apples 1966-69                                                     1cd
The Sweetest Apples 1967-70                                                   1cd
The Let It Be Rehearsals vol. 1-5, yellow dog                                 5cd
Get Back And 22 Other Songs                                                   1cd
Get Back, Glyn Jones First & Final Compilation, masterfraction version        2cd

Get Back, first edition, Dr. Ebbett's stereo remaster                         1cdr

Get Back, second edition, Dr. Ebbett's stereo remaster                        1cdr

Get Back Journals II                                                          8cd

Twickenham Sessions, yellow dog                                               8cdr

A-Cam + B-Cam, Stereo At Twickenham, 3.1.69                                   1cdr

Complete Get Back Sessions (interactive CD-ROM), hours of Twickenham/Apple    2cdr
Leaning On A Lampost, Get Back sessions                                       1cd
Thirty Days, Get Back sessions, 1969                                         17cdr

A/B Road Series, complete GB sessions, 2.-14.1.69, 21.-31.1.69, purple chick 86cdr

The River Rhine Tapes, fake stereo mix of Get Back Sessions                   1cdr

More River Rhine Tapes, fake stereo mix of Get Back Sessions                  1cdr

Final River Rhine Tapes, fake stereo mix of Get Back Sessions                 1cdr

Let It Be, MFSL version                                                       1cdr

Let It Be, Mirror Spock, UK stereo                                            1cdr
Let It Be Session Remixed And Enhanced 1995                                   1cdr A+

Let It Be, unofficial DTS version of naked & spectorized LIB                  1cdr

Abbey Road Companion                                                          1cdr

Abbey Road, MFSL version                                                      1cdr

Abbey Road, MFSL, Dr. Ebbett's stereo remaster                                1cdr

Abbey Road, Toshiba EMI Mirror Spock Mobile Fidelity UHQR stereo              1cdr
Abbey Road, unofficial DTS version by WGWM                                    1cdr

Alternate Abbey Road                                                          1cdr

Complete Christmas Collection 1963-1969                                       1cdr

Christmas Album, Ebbett's remaster                                            1cdr

Ultimate Christmas Collection, vigotone                                       2cdr

Introducing Martha, Christmas messages outtakes                               1cdr
1962-1966, Dr. Ebbett's stereo remaster                                       1cdr

1962-1966, Mirror Spock, German Direct Metal Mastered                         1cdr
1967-1970, Dr. Ebbett's stereo remaster                                       2cdr

1967-1970, Mirror Spock, German Direct Metal Mastered                         2cdr
Collector's Item, Dr. Ebbett's remaster                                       1cdr

20 Golden Hits, Dr. Ebbett's US stereo remaster                               1cdr

UK EP Collection, vol.1&2, Dr. Ebbett's UK stereo remaster                    2cdr

No. 3 Abbey Road N.W. 8, vigotone                                             1cdr

Turn Me On Dead Man                                                           2cd

John Barett Cassette Dubs, vol.1-8                                            8cdr

Every Little Thing, vol.1, outtakes & demos, overdone                         2cdr
Every Little Thing, vol.2, outtakes & demos, overdone                         2cdr
Every Little Thing, vol.3, outtakes & demos, overdone                         2cdr
Every Little Thing, vol.4, outtakes & demos, overdone                         2cdr
Artifacts I, The Early Years, 1958-1963                                       1cdr

Artifacts I, Beatlemania, 1964-1965                                           1cdr

Artifacts I, The Psycedelic Years, 1966-1967                                  1cdr

Artifacts I, Inner Revolution 1968                                            1cdr

Artifacts I, From Get Back To Abbey Road, 1969-1970                           1cdr

Artifacts II, Youngblood, 1960-1963                                           1cdr

Artifacts II, Ticket To Ride, 1964-1965                                       1cdr

Artifacts II, Northern Songs, 1966-1967                                       1cdr

Artifacts II, Alone Together, 1968                                            1cdr

Artifacts II, The Longest Road, 1969                                          1cdr

Artifacts III, Not Fade Away, 1969-1971                                       1cdr

Artifacts III, Sue Me, Sue You, 1972-1975                                     1cdr

Artifacts III, As Time Goes By, 1976-1980                                     1cdr

Artifacts III, Free As A Bird, 1981-1994                                      1cdr

Sessionography Volume 1-4, silent sea                                         8cdr

Mythology Volume 1                                                            3cdr

Anthology Plus Unlimited, Outtakes and Rarities                               2cdr

Anthology, DTS compilation                                                    1cdr

Ultimate Experience (interactiv CD-ROM), hours of outtakes/alternates/live!   9cdr

Tuned To A Natural E, vol.1, remixes & reworks, Beatles Remixers Group        1cdr   A

Rubber Sounds, outfake remixes of Rubber Soul, Beatles Remixers Group         1cdr   A

Most Wanted Tracks, outfakes and remixes                                      1cdr   A

Men, Horses, Hoops & Garters, outfakes and remixes                            1cdr

Unbootlegged, vol.11, rare performances of solo Beatles                       1cdr

Unbootlegged, vol.12, rare performances of solo Beatles                       3cdr

Unbootlegged, vol.15, rare performances of solo Beatles                       1cdr

Unbootlegged, vol.19, rare performances of solo Beatles                       2cdr

Let It Be & Let It A,B,C Outtakes, 1969                                       2vcd

Audiophile vol.1 rev.2, collection of Dr. Ebbett's MSFL                       1dvd-r

Audiophile vol.2, collection of Dr. Ebbett's MSFL                             1dvd-r

Let It Be, the movie, limited collector's edition                             1dvd-r A

1963-1966, One Companion, Volume One, compilation of promo films              1vcd
1966-1969, One Companion, Volume Two, compilation of promo films              1vcd

One Companion, compilation of promo films, with menue                         1dvd-r

Magical Mystery Trip, home videos, 1966                                       1vcd

Rage, live & promo videos, Beatles & solo                                     4dvd-r A

Early Beatles, darth disc                                                     1dvd-r

Chronology vol.1, picture perfect                                             1dvd-r

Chronology vol.2, picture perfect                                             1dvd-r

Anthology 1993 Director's Cut, original first pressing, picture perfect      10dvd   A 

Winter Of Discontent, Get Back rehearsals 1969, picture perfect               2dvd-r   

Fun With The Beatles, rare TV news & archive interview footage                1dvd-r  

More Archive News Footage                                                     1dvd-r

Introducing The Beatles                                                       1dvd-r

Meet The Beatles, from october 1963 through january 1964                      1dvd-r

Beatles IV, rare new footage from 1964                                        1dvd-r

Yesterday & Today, 1966, fake capitol                                         1dvd-r

A Mad Day Out, 1968                                                           1dvd-r


Beck with The Flaming Lips

Bridges Auditorium, Claremont College, Claremont, CA, 14.10.02                2cdr


Jeff Beck

The Oldest Lost Tape, Marquee Club, London, august 1967                       1cdr

The Fillmore Masters Plus More                                                1cdr

Final BBC Sessions, 1971                                                      1cdr


Beck, Bogart & Appice

Workin Version, unreleased 2nd LP, 8.10.72                                    1cdr
Koseinenkin Hall, Osaka, Japan, 18.5.73, SBD                                  2cdr


Bee Gees

First Album Demos An Outtakes                                                 1cdr


Belle And Sebastian

BBC Sessions 1996-97                                                          1cdr


Dan Bern

Housing Works Used Book Cafe, New York, NY, 26.3.04                           1cdr


Black Crowes

Southern Harmony and Musical Companion Demos                                  1cdr

Blind Faith

Rated X, Gothenburg, Sweden, 18.6.69                                          2cdr

Crossroads, Fairgrounds Arena, Santa Barbara, 16.8.69                         1cdr

Stepping Stones Pt.1                                                          1cdr
Stepping Stones Pt.2                                                          1cdr
Rehearsals At The Morgan Studios, London, during march/may 1969               2cd

Hyde and Seek, Morgan studios, London, february-october 1969                  1cdr


Mike Bloomfield

Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, 8.2.69, SBD                                 1cdr


David Blue

Unicorn Coffee House, Boston, 2.12.67                                         1cdr A



If You Want More - Take This, collection of B-sides                           1cdr


Bonnie 'Prince' Billy

The Parish, Austin, TX, 26.& 27.5.04, SBD                                     4cdr A


Bonzo Dog Band

Urban Spacemen Do Exist, BBC, 21.12.68 & Amsterdam, 25.8.69                   1cdr


Boo Radleys

Wake up! Booze!, Wales, may 1995 & London, 17.6.94                            1cdr

David Bowie

Rise and Rise of Ziggy Stardust, BBC radio sessions, 1967-1972                4cdr

Freddi And The Dreamer, the Arnold Corns sessions, 1971                       1cdr

Santa Monica Civic Center, Santa Monica, CA, 20.10.72                         2cdr

Universal Ampitheater, Los Angeles, CA, 5.9.74                                2cdr

Hallenstadion, Zurich, 24.10.03                                               2cdr

Borgata Hotel & Casino, Atlantic City, NJ, 29.5.04                            2cdr

Billy Bragg

The Venue, London, England, BBC broadcast, 10.11.83                           1cdr
Bottom Line, New York, early show, 30.12.00                                   2cdr
Liverpool Royal Court, Liverpool, 20.3.02                                     2cdr

Glastonbury Festival of Performing Arts, Glastonbury, 29.6.02                 1cdr

Edie Brickell & New Bohemians
Richland Planetarium, Dallas, TX, 8.12.89, billed as The Windbreakers         1cdr

The Big Easy, Boston, MA, 27.7.00                                             1cdr


David Bromberg & Arlo Guthrie

Temple Of Music And Art, Tuscon, AZ, 10.6.85                                  2cdr

Jackson Browne

Nina Demos, unrealesed demos, 1967                                            2cdr

Paris Theatre, London, 18.5.72                                                1cdr

The Main Point, Bryn Mawr, PA, 15.8.73, w/D. Lindley                          1cdr

The Main Point, Bryn Mawr, PA, september 1975, FM                             2cdr

Original Criterion Demos                                                      1cdr
LA Shrine, 16.11.90, acoustic show, w/Bonnie Raitt & Bruce Springsteen        1cdr

Raymond Theater, Pasadena, CA, 21.3.91                                        1cdr

Sony Christmas Show, 12.12.93, w/Bruce Cockburn                               1cdr


Jeff Buckley

Sessions, Grace sessions                                                      1cd

L´étincelle Du Bataclan, Paris, France, 11.2.95                               2cdr
Dream Brother, Nighttown, Rotterdam, 25.2.95                                  1cdr

Live at Sony Studios, New York, NY, 4.6.95                                    1cdr


Tim Buckley

Folklore Center, New York, NY, 1967                                           1cdr

Changes, movie soundtrack, 1968, from vinyl                                   1cdr

Denver Pop Fest, 28.6.69 & Boboquivari, october 1970                          1cdr
Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, 13.12.69                                      2cdr
Lion’s Share, San Anselmo, CA, w/Starsailor Band, first gig, october 1970     1cdr

Escandido, CA, october 1970                                                   1cdr

Starsailor, 1970, (not a Bootleg, ua)                                         1cdr

Boarding House, San Francisco, CA, august 1972                                1cdr

Felt Forum, New York, NY, 23.9.72                                             1cdr

Schaeffer Festival, New York, NY, 7.7.74                                      1cdr

Happy Mad, Starwood 1974                                                      1cdr *

Blue Obsession, Starwood, Los Angeles, CA, 1975                               1cdr

Return Of The Starsailor, Knebworth 1974 & Detroit 1975                       1cdr

The Starsailor Is Coming Home, video collection                               1dvd-r

Buffalo Springfield

Long Beach Sports Arena, Long Beach, CA, 5.5.68, last concert                 1cdr
Sell Out, companion to the box set                                            1cdr


Eric Burdon & War

Ronnie Scott’s, London, 16.9.70 w/Hendrix (his last performance)              1cdr

Kate Bush

Cathie's Home Demos, 1974                                                     1cdr


Paul Butterfield

Better Days, Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, 23.2.73                      1cdr



Never Ever Before, 1965 Columbia sessions                                     1cd
Unsurpassed Masters 1965, Columbia studios, Hollywood, CA                     1cdr

Journals, sessions for the first four albums                                  8cdr

Live In Stockholm 1967, Radiohuset (Studio 4), Stockholm, Sweden, april 1967  1cdr

Roundhouse, London & Piper Club, Rome, 8.5.68 & 2.5.68                        1cdr

Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, CA, 2.11.68                                   1cdr

Younger Than Yesterday Sessions                                               1cdr

Boston Tea Party, Boston, 22.2.69, yellow dog                                 1cd

Boston Tea Party, the complete recordings, 22.2.69                            2cdr

West Palm Beach, CA, 30.11.69                                                 1cdr
Rollin' Down The Road, Louisville, Kentucky, 1970                             1cdr

Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH, 1970                                            1cdr

Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, 4.1.70, speed corrected                     2cdr A

Rochester, NY, 17.1.70, SBD                                                   1cdr
Ash Grove, Los Angeles, CA, 1970                                              1cdr

Eight Miles High, Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, 7.7.70                            1cdr

Live in Amsterdam, 7.7.70, swinging pig version                               2cdr

Pacific Memorial Stadium, Stockton, CA, 20.9.70, SBD                          1cdr

Public Hall, Cleveland, OH, 26.11.70                                          1cdr
Flight Pattern, outtakes & live, 1964-71                                      1cdr

Vara Studios, Hilversum, Netherlands, may 1971                                1cdr

Lincoln Folk Festival, Tupholme Manor Park, 24.7.71                           1cdr

American University, Washington D.C.,12.9.71, FM                              1cdr

Eight Miles High Above Cayuga's Waters, Cornell University, Ithaca, 10.2.73   1cdr

Boarding House, San Francisco, CA, 2.2.78, w/McGuinn, Clark, Hillman, Crosby  1cdr

Video Collection, vol.1, 1965-71                                              1dvd-r

Video Collection, vol.2, 1965-2004                                            1dvd-r



Ultrasonic Studios, Hempstead, Long Island, NY, 23.12.69 & 10.2.70            1cdr

Fillmore East, New York, NY, 31.10.70                                         1cdr

WCMF-FM's Auxiliary studio, Rochester, New York, USA, 1971                    1cdr

Memphis Mess, Memphis, Tennessee, 4.7.71                                      1cdr

Ultrasonic Studios, Hempstead, Long Island, august 1971 & encore Bronx 1971   1cdr

Bronx Youth Center, Bronx, New York, 5.7.71                                   1cdr

The Rockpile, Long Beach, Long Island, december 1971 & outtake 1971           1cdr

Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, 26.12.71                                 1cdr

Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, New York, 16.12.71                              1cdr

Six-Gun Territory, Ocala, FL, may 1978                                        1cdr

Sunshine Speedway, Bradenton, FL, 29.10.78                                    1cdr

Comic Book Club, Jacksonville, FL, 15.6.79                                    1cdr


J.J. Cale 

Rond Point, Marseille, France, 15.3.75                                        1cdr
Sensitive Kind, Minneapolis 15.9.88 & Sausalito 31.12.75

Live At CBGB's, New York, 29.12.78                                            1cdr

The Roxy, Washington, DC, 22.10.86, early & late show                         2cdr

Guthrie Theatre, Minneapolis, 18.4.90, early show                             1cdr

Complete Rarities                                                             1cdr

John Cale

Jarlateatern, Stockholm, 3.11.75                                              1cdr

Cale Street, Hamburg, Germany, 7.3.83                                         1cdr


Camper Van Beethoven

Knitting Factory, New York City, 18.7.02                                      2cdr                


Johnny Cash

In De Nieuwe Rai, Amsterdam, 26.2.72                                          1cdr

Newport Folk Festival 1964 & Texas 1974                                       1cdr

San Antonio, TX, 1.1.74                                                       1cdr

Glastonbury Festival, England, 26.6.94                                        1cdr

American Outtakes, Rick Rubin's Living Room, CA, 17.5.-20.5.94                1cdr

Irving Plaza, New York, NY, 9.7.96                                            2cdr

Harry Chapin

Coffee With Harry, Cleveland Agora, 5.12.79, remastered edition               1cdr                      


Tracy Chapman

Solo & Acoustic, Gothic Theater, Denver, 12.2.91                              1cdr


John Cipollina

Bob Weir Home Studio, Mill Valley, CA, 17.4.75 w/Weir, Lesh, Crosby & more    2cdr


Eric Clapton

You Can All Join In, 1969-1970                                                1cdr

Unsurpassed Delaney Mix of 1st Album                                          1cdr

Archives Pathfinder, studio outtakes, monaural & quad mixes 1972-75           8cdr

The Rainbow Concert, Rainbow Theatre, London, 13.1.73, early show             2cdr A

461 Ocean Blvd. Rehearsals, 1974                                              1cdr

Little Wing, Civic Centre, Providence, Rhode Island, 10.7.74                  1cdr

Smile Away, AZU Diablo Stadium, Tempe, AZ, 18.7.74                            1cdr

Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, CA, 30.7.74                                     2cdr

Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, 4.12.74, SBD                              2cdr A

Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, 5.12.74, SBD                              2cdr A
The Legendary LA Forum Show, Los Angeles, 14.7.75, w/Santana, Cocker, Moon    2cdr

Carnival, Denver Coliseum, Denver, 12.8.75, SBD                               2cdr

Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, TX, 15.11.76, from master tapes by T        2cdr

Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, 27.4.77                                   1cdr

Layla, Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, 11.2.78                                1cdr

The Ritz, New York, 23.11.86                                                  2cdr

The Twelfth Night, Royal Albert Hall, London, 3.2.89                          2cdr

Royal Albert Hall, London, England, 24.1.90                                   2cdr

Furthur Up On The Crossroads, rarities and live, 1964-90                      4cdr


Guy Clark

Ten Years After Club, 1.1.91, w/Townes Van Zandt                              3cdr

Gene Clark

Ebbets Field, Denver, CO, 19.2.75, SBD, both sets                             2cdr

Bottom Line, New York, NY, 19.10.77, SBD, w/Roger McGuinn                     1cdr

Palamino, Los Angeles, CA, 18.12.82, SBD, w/Hillman, Perkins, Pedersen        1cdr

Dingwalls, London, 4.4.85                                                     2cdr

Flowers On My Grave, Mountain Stage, Charleston, 15.10.88 & demos             1cdr A

Cinegrill, Hollywood, CA, 13.4.91                                             1cdr

Final Shows, Cinegrill in the Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood, CA, 12.&13.4.91     2cdr


The Clash

Concert For Kampuchea, London, 27.12.79                                       1cdr

The Rat Patrol From Fort Bragg, original version of Combat Rock, 1981         1cdr

Chaos In New York, Bonds International Casino, New York City, 4.6.81          2cdr

Lochem Festival, Holland, 20.5.82                                             1cdr


Bruce Cockburn

Sony Christmas Show, 12.12.93, w/Jackson Browne                               1cdr


Joe Cocker

Mad Dogs & Englishmen, Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, 26.4.70              2cdr


Leonard Cohen

At The Beep, 31.8. & 7.9.68                                                   1cdr
Complete BBC Recordings, 1968                                                 1cdr

Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt, Germany, 6.5.70                                  2cdr
Kungliga Tennishall, Stockholm, Sweden, 3.4.72, remastered by BB              1cdr

Sports Hall, Tel Aviv, Israel, 19.4.72, SBD                                   1cdr
Golden Voice, vol.1, 1972                                                     2cdr
Golden Voice, vol.2, various locations, 1958-1988                             2cdr

Golden Voice, vol.3, various locations, 1957-1988                             2cdr

National Stadium, Dublin, Ireland, 18.3.72                                    1cdr

Fête de L'Humanité, Parc de la Courneuve, Paris, 7.9.74                       1cdr

Paris, France, 19.10.74                                                       2cdr
Paris '74, Paris, France, 20.10.74                                            2cdr

The Main Point, Bryn Mawr, PA, november 1975                                  2cdr

Casino de Montreux, Montreux, Switzerland, 25.6.76                            1cdr

Casino de Montreux, Montreux, Switzerland, 25.6.76, FM, complete              2cdr

Rare Live Songs                                                               1cdr

Beethovenhalle, Bonn, Germany, 3.12.79                                        2cdr

Rare Songs, UK Tour 1979                                                      1cdr

Apollo Theatre, Manchester, UK, 9.12.79                                       2cdr

Brighton Dome, Brighton, 15.12.79, SBD                                        1cdr
Melbourne '80, Australia, 7.3.80                                              2cdr

Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, 30.10.80, SBD                                       2cdr

Sala Kongresowa, Palac Kultury i Nauki, Warsaw, Poland, 22.3.85, SBD          2cdr

Sala Kongresowa, Palac Kultury i Nauki, Warsaw, Poland, 22.3.85, other source 2cdr

Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, PA, 30.4.85, SBD                         1cdr
The Helsinki Tapes vol.1, Kulttuuritalo, 2.6.85                               2cdr

Arkadenhof, Wien, Österreich, 6.7.85, SBD                                     3cdr

Diamonds In The Minefield, Montreux, 9.7.85                                   1cdr

Casino de Montreux, Montreux, Switzerland, 9.7.85, complete                   3cdr

The Helsinki Tapes vol.2, Jaahalli, 28.4.88                                   2cdr

Albert Hall, London, 30.5.88, SBD                                             2cdr
Laugardalsholl, Reykjavik, Iceland, 24.6.88                                   3cdr

I'm Your Live Man, Nygardsparken, Bergen, Norway, 28.6.88                     2cdr

The Ritz, New York, NY, 5.7.88                                                2cdr

Above the Soul, Los Angeles, 18.4.93                                          1cdr

The Helsinki Tapes vol.3, Jaahalli, 29.4.93                                   2cdr

Falkoner Teatret, Copenhagen, FM broadcast, 6.5.93                            1cdr

Blossoms of Heaven, Ashes of Hell, Zurich, 21.5.93                            2cdr

The Warfield Theater, San Francisco, 3.7.93                                   2cdr

Songs From The Life Of                                                        1dvd-r



Maida Vale BBC Studios, London, England, 1.3.99 & 24.7.00                     1cdr
Maida Vale BBC Studios, London, England, 25.3.03                              1cdr


Lloyd Cole and the Commotions

In Concert On The BBC, Hammersmith Odeon, London, 1.9.85                      1cdr


John Coltrane

Live 'Trane Underground vol.1, Frankfurt am Main, 30.3.60 & more              1cdr

Live 'Trane Underground vol.2, Olympia Theatre, Paris, 18.11.61, first show   1cdr

Live 'Trane Underground vol.3, Olympia Theatre, Paris, 18.11.61, second show  1cdr

Live 'Trane Underground vol.4, Falkonercentret, Copenhagen, Denmark, 20.11.61 1cdr

Live 'Trane Underground vol.3, Olympia Theatre, Paris, 18.11.61, second show  1cdr

Live 'Trane Underground vol.4, Falkonercentret, Copenhagen, Denmark, 20.11.61 1cdr

Live 'Trane Underground vol.5, Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki, 22.11.61 & more       1cdr

Live 'Trane Underground vol.6, Kongresshalle, Frankfurt, 27.11.61 & more      1cdr

Live 'Trane Underground vol.7, Copenhagen, 22.11.62                           1cdr

Live 'Trane Underground vol.8, Copenhagen, 22.11.62 & more                    1cdr

Live 'Trane Underground vol.9, Philadelphia, 10./17. or 24.6.63 & more        1cdr

Live 'Trane Underground vol.10, Copenhagen, 25.10.63 & more                   1cdr

Live 'Trane Underground vol.11, Stuttgart, 4.11.63                            1cdr

Live 'Trane Underground vol.12, Stuttgart, 4.11.63                            1cdr

Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden, 19.11.62, first concert                      2cdr

Stefaniensaal, Graz, Austria, 28.11.62                                        1cdr

Late Trane vol.1, The Half Note, New York, 19.3.65                            1cdr

Late Trane vol.2, The Half Note, New York, 26.3.65                            1cdr

Late Trane vol.3, The Half Note, New York, 2.4.65                             1cdr

Late Trane vol.4, The Half Note, New York, 7.5.65                             1cdr

Late Trane vol.5, Juan-Les-Pins Jazz Festival, Antibes, 27.7.65               1cdr

Late Trane vol.6, unreleased recordings 1965-67, Salle Pleyel, Paris, 28.7.65 1cdr

Late Trane vol.7, Comblain, La Tour, Belgium, 15.8.65                         1cdr

Late Trane vol.8, The Penthouse, Seattle, 30.9.65                             1cdr

Late Trane vol.9, Newport Jazz Festival, Rhode Island, 2.7.66 & funeral       1cdr

Late Trane vol.10, Interviews 18.7.66 & 14.8.66                               1cdr

Olatunji Center Of African Culture, New York, NY, 23.4.67, SBD                1cdr


Country Joe McDonald & The Fish
Fantasy Faire, Los Angeles, CA, 16.7.67                                       1cdr

Carousel Ballroom, San Francisco, CA, 14.2.68, FM                             1cdr

Walthamstow Technical College, London, England, 27.3.69                       1cdr

Middle Earth Club, Lyceum Ballroom, London, 29.3.69                           1cdr

Complete Woodstock, 15.8.69 & 17.8.69                                         1cdr

San Antonio, Texas, 9.1.70 &  Copenhagen, Denmark, 20.11.68                   2cdr

Lestatkatt's Ultimate SBD Compilation, part 1, demos, outtakes & live         3cdr

Lestatkatt's Ultimate SBD Compilation, part 2, demos, outtakes & live         1cdr

Lestatkatt's Ultimate SBD Compilation, part 3, demos, outtakes & live         1cdr


Ry Cooder

Travelin' Man, Bottom Line, NYC, 1974                                         1cdr


Alice Cooper

School's Out And Killer Rehearsals                                            1cdr


Cowboy Junkies

Berklee Performance Center, Boston, MA, 30.4.89, FM broadcast                 2cdr

Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA, 14.4.94                         2cdr

Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, 6.5.96                                         2cdr

Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, CA, 28.2.98                                 1cdr

Galaxy Concert Theatre, Santa Ana, CA, 14.6.02                                2cdr



Yesterday’s Gone, live NY 13.2.95 and Milton Keynes Bowl 30.7.95              1cd


Stepping Stones Pt.1                                                          1cdr

The Lost Sessions - Disraeli Gear Demos, 15.3.67, remastered                  1cdr

Acid - The Lost Cream Tapes                                                   1cdr

Sirens Sweetly Singing, BBC Sessions                                          2cdr

Grand Ballroom, Detroit, 15.10.67                                             2cdr

Fresh Cream Outtakes & Acetates                                               1cdr

Big Black Loading Zone, Oakdale Music Theatre, Wallingford, CT, 15.6.68       1cdr

The First Farewell, Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA, 4.10.68                    1cdr

LA Forum, Los Angeles, CA, 19.10.68                                           1cdr

East Coast, 10./16.9.67, remasters series vol.2                               2cdr

Renovating The Blues, 15.11.66 / 7.3.67 & 22.4.67, remasters series vol.3     2cdr

Live At The Fillmore, 3.9.67 & 3.3.68, remasters series vol.8                 2cdr

Outtakes & Alternates, Fresh Cream sessions & BBC, remasters series vol.10    2cdr

Disraeli Gears Live, 23.5.67 & BBC, remasters series vol.11                   2cdr


Creedence Clearwater Revival

Fantasy Sessions '74, Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA, w/Booker T, Jones        1cdr


Jim Croce

Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, OH, 19.1.71                                        1cdr
Mill Run Theater, Chicago, IL, 1.10.72                                        1cdr
Glassboro State College, Trenton, NJ, 19.1.73                                 1cdr
Harper College, Palatine, IL, 2.2.73                                          1cdr

Lido Club, Amsterdam, 29.7.73                                                 1cdr

1973 Tour Compilation                                                         1cdr

David Crosby

If I Could Remember My Name Sessions                                          1cdr
David And The Dorks, The Matrix, SF, 20.12.70, w/Garcia, Lesh, Hart           1cdr
David and The Dorks, The Matrix, San Francisco, 20.12.70, rehearsals          1cdr

Perro Sessions, Wally Heider studios 1971, w/Garcia, Kantner, Slick           2cdr
Perro Sessions Supplement, Wally Heider studios 1971                          2cdr

Farleigh Dickenson University, Teaneck, NJ, 16.3.74                           1cdr

Riverside Theatre, Milwaukee, WI, 25.4.86                                     2cdr
After The Vacation, Tower Theater, Philadelphia, PA, 8.4.89, SBD              1cdr A

Naked In The Rain, Whiskey, Los Angeles, CA, december 1993, SBD               1cdr

Record Plant, Sausalito, CA, 27.5.94, FM, w/Shawn Colvin                      1cdr

Crosby & Nash

Live At The BBC, UK Arena, London, 9.11.70                                    1cdr

Live At The BBC, UK Arena, London, 9.11.70                                    1dvd-r

Carnegie Hall, New York, 4.10.71, w/Stills & Young                            2cdr

Festival Hall, London, december 1971                                          1cdr

Wings Stadium, Kalamazoo, MI, 15.11.75                                        3cdr

Feelin' Mellow, Budokan, 1.12.75                                              2cd

Riverside Theatre, Milwaukee, WI, 1.12.86                                     2cdr
Melody Tent, Pittsburgh, PA, 7.9.89 & Houston, TX, 21.8.86                    2cdr

Raymond Theater, Pasadena, CA, 21.3.91                                        2cdr 2cd's on one

Paradiso, Amsterdam, 3.2.05, remastered by BB                                 2cdr

Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo, Norway, 9.2.05                                  2cdr

Philipshalle, Dusseldorf, 16.2.05                                             2cdr


Crosby, Nash & Young

Waterbrothers, Prison Benefit concert, 26.3.72                                1cd

United Farm Workers Benefit, Civic Auditorium, Santa Cruz, CA, 12.8.77        2cdr


Crosby, Pevar, & Raymond

Galaxy Theatre, Santa Ana, CA, 14.1.97                                        2cdr


Crosby, Stills & Nash
Jones Beach Theatre, Wantagh, NY, 5.9.87                                      2cdr A

Compton Terrace, Tempe, AZ, 8.9.88, SBD                                       3cdr

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Big Sur Folk Festival, 13.6.69, SBD                                           2cd

Woodstock, Bethel, NY, 17.8.69, full set                                      1cdr
Griffith Park, Greek Theater, Los Angeles, CA, 26.8.69                        1cdr

Fillmore East, New York, 20.9.69                                              1cdr

Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, 13.11.69                                    1cdr
Memorial Auditorium, Dallas, TX, 28.11.69                                     2cdr

Masonic Temple, Detroit, MI, 14.12.69, SBD                                    1cdr

Balboa Stadium, San Diego, CA, 21.12.69                                       1cdr

Déjà Vu, DTS 5.1 version, TOUP 1003                                           1cdr

Five Ways Street, outtakes and live 1969/1970                                 2cd

The Deja Vu Outtakes Sessions, 1970                                           1cdr

Falkoner Centret, Copenhagen, 11.1.70                                         2cdr 
Boston Gardens, Boston, MA, 29.5.70                                           2cdr

America's Children, Fillmore East, New York, 3.6.70                           1cdr

Halverson Tapes, Fillmore East, june 1970                                     2cdr

Bill Halverson Tapes, Fillmore East, New York, 4.6.70                         2cdr

Bill Halverson Tapes, Fillmore East, New York, 5.6.70                         2cdr

Bill Halverson Tapes, Fillmore East, New York, 6.6.70, complete show          3cdr

Lakehurst, NJ, 30.6.70, SBD                                                   2cdr

Winterland Reunion, Mackey Auditorium, Boulder, CO, 4.10.73                   1cdr

Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA, 4.10.73                                  1dvd-r
Colliseum, Seattle, 9.7.74                                                    3cdr

Along The Navajo Trail, Oakland Colliseum, Oakland, CA, 13.7.74               3cdr          

Oakland Alameda County Coliseum, Oakland, CA, 13.7.74, upgrade rev.a          3cdr

Oakland Alameda County Coliseum, Oakland, CA, 14.7.74                         3cdr

County Stadium, Milwaukee, WI, 21.7.74                                        3cdr

Mile High Stadium, Denver, CO, 25.7.74                                        1cdr

Boston Gardens, Boston, MA, 5.8.74                                            2cdr

Boston Gardens, Boston, MA, 5.&6.8.74, hempsall tree                          4cdr

Capital Center, Landover, ML, 19.8.74                                         3cdr

Roosevelt Raceway, Westbury, NY, 8.9.74                                       3cdr

Wembley Stadium, London, Middlesex, 14.9.74                                   3cdr

Wembley Stadium, London, Middlesex, 14.9.74                                   2dvd-r

The Complete 1974 Tour Anthology                                              4cd

Children Of The Americas Telethon, Palace Theater, Hollywood, CA, 12.11.88    1cdr
Tribute To Neil Young, live, demos and Buffalo Springfield, Squires           2cd
First Class Trip, mostly Stills live 1973/1977/1980                           2cd

Radio Days, various radio appearances 1974-98                                 1cdr

Tour Of America 2002 Compilation                                              4cdr


Sheryl Crow

Unreleased First Album                                                        1cdr

State Theater, Nashville, 15.12.93, SBD                                       1cdr A

Live At The Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA, 25.10.94                     1cdr

Acoustic in Australia, Melbourne, AU, 23.10.98, FM & more                     1cdr
Trinity Church Sessions, Toronto, 3.11.98                                     1cdr

Wembley Arena, London, England, 1999                                          1cdr

The Cure

At The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea, K. N. Ballroom, London, 3.5.92, SBD        2cdr

Studio Daze, alternative studio versions 1980-1990                            1cdr

Secret Gig, 1991                                                              1cdr

Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, 16.12.97                                      2cdr


Evan Dando

McCabe's Guitar Shop, Santa Monica, CA, 6.11.93 late show                     2cdr
I'm Not Political, Gabes Oasis, Iowa City, IA, 18.1.04, SBD                   2cdr

Gabes Qasis, Iowa City, IA, 18.1.04                                           1cdr


Dave Matthews Band

Lillywhite Sessions                                                           1cdr

Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA, 18.5.02                            3cdr

Miles Davis

Peacock Alley Lounge, St. Louis, 16.2./23.2.57                                1cdr
Kind of Blue Sessions, 2.3.59 & 22.4.59                                       1cdr

Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden, 22.3.60, w/Coltrane                          1cdr

Kongresshaus, Zurich, 8.4.60, w/Coltrane                                      1cdr

Free Trade Hall, Manchester, 27.9.60, SBD, early & late show                  2cdr

La Pinede, Juan-les-Pins, Antibes, France, 28.7.63, FM                        1cdr
County Fairgrounds, Monterey, CA, 20.9.63, SBD                                1cdr              
My Favorite Things, TV Broadcasts, Antwerpen, Belgien, 27.10.1967             1cdr

Philhamonie, Berlin, Germany, 4.11.67                                         1cdr

Salle Pleyel, Paris, ORTF radio broadcast, 6.11.67, SBD                       1cdr

Karlsruhe, 7.11.67, proshot TV, s/w                                           1dvd-r
In A Silent Way, SACD to DTS version                                          1cdr

Festival de Juan-Les-Pins, Antibes, France, 25.7.69                           1cdr

Salle Pleyel, Paris, ORTF radio broadcast, 3.11.69, SBD                       1cdr

1969 Miles - The Lost Quintet Tree                                           12cdr

The Lost Quintet, vol.1, Duffy's Tavern, Rochester, march 1969, first set     1cdr

The Lost Quintet, vol.2, Duffy's Tavern, Rochester, march 1969, second set    1cdr

The Lost Quintet, vol.3, Central Park, New York, 7.7.69                       1cdr

The Lost Quintet, vol.4, Teatro Sistina, Rome, 27.10.69, FM RAI, first set    1cdr

The Lost Quintet, vol.5, Teatro Sistina, Rome, 27.10.69, FM RAI, second set   1cdr

The Lost Quintet, vol.6, Ronnie Scott's Club, London, 2.11.69, BBC            1cdr

The Lost Quintet, vol.7, Salle Pleyel, Paris, 3.11.69, ORTF, first set        1cdr

The Lost Quintet, vol.8, Salle Pleyel, Paris, 3.11.69, ORTF, second set       1cdr

The Lost Quintet, vol.9, Tivoli Konsertsal, Copenhagen, 4.11.69, FM           1cdr

The Lost Quintet, vol.10, Folkets Hus, Stockholm, 5.11.69, FM, first set      1cdr

The Lost Quintet, vol.11, Folkets Hus, Stockholm, 5.11.69, FM, second set     1cdr

The Lost Quintet, vol.12, De Doelen, Rotterdam, 9.11.69, FM                   1cdr

Hill Auditorium, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, 21.2.70               1cdr
Fillmore East, New York, 6.3.70, both shows, SBD                              2cdr

Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, 9.4.70, SBD                                 1cdr
Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, 11.4.70, SBD                                1cdr

Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, 12.4.70, SBD                                1cdr

Fillmore East, New York, 20.6.70, SBD                                         1cdr

Tanglewood Wizard, Berkshire Music Center, Tanglewood, MA, 18.8.70            1dvd-r

Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, 15.10.70 & 18.10.70, parts                  1cdr

Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, 17.10.70                                    1cdr

Cellar Door Club, Washington, 16.12.70                                        1cdr
Cellar Door Club, Washington, 17.12.70                                        1cdr

Cellar Door Club, Washington, 18.12.70                                        2cdr

Cellar Door Club, Washington, 19.12.70                                        1cdr

Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi, Milan, 21.10.71, TV broadcast & AUD             1cdr

Neue Stadthalle, Dietikon, Switzerland, 22.10.71, second concert              1cdr

Palais des Beaux Arts, Brussels, BRT radio broadcast, 26.10.71                1cdr

Sartory Festsaal, Cologne, WDR radio broadcast, 12.11.71                      1cdr
Otis Spann Memorial Field, Ann Arbor, MI, WCBN radio broadcast, 10.9.72       1cdr
Another Bitches Brew, concerts in Belgrade, 3.11.71 & 7.11.73, SBD            2cdr

Olympia, Paris, France, 11.7.73                                               1cdr

Shinjuku Kohseinenkin Hall, Tokyo, Japan, 19.6.73                             2cdr

Rainbow Theatre, London, 10.7.73, band recording                              2cdr

Complete Berlin 1973, Philharmonie, Berlin, Germany, 1.11.73                  1cdr

Second Fragment, Shaboo Inn, Willimantic, CT, 26.1.74, SBD                    1cdr
Shinjuku Kohseinenkin Hall, Tokyo, Japan, 22.1.75                             1cdr

Avery Fisher Hall, New York, 1.7.75, SBD                                      2cdr

Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA, 25.9.81                                      1cdr
Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden, 13.4.82                                      1cdr

Spring 1982 European Tour, vol. 1, Konserthuset, Stockholm, 13.4.82           1cdr

Spring 1982 European Tour, vol. 2, Jazzhus Montmartre, Copenhagen, 14.4.82    1cdr

Spring 1982 European Tour, vol. 3&4, Hammersmith Odeon, London, 22.4.82       2cdr

Spring 1982 European Tour, vol. 5&6, Teatro Tenda Pianeta, Rome, 26.4.82      2cdr

Spring 1982 European Tour, vol. 7&8, Théâtre du Chatelet, Paris, 3.5.82       2cdr

Zurich, Switzerland, 2.11.85, SBD                                             2cdr

Deep Purple

Bournemouth, England, 20.9.71                                                 2cdr
Machine Head Outtakes, Montreux, Switzerland, 6.-21.12.71                     1cdr


Delaney, Bonnie and Friends
A&R Recording Studios, New York City, NY, 22.7.71                             1cdr


Sandy Denny

Rare Sessions, 1967-76, vol.1&2, Sandy Denny tree                             2cdr

Danish TV, BBC Radio, Mile End, London, 1968-72, w/Fairport Convention        1cdr

Lincoln Folk Festival, 1971                                                   1cdr w/Ebbett's Field 1973

One in Ten, BBC TV, november 1971                                             1vcd

The BBC Sessions 1971-1973 (not a Bootleg, ua)                                1cd
The Attic Tracks 1972-1984                                                    1cd

Eltham Well Hall Open Theatre, 8.5.72                                         1cdr
Live At York University, 14.10.72                                             1cdr

Ebbett's Field House, Denver, CO, april 1973                                  1cdr w/Lincoln Folk Festival, 1971

Borrowed Thyme                                                                1cd
One Last Sad Refrain, 27.11.77                                                1cdr


Derek & The Dominoes

Venue Criteria Studios, City Miami State, FL, 23.8.70, w/Duane Allman         2cdr

Complete Fillmore Concerts, 23.10 & 24.10.70                                  4cdr
McFarlin Auditorium, Dallas, TX, 6.11.70                                      2cdr

Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA, 20.11.70, both shows         3cdr
The Final Act, Suffolk College, Selden, New York, 6.12.70                     1cdr
Substance vol. 2, Derek & The Dominos unreleased 2nd album 1971               2cdr

Layla and Other Assorted Unreleased Songs                                     1cdr

Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs, SACD to DTS                              1cdr

The Last Sessions, Olympic Studios, London, april 1971                        1cdr

Ani DiFranco

State Fairgrounds, Renton, WA, 14.7.94                                        1cdr A+

Rialto Theater, Tuscon, AZ, 5.6.96, SBD                                       2cdr

Heat Beat, Osaka, Japan, 21.3.98, SBD                                         1cdr
Northrup Auditorium, Minneapolis, 3.10.98                                     1cdr
Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA, 26.10.00                                         2cdr

Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, MI, 16.3.02                                       2cdr

Terrace Theatre, Long Beach, CA, 29.10.03                                     1cdr


Dire Straits
Rockpalast '76, WDR studios, 16.2.79                                          1cdr
The Boarding House, San Francisco, CA, 1.4.79                                 1cdr

European Tour, Basel, Switzerland, 28.6.92                                    2cdr



On Christmas Day, outtakes and demos                                          1cdr     
Singing Songs Of Love, studio outtakes                                        1cdr
Westfield, NJ, october 1965                                                   1cdr

BBC Sessions 1965-1968                                                        1cdr

1968 Acetates                                                                 1cdr

Memorial Coliseum, Portland, OR 1968                                          1cdr

Live USA 1968, italian label                                                  1cdr

Smothers Brothers Comedy Concert Hour, 1.3.69, w/Peter, Paul & Mary           1cdr

Open Road Fever, outtakes, BBC & more                                         1cdr

There Are No Roads, complete 1970 studio outtakes with Open Road              1cdr

Open Road To Italy, Viareggio, Italy, june 1970, SBD, w/Open Road             1cdr

Isle Of Wight, 30.8.70, w/Open Road                                           1cdr
Issues, 1970's studio sessions & live tracks                                  1cdr

Christmas Day, fanclub release                                                1cdr
Dear Heart, fanclub release                                                   1cdr
Everlasting Sea, demos and outtakes                                           1cdr 
At The Movies, Donovan's soundtracks                                          1cdr
Old Fashioned Picture Book, fanclub release                                   1cdr

Old Fashioned Picture Book, outtakes & live                                   1cdr
Royal Albert Hall, London, 12.12.72                                           1cdr

BBC In Concert 1972                                                           1dvd-r

Pied Piper Radio Play, RTE radio 1973                                         1cdr

Brussels, 1973                                                                1cdr

Budokan, Tokyo, 17.3.73                                                       2cdr

The Country Album, unreleased studio album & bonus tracks                     1cdr
Bottom Line, New York, NY, 10.4.76, FM                                        1cdr

Bottom Line, New York, NY, 10.4.76 & High School, Westfield, NJ, october 1965 2cdr
Texas Will Know, Rockefellers, Houston, TX, 19.6.85, SBD                      2cdr

The Stone, San Francisco, CA, 15.11.85, remastered by BB                      2cdr A

Celtia, Sulan Studios, Ireland, february 1990, w/Waterboys                    1cdr

A Day In The Garden, Bethel, 15.10.98                                         1cdr



The Complete Matrix Club Tapes, 7.3.67/10.3.67                                4cdr

Dansbury High School Auditorium, Dansbury, CT, 11.10.67                       1cdr

Go Insane, Los Angeles, CA, 22.12.67                                          1cdr

San Houston Coliseum, Houston, Texas, 10.7.68 & filler 4.3.67                 1cdr

Rock Is Dead Session, Los Angeles, CA, 25.2.69                                1cdr

Live At The Aquarius 1st Performance, Los Angeles, 21.7.69                    2cdr *
Live At The Aquarius 2nd Performance, Los Angeles, 21.7.69                    2cdr *

Backstage and Dangerous, the private rehearsal                                2cdr

Missing Links, Electra Recordes studio 1969, Softparade outtakes              1cdr
The Beautiful Die Young, Toronto Popfestival, Varsity Stadium, 13.9.69        1cdr

Absolutely Live Outtakes, 1970                                                1cdr

Pacific National Exhibition Coliseum, Vancouver, Canada, 6.6.70, SBD          2cdr

Shattered, Center Coliseum, Seattle, WA, 5.6.70 & Vancouver 6.6.70, SBD       1cdr

Complete Restored Isle Of Wight, 29.8.70                                      1cdr

The Lost Paris Tapes, Jim Morrison poetry sessions, march 1969 & june 1971    1cdr

The Doors, DTS 5.1 version, TOUP 1012                                         1cdr

Strange Days, DTS 5.1 version, TOUP 1013                                      1cdr

Waiting For The Sun, DTS 5.1 version, TOUP 1014                               1cdr

The Softparade, DTS 5.1 version, TOUP 1015                                    1cdr

Morrison Hotel, DTS 5.1 version                                               1cdr

Nick Drake

Complete Home Recordings                                                      1cdr
Tanworth-in-Arden Vol.2                                                       1cdr
Time Has Told Me                                                              2cdr

Time Has Told Me, remaster                                                    2cdr

Second Grace                                                                  1cd

Saturday Sun, work tape 1969                                                  1cdr

1948-74, BBC television & radio broadcasts                                    1dvd-r

Bob Dylan

I Was So Much Younger Then, vol.1, outtakes 1958-62                           2cdr
I Was So Much Younger Then, vol.2, outtakes 1961-65                           2cdr

Hugh Brown's ATP, Minneapolis appartment, september 1960                      1cdr

The Minnesota Tapes, may & december 1961                                      3cdr

Riverside Church, New York City, 29.7.61, Les Kokay tape                      1cdr

Carolyn Hester Session, 29.9.61                                               1cdr w/Los Angeles 3.9.65

Early Dylan, 61/62 compilation, Back Pages remaster, dylantree                2cdr

Dylan's Roots, East Orange, 1961 & Carnegie Hall, 4.11.61                     1cdr

Echo's Album, various locations, 1961-1963                                    2cdr

In The Pines, various locations, 1961-1963                                    1cd

Remastered Gaslight Tapes 1962                                                1cd

Folksingers Choice, Cynthia Gooding radio show, 11.3.62                       1cdr
Finjan Club 1962 Montreal, 2.7.62                                             1cd
For Sale Or Just On The Shelf, vol.1, early 1960s compilation, dylanvine      2cdr

For Sale Or Just On The Shelf, vol.2, early 1960s compilation, dylanvine      2cdr

For Sale Or Just On The Shelf, vol.3, early 1960s compilation, dylanvine      2cdr

Studs Terkel's Wax Museum, WFMT radio, Chicago, IL, may 1963                  1cdr

The Whitmark Years 1962-1964                                                  2cdr

Bear Folk Club, Chicago, IL, 25.4.63                                          1cdr
In Concert, Townhall, NY City, 12.5.63 & Carnegie Hall                        1cd

All Hallow's Eve And More                                                     2cd

Civil Rights Rally, Greenwood, Mississippi, 6.7.63                            1cdr w/Los Angeles 3.9.65

Bob Dylan & Joan Baez Together 1963-1964, compiled by Les Kokay               2cdr

The Freeweelin' Outtakes                                                      1cd
As Good As It Gets, Emmett Grogan tapes and more                              2cdr
1964 Revisited, recompiled by BB, without official releases                   8cdr

Highway 61 Revisited Again                                                    1cd
From Newport To Ancient Empty Street                                          2cd

Highway 61 Revisited, Dr. Ebbett's mono remaster                              1cdr

Sunset Studio, 1965                                                           1cd
Skeleton Songs, 1965                                                          1cd
Now Ain't The Time For Your Tears, Manchester, 7.5.65                         1cdr
From The Heart Vol.1, outtakes from 1965                                      1cd
From The Heart Vol.2, Manchester 7.5.65                                       1cd
At The Beeb, BBC radio session, 1.6.65                                        1cdr

BBC Studios, London, England, 1.6.65, new tape 2005                           1cdr
Forrest Hills Tennis Stadium, New York City, 28.6.65                          2cdr

Live In Newport, Newport Folk Festival, Newport, RI, 25.7.65 & more           1cdr

Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, 3.9.65 & more                                    2cdr

Give the Anarchist A Cigarette, B.M.A, Hardford, CT, 30.10.65                 1cd

Those Elusive Singles, compiled by Les Kokay                                  1cdr

Like A Rolling Stone, versions of LARS, compiled by Les Kokay                 1cdr

Dimestore Medicine, outtakes and live 1965                                    2cdr

Wild Thin Mercury Music, studio outtakes, 1965-66                             1cdr

Westchester Country Center, White Plains, NY, 5.2.66                          1cdr
Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh, PA, 6.2.66                                          1cdr

Sydney Stadium, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 13.4.66, complete, SBD    2cdr

Festival Hall, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 19.4.66, SBD                   1cdr

Hear The Document, Free Trade Hall, Manchester, 17.5.66 and more              2cd

Royal Albert Hall, London, 26&27.5.66, SBD acetate & Taxi conversation        2cdr

Jewels & Binoculars, anthology of 1966                                       26cdr

Genuine Live 1966 & 2 bonus disks                                            10cd
Blonde On Blonde, US mono mix                                                 1cdr                             

Before The Crash vol.1&2                                                      2cd
Acetates On The Tracks vol.1&2                                                2cd
Genuine Bootleg Series volume 1, disk 1,2                                     2cd
Genuine Bootleg Series volume 2, disk 1,2                                     2cd
Genuine Bootleg Series volume 3, The Third One Now                            3cd
Genuine Tree With Roots, Basement Tapes remasters                             4cd
Genuine Basement Tapes vol.1-5                                                5cd
The Essential Genuine Basement Tapes, fanproject                              1cdr

Nashville 1969, with Johnny Cash                                              1cd

Nashville Skyline, SQ to DTS version                                          1cdr
Selfportrait Sessions 1969-1970                                               2cdr
Almost Went To See Elvis, CBS Studio 3.5.69 and 1.5.70, w/George Harrison     1cd
Complete Isle of Wight, 31.8.69                                               1cdr

A Fool Such As I, official CBS LP, studio outtakes 1969/70                    1cdr

New Morning Sessions, 1970                                                    2cdr
New Morning Acetate And Sessions, remastered, 1970                            1cdr

Bob Dylan vs A. J. Weberman, The Weberman phone calls, 6.&9.1.71              1cdr

Planet Waves, Quad to DTS version                                             1cdr

Peco's Blues, Pat Garett & Billy The Kid outtakes 1973                        1cd

Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, 10.1.74, project 74, upgrade version             2cdr

The Forum, Montreal, 11.1.74, project 74, upgrade version                     2cdr

Love Songs For America, Boston Gardens, Boston, PA, 14.1.74                   2cdr
Boston Gardens, Boston, MA, 14.1.74, afternoon, 1974 PA collection            2cdr

Coliseum, Charlotte, NC, 17.1.74                                              1cdr

Nassau County Coliseum, Nassau, NY, 29.1.74, w/The Band                       2cdr
The Poet And The Players, Madison Square Garden, New York, 31.1.74            2cdr

Coliseum, Denver, CO, 6.2.74, afternoon show                                  2cdr

Alameda County Coliseum, Oakland, CA, 11.2.74, 2nd show, SBD                  2cdr
Paint The Daytime Black, Inglewood Forum, CA, 14.2.74, afternoon              2cdr
1974 Anthology, dylantree                                                     3cdr
Blood On The Tracks, New York sessions                                        1cd

Blood On The Tracks, New York sessions, unofficial DTS version                1cdr

Blood On The Tapes, SACD to DTS version                                       1cdr
The Outtake vol.1, Blood On The Tracks, New York sessions, remasters          1cdr
All Of The Tracks, Blood On The Tracks sessions 1974                          4cdr

Tangled And Twisted - The Blood Ballads, BOTT live, dylanpool                 2cdr
The Other End Club, Greenwich Village, New York, 3.7.75, bits & pieces        1cdr

The World of John Hammond, WTTW-TV Studios, Chicago, 10.9.75, bits & pieces   1cdr

War Memorial Auditorium, Plymouth, MA, 30.10.75                               2cdr

Plymouth Rock, Plymouth 31.10.75 & Waterbury 11.11.75                         1cd
Civic Center, Providence, RI, 4.11.75, afternoon show                         2cdr
Civic Center, Providence, RI, 4.11.75, evening show                           2cdr
Civic Center, Providence, RI, 4.11.75, evening, complete show                 3cdr

Civic Center, Springfield, MA, 6.11.75, afternoon show                        2cdr

Patrick Gymnasium, Burlington, VT, 8.11.75                                    2cdr

Universtity Of New Hampshire, Durham, 9.11.75                                 2cdr

Satisfied Man, Palace Theater, Waterbury, CT, 11.11.75                        1cdr
Palace Theater, Waterbury, CT, 11.11.75, SBD                                  3cdr

New Haven, 13.11.75, afternoon and evening show (Ratso discs)                 4cdr
We'll Meet Again Someday, New Haven, 13.11.75, afternoon, Southside Butcher's 2cdr 2cd's on one
Convention Center, Niagara Falls, 15.11.75, eveningshow                      2cdr

War Memorial Coliseum, Rochester, NY, 17.11.75, eveningshow                  2cdr

Memorial Auditorium, Worchester, 19.11.75                                     2cdr

Harvard Square Theater, Cambridge, MA, 20.11.75, complete show                3cdr

Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA, 21.11.75, afternoon show                       2cdr
Cowboy Angel Blues, Music Hall, Boston, 21.11.75, evening show                2cd

Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA, 21.11.75, evening, complete show               3cdr
Get Ready! Tonight Bob’s Staying Here With You, Boston, 21.11.75              2cd

Shapiro Gymnasium, Brandeis University, Waltham, 22.11.75                     2cdr
Hartford, Connecticut, 24.11.75, complete show                                4cdr
Dark Night At The Spanish Stairs, Civic Center, Augusta, ME, 26.11.75         2cdr

Municipal Auditorium, Bangor, MA, 27.11.75                                    2cdr

Quebec City Coliseum, Quebec City, 29.11.75                                   2cdr
Maple Leaf Gardens 1.12.75 Toronto, complete show, dylantree                  4cdr
Maple Leaf Gardens 2.12.75 Toronto, complete show, dylantree                  4cdr
Coliseum, Montreal, Quebec, 4.12.75, L. Kokay's off master                    2cdr

Correctional Institution for Women, Clinton, NJ, 7.12.75, bits & pieces       1cdr
Knight Of The Hurricane, New York City, 8.12.75                               2cdr
Live 1975 Companion, vol.1, dylantree, remastered                             1cdr

Live 1975 Companion, vol.2, Friend Named Ramblin' Jack                        1cdr

Live 1975 Companion, vol.3, The Madonna Was Yours For Free                    1cdr

Desire, SQ to DTS version                                                     1cdr

Renaldo & Clara, soundtrack from the film                                     1cdr
Renaldo & Clara, stereo soundtrack from the film, Les Kosay's stereo tape     2cdr

Songs For Patty Valentine                                                     1cd

Going Going Guam, RTR rehearsals                                              4cd
Guam Rehearsals, RTR 1976                                                     9cdr

Houston, Astrodrom, Houston, TX, 25.1.76                                      1cdr

The Days Before Hard Rain, RTR tour rehearsals, Clearwater, FL, 15.4.76       1cdr

Un1976titled, Lakeland, FL, 18.4.76 & Hattiesburg 1.5.76                      2cd

Civic Center, Lakeland, FL, 18.4.76, off master                               2cdr

Bayfront Auditorium, St. Petersburg, FL, 20.4.76                             2cdr

Curtis Hixon Center, Tampa FL, 21.4.76                                        2cdr
Bellevue Biltmore Hotel, Clearwater, 22.4.76, afternoon & evening shows, SBD  1cdr
Sports Stadium, Orlando, FL, 23.4.76, from master                             2cdr

University Of Florida Field, Gainesville, FL, 25.4.76, incomplete             1cdr

University Of West Florida, Pensacola, FL, 28.4.76                            2cdr
Expo Hall, Municipal Auditorium, Mobile, Alabama, 29.4.76, complete show      3cdr

Highway 49 Revisited, Reid Green Coliseum, Hattiesburg, MS, 1.5.76            1cdr
The Warehouse, New Orleans, 3.5.76                                            2cdr

L.S.U. Assembly Center, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 4.5.76, fragments             1cdr
Municipal Auditorium, San Antonio TX, 11.5.76, SBD                            1cdr
Hold The Fort-Lock Up The Warehouse, Fort Worth, 16.5.76                      2cd

Hold The Fort For What It's Worth, Fort Worth, 16.5.76                        2cdr

Tall Grass & The Ones I Love, State Fair Arena, Oklahoma City, 18.5.76        1cdr

State Fair Arena, Oklahoma City, 18.5.76, complete                            2cdr                            

Henry Levitt Arena, Wichita, Kansas, 19.5.76, complete RTR                    3cdr
Colorado State University, Hughes Stadium, Fort Collins, CO, 23.5.76          2cdr

Tales Of Thunder, compilation RTR 75/76, dylanpool                            4cdr

Rundown Rehearsal Tapes                                                       4cd

The (Nearly) Complete '78 Soundchecks, 1978                                   5cdr

Osaka, Japan Hirakata City, Matsushita Denki Taiikukan, 25.2.78               2cdr

Nippon Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan, 1.3.78, Legendary Tapers Series #14        2cdr
Festival Hall, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, 15.3.78, SBD                  2cdr

Entertainment Center, Perth, West Australia, 27.3.78                          1cdr

Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, CA, 1.6.78                               2cdr

Stop Crying, Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, 2.6.78                      1cdr
Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, CA, 3.6.78, from mastertape              2cdr
Earl's Court, London, England, 15.6.78                                        2cdr

Earl's Court, London, England, 17.6.78, NS-master                             2cdr

Tales Of Yankee Power, Earl's Court, London, 18.6.78                          2cdr

Earl's Court, London, England, 19.6.78                                        2cdr

Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, 26.6.78                                             2cdr
Deutschlandhalle, West Berlin, West Germany, 29.6.78                          2cdr
Trainload Of Fools, Nuremberg, 1.7.78                                         2cd
Look Back, Zeppelinfeld, Nuremberg, 1.7.78, fin remaster                      2cdr

My Back Pages, Pavillon de Paris, France, 4.7.78                              2cdr
L'Histoire De Mon Vie, Pavillon de France, Paris, 5.7.78                      3cdr
Border Beneath The Sun, Pavillon de Paris, France, 6.7.78                     2cdr

Pavillon de Paris, France, 3.7.78, reel to reel master & bonus tracks         3cdr

Pavillon de Paris, France, 4.7.78, reel to reel master & bonus tracks         3cdr
Pavillon de Paris, France, 5.7.78, reel to reel master & bonus tracks         3cdr
Pavillon de Paris, France, 6.7.78, reel to reel master & bonus tracks         3cdr
Pavillon de Paris, France, 8.7.78, reel to reel master & bonus tracks         3cdr

Scandinavium, Gothenburg, Sweden, 11.7.78                                     2cdr

Blackbushe Aerodrome, Camberley, UK, 15.7.78                                  3cdr

Civic Center, Augusta, Maine, 15.9.78, Legendary Tapers Series #16            2cdr

Veterans Memorial Coliseum, New Haven, CT, 17.9.78                            2cdr

Onondaga County War Memorial Auditorium, Syracuse, NY, 22.9.78                2cdr
Madison Square Garden, New York, 30.9.78                                      2cdr

Civic Center, Providence, RI, 7.10.78                                         2cdr
Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, NY, 9.10.78, project '78                        2cdr

I Was Young When I Left Home, Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, 12.10.78           2cd

Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, 12.10.78, Mad Dog Tweak                          2cdr A- 

Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, 12.10.78, CEDAR Shingles 004, pitch corrected    2cdr   

Stadium, Chicago, IL, 18.10.78                                                2cdr

SIU Arena, Carbondale, IL, 28.10.78, soundcheck                               1cdr

SIU Arena, Carbondale, IL, 28.10.78                                           2cdr A

Checkerdome, St. Louis, Missouri, 29.10.78, Mad Dog remaster                  2cdr

Dane County Memorial Coliseum, Madison, WI, 1.11.78                           2cdr

Kemper Arena, Kansas City, MI, 3.11.78                                        2cdr
Live At Pitstop '78, Hec Edmondson Pavillion, Seattle, 10.11.78               2cdr
LA Forum, Los Angeles, 15.11.78, dylantree                                    2cdr

L.S.U. Assembly Center, Baton Rouge, LA, 29.11.78                             2cdr

Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, NC, 7.12.78                                  2cdr
Carolina Coliseum, Columbia, SC, 9.12.78, from master                         2cdr

Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte, Charlotte, 10.12.78                               2cdr

Hollywood Sportatorium, Hollywood, FL, 16.12.78                               2cdr

1978 World Tour Anthology, White Bear release                                 6cd

1978, tour retrospective                                                      4dvd-r

The Warfield Master Series, Warfield Theater, San Francisco, 1.11.79          2cdr
The Warfield Master Series, Warfield Theater, San Francisco, 3.11.79          2cdr

Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA, 4.11.79                                  2cdr

Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA, 8.11.79                                  2cdr

Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA, 10.11.79, first gen. master              2cdr

The Warfield Master Series, Warfield Theater, San Francisco, 11.11.79         2cdr
Contract with the Lord 1&2, Warfield Theater, San Francisco, 16.11.79         2cdr
Mad Man Running Loose, Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, 18.11.79               2cdr

Knoxville Grail, Civic Auditorium, Knoxville, TN, 5.2.80                      2cdr

Paramount Theatre, Portland, OR, 12.3.80, remaster by BB                      2cdr

Gospeller, Massey Hall, Toronto, 20.4.80                                      2cd
Massey Hall, Toronto, 20.4.80                                                 2vcd

Stanley Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA, 16.5.80                                      2cdr

Fox Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA, 11.11.80                             2cdr

Fox Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA, 12.11.80                             2cdr

Complete Farewell Bloomfield, Fox Warfield Theatre, SF, 15.11.80, Les Kokay   2cdr

Complete Fox Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA, 16.11.80                    2cdr

Rise Again, Seattle, Washington, 30.11.80                                     2cdr

Between Saved And Shot, Shot Of Love sessions, March/April 1981               1cdr

Earl's Court, London, England, 26.6.81, complete show                         2cdr

Earl's Court, London, England, 28.6.81                                        2cdr

Johanneshovs Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden, 8.7.81                             2cdr
In The Summertime, Drammenhalle, Drammen, Norway, 10.7.81                     2cdr

St. Jakob, Basel, Switzerland, 23.7.81, version a                             2cdr
Avignon, Palace Des Sports, Avignon, France, 25.7.81                          2cdr
Child's Balloon, New Orleans, 10.11.81                                        2cdr

Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee, 14.11.81                          2cdr
Rough Cuts, Power Station studio outtakes 1983                                2cdr
First Infidels OT's & Infidels Work Tape, from Les Kokay's vault              2cdr
Outfidel Intakes, remastered Rough Cuts and Outfidel Intakes                  2cdr

Surviving In The Ruthless World, complete Infidels sessions, 12.4.-5.7.83     4cdr

Copenhagen, Denmark, 10.6.84, legendary taper D, Improved Air remaster        2cdr

Live At Palaeur, Rome, 19.6.84                                                2cd

Arena Di Verona, Verona, Italy, 28.5.84, w/Mick Taylor                        2cdr
Les Temps Changent, Paris, France, 1.7.84                                     2cdr

Soundboard Recordings 1984                                                    1cdr A+

Real Live Outtakes, 1984                                                      1cdr

Tempest Storm, Empire Burlesque outtakes, 1984/85                             1cdr

Lonesome Town, Sydney, 24.2.86                                                2cdr
Hard To Handle, Entertainment Centre, Sydney,24./25.2.86                      1cdr
True Confessions, Entertainment Centre, Sydney,24./25.2.86                    1cdr
'86 Compilation, dylantree, w/Tom Petty                                       4cdr
The Outtake vol.2, Oh Mercy outtakes, Deeds Of Mercy remasters                1cdr

Sullivan Stadium, Foxboro, MA, 4.7.87, SBD, w/Grateful Dead                   1cdr
Autzen Stadium, Eugene, OR, 19.7.87, SBD, w/Grateful Dead                     2cdr 2cd's on one
The French Girl, rehearsals San Rafael 87, w/Grateful Dead                    3cd
Palasport, Torino, Italy, 13.9.87, CB master                                  1cdr

Hanns Martin Schleyerhalle, Stuttgart, 29.9.87, CB master                     1cdr

The Complete Dylan - Dead Rehearsals, dylantree                               6cdr

That Night In Switzerland, Piazza Grande, Locarno, 5.10.87                    1cdr

Final Night And More, Wembley, London, 17.10.87                               2cdr

Greek Theatre, University Of California, Berkeley, CA, 10.6.88                2cdr bonus 4.12.88

Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI, 18.6.88                           2cdr

Leave No Stone Unturned, SLC, 13.6.88/Cincinatti 22.6.88/Chicago 14.7.88      2cdr

Live At Jones Beach Theater, 30.6.88                                          2cd

Cut To The Core, Nashville, 22.7.88,  Southside Butcher series                2cdr 2cd's on one

Bridge School Benefit, Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA, 4.12.88, SBD            1cdr
Genuine Never Ending Tour Covers Collection 1988-2000                         9cdr

Santa Barbara County Bowl, Santa Barbara, CA, 5.9.89                          2cdr

All The Way Down To Italy, various locations, 1989                            2cdr

Staying Here With You, Hammersmith Odeon, London, 8.2.90                      2cdr

Sporting Auditorium, Montreal, Quebec, 29.5.90, off master                    2cdr

Memorial Coliseum, Lexington, KY, 2.11.90                                     2cdr
Hallenstadion, Zürich, Switzerland, 31.1.91                                   2cdr

Oak Mountain Amphitheater, Pelham, AL, 20.4.91, from MJS Master               2cdr

Palaeur, Rome, 6.6.91                                                         2cdr

Stadthalle, Offenbach, 19.6.91                                                2cdr

Ringe, Fyn, Denmark, 29.6.91, SBD, Watchtower remaster                        2cdr 2cd's on one

Entertainment Center, Brisbane, Australia, 28.3.92, remasterd by LK           2cdr

Palais Theatre, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 2.4.92. MK master             2cdr
Palais Theatre, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 6.4.92, dylantree             2cdr
Paradise Hawaiian Style, Waikiki Shell, Waikiki, Hawaii, 24.4.92              2cdr

Black Muddy River Pt.1, Silva Concert Hall, Eugene, OR, 30.4.92               2cdr

Black Muddy River Pt.2, Pantages Theatre, Hollywood, CA, 17.5.92              2cdr

Himself, Youngstown, OH, 2.11.92                                              2cdr
Hard Times In Alabama, Convention Center, Huntsville, 19.4.93, dylantree      2cdr
Great Wood, Mansfield, Massachusetts, 12.9.93                                 2cdr

The Supper Club, SBD release, 16.11.93 evening                                1cd
The Supper Club Upgrade, 16./17.11.93, dylantree                              4cdr
Urawa-shi Bunka Center, Urawa, Japan, 18.2.94                                 2cdr

Northstage Woodstock, 14.10.94, CC                                            1cd
Blue-Eyed Boston Boy, Orpheum Theatre, Boston, 8.10.94                        2cdr

MTV Unplugged Rehearsal, Sony Studios New York, NY, 16.11.94                  1dvd-r

Completely Unplugged, Sony Sound Studio, New York, 17./18.11.94               2cdr

F*** The Play List, Brixton, 30.3.95                                          2cdr

SECC Hall 3, Glasgow, 9.4.95                                                  2cdr
Loud and Strong, Laguna Seca Daze, Monterey, CA, 27.5.95                      2cdr

1995 European Tour Anthology, dylantree                                       5cdr

Mid Hudson Civic Center, Poughkeepsie, NY, 1.5.96                             2cdr

Hall Omnisports, Differdange, Luxembourg, 24.6.96, not the boot               2cdr

Bathed In A Stream Of Pure Heat, various locations, 1997                      2cdr

Knife Fork Bottle & Cork, University Of Toledo, 15.2.98                       2cdr

San Jose Arena, San Jose, CA, 19.5.98, SBD                                    1cdr

Scandinavium, Gotheburg, 10.6.98                                              2cdr
Eating Caviar In A King-Sized Bed, Target Center, Minneapolis, 23.10.98       2cdr

Target Center, Minneapolis, 23.10.98, SBD, dylantree                          2cdr

Maple Leaf Garden, Vancouver, 29.10.98                                        2vcd

Pavillón Multiusos do Sar, Santiago de Compostela, 9.4.99                     2cdr
Master Of Zurich, Hallenstadion, Zurich, 25.4.99                              2cdr

Hallenstadion, Zurich, 25.4.99, LB-2620, version b                            2cdr
University Of Oregon, EMU Ballroom, Eugene, OR, 14.6.99, SBD                  2cdr
Stuck Inside Of Mobile, New York, 19.10.99                                    2cdr

The Apollo Of Temple, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, 9.11.99            2cdr

Civic Auditorium, Santa Cruz, 15.&16.3.00, dylantree                          3cdr
Five Seasons Center, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 3.4.00                               2cdr
Hallenstadion, Zürich, Switzerland, 6.5.00                                    2cdr
It Take A Lot To Laugh, Portland/Reno 16./17.6.00                             2cdr
Entertainment Center Camden, NJ, 28.7.00                                      2cdr

Vicar Street, Dublin, IR, 13.9.00                                             2cdr

Portsmouth Guildhall, 2nd Evening, 25.9.00, CC                                2cd
Le Zenith, Paris, France, 3.10.00, CC                                         2cd
Time Out Of Theft, sessions between the two albums                            1cdr

Roving Gambler, Centennial Park Parade, Sydney, Australia, 25.3.01            2cdr

Casino Montreux, Switzerland, 8.7.01                                          2cdr
Stirling Castle, Stirling, 13.7.01, CC                                        2cd

Town Park, Telluride, CO, 20.8.01                                             2cdr

Town Park, Telluride, CO, 21.8.01                                             2cdr

One Time Or Two, 2001 compilation                                             1cdr
BI-LO Center, Greenville, 13.2.02                                             2cdr
Globe Arenaon, Stockholm, 5.4.02                                              2cdr
Spektrum, Oslo, 7.4.02                                                        2cdr
Forum, Copenhagen, 4.8.02, CC                                                 2cdr
Alsterdorfer Sporthalle, Hamburg, 4.9.02, CC                                  2cdr
Arena, Berlin, 11.4.02                                                        2cdr
Messehalle, Leipzig, 12.4.02                                                  2cdr
Stadionsportshalle, Hannover, 13.4.02                                         2cdr
Ravenna Festival, Ravenna, 19.4.02                                            2cdr
Hallenstadion, Zürich, Switzerland, 21.4.02                                   2cdr
Frankenhalle, Nürnberg, 24.4.02                                               2cdr

Sportpalais Ahoy, Rotterdam, 5.2.02, CC                                       2cdr
Bournemouth International Center, Bournemouth, 5.5.02                         2cdr
MEN Arena, Manchester, 9.5.02                                                 2cdr
London Docklands Arena, London, 11.5.02                                       2cdr
London Docklands Arena, London, 12.5.02                                       2cdr
The Palladium, Worcester, MA, 2.8.02                                          2cdr       
Harbour Station, Saint Johns, New Brunswick, 9.8.02                           2cdr

First Union Center, Philadelphia, PA, 15.11.02                                2cdr

Entertainment Center, Brisbane, 11.2.03                                       2cdr

The Backyard, Austin, TX, 20.4.03                                             2cdr

Jillians Pavillion, Louisville, KT, 30.4.03                                   2cdr

Regency Park, Cary, NC, 13.5.03                                               2cdr 
New York State Fair Grandstand, Syracuse, NY, 22.8.03                         2cdr

Löfbergs Lila Arena, Karlstad, Sweden, 12.10.03                               2cdr

Docks, Hamburg, 17.10.03, BB remastered                                       2cdr

Docks, Hamburg, 18.10.03                                                      2cdr

T.Mobile Arena, Prague, 23.10.03, Contemporary Tapers Series #6               2cdr

Arena, Budapest, 24.10.03, Contemporary Tapers Series #5                      2cdr

Eishalle Liebenau, Graz, Austria, 26.10.03                                    2cdr
Palalottomatica, Rome, Italy, 1.11.03                                         2cdr

Hallenstadion, Zürich, Switzerland, 3.11.03, Watchtower RM                    2cdr

Stadthalle, Freiburg, 5.11.03                                                 2cdr

Philipshalle, Düsseldorf, 8.11.03                                             2cdr
Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, 11.11.03                                      2cdr

Le Zénith, Paris, France, 13.11.03                                            2cdr

Le Zénith, Paris, 13.11.03 Cedar 2 version, Mad Dog remaster                  2cdr
NEC, Birmingham, UK, 21.11.03                                                 2cdr
Shepherds Bush Empire, London, England, 23.11.03                              2cdr

Shepherds Bush Empire, London, England, 23.11.03, doberman release            2cdr A
Hammersmith Apollo, London, 24.11.03                                          2cdr

Hammersmith Apollo, London, 24.11.03, doberman release                        2cdr A

Brixton Academy, London, 25.11.03                                             2cdr

The Pageant, St. Louis, Missouri, 3.3.04                                      2cdr

The Passion at The Park West, Chicago, IL, 8.3.04, Mad Dog remaster           2cdr

The Phoenix, Toronto, Ontario, 20.3.04                                        2cdr

Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle, England, 22.6.04                                2cdr

Scottish Exhibition & Conference Centre, Hall 4, Glasgow, 23.6.04             2cdr

Pearse Stadium, Galway, Ireland, 27.6.04                                      2cdr

Palais des Spectacles, St. Etienne, France, 5.7.04                            2cdr

Poble Espanyol, Barcelona, Spain, 7.7.04                                      2cdr A
Plaza de Canaleja, Benidorm, Spain, 9.7.04                                    2cdr

Vilar de Mouros, Portugal, 18.7.04                                            2cdr 2cd's on one

The Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY, 4.8.04                                          2cdr

Applebee's Park, Lexington, Kentucky, 21.8.04                                 2cdr

Gordon Track and Tennis Center, Harvard University, Allston, MA, 21.11.04     2cdr

Paramount Theatre, Oakland, CA, 16.3.05                                       2cdr 2cd's on one
Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, CO, 28.3.05                                      1cdr

Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, IL, 3.4.05                                       2cdr
Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA, 15.4.05, remastered by BB                        2cdr A-

Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA, 16.4.05, remastered by BB                        2cdr
Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA, 17.4.05                                          2cdr 2cd's on one

The Events Center, Turning Stone Casino & Resort, Verona, NY, 20.4.05         2cdr

Foxwoods Resort Casino, Fox Theatre, Mashantucket, CT, 22.4.05                2cdr

AWD Hall, Hannover, Germany, 26.10.05                                         2cdr

Masters, 13-track compilation sourced from pre-download masters               1cdr

Mystery Tape & BoB remixes, from Les Kokay's vault                            1cdr

If You See Her, Say Hello, 10 different versions                              1cdr

Going Through All These Things Twice, rare early & late versions, vol.2       2cdr

Achilles in the Alleyway, Blonde on Blonde live                               2cdr

Compilation Of TV Appearences and Concerts                                    Video VHS
Don't Look Back Outtakes, Tambourine Man vision                               2dvd-r

Hard Rain TV Special                                                          Video VHS

Hard Rain TV Special                                                          1vcd

Eat The Document                                                              1vcd

Eat The Document, with outtakes                                               1dvd-r   

The Rolling Thunder Revue Collection, 1975/1976, hojo                         2dvd-r    

The Rolling Thunder Revue 1975-1976 Video Anthology, watchdog                 2dvd-r           

Renaldo And Clara                                                             3vcd
Unreleased Hard Rain, Bellevue Biltmore Hotel, Clearwater, FL, 22.4.76        1vcd

Mel's Tour Compilation, super 8 films form the '74, '75 & '78 tour            1dvd-r


Fair Grounds Pavilion, Oklahoma City, OK, 14.6.72, from master tapes by T     1cdr

Earlybird, BBC sessions, 4.5.73                                               1cdr

Berkeley Comunity Theater, Berkeley, CA, 16.6.73, SBD                         1cdr             
Good Day In Hell, Complete Don Kirshner Rock Concert, 1974                    1cdr

Tales of Frontiers, The Music Inn, Lenox, MA, 22.8.74                         1cdr
One Of These Eastern Nights, Swibuka Hall, Nagoya, Japan, 9.2.76              2cdr


Steve Earle

Uncut Gems                                                                    1cdr

9:30 Club, Washington, DC, 14.7.00, w/ the Dukes                              2cdr



Royal Albert Hall, London, may 1969, Lagga Shoebox Archive, remastered by BB  1cdr bonus Fotheringay



Planet Music, Vienna, Austria, FM radio broadcast, 16.11.01                   1cdr

Morning Becomes Eclectic, Santa Monica, CA, 9.5.05                            1cdr


BBC Radio One, 1970-1972, from master tapes by T                              1cdr

Chalk Farm Roundhouse, London, march 1970, from master tapes by T             1cdr

Wolverhampton Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, 5.12.71 & London, 1970, masters by T 1cdr

Electric Light Orchestra

Live at the BBC, BBC sessions 1973-1976                                       2cdr

Bill Evans

Maison de l'ORTF, Paris, 13.2.65                                              1cdr


The Faces & Rod Stewart

Strawberry Pop, Santa Clara, CA, 3.3.70 & Vancouver, may 1970                 1cdr

Pirate's World, 2.11.70, SBD                                                  1cdr

BBC, John Peel, 29.11.70, FM                                                  1cdr

Fillmore East, New York, 17.2.71                                              1cdr

San Bernadino, CA, 30.11.71                                                   1cdr

That's All You Need, BBC sessions 1971-72                                     1cdr

Killer Highlights, Paris Theatre, London, BBC, 1972-73                        1cdr

That's All You Need, 1973, not the same as above                              1cdr

Ooh La La Outtakes, 1973                                                      1cdr

Real Good Time, Detroit, 1974                                                 1cdr

Last Step, outtakes & demos, SBD                                              1cdr


John Fahey

Santa Barbara, CA, january 1968                                               1cdr

1969 Worcester PolyTech, Worcester, MA, 1969                                  1cdr
The Jabberwocky, Syracuse, NY, 15.7.72, SBD                                   1cdr A

McCabe's Guitar Shop, Santa Monica, CA, september 1972                        1cdr

Carnegie Hall, New York, 1973                                                 1cdr

Record Plant, Sausalito, CA, KSAN Broadcast, 9.9.73                           1cdr

Great Midwestern Music Hall, Louisville, KY, 13.12.77                         1cdr

Holstein's, Chicago, IL, 7.12.84                                              2cdr

Rum Doodle's, Madison, WI, 9.12.84                                            2cdr

Guitar Excursions Into The Unknown, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, UK, 30.9.99 2cdr

The Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL, 1.10.00                                        1cdr


Fairport Convention

Unhalfbricking Sessions                                                       1cdr
Liege And Leif Sessions and BBC                                               2cdr

Leige and Lief Sessions, London, september/november 1969                      1cdr
A Chronicle Of Sorts, BBC 1967-69                                             1cdr

Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, 1968 & extras                                       1cdr
Dutch TV Broadcast, september 1968                                            1cdr with Fillmore East, 10.6.70

Walk Awhile, Royal Festival Hall, London, 14.2.70, Lagga Shoebox Archive      1cdr

Fillmore East, New York, 10.6.70, SBD                                         1cdr with Dutch TV Broadcast, 1968

Zurich 1970 & Fillmore East, New York, 28.8.70, late show                     1cdr

Philadelphia Folk Festival, 29.8.70                                           1cdr

Fillmore West, San Francisco, 8.31.70                                         1cdr

Public Hall, Cleveland, OH, 9.10.71, w/Traffic                                2cdr
Ruisrock Festival, Turku, Finland, 22.8.71                                    1cdr

Uppsala, Sweden, 21.5.72, Lagga Shoebox Archive                               2cdr

Now Be Thankful, Full House BBC sessions                                      2cdr

Clark University, Worcester, MA, 24.4.74, SBD                                 1cdr

Harvard Theater, Cambridge, MA, 10.5.74, SBD                                  2cdr
My Fathers Place, Roslyn, NY, 15.5.74, early show                             1cdr

Newcastle City Hall, Newcastle, 16.10.75                                      2cdr

Max's on Broadway, Baltimore, MD, 10.5.89, SBD                                2cdr A
History Of Fairport Convention, DTS version                                   1cdr


Marianne Faithfull

Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, 3.7.99, FM                                  1cdr

E-Werk, Köln, 4.11.99                                                         2cdr

Olympia, Paris, France, 21.10.02                                              2cdr

Georgie Fame

Compilation                                                                   1cdr

Richard Fariña & Eric von Schmidt

Dick Fariña & Eric von Schmidt, 1964, w/Blind Boy Grunt, (not a Bootleg, ua)  1cdr

Flaming Lips

The Electric Ballroom, London, 22.4.99                                        1cdr
Zaireeka 5.1 Ultimate DVD Experience                                          1dvd-r

Soft Bulletin Companion                                                       2cdr

Bridges Auditorium, Claremont College, Claremont, CA, 14.10.02, w/Beck        2cdr


Fleetwood Mac

Mean Old World, Aberdeen, 23.6.68                                             1cdr

Warehouse, New Orleans, LA, 30.1.70                                           1cdr

Warehouse, New Orleans, LA, 31.1.70                                           2cdr

Live In The Studio 1975, Trodd Nossel Studios, Wallingford, CT                1cdr

Rumours Outtakes                                                              1cdr

Rumours, DTS version                                                          1cdr


Flying Burrito Brothers

Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, CA, KPFA FM broadcast, 6.4.69                 1cdr

The High Lonesome Sound Of The Flying Burritos, Seattle Pop Festival, 27.7.69 1cdr

Sigma Sound, Philadelphia, PA, 22.7.71, WMMR-FM broadcast                     1cdr


Plumpton Festival, Plumpton, 8.8.70, Lagga Shoebox Archive, remastered by BB  1cdr bonus Eclection

Wild Mountain Thyme, BBC sessions and live                                    1cdr
Poems From Alexandra                                                          1cdr



BBC Sessions, London, UK, 1968-1971                                           1cdr

Live 1969-70, San Francisco & Copenhagen                                      1cdr

Festival, Isle Of Wight, 30.8.70                                              1cdr


David Friedman (Tim Buckley's vibe player)

Futures Passed, includes John Wood's Until Goodbye album                      1cdr

Kinky Friedman And The Texas Jewboys

Sausalito, 19.10.73                                                           1cdr 


Robert Fripp & Brian Eno
Stars in Paris, Olympia, Paris, 28.5.75                                       2cdr


Peter Gabriel

The Bottom Line, New York, 10.3.78                                            1cdr

Jerry Garcia & David Grisman

Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA, 8.12.91                                  2cdr

Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA, 7.5.-11.5.92, remastered                 1cdr

Jerry Garcia

Sleepy Valley Hogstompers, Jewish Com. Center, San Carlos, CA, 11.6.62        1cdr

Wildwood Boys, The Tangent, Palo Alto, CA, 23.2.63                            1cdr
The Tangent, Palo Alto, CA, 4.5.63, w/Sara                                    1cdr
Carousel Ballroom, San Francisco, CA, 21.5.68                                 1cdr

   w/Kaukonen, Casady, Bishop, Miller, Hart & more

Jefferson Airplane House, San Francisco, CA, 28.10.69, w/Kaukonen, Cassady    1cdr

Garcia & Saunders

The Lion's Share, San Alsemo, CA, 4.6.74                                      2cdr

Bottom Line, New York, NY, 6.11.74, early show                                2cdr


Art Garfunkel

Estival Jazz, Piazza Della Riforma, Lugano, Switzerland, SBD, 9.7.99          1cdr



Complete BBC Recordings 1970-1972                                             2cdr

BBC Studios, London, UK, 2.3.72 & 25.9.72                                     1cdr

The Great Lost Live Album, Rainbow Theatre, Los Angeles, 20.10.73             1cdr

Selling England By The Session                                                2cdr

Roxy Theatre, Los Angeles, 19.12.73, progweeds 9                              2cdr

Academy of Music, New York, 4.5.74, hogweed 7                                 2cdr

Demo Mix Down On Broadway, Island Mobile studio, London, october 1974         2cdr


Gentle Giant

Club Karen, Stockholm, Sweden, 12.11.75, FM                                   1cdr


David Gilmour

National Stadium, Dublin, Ireland, 31.3.84, first solo show                   2cdr

San Diego State University, San Diego, CA, 20.6.84, from master tapes by T    2cdr

Until We Sleep, Stabler Arena, Bethlehem, PA, 12.7.84                         1cdr
Palais Des Congres De Paris, Paris, France, 24.1.01                           2cdr

Another Night In London I, Royal Festival Hall, London, England, 16.1.02      2cdr

Another Night In London II, Royal Festival Hall, London, England, 17.1.02     2cdr


Gin Blossoms

Small Club, Live at the Belly Up, Solana Beach, CA 1993                       1cdr


Glass Harp

Pacific High Recorders, Sausalito, CA, 26.3.71                                1cdr A



The John Anson Ford Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, 1.10.99                         2cdr



Angers, France, 8.11.72                                                       1cdr 2cd's on one

Halifax, UK, 6.10.73                                                          2cdr

BBC Sessions, London, 29.5.73 & 15.1.74                                       1cdr

The Farm Tapes 1973-74                                                        2cdr

Postaula, Bremen, Germany, 4.11.74                                            1cdr
Chateau Neuf, Oslo, Norway 15.12.74                                           1cdr

Piazza Navona, Rome, 27.6.75                                                  2cdr


Grant Lee Phillips
Store Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark, 31.3.04, remastered by BB                    2cdr

Great American String Band
Denver, CO, 11.5.74, w/Jerry Garcia & David Grisman                           1cdr


Greenbriar Boys
Nathan's Restaurant, Oceanside, NY, 30.7.62                                   1cdr

Grateful Dead

Mother McCree's Uptown Jug Champions, The Tangent, Palo Alto, july 1964       1cdr
The Acid Test Reels, 1965-1967, w/Merry Pranksters                            4cdr

Aoxomoxoa Studio Sessions/Outtakes, 1969                                      1cdr

California 1969, Monterey 14.6.69/Santa Rosa, 27.6.69                         2cd
Workingman's Dead Studio Outtakes, 1970                                       1cdr

Capitol Theater, Port Chester, New York, 21.3.70, early show, PCRP#2          1cdr

Fillmore East, New York City, 15.5.70, w/New Riders Of The Purple Saga        6cdr 

Santa Venetia, CA, studio sessions, 29.9,30.9. & 1.10.71                      1cdr

Meets The Beach Boys, Fillmore East, 27.4.71                                  3cdr
Wembley Empire Pool, London, England, 8.4.72                                  3cdr
Honeymoon Tapes, Olympia Theater, Paris, France, 4.5.72                       4cdr
Winterland, San Francisco, CA, 11.12.72                                       3cdr 

Dane County Coliseum, Madison, WI, 15.2.73                                    3cdr
Wake of the Flood Studio Outtakes, august 1973, Betty Cantor reels            1cdr

The Mars Hotel Rehearsals, 1974                                               1cdr

Blues For Allah Studio Outtakes, march 1975                                   1cdr

Death Valley, 26.2.77                                                         1cdr
Play Dead, Evans Field House, Decalb, 29.10.77                                2cd
Golden Hall, Community Concorde, San Diego, CA, 7.1.78                        2cdr


Arlo Guthrie

Alices's Restaurant, Bob Fass show, WBAI-FM, New York, 27.2.66 & may 1967     1cdr

The Bitter End Cafe, New York, 1967                                           1cdr
Benefit for Dave Van Ronk, 3:30 PM show, The Bottom Line, New York 25.11.01   1cdr


Buddy Guy

Club 47, Cambridge, MA, 26.7.67, SBD                                          2cdr


John Hammond Jr.

Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY, 20.1.71, early & late show, PCRP#3         1cdr


Herbie Hancock

Minneapolis, MN, 28.6.75                                                      1cdr

Nakamo, Tokyo, Japan, 1.7.75                                                  2cdr


Roy Harper

At Les Cousins, presented by Ron Geesin, june 1968, Lagga Shoebox Archive     1cdr w/Bremen 25.1.78

Bremen, Germany, 25.1.78, SBD                                                 1cdr w/Les Cousins 1968

Stonehenge Festival, England, 21.6.83                                         2cdr
Hoppers, Halifax, UK, 29.4.83, SBD                                            2cdr

Gardener Arts Centre, Brighton, 11.11.94                                      2cdr

The Abbey Pub, Chicago, IL, 19.9.98                                           2cdr


Emmylou Harris

Gliding Bird, first LP & Radio Broadcast, WBAT, New York, 1969                1cdr

Radio Broadcast, WBAI, New York, 1970, /w David Bromberg                      1cdr

Red Fox Inn, Bethesda, MD, 5.8.74                                             2cdr

Feeling Single, Seeing Double, Boarding House, SF, november 1975 & more       1cdr A-

Evanston, IL, 1975                                                            1cdr

Hammersmith Odeon, London, 1976                                               2cdr

Queen of the Silver Dollar, Boarding House, San Francisco, CA, 29.9.76, SBD   2cdr

Telluride Bluegrass Festival, Telluride, 21.6.03                              2cdr

Wrecking Ball Demos/Outtakes                                                  1cdr


George Harrison

Awaiting You All, ATMP sessions                                               1cd
Beware Of ABKCO, ATMP sessions                                                1cd
Songs For Patti, ATMP sessions, mastertape edition                            1cd
All Things Must Pass sessions                                                 3cd
All Things Must Surface, The Making of All Things Must Pass Part II           2cd

All Things Must Pass, DTS 5.1, Toup-13                                        1cdr A

All Things Must Pass, Dr. Ebbett's UK stereo 2005 remaster                    2cdr A

The Complete Concert For Bangla Desh, New York City, 1.8.71                   3cd

What Is Life, recorded live US Tour 1974                                      2cd

Live In San Francisco, CA, 6.11.74                                            2cdr
Long Beach, CA, 10.11.74, undercover                                          1cdr
Live In Los Angeles, CA, 12.11.74                                             2cdr

Live At The Arena, Arena, St. Louis, 20.11.74                                 1cdr

Live In Baton Rouge 1974, LSU Assembly Center, Baton Rouge, LA, 26.11.74      2cdr

Maple Leaf Garden, Toronto 6.12.74, 1st and 2nd show                          3cd

Washington '74, 13.12.74, mistral                                             1cdr

Nassau '74, Nassau Coliseum, Long Island, NY, 15.12.74, both shows            3cdr
Pirate Songs, rarities                                                        1cd
12 Arnold Grove, rarities                                                     1cd
Somewhere In England, original rejected version                               1cdr

Collected Works 1962-1990, rarities & demos, Zapple record                    4cd
East & West, Yin & Yang, w/Ravi Shankar                                       1cdr

Krishna, Krishna, Krishna                                                     3cdr

The Harri-Spector Show, rarities                                              1cdr

Osaka Jo Hall, Osaka, Japan, 10.12.91, w/Eric Clapton                         2cdr

Through All Those Years, comprehensive guide to the best unreleased songs     1cd
Legend of a Leg End vol.1, Dark Horse anthology 1943-2001                     2cd
Legend of a Leg End vol.2, Dark Horse anthology 1943-2001                     2cd

I'm Not Going To Die On You Folks Yet, interviews                             1cdr

Love One Another                                                              1cdr

A True Legend, strawberry                                                     1cdr

Complete Rarities, vol.1-3                                                    3cdr

Quiet Legend, A&E Biography, video shack                                      1dvd-r

Juliana Hatfield

T.T. the Bear's Place, Cambridge, MA, 9.1.04                                  1cdr

Jimi Hendrix

Are You Experience Sessions                                                   2cdr

Voodoo Soup (not a Bootleg, ua)                                               1cd
Best Of The Bootlegs                                                          1cd
Message From Nine To The Universe Sessions, master tapes                      1cd
A Session, w/Traffic                                                          1cdr
Paul McCartney's Birthday Party Jam Session, 20.1.68                          1cdr

Hendrix's Apartment in New York 1968, accoustic                               1cdr
Electric Ladyland Outtakes                                                    1cdr

Cafe Au Go-Go, New York City, 17.3.68, w/Bishop, Miles, Butterfield           1cdr

Generation Club, New York, 15.4.68, w/Kooper, King, Butterfield, Bishop       2cdr

Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA, 11.10.68                                 2cdr
Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA, 12.10.68                                 2cdr
Rainy Day Sessions                                                            1cdr

Royal Albert Hall, London, 24.2.69, concert and rehearsals, new source        1cdr
Royal Albert Hall, London, 24.2.69                                            2cdr

Newport 1969 Pop Festival, Northridge, CA, 20.6.69                            3cdr 3cd's on two

The Shokan House Rehearsals, Boiceville, NY, summer 1969                      3cdr

Woodstock, Max Yasgur's Farm, Bethel, NY, 18.8.69, the whole concert          2cdr

You Can Be Anyone This Time Around, 30.9.69 w/T. Leary, Sebastian, Stills     1cdr

Band of Gypsys Rehearsals, Baggy's, New York City, 18./19.12.69               2cdr

Studio C, Record Plant, New York 23.1.70 / 14.&15.5.70                        2cdr
Protest Songs From Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, 30.5.70                            3cdr
The Warm Hello Of The Sun, Liseberg Nöjespark, Gothenburg, 1.9.70             2cdr

Acoustic Jams                                                                 2cdr

The First Rays Of The New Rising Sun, live recordings                         1cdr

Axis Bold As Love - The Sessions                                              3cdr

Alternate Axis, Bold As Love                                                  1cdr
Alternate Electric Ladyland                                                   1cdr

McLaughlin Session                                                            1cdr

Black Gold, vol.1-3, outtakes & demos                                         5cdr

Message From Nine To The Universe, vol.1                                      1cdr

Message From Nine To The Universe, vol.2                                      1cdr

L.A. Without The Words, Outtake Masters series                                1cdr

Lonely Avenue, Outtake Masters series                                         1cdr

Soulful Sessions, Outtake Masters series                                      2cdr

Cry Of Love, DTS 5.1 version, TOUP 1004                                       1cdr


Robyn Hitchcock
Binghamton University, Susquehanna Room, Binghamton, NY, 2.10.90              2cdr

The White Album Against the War Benefit, London, 7.8.04, entire White Album   2cdr

Polo Hofer

Open Air Zuchwil, 1978, w/Schmetterding                                       1cdr A


The Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA, 26.9.94                                      1cdr

Virgin Megastore, London, 25.4.95                                             1cd

Rumours, Lies And Media Rape, unreleased and cover songs                      1cdr

Buddy Holly

What You’ve Been A-Missin’                                                    4cdr

What You've Been A-Missin', vol.5, fan project                                1cdr

The Famous Apartment Tapes & Rarities, 1958-59                                1cdr

The Music Never Died                                                          1cdr

The Complete Buddy Holly, purple chick                                       10cdr


Mary Hopkin

Live At Osaka Expo '70, Japan, carnival dog                                   1cdr
Live Expo '70 / Live ABC Blackpool, 14.8.70                                   1cdr
The Lost Songs Vol. 1                                                         1cdr

Hot Tuna

Winterland, San Francisco, CA, 31.12.69, w/Joey Covington                     1cdr

Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY, 20.1.71, late show, PCRP#3                 2cdr
Chateau Liberte, Santa Cruz, CA, 3.3.71                                       1cdr

Fillmore West Closing Week, Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, 3.7.71, SBD     2cdr A


Alan Hull

Red Lion, Birmingham, England, 1984                                           1cdr


Humble Pie

On Stage, Paris Theatre, London, 20.9.70                                      1cdr


Incredible String Band

The Past And The Future And Similar Tenses, God's Holiday Tree Pt.1, vol.1    1cdr

Exchanging Love Tokens, God's Holiday Tree Pt.1, vol.2                        1cdr

Fiddlehead Ferns and Daffodils, God's Holiday Tree Pt.1, vol.3                1cdr

A Very Small Door, God's Holiday Tree Pt.1, vol.4                             1cdr

Love of Love is Very Huge, God's Holiday Tree Pt.1, vol.5                     1cdr

Peacocks in the First, Kokilas in the Fifth, God's Holiday Tree Pt.1, vol.6   1cdr

The Sun in the Pale Silence, God's Holiday Tree Pt.1, vol.7                   1cdr

Fillmore East, New York, NY, 27.11.68                                         2cdr
Fillmore East, New York, NY, 25.4.70                                          2cdr

Secret Temple Of Bergen, Bergen, Norway, 23.5.72                              1cdr

Tampa, FL, 29.4.73                                                            1cdr

Queens Hall, Edinburgh, 16.4.04                                               2cdr

Relics Of The Incredible String Band, gimbris group release                   1dvd-r


Iron Butterfly

Galaxy Club, North Hollywood, CA, 9.11.67, SBD                                1cdr

It's A Beautiful Day

Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA, 25.5.68                               1cdr

The 1971 KSAN Tapes vol.1, Fillmore West, 1.7.71                              2cdr

The 1971 KSAN Tapes vol.2, Pacific High Recording, spring & fall 1971         2cdr

It Was A Beautiful Day, Berkeley, CA, 1.10.78                                 1cdr


Mick Jagger

Mean Ol' World, 22bit Mickboy remasters                                       1cdr



Ulster Hall, Belfast, november 1991                                           1cdr

Brixton Academy, London, 9.12.93                                              1cdr A


Bert Jansch

BBC Session, St Lukes Church, Old Street, London, 24.10.03                    1cdr


Keith Jarrett

Dramaten Theater, Stockholm, Sweden, 17.9.72                                  1cdr

Aula De l'Ecole De Commerce, Geneva, Switzerland, 4.11.73                     2cdr

NDR Funkhaus Studio 1, Hannover, Germany, 18.4.74                             2cdr

Glocke Konzerthaus, Bremen, Germany, 2.2.75                                   1cdr
Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY, 14.2.75                                     1cdr


Jefferson Airplane

The Saga Of Sidney Spacepig, outtakes from the box set and live SF 1966       1cd

First And Last, Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, 6.11.66 & 15.10.66          1cdr

Winterland Arena, San  Francisco, 10.-12.3.67                                 3cdr                   

Live At The Monterey Festival, 1967                                           1cd
Cafe A Go Go, Greenwich Village, New York, NY, 4.3.67                         1cdr

Love To All, Fillmore, 25.11.66 / San Luis Obispo, 19.5.67                    2cd
Peyote, Sweet Potatoes And LSD, Fillmore, 26.11.66 & Toronto, 5.8.67          2cd
O'Keefe Centre, Toronto, Canada, 4.8.67, w/Grateful Dead                      1cdr
O'Keefe Centre, Toronto, Canada, 5.8.67, w/Grateful Dead                      1cdr

Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA, 15.9.67                                      2cdr

Pacific High Studios, San Francisco, CA, 5.10.67                              2cdr 2cd's on one

Make at Baxters, 5.10.67 & Winterland, San Francisco, CA, 14.10.67            1cdr

65 To 67, Winterland, 14.10.67 & Calliope Warehouse, San Francisco, 6.11.65   1cdr

The Matrix, San Francisco, CA, 30.1.68                                        2cdr

Musikhalle, Hamburg, Germany, 10.9.68                                         1cdr

Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 15.9.68                                1cdr

Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 15.9.68, complete                      2cdr

Baxter's Studio Rehearsal, 1967 & Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, 26.10.68  1cdr

The Volunteers Sessions, Wally Heider Recording Studios, SF, CA, 1969         1cdr

The Swing Auditorium, San Bernadino, CA, 26.4.69                              1cdr

Golden Gate Park, Polo Field, San Francisco, 7.5.69, afternoon                1cdr
Family Dog At The Great Highway, San Francisco, CA, 13.6.69                   1cdr

Family Dog At The Great Highway, San Francisco, CA, 6.9.69                    1cdr

Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA, 25.10.69, SBD                            2cdr

Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA, 26.10.69                                 2cdr

LA Forum, Los Angeles, CA, 31.10.69                                           2cdr

Go Ride The Music, 4.2.70 & Night At The Family Dog, San Francisco, 2.4.70    2cdr
Have You Seen The Saucers, Anaheim Stadium, Anaheim, CA, 7.2.70               1cd

Busted Dead Benefit, Winterland, San Francisco, CA, 23.2.70                   1cdr

Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY, 24.3.70                                    2cdr 2cd's on one

Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA, 15.4.70                                  2cdr

Fillmore East, New York, 7.5.70                                               2cdr
Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, 14.9.70                                     2cdr

Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, 15.9.70, SBD                                1cdr

Winterland, San Francisco, CA, 4.10.70                                        2cdr
Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY, 13.11.70, late show, PCRP#4, w/Hot Tuna    3cdr

Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA, 22.9.72, part                            1cdr

Bastard Son Of Winterland, Winterland, San Francisco, 22.9.72, SBD            2cdr

The Ultimate Jefferson Airplane, vol.1, outtakes, sessions & rarities         2cdr

The Ultimate Jefferson Airplane, bonus, Crown Of Creation outtakes & more     1cdr

The Ultimate Jefferson Airplane, vol.2, outtakes, sessions & rarities         2cdr

Volunteers, Quad to DTS version                                               1cdr

Worst Of, Quad to DTS version                                                 1cdr

Plastic Fantastic Video Collection, tv & film appearances 1966 to 1971        6vcd

Jefferson Starship

Dragonfly, Quad to DTS version                                                1cdr A+

Red Octopus, QR to DTS version                                                1cdr

Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis, MO, 3.10.74                                       1cdr             

Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY, 29.3.74                                    2cdr

Radio City Music Hall, New York, 19.10.74, SBD                                2cdr A

Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA, 24.11.74                                 2cdr

Central Park, New York, 12.5.75, FM broadcast & filler                        2cdr

Performing Arts Center, San Luis Obispo, CA, 13.2.00                          2cdr
Cannabis Cup, Amsterdam, 22.11.00                                             2cdr


Jethro Tull

The Complete BBC Sessions, 1968-1969                                          1cdr


Billy Joel

Sigma Sound Studios, Philadelphia, PA, 15.4.72                                1cdr

Live At The Bottom Line, 10.6.76                                              2cdr

Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY, 11.12.77                                      2cdr

Strangers On 52nd Street, demo & studio outtakes, 1977-1978                   1cdr

Glass House Outtakes, 1979                                                    1cdr


Elton John
1968 Demos, Nick Drake sessions november 1968 & DJM 1968 demos                1cdr

Dick James Demos, vol.1, 1968-1970 era unreleased studio tracks               1cdr
Dick James Demos, vol.2, 1968-1970 era unreleased studio tracks               1cdr
Dick James Demos, vol.3, 1968-1970 era unreleased studio tracks               1cdr

BBC Sessions & More, 1970-71                                                  2cdr

Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA, 15.11.70                                  2cdr

Fillmore East, New York, 21.11.70, opening for Leon Russell                   1cdr

San Bernardino Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, CA, november 1970            1cdr

First Visit 1971, Tokyo, 11.10.71                                             2cdr

Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, 9.12.71                                       2cdr

Tumbleweed Collection, 1970/1971, unreleased demos, outtakes & live           1cdr

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, Hammersmith Odeon, UK, 22.12.73, SBD          2cdr

Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, 24.12.73                                  1cdr

Madison Square Garden, New York City, 28.11.74, w/John Lennon                 1cdr

White Christmas, Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, 24.12.74                 2cdr

Live In London, 1975                                                          1cdr
Fine China, London, England, 11.3.77                                          1cdr


Jack Johnson

Latitude 32 Radio Show, Track Star studios, La Mesa, CA, 2000                 1cdr

KFOG Studios, San Francisco, CA, 13.2.02                                      1cdr

The Bottleneck, Lawrence, KS, 15.5.02                                         2cdr

Jack Of All Trades, essential rarities & alternate takes                      2cdr


Norah Jones

KFOG Concert 4 Kids, Davies Hall, San Francisco, CA, 2.12.02                  1cdr


Rickie Lee Jones

Flying Cowboys, promotional boxset                                            2cd

Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, 17.7.82                                     1cdr

Live On Stage In Hamburg 1992, The Musikhalle, Hamburg, 19.3.92               2cdr

Janis Joplin

The Typewriter Tape, Jorma's House, SF, 25.6.64 w/Jorma Kaukonen              1cdr
Blow All That Blues Away, Vol.1-9                                             9cdr

California Hall, San Francisco, CA, 28.7.66                                   1cdr

Amsterdam, Netherland, 1.4.69, w/The Kozmic Blues Band                        1cdr
Capitol Theater, Port Chester, 8.8.70, PCRP#1                                 1cdr

Paul Kantner

Playhouse, Jenner, CA, 13.7.03                                                2cdr


Kantner, Slick & Freiberg

Sessions With The Baron, Baron Von Tollbooth & The Chrome Nun outtakes        1cdr


Carole King

A King And Two James, Troubadour, Los Angeles, spring 1971, remastered by BB  3cdr 2cd's on one  


King Crimson

Schizoids, The Dome, Brighton, UK, 16.10.71                                   2cdr

Astral Navigation, Community Theater, Berkeley, CA, 16.6.73 & BBC 1969        1cdr
Texas Hall, Arlington, TX, 6.10.73, from master tapes by T                    2cdr 



Kulled From The Archives, BBC sessions 1965-67 & demos 1965-66                1cdr

The Songs We Sang For Auntie, BBC sessions                                    3cdr
NR - The Great Lost Kinks Album, unreleased and rare recordings 1963-1970     1cd

The New Great Lost Kinks Album, more rare, unreleased tracks                  1cdr
Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, 2x.11.69                                    1cdr

Top Of The Rocks, Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, 13.11.70                  1cdr

Community Theater, Berkeley, CA, 27.2.72                                      1cdr

Aquarius Theater, Boston, MA, 21.11.72                                        1cdr

BBC2 TV Programme In Concert, 24.1.73                                         1dvd-r


Rhaasan Roland Kirk

Village Vanguard, New York, NY, 25.12.69                                      1cdr


Leo Kottke

Live At The Scholar Coffeehouse, Minneapolis, MN, 1969, (not a Bootleg, ua)   1cdr


Led Zeppelin

Spokane, WA, 30.12.68, Digital Volume 5                                       1cdr A
Collage, Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, 27.4.69, SBD                       2cdr A+

The Complete 69 BBC Classics                                                  2cdr

White Summer, Playhouse Theatre, London, UK, BBC Rock Hour, 27.6.69           1cdr

Texas International Pop Festival, Dallas, TX, 31.8.69                         1cdr

Ultimate Mudslide, Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, 21.3.70                       1cdr

Antrabata, Paris Cinema, London, England, 21.4.71                             1cdr

Hampton Roads Coliseum, Hampton, VA, 9.9.71, SBD                              2cdr
Florida Sunshine, Orlando, FL, 31.8.71                                        2cdr

Sessions, demos & outtakes, vol.1-5 & 8-11                                    9cdr

Sessions, Fourth LP sessions, Hampshire, 1.71 / India 3.72, vol.6&7           2cd
III To Get Ready, acoustic jams                                               1cdr

All That Glitters Is Gold, Fourth album outtakes & rehearsals                 2cdr

Brutal Artistry vol.1, outtakes, demos & alternates                           3cdr
Brutal Artistry vol.2, outtakes, demos & alternates                           2cdr
The Auditorium, Mobile, AL, 13.5.73, SBD                                      2cdr A+

Tympani For The Butter Queen, T.C.Convention Center, Fort Worth, TX, 19.5.73  2cdr

Center Coliseum, Seattle, 17.7.73, SBD                                        1cdr

Flying Circus, Madison Square Garden, New York, 12.2.75                       3cdr

Missouri Arena, St. Louis, MO, 16.2.75, SBD, bertha remaster                  3cdr

To Be a Rock & Not to Roll, live at Earl's Court Arena, London, 24.5.75       4cd
Prisoners of Rock and Roll, Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, 19./20.5.75          5cd

Bringing Down The House, Capitol Center, Landover, MD, 26.5.77, SBD           3cdr
Cabala, collection of outtakes & live performances                            8cdr A+

Physically Present, Physical Graffity sessions                                1cdr

Victoria Theatre, London, UK, rehearsals, may 1980, SBD                       1cdr

Led Zeppelin I, DTS 5.1 version, TOUP 1007                                    1cdr

Led Zeppelin II, uDTS 5.1 version, TOUP 1008                                  1cdr

Led Zeppelin III, DTS 5.1 version, TOUP 1009                                  1cdr

Led Zeppelin IV, DTS 5.1 version, TOUP 1010                                   1cdr

Houses Of The Holy, DTS 5.1 version, TOUP 1011                                1cdr

Physical Graffiti, DTS 5.1 version                                            2cdr



The Secret Life Of Evan Dando                                                 1cd
Squeeze Me, Please Me                                                         1cd

Lemon Alive, 1991-92                                                          1cdr

Astoria, London, 15.10.92                                                     1cdr

John Lennon

The Dream Is Over, outtakes and home demos from POB album                     1cd

Plastic Ono Band, unofficial DTS version                                      1cdr

Piano Compositions, home tape, 1970                                           1cdr

Alternative Toronto Mix & More                                                1cdr

Oh My Love Sessions                                                           1dvd-r

Imagine, the collectors edition, quadrophonic & Making The Album              2cd

Imagine, Quad to DTS version                                                  1cdr                                   
Imagine - All The Outtakes                                                    3cdr
Imagine - More Session Tapes                                                  2cdr

Luck Of The Irish Rehearsals & Demos, Greenwich Village, NY, 1971             1cdr
Absolute Elsewhere, Mind Games sessions                                       3cdr
Live in Los Angeles, California 1974 & 31st Birthday Party 1971               1cdr

Brandy Alexanders And The Wall Of Sound, Rock'n'Roll outtakes                 3cdr

The Complete May Pang Tapes Outtakes, 1974                                    1cdr
Listen To This, Walls and Bridges sessions                                    3cd
Studio Tracks vol.1-4                                                         4cd
Completed Rarities vol.1                                                      1cd
Complete Lost Lennon Tapes (interactive CD-ROM)                               3cdr

Lost Lennon Tapes, vol.1-22                                                  22cdr                                                           

Unplugged, acoustic                                                           1cdr

Christmas Present, white fly                                                  3cdr
Gone From This Place, rare and unreleased demos and outtakes, vol.1           1cdr
News Of The Day, rare and unreleased demos and outtakes, vol.2                1cdr
Watching The Wheels, rare and unreleased demos and outtakes, vol.3            1cdr
Serve Yourself, rare and unreleased demos and outtakes, vol.4                 1cdr

Songs From The Late Afternoon, Double Fantasy/Milk & Honey sessions           2cdr

Free As A Bird, the Dakota Beatles demos                                      1cdr 

Anthology, outtakes & demos not on the boxset, invasion unlimited             2cdr

Anthology                                                                     3dvd-r  

Live In New York City, transfered & remastered by BB                          1dvd-r

Imagine, all Imagine videos, not the movie, transfered & remastered by BB     1dvd-r


Gordon Lightfoot

1964, unknown location                                                        1cdr

Warner Brothers Demos, november 1964 - april 1966                             1cdr

Riverboat in Toronto 1965, SBD                                                1cdr

La Cave, Cleveland, OH, 1965                                                  1cdr

Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada, 23.3.74                                         2cdr


Los Lobos

Furthur Festival, Wolf Mountain, Park City, UT, 22.7.96                       1cdr
The Magic Bag, Ferndale, MI, 22.4.01                                          2cdr
Cafe Tomo, Arcata, CA, 15.11.01                                               2cdr



The Last Wall of the Castle, the Love Elektra sessions 1966-1968              1cd

Tivolis Concertsal, Falkoner Center, Copenhagen, Denmark, 12.3.70             1cdr

Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, 21.11.70, both sets                         1cdr
Colston Hall, Bristol, England, 8.5.74                                        1cdr

Lovin’ Spoonful

Do You Believe In Magic Outtakes                                              1cd

Night Owl Blues Plus, outtakes                                                1cdr


Taj Mahal

Fillmore East, New York, 1.16.71, late show, SBD                              1cdr A


Mahavishnu Orchestra

Eternal Flame, Whiskey A Go-Go, Los Angeles, 27.3.72, SBD                     1cdr

Wild Strings, Emerson Gynamsium of Case Western, Cleveland, OH, 21.4.72       1cdr

The Missing Montreux Concert, Montreux Pavillon, Montreux, SBD, 20.8.72       2cdr
Community Theater, Berkeley, CA, 9.11.72, SBD                                 2cdr

Convention Hall, Toronto, Canada, 26.1.73                                     1cdr

Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, 4.5.73                                           1cdr

Between Failure and Frustration, Shibuya Hall, Tokyo, 19.9.73, NoSpex remast. 2cdr

Wien, Austria, 29.8.75                                                        1cdr

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks

Bluebird Theater, Denver, CO, 25.10.01                                        2cdr

Warsaw, Brooklyn, NY, 12.7.02                                                 2cdr

Crystal Ballroom, Portland, Oregon, 21.3.03                                   2cdr


Aimee Mann

Tramp's, NYC, 12.8.99                                                         2cdr

Angie's Nightclub, Hamburg, Germany, 9.4.00                                   1cdr

Mountain Winery, Saratoga, 27.7.03                                            2cdr
Luther Burbank Center, Santa Rosa, CA, 28.7.03                                2cdr

Bob Marley & The Wailers
Jad Sessions, 1970-71                                                         4cdr

Catch A Fire & Burnin Demos, september 1972                                   1cdr

Old Grey Whistle Test, Paris Theatre, London, 24.5.73                         1cdr

The Record Plant, Sausalito, CA, 31.10.73                                     1cdr

Leeds Polytechnic College, Leeds, 27.11.73                                    1cdr

Natty Dread Demos, Jamaica, 1974                                              1cdr

Dada Demos                                                                    1cdr

Quiet Night Club, Chicago, IL, 10.6.75                                        1cdr

The Boarding House, San Francisco, CA, 3.7.75                                 1cdr

Wailers Reunion Concert, Kingston Town, Jamaica, 4.10.75                      1cdr

Yvette Acoustic Tape, demos 1976                                              1cdr

Stadust Club, Exeter, England, 24.6.76                                        1cdr

Exodus "Scratch" Vocal Demos, 1977                                            1cdr

Exodus Demos, alternates & dubs, 1977                                         2cdr

The Sons of Jah Acoustic Tape, London, 1977                                   1cdr

Kaya Demos And Mixes, 1977                                                    2cdr

Heidelberg, Germany, 16.5.77                                                  1cdr

Miami, FL, rehearsal sessions, 31.5.78                                        1cdr

Pinecrest Country Club, Shelton, CT, 14.6.78                                  2cdr

Ahoy Club, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 7.7.78                                     2cdr

Santa Barbara County Bowl, Santa Barbara, CA, 25.11.79                        1cdr

Stadio San Siro, Milan, Italy, 27.6.80                                        2cdr
Acoustic 1980, mother B tape - reel 1, aka Bedroom Tapes                      1cdr

Acoustic 1980, mother B tape - reel 2, aka Bedroom Tapes                      1cdr

Essex House Hotel, New York, NY, 20.9.80                                      1cdr

Stanley Theater, Pittsburgh, PA, 23.9.80, entire last Marley show             1cdr


John Mayall & The Bluesbreaker

Bluesbreaking, BBC recordings and unreleased, 1965-1966, w/Eric Clapton       1cdr

Mazzy Star

The Metro, Chicago, IL, 11.12.94                                              1cdr A+

Live at Slim's, San Francisco, CA, 21.12.96                                   1cdr

The Other Side, rare and live                                                 1cdr


Paul McCartney & Wings

McCartney, unofficial DTS version                                             1cdr

McCartney, brazilian true mono mix                                            1cdr

Ram, DCC Gold disc (not a bootleg, ua)                                        1cdr

Ram Mono, JBeat remaster                                                      1cdr

Ram, unofficial DTS version                                                   1cdr

Ram, DTS 5.1, Toup-15                                                         1cdr

Unsurpassed Masters vol.1, Red Rose Speed outtakes and live 1973              1cdr

Unsurpassed Masters vol.2, Ram outtakes and more                              1cdr

Wild Life Demos, red square                                                   1cdr
Wild Life Sessions, misterclaudel                                             1cdr

Live Over Switzerland, Pavillion, Montreux, Switzerland, 22.7.72              2cdr

Wings Over Sweden, Lund, 1972                                                 2cdr
Wild Live, Aarthus, Denmark, 14.8.72 & more                                   2cdr

Live In Groningen, Netherlands, 19.8.72                                       1cdr
Ciné Roma, Antwerp, Belgium, 22.8.72                                          2cdr

Leeds University, 19.5.73, unicorn                                            1cdr

Nights At The Hammersmith, 27.&28.5.73                                        2cdr

Hard Rock, Manchester, England 16. or 17.5.73                                 1cdr
Red Rose Speedway, DCC Gold disc (not a bootleg, ua)                          1cdr

Band On The Run, DCC Gold disc (not a bootleg, ua)                            1cdr

Live In Newcastle 1973, 10.7.73, acetate of unreleased Apple record           1cdr

Live In Edingburgh, Scotland, 23.7.73                                         1cdr

One Hand Clapping, from TV station master tape, Abbey Road Studio No.2, 1974  1cdr

The Elstree Tapes, sessions for One Hand Clapping                             1cdr

James Paul McCartney, ATV Special, ABC-TV American Broadcast version          1dvd-r

Down Under, Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne, 1975                                  2cdr

Melbourne '75, Myers Music Bowl, Melbourne, 13.11.75                          1dvd-r
Venus And Mars Outtakes, 1975                                                 1cdr

Venus And Mars, DCC Gold disc (not a bootleg, ua)                             1cdr
Venus And Mars, unofficial DTS version                                        1cdr

Tarrant County Convention Center, Fort Worth, TX, 3.5.76                      2cdr

Toronto 1976 Complete, Maple Leaf Garden, Toronto, 9.5.76                     2cdr

Wings Over Boston, Boston Garden, Boston, MA, 22.5.76                         2cdr

RRRRRRooock Show, The Forum, Inglewood, CA, 23.6.76                           1cdr

Wiener Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria, 19.9.76                                   2cdr

Over Zagreb, Dom Sportova Hall, Zagreb, 21.9.76, audio shack                  2cdr

Cielito Linda, live tracks, 1972-76                                           3cdr
Wings At The Speed Of Sound, DCC Gold disc (not a bootleg, ua)                1cdr

London Town Rough And Demos                                                   1cdr

Orange Demos, recorded on his farm, 1977                                      1cdr
The Piano Tape, demo sessions, 1978                                           1cdr

Scrambled Egg And More, Lympne Castle, Kent, spring 1978                      1cdr

Cold Cuts,  best unreleased music from the years 1971-1978                    1cd

New Conference Center, Brighton, 2.12.79                                      2cdr
Last Flight, Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, 17.12.79                                2cdr
Eggs Up, outtakes & alternates from Back To The Egg, 1979                     2cdr

Concerts For The People Of Kampuchea, 29.12.79, w/Rockestra                   1cdr

Waterwings, demos & outtakes                                                  3cdr
When It Rains, It Pours, Wings rehearsal sessions, 1980                       2cd

Ballroom Dancing, last Wings sessions 1980                                    1cdr

Pizza And Fairytales, outtakes and demos, 1985                                2cdr

The Lost McCartney Album                                                      2cdr
Tug Of War Demos, red square                                                  1cdr

Welcome To The Beautiful Snowland, Hallenstadion, Zurich, 29.10.89            2cdr

The Knebworth Concert, 1990                                                   1cdr

Tripping The Live Fantastic II, SBD from US 1990 tour                         2cdr

Up Close, Ed Sullivan Theater, 10.12.92, complete                             1dvd-r
Cricket Ground, Melbourne, Australia, 9.3.93                                  2cdr

Maimarkthalle , Mannheim, Germany, 3.10.93                                    2cdr
The Animated Film Soundtracks                                                 1cdr 

Complete Oobuu Joobu Tapes (interactive CD-ROM)                               1cdr
First Union Center, Philadelphia, 16.4.02                                     2cdr
MCI Center, Washington DC, 24.4.02                                            2cdr
Gund Arena, Cleveland, 0H, 29.4.02                                            2cdr
Ice Palace, Tampa, FL, 15.5.02                                                2cdr

BudaBEST - The Best Town in The Tour, Budapest, 15.5.04                       2cdr

Bridge School Benefit, Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA, 23.10.04    1cdr

Bridge School Benefit, Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA, 24.10.04    1cdr

Madison Square Garden, New York, 1.10.05, green grape                         2cdr

Madison Square Garden, New York, 5.10.05, green grape                         2cdr

Air Canada Center, Toronto, 10.10.05                                          3cdr

Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim, CA, 12.11.05, green grape                            3cdr

Toyota Center, Houston, TX, 19.11.05                                          2cdr
Greetings, Dallas!, American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX, 20.11.05            2cdr

Anthology, studio outtakes and home demos                                     2cdr

MoMac's Hidden Tracks, vol.1, 1966-69                                         1cdr
MoMac's Hidden Tracks, vol.2, 1970-71                                         1cdr
MoMac's Hidden Tracks, vol.3, 1971-72                                         1cdr
MoMac's Hidden Tracks, vol.4, 1972-73                                         1cdr
MoMac's Hidden Tracks, vol.5, 1973                                            1cdr
MoMac's Hidden Tracks, vol.6, 1973-74                                         1cdr
MoMac's Hidden Tracks, vol.7, 1974                                            1cdr
MoMac's Hidden Tracks, vol.8, 1974-75                                         1cdr

AOL Sessions, 2005, video shack                                               1dvd-r

Sold On Songs, Chaos & Creation At Abbey Road, BBC2 broadcast, 17.12.05       1dvd-r

Careerspan, vol.1, promos & live, 1970-74                                     1dvd-r

Careerspan, vol.2, promos & live, 1975-79                                     1dvd-r

Careerspan, vol.3, promos & live, 1980-85                                     1dvd-r


Roger McGuinn

My Father's Place, New York, 12.7.75                                          1cdr

Bottom Line, New York, NY, 19.10.77, SBD, w/Gene Clark                        1cdr

John McLaughlin

Antibes Jazz Festival, 25.7.96, SBD, w/ Elvin Jones & Joey DeFrancesco        1cdr

Symphony Hall, Boston, 24.11.96, w/Al DiMeola, Paco De Lucia                  2cdr


Men At Work

Rockpalast, Markthalle, Hamburg, 2.12.82                                      2cdr A

University, Berkeley Theater, Berkley, CA, 1.6.83                             1cdr A 2cd's on one


Mercury Rev

Cabaret Metro, Chicago, IL, 6.6.99                                            1cdr


Mississippi John Hurt

NYU School of Medicine, Alumni Hall, New York, 13.12.63                       1cdr

Phildelphia Folk Festival, Old Poole Farm, Schwenksville, PA, 29.8.70, SBD    1cdr


Joni Mitchell

Unrecorded Songs, unreleased early live songs                                 1cdr

Let's Sing Out, CBC TV show, Winnipeg, Manitoba, 4.10.65 & 24.10.66           1cdr w/Newport 1969

Let's Sing Out, CBC TV show, Winnipeg, Manitoba, 4.10.65 & 24.10.66           1dvd-r

Newport Folk Festival, 1966                                                   1cdr
The White Swan, The Couriers Folk Club, Leicester, England, september 1967    1cdr

Second Fret Sets, Second Fret coffeehouse, Philadelphia, 11.66 - 10.67        2cdr

Posall and the Mosalm, Second Fret & radio sessions, Philadelphia 1967        3cdr

Philadelphia Folk Festival, 23.8.68                                           1cdr

By The Banks Of The River Charles, Cambridge, MA, 1968                        1cdr
Club 47, Cambridge, MA, 4.1.68                                                1cdr

Ghosts, Ladies Of The Canyon outtakes                                         1cdr *

Looking Out For Love, various locations, 1967 - 1969                          1cdr

Mississippi River Festival, Southern IL. University, Edwardsville, IL, 7.7.69 1cdr

Newport Folk Festival, Newport, Rhode Island, 19.7.69                         1cdr w/Let's Sing Out

Alden Memorial Auditorium, Worcester, MA, 29.11.69                            2cdr
Sings The Songs Of Joni Mitchell, BBC broadcast 1970                          1svcd

Sings The Songs Of Joni Mitchell, BBC broadcast 1970                          1dvd-r A

Close Your Eyes, with James Taylor, 1970                                      1cd

The Johnny Cash Show, 1969 & 1970                                             1svcd

The Blonde In The Bleachers, BBC 1972, Hawaii 1973 & Isle of Wight 30.8.70    1cdr
Royal Albert Hall, London, 28.10.70, remastered, w/James Taylor               1cdr

Alternate Blue, from original recalled masters, march 1971                    1cdr
Paramount Theater, Seattle, WA, 16.2.72                                       1cdr

Carnegie Hall, New York, 23.2.72                                              1cdr

Academy of Music, Philadelphia, PA, 2.3.72                                    1cdr

George McGovern Benefit, Cleveland, OH, 8.5.72                                1cdr

L'Olympia Theatre, Paris, 15.6.72                                             2cdr

The Troubadour, West Hollywood, CA, 17.11.72                                  1cdr

Urge For Going, London & USA, 1973                                            1cdr

Court And Spark, Quad to DTS version                                          1cdr

St. John's Arena, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, 25.1.74                2cdr

Dorothy Chandler Pavillion, Los Angeles, CA, 3.3.74                           2cdr

Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, CA, 17.8.74                              1cdr

Temple University, Music Festival, Ambler, PA, 22.8.74                        2cdr

The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, 16.2.76                                       2cdr

War Memorial Auditorium, Syracuse, NY, 24.2.76, SBD                           2cdr
Budokan, Tokyo, Japan, 7.3.83                                                 2cdr

Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI, 3.7.83                            2cdr

Wembley Arena, London, BBC Radio 1, 24.8.83                                   1cdr

Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO, 30.8.83                                 2cdr

Off The Record, 1965-70, live performances of unreleased songs                2cdr

Unplugged & Jamming, various locations, 1969-94                               2cdr
JMDL CDtree #1, various locations live/studio '72-'98 & HOSL demos            4cdr

Painting With Words And Music                                                 2vcd *


Moby Grape

Long Gone, compilation 1967-69                                                1cdr

Fall On Amsterdam, RAI Congrescentrum, Amsterdam, 12.2.69                     1cdr



The Band, The B-Sides & Mono Mixes, jscotia                                   1cdr

Pisces, Aquarius, Outtakes & Remixes, jscotia                                 1cdr

Quarter, vol.1&2, Quad to DTS version                                         2cdr

Municipal Auditorium, Mobile, AL, 12.8.67, SBD                                1cdr

Moody Blues

Beat Survivors, BBC, 1967-1969                                                1cdr

Melancholy Men, first US radio concert 1969, Philadelphia 1970 & BBC 1969     1cdr

Fillmore East, New York, march 1970                                           1cdr

Maples Pavillion, Stanford University, CA, 3.12.70                            1cdr
Live In Dallas, 1972                                                          1cdr

Eternity Road, live on stage in the early 1970's                              2cdr

Isle Of Wight Festival, 30.8.70                                               1cdr


Van Morrison

Here Comes Van Morrison, gems from 1963-67, w/Them, Blizzards & Monarchs      1cdr

No Stone Unturned, studio outtakes 1968-1976                                  1cd
Gets His Chance To Wail, outtakes 1969-1971                                   1cd

Gets his Chance to Wail, vol.1, Laughing In The Wind, 1969-75                 1cdr
Gets his Chance to Wail, vol.2, Naked In The Jungle, 1969-76                  1cdr
Gets his Chance to Wail, vol.3, Rocks His Gypsy Soul, 1964-73                 1cdr
Other Nights, Other Vaults In Frisco Vol. 5, Fillmore West, 26.4.70           1cdr

Inn of the Beginning, Cotati, CA, 14.5.71                                     1cdr

The Inner Mystic, Pacific High Studios, CA, 5.9.71, remastered                2cdr
Dark Shades Of Soul vol.1, Santa Monica, 27.4.72                              1cdr
Dark Shades Of Soul vol.2, Santa Monica, 29.6.73, early show                  1cdr
Dark Shades Of Soul vol.3, Santa Monica, 28.4.72                              1cdr

Dark Shades Of Soul vol.4, Convention Center, Anaheim, 16.11.74               1cdr

Live In The Lion’s Share, San Anselmo, 15.2.73, SBD                           1cdr

It's Never To Late, from acetate, 1973 tour                                   1cdr

Troubadour, Los Angeles, CA, 24.5.73, late show                               1cdr

Four O'Clock In The Morning, Troubadour, Los Angeles, CA, 24.5.73, late show  1cdr
It Ain’t Why It Just Is, Troubadour, Los Angeles, CA, 26.5.73                 1cdr

War Memorial Gym at the University of BC, Vancouver, BC, 17.2.74              1cdr

Casino, Montreux, Switzerland, 30.6.1974                                      1cd
Live At The Orphanage, San Francisco, CA, 29.7.74                             1cdr

Wonderland Tapes, Hilversum, Netherlands, 22.7.77                             2cdr
The Genuine Philosopher's Stone                                               3cdr


Pandit Buddhaditya Mukherjee

Toronto, 1983, SBD, Sitar & Tabla                                             2cdr A


Maria Muldaur

Waitress In A Donut Shop, Quad to DTS version                                 1cdr

The Troubadour, Hollywood, LA, 1974                                           1cdr


Graham Nash

Uihlein Hall, Performing Arts Center, Milwaukee, WI, 9.4.80                   2cdr
Jones Beach Theatre, Wantagh, NY, 19.7.86                                     1cdr
XM Studios, 24.7.02                                                           1cdr


Michael Nesmith

Loose Salut, 1970, quad to DTS version                                        1cdr

Magnetic South, 1970, quad to DTS version                                     1cdr

The Roundhouse, London, 28.4.74                                               1cdr


Mickey Newbury

Live in San Francisco, CA, 1988, SBD                                          1cdr


Randy Newman

12 Songs Twice, Winterthur, Switzerland, radio braodcast, 11.9.92             1cdr A+


Whiskey A Go Go, Los Angeles, CA, 5.6.79, w/Tim Hardin                        1cdr

Ronnie Scotts Club, London, 8.4.84                                            1cdr

Lublijana, november 1984                                                      1cdr


Harry Nilsson

At The BBC, The Rare Harry Collection vol.1                                   1cdr

Demos, TV & Live, The Rare Harry Collection vol.2                             1cdr

Unreleased Tracks, The Rare Harry Collection vol.3                            1cdr

Popeye Demos, The Rare Harry Collection vol.4                                 1cdr



Reciprocal Recording Studios, Seattle, Washington, 1988 - 1989                1cdr

The Complete Radio Sessions, 1989-1992                                        1cdr

Smart Studios, Madison, WI, april 1990                                        1cdr

In Utero, first week recordings, Pachyderm studios, Cannon Falls, march 1993  1cdr

Into The Black, demos, rarities & live                                        6cdr


Laura Nyro

Tidbits, 1967-1990, rarities                                                  1cdr

Live In Japan, 1972                                                           1cdr

Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, CA, 9.5.74                                     1cdr



The Secret Life Of Arabia, rare 1992-1995                                     1cd

Talk Tonight, The Hultsfred Festival, Hultsfred, Sweden, 13.8.94              1cdr

Gig Forever, Club Quattro, Tokyo, Japan, 14.9.94                              1cdr

Glastonbury Festival, UK, 23.6.95                                             1cdr

Exile On Maine Road, 27.3.96                                                  2cdr

Not Much Cop, live Kopenhagen 10.9.1997 / studio outtakes                     2cd

Brabanthallen, Den Bosch, The Netherlands, 27.11.97                           2cdr

Manchester GMEX, Manchester, England, 14.12.97                                2cdr

Undrugged, accoustic songs                                                    1cd
Leave Me Here, Giants demos, 1999-00                                          1cdr

Riverside Theatre, Milwaukee, WI, 16.4.00, w/Travis                           2cdr

The Cabaret Metro, Chicago, IL, 15.10.00                                      1cdr


Phil Ochs

Gaslight Club, New York, 5.6.64                                               1cdr

Salle Claude Champagne, Montreal, 22.10.66                                    2cdr
Carnegie Hall, New York, 27.3.70                                              2cdr

Ann Arbor Hotel Room / Westbury Music Fair / Demos, 1970/71, w/Lennon         1cdr

Video Archive, 1967-71                                                        1vcd

Marc O'Connor

Strawberry Music Festival, Camp Mather, CA, 2.9.01                            2cdr


Old And In The Way

Community Center, Stinson Beach, CA, 30.9.73                                  2cdr

California State College Sonoma, Cotati, CA, 4.11.73, w/Garcia, Grisman       2cdr
Rehearsals, two seperate rehearsal sessions in 1973                           1cdr


Mike Oldfield

Eilenriedhalle, Hannover, 4.2.81, SBD                                         2cdr A


Yoko Ono

Live In The Hague, 3.1.86                                                     1cdr


Other Ones

Terrapin Station, Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI, 4.8.02                        3cdr

Gram Parsons

Under Your Spell Again, rarities                                              2cdr

Sing Me Back Home, demos, alternate & live, 1964-1973                         2cdr

A Song For You, acoustic rehearsals for the GP album, 1972                    1cdr
Yours Truly Anonymous, Max's Kansas City, NYC, 9.3.73                         1cdr
Fallen Angels Live, New York, WLIR-broadcast, 13.3.73                         1cdr

Tower Theater Philadelphia, 17.6.73, last show                                1cdr


Jaco Pastorius

Paris, december 1984 & New York 1985, w/ Jimmy Page, remastered by NoSpex     1cdr



Masquerade, Atlanta, GA, 7.4.94                                               1cdr

Shepard's Bush Empire, London, 11.4.97                                        1cdr
Venue Mississippi Nights, St. Louis, MO, 14.10.99                             1cdr


Pearl Jam

Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA, Bridge School Benefit, 20.10.01    1cdr

Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA, Bridge School Benefit, 21.10.01    1cdr



BBC In Concert 1971                                                           1dvd-r


Peter, Paul & Mary

Smothers Brothers Comedy Concert Hour, 1.3.69, w/Donovan                      1cdr

Pink Floyd

Dawn Of The Piper, Syd's era Floyd                                            1cdr

Dark Globe, various locations & sessions, 1966-69                             1cdr
At Dawn v.4, Top Gear appearances 1967-1969                                   1cdr

Outtakes From Outer Space, studio/live/outtakes 1966-1967                     1cd

Have You Got It Yet?, Syd Barrett with Pink Floyd 1965-74                     4cdr

1967-69 - A Collection Of Quad Floyd Songs vol.1, DTS version                 1cdr

1967-73 - A Collection Of Quad Floyd Songs vol.2, DTS version                 1cdr

Unmissable Tracks vol.1&2                                                     2cd

Complete Paradiso, Amsterdam, 23.5.68, early & late show & bonus              2cdr
Zabriskie Point - The Sessions, studio sessions Rome, 16.11.-12.12.69         2cdr

Free Trade Hall, Manchester, Lancashire, 22.6.69                              1cdr

The Final Lunacy, Albert Hall, London, England, 26.6.69                       1cdr

Complete Concertgebouw 1969, Amsterdam, 17.9.69                               2cdr

Around the Mystic, London, 19.10.69                                           1cdr

More Furious Madness from the Massed Gadgets of Auximines, lost album revised 1cdr A

Work In Paris, Theater Comedie des Champs Elysees, Paris, France, 23.1.70     2cdr

Project Birmingham, Townhall, Birmingham, 11.2.70                             2cdr

Six Of One, Refectory Hall, Leeds University, Leeds, Yorkshire, 28.2.70       2cdr 2cd's on one
Niedersachsenhalle, Hannover, 15.3.70                                         2cdr

Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY, 22.4.70, complete                          2cdr
Interstellar Encore, Fillmore West, San Francisco, 29.4.70                    2cdr

Live in Saint Tropez, Festival de Musique, 8.8.70, cohon productions          1dvd-r A
Focus, Paris Theatre, London, 16.9.70                                         1cdr
Libest Spacement Monitor, Playhouse Theatre, London, 16.9.70, SBD             1cdr

Meddle, Quad to DTS (unofficial) version                                      1cdr

Meddle, MFSL ultradisc version                                                1cdr

Bytes Of The Talisman, Paris Theatre, London, 16.9.70 & 10.9.71               1cdr           

Pepperland Auditorium, San Rafael, CA, 17.10.70, definitive master version    2cdr

Sing To Me Cymbaline, Civic Center, Santa Monica, 23.10.70                    2cdr

Old Casino, Montreux, Switzerland, 21.&22.11.70, SBD                          2cdr

Pink's Psychedelic Last Night, Sheffield City Hall, Yorkshire, 12.12.70       2cdr

Sheffield Master Tapes, City Hall, Sheffield, 22.12.70                        3cdr

Broadcastings From Europa 1, France, 23.1.70 & 12.6.71                        1cdr

A Recurring Nightmare, compilation of Cymbaline versions                      1cdr
Return Of The Dead Sons, Garden Party, Crystal Palace Bowl, London, 15.5.71   2cdr

No More Colours, Festival Hall, Melbourne, 13.8.71, speed corrected series    1cdr 2cd's on one
Live In Pompeii, Pompeii Amphitheatre, Italy, 4.-7.10.71                      1cd
One Of These Days, Paris Theatre, London, 12.10.71                            1cdr

Wind And Seabirds, Convention Hall, San Diego, CA, 17.10.71                   2cdr

For Reasons I Don't Understand, W.R. University, Cleveland, OH, 6.11.71       2cdr

Atom Heart Mother, quadrophonic & alternate                                   2cd
Atom Heart Mother, Quad to DTS version                                        1cdr

The Darkside Rehearsals, The Dome, Brighton, Sussex, 20.1.72                  2cdr

The Best Of Tour 72, Rainbow Theatre, London, 17.2.72                         1cdr

Carnegie Hall, New York, 2.5.72                                               2cdr

Bowl De Luna, Hollywood Bowl, LA, 22.9.72                                     2cdr

Winterland 1972, Winterland Auditorium, San Francisco, CA, 23.-24.9.72        3cdr

The Return Of The Sons Of Nothing, Boeblingen, 15.11.72                       1cdr

Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland, 9.12.72                                   2cdr

In a Neutral Land, Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland, 9.12.72, rev 1, MoLM   2cdr

Across The Swiss Border, Palais des Sports, Lyon, France, 12.12.72            2cdr

Crazy Diamond, acetates of Shine On Your Crazy Diamond & Echoes               1cdr

Dark Side Of The Moon, quadrophonic & alternate                               2cd
Dark Side Of The Moon, Quad to DTS version                                    1cdr

Dark Side Of The Moon, MFSL ultradisc version                                 1cdr

Dark Side Of The Moon, high resolution transfers from quad master tapes       1dvd-r A

Supine In The Sunshine, Earl's Court, London, 19.5.73                         2cdr

When You're In Tampa, Tampa Stadium, Tampa, FL, 29.7.73                       2cdr

Parc Des Expositions, Colmar, 22.6.74, 1st gen                                2cdr

Brain Damage, London, BBC broadcast, 16.11.74                                 1cdr
BBC '74 Remastered, Wembley Empire Pool, London, 16.11.74, SBD                1cdr A+

The Great Gig In The Sky, Wembley Empire Pool, 16.11.74                       1cdr
Wish You Were Here, Quad to DTS version                                       1cdr

Azimuth Coordinator Part 1, Vancouver, 18.4.75                                2cdr

Echoes From The Past, PE, Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA, 26.4.75              2cdr A
Echoes In The Gardens, Boston, 18.6.75                                        3cdr
Boston Gardens, Boston, 18.6.75                                               2cdr

Echoes In The Canadian Wood, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, 28.7.75               2cdr
Animals, SaH DTS release                                                      1cdr

Deutschlandhalle, West Berlin, 29.1.77, SBD, first set                        1cdr

Pavillion de Pigs, Pavillion de Paris, Porte de Pantin, Paris, 22.2.77        2cdr

Iron Pigs On Fire, Tarrant County Convention Center, Fort Worth, TX, 1.5.77   2cdr

Animal Instincts, Coliseum, Oakland, 9.5.77                                   2cdr

Animal Instincts, Coliseum, Oakland, 9.5.77, rev. B                           2cdr

Animal Instincts, Coliseum, Oakland, 9.5.77, unofficial DTS version           2cdr
Welcome to the Machine, Madison Square Garden, New York, 2.7.77               1cd
Azimuth Coordinator Part 2, Olympic Stadium, Montreal, Quebec, 6.7.77         2cdr
Under Construction, the Wall demos, Britannia Row studios, autumn 1978        1cdr
Every Brick In The Wall, compilation of the wall                              2cdr
The Wall, MFSL ultradisc gold version                                         2cdr

The Wall, unofficial DTS version by mr. ed                                    2cdr

The Wall - Original Film Sessions, 1.1.80, early pre-release SBD Mix          2cdr

Azimuth Coordinator Part 3, Los Angeles, 7.2.80                               2cdr

Los Angeles Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA, 8.2.80, definitive Wall series     2cdr
The Wall Rehearsals, Paramount Studios, Los Angeles, january 1980             1cdr

Behind The Wall, Nassau 28.2.80 & Paramount rehearsals 1.2.80                 3cdr

Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY, 27.2.80, definitive Wall series               2cdr

Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY, 28.2.80, 2nd generation tape                  2cdr

Home Piggy Home, Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY, 28.2.80, 1st generation tape 2cdr A
Earls Court, London, 9.8.80, MoLM definitive Wall series                      2cdr

Tear Down The Wall, Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, 14.2.81                         2cdr

Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, 18.2.81                                             2cdr

Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, 20.2.81                                             2cdr

Live Wall, Earls Court, London, 17.6.81, last show with Roger Waters          2cdr

The Final Cutting, working demos, 1982, FRP version                           1cdr

The Final Cutting, working demos, 1982, speed corrected                       1cdr

The Final Cut, SaH DTS release                                                1cdr

A Momentary Lapse of Reason, SaH DTS release                                  1cdr

Your Favorite Disease, Rosebowl, Pasadena, 16.4.94                            2cdr

Earl's Court Exhibition Hall, London, 29.10.94, last PF show ever             2cdr

BBC Archives 1967-1969                                                        1cdr

BBC Archives 1970-1971, Paris Cinema, London, 16.7.70 & 30.9.71               2cdr

Numb For Live, collection of Comfortably Numb                                 3cdr

The Alternate Bell, remixes                                                   1cdr

A Tree Full Of Secrets, demos & outtakes                                     18cdr
Mr Screen - A Video Anthology 1967 - 2001                                     3vcd

Mr Screen II - Spare Bricks 1967 - 2000                                       2vcd

KQED - An Hour With Pink Floyd, San Francisco, CA, 29.4.70                    1dvd-r

Mind Your Throats Please, Bath, 29.6.70 & Amsterdam Rock Circus, 22.5.72      1dvd-r

Dusty Tapes, Darkside Of The Moon backdrop films 1974 & more                  1dvd-r

The Wall, Earls Court, London, 9.8.80                                         1dvd-r

The Making Of The Wall, the lost documentry                                   1dvd-r

Live 8, London, 2.7.05                                                        1dvd-r A



Civic Center, Glens Falls, NY, 31.10.94, play whole Beatles White Album       4cdr


Robert Plant

Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan, 20.2.84                                          2cdr


Live From Columbia Studios, Los Angeles, CA, 30.9.71                          1cdr A
Live At The Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, 1.11.70                         1cdr

Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, 10.2.72                                             1cdr
Crazy Eyes Outtakes, 1973, SBD                                                1cdr


Poet & The One Man Band

Royal Albert Hall, London, 5.6.69, Fotheringay related, Lagga Shoebox Archive 1cdr w/Steeleye Span, London 1971


Greenland Whale Fisheries Part 1, 10.5.85                                     1cdr



Les Arenes, Beziers, France, 22.8.80                                          1cdr


Iggy Pop

Sister Midnight, Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, OH, 21.3.77 w/David Bowie         1cdr

Elvis Presley

Jailhouse Rock Sessions                                                       1cdr

Totally Stung!, pre army session, , Studio b, Nashville, TN, 10.6.58          1cdr

Cafe Europa Sessions                                                          5cdr

Unsurpassed Masters, vol.1-3                                                  3cdr

The How Great Thou Art Sessions, 1966                                         3cdr

Finding The Way Home, the 1969 American Sound Studio sessions                 2cdr A+

American Crown Jewels, companion to FTWH                                      1cdr
Opening Night, Las Vegas International Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1.8.69       1cdr

Lean, Mean And Kickin Butt, International Hotel, Las Vegas, 28.1.71           1cdr

Blue Hawaii Sessions, vol.1-3                                                 3cdr


Billy Preston & The God Squad

European Tour 1973, w/Mick Taylor                                             1cdr


Kid, live 1984                                                                1cdr


John Prine

Studs Terkel Radio Show, Chicago, IL, 7.1.70                                  1cdr

John Prine Majestic Theatre, Dallas, TX, 30.9.95                              2cdr


Quicksilver Messenger Service

Easter Sunday Jam, Service Old Mill Tavern, Mill Valley, CA, 29.3.70          2cdr


Black Sessions, 23.2.93/21.2.95 & Reading Festival 1994                       1cdr

Unplugged, accoustic sessions 1995-1996                                       1cd
Avalone Club, Boston, MA, 13.4.96                                             1cdr

Rarities 1995-1998                                                            1cdr

Shepherds Bush Empire, London, England, 24.5.03                               2cdr

Parting The Waves, the complete studio rarities, recompiled by BB             4cdr

Parting The Waves, the complete live rarities                                 3cdr


Bonnie Raitt

Ultra Sonic Studios, Hempstead, New York, 17.10.72                            1cdr


Ramblin' Jack Elliott

Felt Forum, New York, 18.3.73                                                 1cdr

Live 1975 Companion, vol.2, Friend Named Ramblin' Jack                        1cdr


Otis Redding

A Soupcon of Soul, Birmingham, 1967 & Stockholm, 4.6.67 and more              1cdr   

Lou Reed

Bataclan, reunion show with John Cale & Nico, 1972                            1cdr
Ultrasonic Recording Studio, KLIR FM, Hempstead, NY, 26.12.72                 1cdr

Phantom of Rock, Alice Tully Hall, NY, 27.1.73, SBD                           1cdr
Whatever Happened To Dick & Steve, Konserthuset, Stockholm, 14.5.74, SBD      1cdr

Blondes Have More Fun, Sydney, Australia, 1974                                1cdr



Document Demos, John Keane's Studio, Athens, GA, 1987                         1cdr

Complete Green Demos, Keane's Studios, Athens & Bearsville Studios, 1988      1cdr

Outtakes Of Time, raw mixes of Out Of Time                                    1cdr


Keith Richards

Toronto Blues, 12.3.77, 1980 & 1981                                           1cdr

Rolling Stones

Raw Power, live 1964-1965                                                     1cdr
Chess Sessions, 1964-65                                                       1cdr

Masons Yard To Primrose Hill, outtakes 1964-1970                              1cd
Diverse Harmonics, outtakes 1965-1970                                         1cd
Toothless Bearded Hag, isolated trax vol.1                                    1cdr

Standing In The Shadow, isolated trax vol.2                                   1cdr

Beggars Breakfast, outtakes 1968-1972                                         1cd

Beggars Banquet, DTS 5.1 version, TOUP 1002                                   1cdr

Beggars Brunch, isolated trax vol.3                                           1cdr

Could You Walk On The Water, studio rarities 1972-1979                        1cd
Could You Walk On The Water, Sister Morphine version, '60 outtakes            2cdr

Itchty Fingers, outtakes 1969-1970                                            1cd
Olympic Recording Sessions, June 1968                                         1cd
Devil's Disciple, Civic Center, Baltimore, 26.11.68                           1cdr

Have You Heard...?, rare/outtakes 1965-1967                                   1cd
Around And Around, rare/outtakes 1962-1965                                    1cd
No Stone Unturned                                                             1cd
Necrophilia, unreleased album                                                 1cdr

Only When Its Frozen, 22bit Mickboy remasters of Aftermath and outtakes       2cdr
Satanic Sessions vol.1                                                        4cdr
Satanic Sessions vol.2                                                        4cdr
Metamorphosis (not a Bootleg, ua)                                             1cd
Sympathy For The Devil, outtakes from Beggar's Banquet                        1cdr

R.S.V.P., Beggar's Banquet sessions, 1968                                     1cdr

Hyde Park 1969, London, England, 5.7.69                                       1cdr

Let It Bleed, unofficial DTS version by EOH                                   1cdr

Let It Bleed, DTS 5.1 version, TOUP 1006                                      1cdr

Nasty Habits, isolated trax vol.4                                             1cdr

Live'r Than You'll Ever Be, Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA, 9.11.69            1cdr

Stoneaged, San Diego, 10.11.69                                                1cdr

Get What You Need, 22bit Mickboy remasters of Let It Bleed and more           1cdr
Altamont 1969, Gimme Shelter soundtrack                                       1cdr

There's No Angel Born In Hell, 27.11.69/28.11.69 & 6.12.69                    1cdr

Tastes So Good, 22bit Mickboy remasters of Sticky Fingers                     1cdr

Sticky Fingers - The Alternate Album                                          1cdr

Sticky Fingers, DTS 5.1 version, TOUP 1022                                    1cdr

Acoustic Motherfuckers, mostly acoustic outtakes from 1969-1970               1cdr

Electric Motherfuckers, electric outtakes                                     1cdr

It’s Only Rock’n’Roll Outtakes, rare/outtakes 1970-1975                       1cd
Live In Leeds, Leeds University, England 13.3.71                              1cdr

Get A Line On You, Exile outtakes                                             1cd
Main Street Revisited, 22bit Mickboy remasters of EMS and alternate           2cdr
Very Ancient Thank You Kindly, div. 1972 shows, 22bit Mickboy remasters       1cdr

Stones Touring Party, STP Rehearsals, Dallas, TX, 24.6.72, remastered by BB   2cdr

Two Days in Texas, Stones Touring Party 1972 vol.1                            3cdr A

Philadelphia Special, Stones Touring Party 1972 vol.2                         2cdr 2cd's on one

Burning At The Garden , Stones Touring Party 1972 vol.3                       2cdr
Ladies & Gentleman, 1972 US tour                                              1cdr

Boston Gardens, Boston, MA, 19.7.72                                           1cdr

Nasty Music, 20-bit master recording, King Biscuit broadcast recordings 1973  1cdr

Perth, Australia, 24.2.73                                                     1cdr
Brussels Affair, Forest National, Brussel, 17.10.73                           1cdr

Dancing So Free, 22bit Mickboy remasters of Goat's Head Soup and more         1cdr

Goat's Head Soup, unoffial DTS version by EOH                                 1cdr
Short & Curlies, 22bit Mickboy remasters It's Only Rock & Roll and outtakes   2cdr
It's Only Rock & Roll, unofficial DTS version by EOH                          1cdr

Lonely At The Top, Studio Sessions, 1974                                      1cdr

LA Blues, The Forum, Los Angeles, CA, 11.7.75                                 1dvd-r
Who Went To Church This Sunday, Inglewood Forum, Los Angeles, CA, 13.7.75     2cdr

From Rags To Excess, 22bit Mickboy remasters Black & Blue and outtakes        2cdr

Live In Frankfurt 1976, Frankfurt, Germany, 29.4.76                           1cdr

Paris Aux Printemps, Les Abattoirs, Paris, France, 6.6.76, SBD                2cdr
Paris Outtakes Vol. 1, 1977/78, Some Girls outtakes                           1cdr
Paris Outtakes Vol. 2, 1977-79, Some Girls outtakes                           1cdr
The Complete Woodstock Tapes, Bearsville studios, tour rehearsals 1978        4cdr
Tattoo Too, Tattoo You demos and outtakes                                     2cdr

Lonely At The Top, unreleased material from the 1970's                        1cdr

Static In The Attic, 70's outtakes                                            1cdr

Black Box, millenium edition, with bonus cd, outtakes 1964-1970               4cdr
Jersey Devil Revised, 5.11.81/6.11.81/7.11.81/15.11.81                        6cdr

Stripped Companion, Toshiba Studio Sessions, Tokyo, 3.-5.3.95 & live          1cdr

Cirkus, Stockholm, Sweden, 22.7.03, CC                                        2cdr A
Rock And Roll Circus, w/Jethro Tull, John & Yoko, Eric Clapton and others     1vcd *

Cocksucker Blues                                                              1dvd-r

Through The Past Darkly, unoffial DTS 5.1 version                             1cdr


Peter Rowan

Merlefest Midnight Jam, Walker Center, Wilkesboro, NC, 25.4.92                2cdr
   featuring: Tony Rice, Bela Fleck, David Grisman, Allison Krauss & more

Catawba Center, Hickory, NC, 24.10.98                                         2cdr

The Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ, 7.6.02, w/the Texas Trio & Tony Trischka     2cdr


Roxy Music

Thames Lovers, Avalon Tour, Paris, 1982                                       1cdr


Tom Rush

Schaeffer Music Festival, Central Park, New York, NY, 1972                    1cdr


Sergeant Rutter's Darts Club Band                                             1cdr

Ultra Sweet Rutle Trax                                                        1cdr

Rutles To Let!, outtakes & demos                                              1cdr
Studio Rehearsals 1978                                                        1cdr


Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions

Lee's Palace, Toronto, ON, 21.8.02                                            1cdr



LA Forum, Los Angeles, CA, 22.3.71, w/Jose Feliciano                          2cdr


Santana & John McLaughlin

Berkeley, CA, 5.9.73, SBD                                                     1cdr

International Amphitheatre, Chicago, IL, 01.09.73                             2cdr

International Amphitheatre, Chicago, IL, 10.11.73                             2cdr

Love, Devotion, Surrender Outtakes                                            2cdr A+


John Sebastian

Winterland Ballroom, San Fransisco, CA, 4.10.69, SBD                          1cdr

Berkeley Community Theatre, Berkeley, CA, 12.4.70, SBD                        1cdr

Isle Of Wight Festival, 29.8.70                                               1cdr


Pete Seeger & Arlo Guthrie

Rainbow Quest, broadcast WNJU-TV, 26.2.66, w/Richard & Mimi Fariña            1VCD

Wollman Rink, Central Park, New York City, 25.7.75                            2cdr

Ravi Shankar

Palace Of Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA, 10.10.82                              1cdr

Hancher Auditorium, Iowa City, Iowa, 16.4.87, remastered                      2cdr

Sandhya (Evening) Ragas, Royal Albert Hall, London, 3.8.05, BBC               1cdr

Paul Simon

Queens College, London, 1964 & BBC Promo Show, July 1965                      1cdr

Songbook, outtakes and demos from the S&G era, now official                   1cd *

Tower Theater, Piladelphia, PA, 8.10.80                                       1cdr

Kaufman Astoria Studios, New York, NY, 4.3.92                                 1cdr


Simon & Garfunkel

Unsurpassed Masters, Parsley, Sage, Rosmary & Thyme  sessions                 1cd

Shriver Auditorium, John Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, 21.10.66          1cdr
Tufts University, Medford, MA, 1.2.67                                         1cdr

Monterey Pop Festival, Monterey, CA, 16.6.67 & official bonus songs           1cdr

Alternate Bookends, outtakes, live & mono                                     1cdr

Voices Of The Intelligent Dissent, Hollywood Bowl, 23.8.1968                  1cd
A Time Of Innocence, Miami University, Oxford, 11.11.69                       1cd

Bridge Over Troubled Water, quadrophonic & alternate                          1cd
Hearts And Bones, unfinished S&G album                                        1cdr
Welcome to Holland, Amsterdam 1970 & Dutch TV 1966                            2cdr
Live In Paris, may 1970                                                       1cdr

Bridge Over Troubled Water, Quad to DTS version                               1cdr

Where My Heart Lies, complete English recordings, 1965-1970                   1cdr

Overs, live, studio and demo recordings, 1964-1970                            2cdr

Far East Reunion, Osaka, 7.5.82 & Queens College, London, 1964                2cdr

Songs For The Asking, live performances 1966-1995, hempsall tree              2cdr

Songs Of America, 1969 TV special with original commercials                   1dvd-r

Small Faces

BBC 1965 - 1968                                                               1cdr

Vienna, Austria, 01.12.69                                                     1cdr

Smashing Pumpkins

Kezar Pavilion, San Francisco, CA, 6.2.96                                     3cdr

Billy's Home Demos, MCIS demos I                                              1cdr

Electric Pumpkinland Demos, MCIS demos II                                     1cdr


Elliott Smith
Umbra Penumbra, Portland, 17.9.94                                             1cdr

Princeton Terrace Club, Princeton, NJ, 12.4.97                                1cdr

Green Street Grille, Cambridge, MA, 4.1.98                                    1cdr

Black Cat, Washington, DC, 17.4.98                                            1cdr A

Bottom Of The Hill, San Francisco, CA, 18.5.98                                1cdr

The Roxy, Boston, MA, 29.3.99, first set                                      1cdr

Satyricon, Portland, 14.10.99                                                 1cdr

Town Hall, New York, NY, 22.2.00                                              1dvd-r

SXSW, La Zona Rosa, Austin, TX, 17.3.00                                       1cdr

Figure 8 Demos, Abbey Road studios                                            1cdr

Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, Georgia, 8.5.00                                   1cdr

Le Bikini, Toulouse, France, 28.6.00                                          1cdr

The Forum, London, UK, 5.10.00                                                1cdr

The Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR, 20.12.01                                  1cdr

Spaceland, Los Angeles, CA, 12.1.03                                           1cdr

Henry Fonda Theater, Los Angeles, CA, 31.1.03                                 2cdr A+

Henry Fonda Theater, Los Angeles, CA, 1.2.03                                  2cdr

Steamboat, Austin, TX, 3.5.03, SBD                                            1cdr


Patti Smith

Rarities, outtakes, 1974-78 1cdr

CBGB's, New York, NY, 17.4.75, w/Television complete night                    3cdr

WBAI Studio, NYC, FM Broadcast, 28.5.75                                       1cdr

Let's Deoderize The Night, The Bottom Line, New York, 28.12.75                1cdr

Jolene, Tower Theatre, Philadelphia, PA, 27.3.76                              1cdr

I Never Talked To Bob Dylan, Stockholm, 3.10.76                               1cdr

Masonic Hall, Detroit, MI, 12.12.76                                           1cdr 2cd's on one

A Wing And A Prayer, live 1976 & 1979                                         1cdr

Olympia, Paris, 26.3.78                                                       1cdr
The Kids Are Alright, The Agora, Cleveland, Ohio, 23.4.78                     1cdr

Live At CBGB's, New York, NY, 1979                                            2cdr


The Smiths

The Troy Tate Sessions, Elephant studios, Wapping, London, july 1983          1cdr

Asleep, studio, live & soundcheck 1983-85                                     1cdr

Rarities & Demos, 1983-1987                                                   1cdr

Paseo de Cameons, Madrid, 5.5.85                                              1cdr


Sons Of Champlin

Minus Seeds & Stems, 1970 rehearsals at the church, San Anselmo, 1970         1cdr

Bruce Springsteen

Unsurpassed Springsteen Volume 1, The Early Years                             1cd
Unsurpassed Springsteen Volume 2, Max's Kansas 1972-1973                      1cd
Unsurpassed Springsteen Volume 3, CBS Audition                                1cd
Unsurpassed Springsteen Volume 4, Greetings From Asbury Park outtakes         1cd
My Father's Place, Roslyn, New York, 31.7.73                                  1cdr
Summertime Bruce, Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, 9.8.78, SBD                      3cdr

Lost Masters vol.1, Alone In Colts Neck, the complete Nebraska session        1cdr

Lost Masters vol.2, One Way Street, Darkness masters vol.1                    1cdr

Lost Masters vol.3, Rattling The Chains, Darkness masters vol.2               1cdr

Lost Masters vol.4, Big Expendables, songs that got away                      1cdr

Lost Masters vol.5, Heaven's Dawn, unreleased River masters vol.1             1cdr
Lost Masters vol.6, Travel In Fear, unreleased River masters vol.2            1cdr
Lost Masters vol.7, Stockton Boy, solo masters vol.1                          1cdr

Lost Masters vol.8, Under The Gun, solo masters vol.2                         1cdr

Lost Masters vol.9, Love Is A Gun, solo masters vol.3                         1cdr

Lost Masters vol.10, Jesse James & The Wages Of Sin, solo masters vol.4       1cdr

Lost Masters vol.11, Walk, Don't Run, the Telegraph Hill rehearsals vol.1     1cdr

Lost Masters vol.12, Buddy Holly Rev., the Telegraph Hill rehearsals vol.2    1cdr

Lost Masters vol.13, Restless Days, the Telegraph Hill rehearsals vol.3       1cdr          

Lost Masters vol.14, Out On The Run, the Telegraph Hill rehearsals vol.4      1cdr

Lost Masters vol.15, Slow Fade, the Telegraph Hill rehearsals vol.5           1cdr      

Lost Masters vol.16, Hollywood Hills Garage Tapes, unreleased masters vol.1   1cdr

Lost Masters vol.17, Hollywood Hills Garage Tapes, unreleased masters vol.2   1cdr

Lost Masters vol.18, Hollywood Hills Garage Tapes, unreleased masters vol.3   1cdr

Lost Masters vol.19, Born In The U.S.A., rare masters                         1cdr

SPL Live Vol. 1, Greetings From Asbury Park                                   1cdr

SPL Live Vol. 2, The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle                1cdr

SPL Live Vol. 3, Born To Run                                                  2cdr

SPL Live Vol. 4, Darkness At The Edge Of Town                                 2cdr

SPL Live Vol. 5, The River                                                    2cdr

SPL Live Vol. 6, Santa Boss Is Coming To Town                                 1cdr

SPL Live Vol. 7, Nebraska                                                     1cdr

SPL Live Vol. 8, Born In The USA                                              2cdr


Ringo Starr

With A Little Help From, LA mixes Sunset Studios, 24.7.73                     1cdr

Beaucoups Of Blues Acetate, yellow dog 2002                                   1cdr

Can't Fight Lightning, pegboy                                                 1cdr


Steeleye Span
New Inn, Gloucester 17.9.75 & Rivington Hall Barn, Lancashire 24.9.75, BBC    1cdr

Gaumont State Theatre, London, 26.2.71, Lagga Shoebox Archive                 1cdr w/Poet & One Man Band 1969


Steely Dan

Gaucho Outtakes                                                               1cdr

Katy Lied Outtakes, ABC recording studios, Los Angeles, CA, 1975              1cdr


Cat Stevens

Live '71, KCET                                                                1cdr

Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada, 23.10.71                                        1cdr

The Hoaxers Midnight Daydream, ABC live in concert special, 9.11.73           1cdr
Tour Of The Cat, Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo, Japan, 22.6.74                      1cdr

Greatest Hits, quad to DTS version                                            1cdr


Stephen Stills

Manassas, Down The Road outtakes, studio 1972-73                              1cdr

Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Netherlands, 22.3.72, SBD, w/Manassas                2cdr

Pirates World Amusement Park, Dania, Florida, 22.4.72, w/Manassas             2cdr
McCalister Hall, Tulane University, New Orleans, 7.11.76                      1cdr
Bread And Roses Festival, Greek Theater, Berkeley, CA, 4.9.78                 1cdr

The Roxy, Los Angeles, CA, 25.1.79, w/California Improved Blues Band          1cdr

Central Park, New York City, 2.6.79, w/California Improved Blues Band         1cdr


Stills-Young Band

Civic Center, Providence, Rhode Island, 7.7.76                                2cdr

Stills-Young 1976 Tour Compilation, TOTW                                      3cdr


Stone Roses

All The Colours Fade, Manchester Hacienda, 27.2.89                            1cdr

Empress Ballroom, Blackpool, England, 12.8.89                                 1cdr

De Montfort University, Leicester, England, 7.12.95, SBD                      1cdr

Leeds Town and Country Club, Leeds, 13.12.95, FM                              1cdr


Stone The Crows

Don't Think Twice, London, 1971                                               1cdr A

On The Highway, London, 1972                                                  1cdr A



RPM Warehouse, Toronto, Canada, 17.2.95                                       1cdr


Super Furry Animals

Abbey Pub, Chicago, IL, 19.4.02                                               1cdr
Bluebird Theater, Denver, CO, 21.2.04                                         2cdr 



Woodstock Music and Arts Fair, Bethel, NY, 15.8.69                            1vcd

Woodstock Music and Arts Fair, Bethel, NY, 15.8.69                            1dvd-r


Teenage Fanclub

B-Sides and Rarities                                                          5cdr                  

Astoria II, London, 21.1.96                                                   1cdr

Astoria, London, England, 9.11.00                                             1cdr

James Taylor

Alone Together, featuring Carole King, Syracuse, 5.2.70                       2cd

The Jabberwocky, Syracuse, 6.2.70, 1st set, SBD                               1cdr

The Jabberwocky, Syracuse, 6.2.70, 2nd set, SBD                               1cdr

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, 25.4.70                                    2cdr

Live At The BBC 1971, featuring Carole King                                   1dvd-r

A King And Two James, Convention Center, Anaheim, 21.3.71, remastered by BB   3cdr 2cd's on one             

Baby James By The Bay, unreleased live album in Oakland 5.7.72                1cd
Carnegie Hall, New York, 16.7.74                                              1cdr    

Carnegie Hall, New York, may 1975                                             1cdr


Mick Taylor

Radio 192 Sessions, Hilversum, Netherlands 24.11.01                           1cdr


Ten Years

After Studio Session, Munich, 1968                                            1cdr


Richard Thompson

Kew Bridge, London, 24.10.72                                                  1cdr
Durham University, Durham, 16.11.72, w/Linda Thompson                         1cdr
Memphis Folk Club, Guilford, London, 1973, w/Linda Thompson                   1cdr

The Madness Of Love, Theatre Royal Drury Lane, London, 1.5.77, w/L. Thompson  1cdr

Rafferty's Folly, 1980, w/Linda Thompson                                      1cdr

Hard Luck Stories, The Bottom Line, New York City, 17.5.82, w/Linda Thompson  1cdr
Woodworm On The Bottom Line, New York City, 18.5.82, w/Linda Thompson         3cdr

The Uninhabited Man, acoustic harmonies collection                            1cdr

Newcastle Night, Newcastle Opera House, 8.6.00                                2cdr
Walking the Long Miles Home, East End Cultural Centre, Winnipeg, 6.7.00       2cdr

Great Guitar Solos                                                            1cdr

Doom And Gloom, collection of great rarities, 1968-1990                       2cdr



The Metro, Chicago, IL, 30.10.97                                              2cdr


Peter Tosh

Legalize Sessions, 1977, w/Eric Clapton                                       1cdr

No Nuclear War Demos, 1984                                                    1cdr


Pete Townshend

The Genuine Scoop, home demos 1965-1975                                       5cdr

The Other Scoop, home demos 1965-1993                                         2cdr



Stockholm, Sweden, 5.9.67                                                     1cdr

The Wet Dreams Of Mr Fantasy, stereo versions 1967 & BBC                      1cdr

Perfumed Garden, BBC, 1967-68                                                 1cdr
Mr. Fantasy & Traffic Outtakes, 1967/68                                       1cdr
1968 - Memory Of A Free Festival, compilation of various venues               1cdr

A Session, w/Jimi Hendrix, 1969                                               1cdr

Fillmore East, New York, NY, 10.6.70                                          1cdr

Fillmore East, New York, NY, 11.6.70                                          1cdr

Hammersmith Odeon, London, june 1970                                          1cdr

Soul Of The Road, Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, 1.7.70                    2cdr 2cd's on one

Boston Tea Party, Boston, MA, 7.7.70                                          2cdr 2cd's on one

Woodwind, Anderson Theatre, New York, 23.11.70                                1cdr

The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys Sessions, 1971                              1cdr

Arie Crown Auditorium, Chicago, IL, 7.10.71                                   2cdr

Public Hall, Cleveland, OH, 9.10.71, w/Fairport Convention                    2cdr
Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA, 14.10.71                                       1cdr

Convention Center, Anahein, CA, 31.10.71                                      2cdr 2cd's on one

Civic Center, Santa Monica, CA, 21.2.72                                       1cdr

Winterland, San Francisco, january 1973, SBD                                  1cdr

John Barleycorn, London, 1973                                                 1cdr

Out Of The Gridlock, Bologna, Italy, 31.3.73, w/Spooky Tooth                  2cdr

Cologne, Germany, 8.4.73                                                      1cdr

Jahrhundert Halle, Frankurt, 18.3.74                                          2cdr

Stadsschouwburg, Eindhoven, Holland, 23.3.74                                  2cdr

Town Hall, Birmingham, England, 8.5.74                                        2cdr

City Hall, Sheffield, 14.5.74                                                 1cdr

Reading Festival, Reading, UK, 24.8.74                                        1cdr

Tarrant C. Convention Center, Fort Worth, TX, 12.10.74                        2cdr


Happy & Artie Traum

C.W. Post Auditorium, Greendale, NY, 9.4.76, SBD                              1cdr

Mountain Stage, Charleston, 25.9.88                                           1cdr


Traveling Wilburys

Silver Wilburys                                                               1cdr
Wilburys Recovered Treasure                                                   1cdr
Unsurpassed Masters                                                           1cdr

Complete Collection, studio recordings 1988-90                                2cdr



Melkweg Crossing Border Festival, Amsterdam, 13.11.99, normalized by BB       1cdr A

KCRW Interview/Session, Los Angeles, CA, 10.4.00                              1cdr w/KCRW 29.1.04

Glastonbury, England, 24.6.00                                                 1cdr

Live at Leeds Town Hall, BBC Radio One, 28.5.01                               1cdr

PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ, 25.6.01                                    1cdr

L'Olympia, Paris, France, 9.11.03                                             2cdr 2cd's on one

KCRW Studios, Los Angeles, CA, 29.1.04                                        1cdr w/KCRW 10.4.00



Live At The BBC, 1970-1971                                                    1cdr


Jeff Tweedy
The Guthrie Theater, Minneapolis, MN, 12.3.01                                 2cdr

Abbey Pub, Chicago, IL, 10.6.02                                               2cdr
Abbey Pub, Chicago, IL, 12.6.02                                               2cdr



War & Unforgettable Fire Demos                                                1cdr

Studio Sessions '91, Hansa Ton Studios, Berlin, 1991                          1cdr

Zoo Europa, Royal Dublin Society Showgrounds, Dublin, Ireland, 28.8.93        2cdr

PopMart Mannheim, Germany, 31.7.97                                            1cdr

Shalom Israel, Ramat Gan stadium, Tel Aviv, Israel, 30.9.97, SBD              2cdr

Dave van Ronk

Sir George William University, 27.1.67                                        1cdr


Townes Van Zandt

The Whole Coffeehouse, Minnesota University Campus, MI, november 1973         1cdr

Mariah's Coffeehouse, East Lansing, Michigan, 6.5.78                          1cdr

The Station Inn, Nashville, TN, 26.5.89, SBD                                  1cdr
Ten Years After Club, Hickory, NC, 1.1.91, w/Guy Clark                        3cdr

Cactus Café, Austin, TX, 16.2.91                                              1cdr

Four Texans in Ireland, Roscrea, County Tipperary, 31.8.91, w/Rowan, Clark    4cdr

Live at the Willem 2 Concertzaal, 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, 19.10.91     2cdr
The Hop & Grape, Manchester University, UK, 9.12.94                           2cdr
Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA, 16.2.95                         2cdr

East Avenue Tavern, Portland, ME, 23.2.95                                     2cdr


Richie Valens

Live At Pacoima Jr. High, 1959 & Other Treasures                              1cdr


The Best and Rarest of Shindig, w/Who, Kinks, Beatles, Donovan & more         1cdr

San Franciscan Nights, 60's misc groups & venues, 1966-69                     8cdr

San Franciscan Nights, vol.2, 60's misc groups & venues, 1966-70              8cdr

Monterey Pop Festival, 1967, bootleg version                                  6cdr

All My Loving, BBC TV documentary from 1968                                   1dvd-r

Supershow, Staines, England, 25.3.69, w/Kirk, Clapton, Led Zeppelin & more    1cdr

Woodstock 1969, The Lost Performances, bootleg version                        4cd

Texas Pop Festival, Dallas I. M. Speedway, Lewisville, TX, 30.8-1.9.69       14cdr

Celebration At Big Sur, 1969, w/CSN&Y, Joni Mitchell and others               1vcd

Sound Of The Sixties, 1969, BBC 4, rev. a, w/Pink Floyd, Dead, Nice & more    1dvd-r

Actuel Pop And Jazz Festival, Mont de I'Enclus, Amougies, Belgium, 25.10.69   1cdr

Apple UK Singles Collection, Boxset of all singles issued by Apple           10cd

Complete Apple Singles Collection, fan project r4949                         16cdr

Glastonbury Fayre Festival, april 1972                                        2cdr

Friends Of Chile Concert, Felt Forum, New York, complete, 5.9.74              2cdr 2cd's on one
SNACK Benefit Concert, Kezar Stadium, San Francisco, 23.3.75                  5cdr

Phil Spector Sessions, tracking sessions & vocals                             4cdr

Greetings From Tim Buckley, St. Anns, NYC, 26.04.91                           2cdr

Seva Benefit, San Francisco, CA, 13.2.94, w/Hot Tuna, Crosby, Nash, Kantner   3cdr

Songs The Beatles Gave Away                                                   3cdr

The Other Anthology of American Folk Music                                    4cdr

The Neil Young - Uncle Tupelo Connection, Neil Young covers from Uncle Tupelo 1cdr

At The BBC, London, 1971, w/Neil Young, James Taylor & Cat Stevens            1dvd-r

The Johnny Cash Show, w/J. Mitchell, Monkees, Cream, B. Dylan & more          1dvd-r

Beat Club, november 1970, w/Fotheringay, Muddy Waters, Colosseum & more       1dvd-r

BBC Folk Britannia, Which Side Are You On, Donovan & Pentangle In Concert     1dvd-r A

BBC Folk Britannia, Daughters Of Albion & Folk On Later                       1dvd-r A

Folk At The BBC, 50s and 60s, 60s and 70s, The Folk Revival                   1dvd-r A


Susan Vega

Little Big Woman, USA, 1987                                                   1cdr

Velvet Undergroud

A Symphony Of Sound, Factory, New York, january 1966, w/Nico                  1cdr

At The Factory - Warhol Tapes, complete Andy Warhol Museum, 1966, remastered  2cdr

Searchin' for My Mainline, rarities & live 1966-1990                          3cdr

If It's Too Loud For You Move Back, Valleydale Ballroom, Columbus, 4.11.66    2cdr

A Walk With The Velvet Underground, the ultimate rare collection              5cdr

Hilltop Festival, Rindge, New Hampshire, 2.8.69                               1cdr

End Of Cole Ave, Dallas, Texas, 18.10.69                                      2cdr

Who Loves Ya Lou?, Max's Kansas City, New York, 1970                          1cdr

The Bedroom Tape, Lou Reed & Nico, rehearsals, NYC, 1970                      1cdr


Old Trout, Windsor, UK, 2.6.93                                                1cdr

Sympathy For The Demos, Urban Hymns demos, 1996                               1cdr

Urban Myths, Later Jools Holland 1997, evening session & early mixes 1997     1cdr

Brixton Symphony '98                                                          1cd
The Accoustic Sessions                                                        1cd


Loudon Wainwright III

Aspen Folk Festival, Aspen, CO, 19.6.74, SBD                                  1cdr


Tom Waits

Tales From The Underground, vol.1-5                                           5cdr

Tales From The Riverside                                                      1cdr



Colos-Saal, Aschaffenburg, Germany, 6.7.00, SBD                               2cdr

Play Dylan, Seattle, WA, 19.1.01                                              1cdr


Sammy Walker, Phil Ochs & Roger Mc Guinn

Folk City, New York, 19.10.75                                                 2cdr



Chippenham Goldiggers, Chippenham, 5.4.86                                     2cdr

A Girl Named Johnny, Pink Pop Festival, Galeen, Holland, 19.5.86              1cdr
The Windmill Lane Sessions                                                    1cdr
Pagan Place Sessions                                                          1cdr

Fryshuset, Stockholm, Sweden, 23.11.01                                        2cdr

Universal Hall, Findhorn, 28.1.02                                             1cdr

Roger Waters

Project KAOS                                                                  1cdr

Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking Tour, Hallenstadion, Zurich, 3.7.84             2cdr

Radio KAOS On The Road, Colisee de Quebec, Quebec, 7.11.87, rev. A            2cdr

In The Flesh, unofficial DTS version                                          2cdr

Amused To Death, SaH Dolby Digital 5.1 release                                1cdr


Weather Report

Ossiach, Austria, 27.7.71, SBD                                                1cdr

The Landmark at Union Station, Kansas City, MO, 10.5.73                       2cdr

Jabberwocky, Syracuse, 30.6.73 & Chicago, may 1973                            2cdr

Chateauvallon, France, 24.8.73, FM                                            1cdr 2cd's on one

Westport, CT, 27.2.74, SBD                                                    1cdr
2 Soundboard Fragments, Angora, Cleveland & Bottom Line, New York, 1975       1cdr A+ 2cd's on one

Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley, CA, 4.5.75                              1cdr

Salle Pleyel, Paris, 11.10.75, FM                                             1cdr

Berlin, Germany, 6.11.75, FM                                                  1cdr

Copenhagen, Denmark, 19.11.75                                                 2cdr
Roxy, New York, NY, 30.5.76                                                   1cdr
Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, Switzerland, 8.7.76, SBD                    2cdr

Bologna Stadio, Bologna, Italy, 16.7.76                                       1cdr


Pepsi Arena, Albany, NY, 17.2.02                                              1cdr

B-Sides And Rarities                                                          1cdr


Gillian Welch

PRevival, Revival demos, 1995, w/David Rawlings                               1cdr

Building A Bridge, 1995, w/David Rawlings                                     4cdr

Oscar Meyer Theater,Madison WI, 8.3.00, w/Ani DiFranco and Greg Brown         2cdr


Paul Westerberg

Whiskey-A-Go-Go, Los Angeles, CA, 21.7.93                                     1cdr



Cat's Cradle, Carborro, NC, 25.5.95                                           1cdr

Bottom Of The Hill, San Francisco, CA, 13.9.97                                1cdr

Gunnerz, Iowa City, IA, 29.10.97                                              1cdr

Forever Valentine, Scores/Slackmates & Modern studios, Raleigh, NC, 1997      1cdr
Cabaret Metro, Chicago, IL, 25.3.98, FM                                       1cdr

Fucker Demos, the Bug sessions & the Hoboken sessions                         1cdr

Stranger’s Almanac Promo a.k.a. Those Weren’t The Days                        1cdr


White Stripes

Rudyard's, Houston, TX, 14.9.01                                               1cdr

B-Sides, compiled by Astroman                                                 1cdr



The Who '66, all stereo or mono mixes not available anymore                   1cdr

Maximum BBC, the radio sessions, 1965-70                                      1cdr

A Scoop Through The Archives, 1964-71                                         1cdr
Life With The Moons, upgrades from the box set                                1cdr

My Generation, Dr. Ebbett's mono remaster                                     1cdr

Who's Sell Out, Dr. Ebbett's mono remaster                                    1cdr

Pop Goes Art, outtakes, live & demos, 1966-68                                 2cdr

Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, 29.9.69, SBD                                        2cdr

Tommy Demos, 1969                                                             1cdr

Next Sessions, alternate mixes and outtakes, 1971                             1cdr

Lifehouse & Quadrophenia Demos, 1971 & 1973                                   2cdr

Who's Next, DTS 5.1 version, TOUP 1001                                        1cdr


Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, KFOG Broadcast, 10.5.97                     2cdr
Summerteeth Demo Sessions, 1999                                               1cdr
Riviera Theatre, Chicago, IL, 31.12.99                                        2cdr

Mermaid Avenue Demos, w/Billy Bragg                                           1cdr
Yankee Hotel Foxtrott Demos, 2001                                             1cdr
Majestic Theatre, Detroit, 5.10.01                                            2cdr

Moore Theatre, Seattle, 28.11.01                                              2cdr

Lupo's, Providence, RI, 24.4.02                                               2cdr

Lucinda Williams

Demos & RCA Version of Sweet Old World, 1986                                  1cdr

Davis, CA, 30.9.92                                                            2cdr

Essence Tour Compilation, 2001                                                3cdr


Brian Wilson

21 Little Ones, Usher sessions & live                                         1cd

Dennis Wilson

Pacific Ocean Blue,(not a Bootleg, ua)                                        1cd

John Wood

Until Goodbye, includes David Friedman's Futures Passed album                 1cdr


Robert Wyatt

Drury Lane Theatre Royal, London, 8.9.74, w/ Mason, Tippett, Oldfield         2cdr



Studio Outtakes Collection, outtakes & alternate of first four albums         4cdr


Yo La Tengo

Alligator Lounge, Santa Monica, CA, 20.6.95                                   2cdr

Cotton Club, Atlanta, 25.3.00                                                 2cdr

Mitchell Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland, 13.5.00, w/Robyn Hitchcock & Sonic Boom  3cdr
Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ, 16.12.01                                              2cdr


Neil Young
Unreleased Demos 1963-1966                                                    1cdr

Ludlow Garage, Cincinnati, OH, 25.2.70, TOTW, w/Crazy Horse                   2cdr

Winterlong, Music Hall, Cincinnati, OH, 25.2.70, w/Crazy Horse                2cdr

Everybody Knows, Forum Inglewood, 28.6.70 & Fillmore East 6./7.3.70           1cdr
Sunset Cowboy, Fillmore East 6./7.3.70, w/Crazy Horse                         1cdr 

Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA, 28.3.70, w/Crazy Horse                    1cdr
Carnegie Hall, New York, 5.12.70                                              1cdr

Carnegie Hall, New York, 5.12.70, complete, late show                         2cdr

KQED TV Studios, San Francisco, CA, december 1970                             1cdr
Crazy Horse Tour 1970, Viglione, w/Crazy Horse                                2cdr

Broken Arrow, BBC sessions 23.2.71 & acetate from Tonight's The Night         1cd
There's A World, Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA, 21.1.71                       1cdr

Macky Auditorium, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, 27.1.71                1cdr w/Nashville 7.2.71

Dorothy Chandler Pavillion, Los Angeles, CA, 1.2.71 declicked by BB           1cdr

Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN, 7.2.71, only 2 songs                         1cdr w/Boulder 27.1.71

Royal Albert Hall, London, 27.2.71, solo                                      1cdr

Complete Royal Festival Hall, London, England, 27.2.71                        2cdr 2cd's on one

Harvest, unofficial DTS version                                               1cdr

Mariposa Festival, Toronto, 16.7.72                                           1cdr
Tonight’s Your Night, Miami, FL, 1973                                         1cd
Lonely Weekend, Maple Leaf Garden, Toronto, 15.1.73, w/Stray Gators           1cdr

Scope Arena, Norfolk, VA, 29.1.73, w/Stray Gators                             1cdr

Time Fades Away Tour 1973, Viglione, w/Stray Gators                           3cdr

Don't Be Denied, Time Fades Away Tour 1973, zuma                              1cdr

Time Fades Away, 1973, (not a Bootleg, ua)                                    1cdr

Time Fades Away, unofficial HDCD release                                      1cdr A+

Cleveland Convention Center, Cleveland, OH, 11.2.73, w/Stray Gators           1cdr

The Last Album, Bakersfield, 11.3.73, w/Stray Gators                          2cdr
Roxy Night, The Roxy, Hollywood, CA, 21.9.73, early show                      1cdr

Albuquerque, Manchester, England 3.11.73, w/Santa Monica Flyers               1cdr

Speakin' Out, Palace Theatre, Manchester, 3.11.73, Remastered by NoSpEx       1cdr

Rock'n'Roll Can Never Die, Manchester, 3.11.73, w/Santa Monica Flyers         2cdr

Manchester, England, 3.11.73, complete show, w/Stray Gators                   2cdr

Hippodrome, Bristol, 4.11.73, w/Santa Monica Flyers, remastered by BB         1cdr
Tequila Night, Rainbow Theater, London, 5.11.73                               2cdr

Empire Theatre, Liverpool, 6.11.73, w/Santa Monica Flyers                     2cdr

Royal Festival Hall, London, England, 10.11.73, w/Santa Monica Flyers         2cdr

Queen's College, New York, NY, 15.11.73, early show, w/Santa Monica Flyers    2cdr

Queen's College, New York, NY, 15.11.73, late show, w/Santa Monica Flyers     2cdr

Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, IL, 20.11.73, w/Santa Monica Flyers              2cdr

Chrome Dreams, 1975, (not a Bootleg, ua)                                      1cdr

Chrome Dreams & Freedom Outtakes, remastered                                  1cdr

Chrome Dreams, 1975, rust edition                                             1cdr

Journey Through The Past, (not a Bootleg, ua)                                 1cdr
Citizen Kane Junior Blues, Bottom Line, NYC, 16.5.74                          1cdr

Citizen Kane Junior Blues, Bottom Line, NYC, 16.5.74, remastered by NoSpex    1cdr

On The Beach / American Stars 'N Bars Live                                    2cdr

The Inn At The Beginning, Cotati, CA, 20.12.75, w/Crazy Horse                 2cdr

Yesteryear Of The Horse, 1976 pro-shot, Budokan, Hammersmith & Glasgow        1dvd-r
Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan, 6.3.76, w/Crazy Horse                            2cdr

Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, 31.3.76, w/Crazy Horse                    2cdr
Chicago Hurricane, Chicago, IL, 15.11.76, w/Crazy Horse                       2cdr

Auditorium Theater, Chicago, IL, 15.11.76, late show, w/Crazy Horse           2cdr
Journey Through The Past, Boston, MA, 22.11.76                                3cdr

Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA, 22.11.76, late show                            2cdr
River Of Pride, the Bernstein tapes, solo accoustic 1976                      2cdr

The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA, 22.8.77, w/The Ducks                            2cdr

The Boarding House, San Francisco, CA, 24.5.78, early show, solo              1cdr

The Boarding House, San Francisco, CA, 27.5.78, late show                     1cdr

1978 Boarding House Compilation, 24.-28.5.78, viglione                        2cdr

LA Forum, Los Angeles, CA, 23.10.78                                           2cdr

Greek Theater, Bread and Roses Festival, Berkeley, CA, 3.10.80                1cdr
A Runner In Peru, Sherwood Hall, Salinas, CA, 12.8.82, w/Trans Band           2cdr

The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA, 6.2.84, early show, w/Crazy Horse               1cdr
Festival Hall, Melbourne, 8.3.85, w/International Harvesters & Crazy Horse    2cdr
Prisoners Of Rock'n'Roll, San Francisco, 21.11.86                             2cdr

The Muny, Forest Park, St. Louis, MO, 17.8.87, w/Crazy Horse                  2cdr

Muddy Track, unreleased film, European Tour Documentary, 24.4.87 - 6.6.87     1dvd-r
Poplar Creek Music Center, Hofman Estates, Chicago, IL, 16.8.88, w/Bluenotes  2cdr

Jones Beach Music Center, Wantaugh, NY, 27.8.88, w/Bluenotes                  2cdr

The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA, 13.11.90, w/Crazy Horse                         3cdr
The Superdome, New Orleans, LA, 9.9.94, w/Crazy Horse                         1cdr

Le Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy, Paris, 4.7.96, w/Crazy Horse             2cdr

From the Horde to the Bridge, 1997 compilation                                2cdr

Trocadero Club, San Francisco, CA, 5.8.97                                     2cdr

Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley, CA, 19.3.99                             2cdr

Paramount Theater, Oakland, CA, 20.3.99, solo                                 2cdr

The Rosemont Theatre, Rosemont, IL, 30.4.99, remastered by NoSpEx             2cdr

Post-Gazette Pavilion, Pittsburgh, PA, 20.8.00                                2cdr

Waldbuehne, Berlin, Germany, 26.6.01, w/Crazy Horse                           2cdr

Farm Aid Benefit, Post-Gazette Pavilion, Burgettstown, PA, 21.9.02            1cdr

Brixton Academy 2002, w/Booker T.                                             2cdr

Cirkus, Stockholm, Sweden, 22.4.03                                            2cdr
Congress Centrum Hall 1, Hamburg, Germany, 29.4.03                            3cdr

Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 8.5.03, remasterd by NoSpEx      2cdr

Kuppelsaal, Hannover, Germany, 9.5.03, mastered version                       2cdr

Vicar Street, Dublin, Ireland, 13.5.03                                        2cdr

Bonnaroo Music Festival, Manchester, TN, 13.6.03, w/Crazy Horse               2cdr

Hammersmith Apollo, London, 18.5.03, remasterd by NoSpEx                      2cdr
Air Canada Center, Toronto, Canada, 23.6.03, w/Crazy Horse                    2cdr

Convention Center, Cleveland, OH, 11.3.04, w/Crazy Horse                      2cdr

Rock 'n' Roll Cowboy, live retrospective 1968-93                              4cdr
Archives Be Damned 2000                                                       5cdr

A Perfect Echo, compilation of SBD recordings 1967-2001                       8cdr

Decade, DTS 5.1 version                                                       2cdr

Treasures From The Video Vault, video compilation 1966-1973                   3vcd



The Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, CA, 30.3.69                               1cdr

WBCN Studios, Boston, MA, march 1971                                          2cdr
Pacific High Studios, Los Angeles, 5.12.71                                    2cdr
WBCN Studios, Boston, MA, march 1972                                          2cdr


Frank Zappa And The Mothers Of Invention

We're Only In It For The Money Outtakes                                       1cdr

We're Only In It For The Money Acetate, 1967, different mix                   1cdr



Opera House, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 19.12.02                               2cdr



Newly arrived:
Ryan Adams Destroyer Sessions, 2000, w/Gillian Welch & David Rawlings 1cdr
Ryan Adams Exile On Franklin Street, studio 1cdr

Ryan Adams W.L. Lyons Brown Theatre, Louisville, KY, 5.11.05 2cdr

Ryan Adams What Will Happen Next, Bedhead vol.15-19 5cdr

Albion Country Band, The Hoffs, Chalk Fram, London, 29.12.72, w/Richard & Linda Thompson 1cdr
Eric Andersen Ebbets Field, FM broadcast, 1976 1cdr

Kevin Ayers & The Whole World Gemeendecentrum, Drijbergen, Holland 30.7.70, w/Robert Wyatt 1cdr

Badfinger Head First, Warner Brothers & Apple Mix 1cdr

Badly Drawn Boy Shepherds Bush Empire, London, 27.10.00 2cdr
Badly Drawn Boy Fox Theater, Boulder, CO, 17.10.04 2cdr

Badly Drawn Boy Royal Festival Hall, London, 6.8.04 2cdr
Badly Drawn Boy Royal Festival Hall, London, 7.8.04 2cdr

Joan Baez Le Grand Echiquier, TV Studio Channel A2, august 1978 1cdr

Joan Baez Joan's dream, live at Notre-Dame, Paris, France, 24.12.80 & bonus 1cdr
Joan Baez Marseille, France, 17.05.83 2cdr

Joan Baez Live In Paris 1982-83, 18.12.82 & 15.7.83 1cdr

Joan Baez Passage du Nord-Ouest, Paris, 3.11.92 1cdr

Joan Baez Casino de Paris, Paris, 7.5.93 2cdr

Joan Baez Live in Dresden, Filmnächte am Elbufer, Dresden, 19.7.04 2cdr
Joan Baez Grand Théâtre, Grenoble, France, 17.3.06 2cdr
Chet Baker Cantina, Bologna, 15.4.62, w/René Thomas 1cdr
Band TCCC, Fort Worth, TX, 25.1.74, from master tapes by T 1cdr

Beach Boys Smile, stereo Reconstruction mix, purple chick 1cdr A+
Beatles The Braun-Kirchherr Tapes, 1961 1cdr

Beatles Live! At The Starclub In Hamburg, 1962 3cdr

Beatles The Cavern Club Rehearsals, Cavern Club 1962 & Liverpool 7.12.63 1cdr

Beatles Original Master Recordings, first four LP's, stereo, from the MFSL half-speed mastered discs 2cdr

Beatles Please Please Me, Dr. Ebbett's UK stereo remaster 1cdr

Beatles Please Please Me, Dr. Ebbett's UK mono remaster 1cdr

Beatles Die Beatles, German stereo LP - HörZu, Dr. Ebbett's 2005 upgrade 1cdr

Beatles Beatles For Sale, Dr. Ebbett's UK stereo remaster 1cdr

Beatles Beatles For Sale, Dr. Ebbett's UK mono remaster 1cdr

Beatles A Hard Day's Night, Dr. Ebbett's UK stereo remaster 1cdr

Beatles A Hard Day's Night, Dr. Ebbett's UK mono remaster 1cdr

Beatles A Hard Day's Night, Dr. Ebbett's US mono remaster 1cdr

Beatles Meet The Beatles, Dr. Ebbett's US stereo 2005 remaster upgrade 1cdr

Beatles Second Album, Dr. Ebbett's US stereo 2005 remaster upgrade 1cdr

Beatles Yesterday And Today, Dr. Ebbett's US stereo 2005 remaster upgrade 1cdr

Beatles Live In Philadelphia & Indianapolis, 2./3.9.64, SBD 2cdr

Beatles City Of Light, Paris, 19.1.64 & 20.6.65, Pathe Marconi Studio 29.1.64 2cdr

Beatles All The Best From Australia, complete Festival Hall, Melbourne, 1964, set 1&2 1cdr

Beatles Atlanta Stadium, Atlanta, GA, 18.8.65 1cdr
Beatles The Beatles Live, various locations sw3 1cdr

Beatles Live In Minneapolis, Metropolitan Stadium, Minneapolis, 21.8.65 & more 1cdr

Beatles The Live Beatles, Milan, 24.6.65, San Francisco, 29.8.66 & Tokyo, 2.7.66 1cdr

Beatles Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, TX, 19.8.65, complete afternoon & evening show 1cdr
Beatles Ultimate Live In Japan, 30.6.66 & 1.7.66 1cdr

Beatles Candlestick Park, San Francisco, CA, 29.8.66, SBD 1cdr

Beatles Help!, Dr. Ebbett's UK mono remaster 1cdr

Beatles Help!, Dr. Ebbett's UK stereo remaster 1cdr

Beatles Help! Soundtrack, Dr. Ebbett's US mono 2005 remaster upgrade 1cdr

Beatles Help! Soundtrack, Dr. Ebbett's US stereo remaster 1cdr

Beatles Songs For Eleanor, making the music for the Help! film and album 2cdr

Beatles Rubber Soul, Dr. Ebbett's UK mono remaster 1cdr

Beatles Rubber Soul, Dr. Ebbett's UK stereo remaster 1cdr

Beatles Revolver, Dr. Ebbett's UK mono remaster 1cdr

Beatles Revolver, Dr. Ebbett's UK stereo remaster 1cdr

Beatles Yellow Submarine Mono Songtrack, Dr. Ebbett's 2005 1cdr

Beatles Last Licks Live, rooftop concert, 30.1.69, Dr. Ebbett's 2005 mono remaster 1cdr

Beatles Revolving, Revolver sessions 2cdr

Beatles Miss Him, Miss Him, Miss Him 8cdr

Beatles Rarities, Dr. Ebbett's UK stereo remaster 1cdr

Beatles Rarities, US version, Dr. Ebbett's remaster 1cdr

Beatles Past Masters Volume One, Dr. Ebbett's remaster 1cdr

Beatles Past Masters Volume Two, Dr. Ebbett's remaster 1cdr

Beatles Studio 2 Sessions at Abbey Road, vol. 1-4, yellowdog 4cdr

Beatles Alternate Please Please Me, outtakes, demos & live 1cdr

Beatles Alternate With The Beatles, outtakes, demos & live 1cdr

Beatles Alternate Beatles For Sale, outtakes, demos & live 1cdr

Beatles Alternate A Hard Days Night, outtakes, demos & live 1cdr

Beatles Alternate Help!, outtakes, demos & live 1cdr

Beatles Alternate Revolver, outtakes & demos 1cdr

Beatles Alternate Magical Mystery Tour, outtakes & demos 2cdr

Beatles Soul Sessions, inluding Rubber Soul mono mix, outtakes & demos 2cdr

Beatles Secret Songs In Pepperland, Sgt. Pepper's outtakes & mono version 1cdr

Beatles Pepperland, Sgt. Pepper's sessions & more, silent sea 2cdr

Beatles Magical Mystical Boy, silent sea 2cdr

Beatles Magical Mystery Tour, German stereo LP - HörZu, Dr. Ebbett's 2005 upgrade 1cdr

Beatles White Bookends, silent sea 1cdr

Beatles Revolution, remastered edition 2004 1cdr

Beatles White Album, Dr. Ebbett's UK mono remaster 2cdr

Beatles White Album, Dr. Ebbett's UK stereo remaster 2cdr

Beatles White Sessions Vol.1, 4.6. - 19.7.68 2cdr

Beatles White Sessions Vol.2, 20.7. - 13.10.68 2cdr

Beatles 20 Alternate White Album Mixes 2cdr

Beatles Last Year, outtakes & demos 1969-70 2cdr

Beatles We'd Like to Carry On, TV apperances, live & press conferences 1cdr

Beatles Home Tapes, vol.1, 1958-62 2cdr

Beatles Home Tapes, vol.2, 1963 1cdr

Beatles Home Tapes, vol.4, 1967-68 1cdr

Beatles Home Tapes, vol.5, 1968 1cdr

Beatles Home Tapes, vol.6, 1968-1969 1cdr

Beatles Vinyl To The Core, upgraded 3cdr

Beatles Only Northern Songs, outtakes & demos 1cdr

Beatles Control Room Monitor Mixes, yellow dog 1cdr

Beatles The Complete Control Room Monitor Mixes, yellow dog 2cdr

Beatles Ultra Rare Trax, vol.1-6, swingin' pig 6cdr

Beatles Ultra Rare Trax, vol.1-6, 2005 remasters 3cdr

Beatles Tuned To A Natural E, vol.2, remixes & reworks, Beatles Remixers Group 1cdr

Beatles Tuned To A Natural E, vol.3, remixes & reworks, Beatles Remixers Group 1cdr

Beatles The Beatles Story, BBC radio special, aired 1973, US version 9cdr

Beatles A Beatles Christmas, BBC Radio 2, 27.12.04 2cdr

Beatles The Lost Christmas Message, 8.11.65 1cdr

Beatles Anthology More, outtakes & live 2cdr

Beatles Braverman's Condesed Cream Of Beatles, Oscar-winning history of the Beatles, 1973 1dvd

Beatles Unbootlegged, vol.1-10, rare performances of solo Beatles 9cdr

Beatles Unbootlegged, vol.20-21, rare performances of solo Beatles 3cdr

Beatles Studio Mystery Tracks, vol.1-3, mixes & outfakes 3cdr

Beatles A Day In The Life, yellow dog 2001, speed corrected 1cdr

Beatles 20x4, remastered edition 1cdr

Beatles Backyard Spool, remastered edition 1cdr

Beatles Abbey Road Remix, BRG 2005 1cdr

Beatles A Splendid Time Was Guaranted By All, Sgt. Pepper's 20 Years, BBC 1cdr

Beatles Two Track Mind, stereo mix of Anthology video series 3cdr

Beatles Anthology Outtakes, vol.1 2cdr

Beatles Anthology Outtakes, vol.2 2cdr

Beatles Anthology Outtakes, vol.3 2cdr

Beatles Mythology Volume 2 4cdr

Beatles Mythology Volume 3 4cdr

Beatles Meet The Threetles, purple chick 1cdr

Beatles Ups & Adds, vol.5, silent sea 2cdr

Bee Gees Bern, Switzerland 1968 1cdr

Marc Bolan Early Broadcasts, 1967-69 1cdr

David Bowie The Ultimate Dallas Rehearsals, vol.1&2, 27.3.83, w/Stevie Ray Vaughn 2cdr
Jackson Browne Ultra Sonic Recording Studios, Hempstead, NY, 9.10.73 1cdr

Jeff Buckley Grace Outtakes, september 1993 1cdr

Jeff Buckley Japanese Whisper, Liquid Room, Tokyo, 30.1.95 1cdr

Tim Buckley Detroit, june 1975 1cdr

Buffalo Springfield Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, 21./23.12.67 1cdr

Buffalo Springfield Live In the Year 1967, various locations 1cdr

Buffalo Springfield Whittier High School, Whittier, CA, 20.1.68 1cdr

Buffalo Springfield Market Hall, Dallas, TX, 20.4.68 1cdr

Eric Burdon & Jimmy Witherspoon The Whiskey, Los Angeles, CA, 1971 1cdr
Paul Butterfield Unicorn Coffee House, Cambridge, MA, 1966 1cdr

Byrds Lee Jeans Living Rock Concert, FM, 1969 & more 1cdr

Byrds Les Byrds A L'Olympia, Olympia Theater, Paris, 20.1.72 1cdr
Cactus Ultrasonic Studios, Hempstead, Long Island, august 1971, remaster 2004 1cdr

Cactus Bronx Youth Center, Bronx, New York, 5.7.71, remaster 2004 1cdr

Camper Van Beethoven Third Album Outtakes, 1986 1cdr
Camper Van Beethoven Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweethearts Demos, 1987, normalized by BB 1cdr

Johnny Cash Free Trade Hall, Manchester, UK, 3.9.73 2cdr

Johnny Cash Rocky Gap Festival, 1990, FM 1cdr
Johnny Cash Frank Erwin Center, University Of Texas, Austin, TX, 8.12.94, SBD, remastered 2cdr A+

John Cipollina Accoustic Jam, Hammond's Loft, New York, 1972, w/John Hammond 1cdr

Eric Clapton Rainbow Concert, Rainbow Theatre, London, 13.1.73, early & late, SBD 4cdr

Eric Clapton Star Spangled Banner, Music Park, Columbus, OH, 4.7.74 2cdr

Eric Clapton Best Of Tour '74, Capital Centre, Largo, MD, 14.7.74 & more 2cdr

Eric Clapton Stormy Monday Blues, Inglewood Forum, Los Angeles, CA, 14.8.75 1cdr

Eric Clapton The End of Summer Night, Scope, Norfolk, VA, 30.8.75 2cdr

Eric Clapton Stanford University, Frost Amphitheatre, Palo Alto, CA, 9.8.75 2cdr
Coco Rosie Weltbühne, Hamburg, Germany, 3.6.04, SBD 1cdr
Coco Rosie B72, Vienna, Austria, 4.10.04, SBD 1cdr

Coco Rosie White Session, Paris, 21.5.05 1cdr

Leonard Cohen 92nd Street YM-YWAH Hostel, New York, 14.2.66 1cdr
Leonard Cohen Arpèges sur Joe Dassin, Paris, 13.5.70, only two songs 1cdr

Leonard Cohen Birmingham Odeon, Birmingham, 8.12.79, soundcheck 1cdr

Leonard Cohen Birmingham Odeon, Birmingham, 8.12.79 1cdr

Leonard Cohen Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, PA, 1.5.85, SBD 1cdr

Coldplay Maida Vale BBC Studios, London, England, 22.12.05 1cdr

John Coltrane Sutherland, Chicago, IL, 10.-15.10.61 2cdr

John Coltrane Birdland Winter Broadcasts 1963, 23.2.& 2.3.63 1cdr

John Coltrane Liederhalle, Stuttgart, 4.11.63, upgraded/new source 1cdr

Cream Final US Tour, Oakland & San Diego, 1968, remasters series vol.6 2cdr

Cream Live In Europe, remasters series vol.5 2cdr

Cream Back Bay Theatre - Winterland Outtakes, remasters series vol.9 2cdr
Cream Grande Ballroom, Detroit, 15.10.67, remasters series vol.11 2cdr

Cream California Days, remasters series vol.12 2cdr

Cream Goodbye & Farewell, remasters series vol.13 2cdr

Jim Croce Philadelphia Folk Festival, Schwenksville, PA, 25.8.73 1cdr

David Crosby If I Could Only Remember The Outtakes, San Francisco, CA, 1970/71 2cdr
David Crosby Demos From 1980 1cdr

David Crosby Might As Well, unreleased album, 1981 1cdr

David Crosby H. J. Kaiser Coliseum, Oakland, CA, 31.12.86 1cdr

David Crosby Rockefeller’s, Dallas, TX, 18.4.87, early & late show 2cdr

Crosby, Nash & Lesh, Seva Benefit, San Francisco, CA, 13.2.94 1cdr A

David Crosby & Graham Nash Live At The BBC, UK Arena, London, 9.11.70 1vcd

Crosby, Nash & Young Sings Alabama, Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley, CA, 14.10.71 2cdr

Crosby, Stills & Nash Rarities, various locations, studio outtakes 5cdr

Crosby, Stills & Nash At The UN, New York City, 1980, WXRK radio 2cdr
Crosby, Stills & Nash The Santa Cruz Earthquake Benefit, The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA, 8.11.89, SBD 2cdr A+
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Studio-Archives 1969, outtakes 1cdr A+

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Denver Coliseum, Denver, CO, 26.11.69 2cdr
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Detroit, Michigan, 16.11.69, SBD 1cdr

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Royal Albert Hall, London, 6.1.70 2cdr

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Fillmore East, New York, 3.6.70 2cdr

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Oakland Alameda County Coliseum, Oakland, 19.6.70 2cdr

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Varsity Stadium, Toronto, 2.9.74 2cdr
Miles Davis KB Hallen, Copenhagen, 4.10.64 1cdr

Miles Davis Stadthalle, Sindelfingen, Germany, 8.10.64 1cdr

Miles Davis Salle Pleyel, Paris, 1.10.64, first concert 1cdr

Miles Davis Salle Pleyel, Paris, 1.10.64, second concert 1cdr

Miles Davis Oriental Theatre, Portland, OR, 21.5.66 2cdr

Miles Davis Festival Field, Newport, RI, 4.7.66 & 2.7.67 1cdr

Miles Davis Blue Coronet Club, New York, NY, 21.-29.6.69, first show 1cdr

Miles Davis Blue Coronet Club, New York, NY, 21.-29.6.69, second show 1cdr

Miles Davis Brooklyn, New York, october 1969 1cdr

Miles Davis Berliner Jazztage, Philharmonie, Berlin, 7.11.69 1cdr

Miles Davis Wollman Rink, Central Park, New York, NY, 6.7.70 1cdr
Miles Davis Palais des Beaux Arts, Salle Henri Leboeuf, Bruxelles, 26.10.71 1cdr

Miles Davis Theatre Nationale Populaire, Paris, 27.10.71, first show, FM 2cdr
Miles Davis Theatre Nationale Populaire, Paris, 27.10.71, late show, FM 2cdr

Miles Davis De Doelen Halle, Rotterdam, 29.10.71, FM 1cdr
Miles Davis Two Miles Live, Vienna, Austria, 5.11.71, FM 2cdr

Miles Davis November 6, 1971 Philharmonie, Berlin, NDR broadcast, 6.11.71 2cdr
Miles Davis Universitets Aula, Uppsala, 7.11.71, FM 1cdr
Miles Davis Tivoli Consertsal, Copenhagen, 8.11.71, FM 2cdr
Miles Davis Chateau Neuf, Oslo, 9.11.71 1cdr

Miles Davis Teatro della Fenice, Venice, 14.11.71 1cdr

Miles Davis Sports Pavilion, Cascais, Portugal, 20.11.71 1cdr
Miles Davis Paul's Mall, Boston, MA, WBCN radio broadcast, 14.9.72 1cdr
Miles Davis Dark Magus, Carnegie Hall, New York, NY, 30.3.74 2cdr

Miles Davis From Pangaea to Agharta and Somehwere In-Between, Tokyo 7./8.2.75 2cdr

Miles Davis Hoescht, Frankfurt, 17.4.82, FM 1cdr

Delaney and Bonnie & Friends Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, 22.2.70 1cdr

Sandy Denny Dark The Night, demos 1966 1cdr

Sandy Denny Original Studio Demos 1973-74 1cdr

Sandy Denny Odeon, Birmingham, England, 16.11.77 1cdr

Derek and the Dominos Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA, 16.10.70 1cdr
Doors Outtakes, studio & rare live 1cdr

Doors Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden, 20.9.68, early show 1cdr

Doors Television Bleeding, alternate studio mixes for Best Of quadrodisc & Beat Club 3.5.72 1cdr

Nick Drake Tanworth-in-Arden 1967/68, home tapes 1cdr

Dr. Strangely Strange Sitting Down Here In Greek Street, Les Cousins 1970&71, remaster Lagga Shoebox Archive 2cdr

Bob Dylan The Belafonte Sessions, all 20 outtakes for The Midnight Special, 2.3.62 1cdr

Bob Dylan Tapes And Acetates From The Times They Are A-Changin, Improved Air remaster 1cdr

Bob Dylan Les Crane Show & Unreleased BIABH Outtakes, winter 1965 1cdr

Bob Dylan Long Distance Operator, Berkley Community Center, Berkley, CA, 4.12.65 1cdr

Bob Dylan Isle Of Wight - Complete Audience Tape, Woodside Bay, 31.8.69, remastered Les Kokay 1cdr
Bob Dylan Planet Waves Sessionology, Village Recorders, Santa Monica, 2.-14.73 1cdr
Bob Dylan Chicago Stadium, Chicago, IL, 4.1.74, Les Kokay 2cdr

Bob Dylan The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, 6.1.74, afternoon, Les Kokay 2cdr

Bob Dylan The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, 6.1.74, evening, Les Kokay 2cdr

Bob Dylan Forum de Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 12.1.74, Les Kokay 2cdr

Bob Dylan Boston Garden, Boston, MA, 14.1.74, late show 2cdr

Bob Dylan Capitol Center, Largo, MD, 15.1.74, Les Kokay 2cdr

Bob Dylan Coliseum, Charlotte, NC, 17.1.74, Les Kokay 2cdr

Bob Dylan Hollywood Sportatorium, Hollywood, FL, 19.1.74, afternoon, Les Kokay 2cdr

Bob Dylan Hollywood Sportatorium, Hollywood, FL, 19.1.74, evening, Les Kokay 2cdr

Bob Dylan Omni, Atlanta, GA, 21.1.74, Les Kokay 2cdr

Bob Dylan TCCC, Fort Worth, TX, 25.1.74, untangled, from master tapes by T 1cdr

Bob Dylan Hofheinz Pavilion, Houston, TX, 26.1.74, afternoon show, Les Kokay 2cdr

Bob Dylan Hofheinz Pavilion, Houston, TX, 26.1.74, evening show, Les Kokay 2cdr

Bob Dylan Nassau County Coliseum, Nassau, NY, 28.1.74, w/The Band, Les Kokay 2cdr

Bob Dylan Crisler Arena, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, 2.2.74, Les Kokay 2cdr
Bob Dylan St. Louis Arena, St. Louis, 4.2.74, afternoon show, Les Kokay 1cdr

Bob Dylan St. Louis Arena, St. Louis, 4.2.74, evening show, Les Kokay 1cdr

Bob Dylan Coliseum, Seattle, Washington, 9.2.74, afternoon show, Les Kokay 2cdr

Bob Dylan Coliseum, Seattle, Washington, 9.2.74, evening show, Les Kokay 2cdr

Bob Dylan Coliseum, Oakland, CA, 11.2.74, evening show, Les Kokay 2cdr
Bob Dylan Sound The Battle Charge - Acoustic '74, compilation 2cdr

Bob Dylan Rolling Thunder Redux, Plymouth, MA, 31.10.1975 & Waterbury, CT, 11.11.75, BGP Vault Master Reels 2cdr

Bob Dylan War Memorial Coliseum, Rochester, NY, 17.11.75, afternoon show 2cdr

Bob Dylan Bellevue Biltmore Hotel, Clearwater, FL, 22.4.76, evening show 2cdr

The Rolling Thunder Review & Guam TCCC Fort Worth, TX, 16.5.76, from master tapes by T 2cdr

Bob Dylan TCCC, Fort Worth, TX, 16.5.76, from master tapes by T 2cdr

Bob Dylan Nippon Budokan Hall, Tokyo, 21.2.78, project '78 2cdr

Bob Dylan Matsushita Denki Taiikukan, Hirakata City, Osaka, 26.2.78 2cdr

Bob Dylan Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, CA, 4.6.78, from master 2cdr
Bob Dylan Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, CA, 5.6.78, from master 2cdr

Bob Dylan Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, CA, 6.6.78, from master 2cdr
Bob Dylan Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, CA, 7.6.78, from master 2cdr

Bob Dylan Earl's Court, London, England, 20.6.78, from master 2cdr

Bob Dylan Feijenoord Stadion, Rotterdam, 23.6.78 2cdr
Bob Dylan Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, 27.6.78 2cdr

Bob Dylan Cumberland Civic Center, Portland, ME, 16.9.78 2cdr

Bob Dylan Nassau County Coliseum, Uniondale, NY, 27.9.78 2cdr

Bob Dylan Wings Stadium, Kalamazoo, MI, 27.10.78 2cdr
Bob Dylan TCCC, Fort Worth, TX, 24.11.78, from master tapes by T 2cdr

Bob Dylan The Coliseum, Jackson, MI, 28.11.78 2cdr

Bob Dylan Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, TN, 1.12.78 2cdr

Bob Dylan Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, NC, 10.12.78, new transfer 2cdr

Bob Dylan Kiva Auditorium and Convention Centre, Albuquerque, NM, 5.12.79, IA remaster 2cdr

Bob Dylan Rainbow Music Theater, Denver, CO, 22.1.80 2cdr
Bob Dylan Earls Court, London, England, 1.7.81 2cdr

Bob Dylan Sunrise Musical Theater, Miami, FL, 19.11.81 2cdr

Bob Dylan Complete Hearts Of Fire Outtakes, Townhouse Studios, London, 27./28.8.86 1cdr
Bob Dylan Westfallenhalle 1, Dortmund, 15.9.87, CB master 2cdr

Bob Dylan St. Jakobshalle, Basel, Switzerland, 10.9.87 1cdr

Bob Dylan Palaeur, Rome, 3.10.87, from master 1cdr

Bob Dylan National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, England, 10.10.87, from master 1cdr

Bob Dylan National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, England, 11.10.87, from master 1cdr

Bob Dylan Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre, Denver, CO, 15.6.88, Improved Air remaster 1cdr

Bob Dylan Grand Rex, Paris, 29.1.90, holy grail 2cdr

Bob Dylan Grand Rex, Paris, 30.1.90, holy grail 2cdr

Bob Dylan Grand Rex, Paris, 31.1.90, holy grail 2cdr

Bob Dylan Grand Rex, Paris, 1.2.90, holy grail 2cdr

Bob Dylan Hammersmith Odeon, London, 7.2.90, holy grail 2cdr

Bob Dylan Hammersmith Odeon, London, 8.2.90, holy grail 2cdr

Bob Dylan Centennial Centre Concert Hall, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 17.6.90 2cdr
Bob Dylan Dundonald Ice Bowl, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 6.2.91 2cdr
Bob Dylan Hammersmith Odeon, London, 17.2.91, off master, remastered by BB 2cdr

Bob Dylan Melbourne, Australia, 5.4.92, MK master 2cdr

Bob Dylan Gurten Festival, Bern, Switzerland, 17.7.93, SBD 2cdr

Bob Dylan Sportovni Hala, Prague, Czech Republic, 16.7.94 1cdr

Bob Dylan Buffalo State College Sports Arena, Buffalo, NY, 11.5.96 2cdr

Bob Dylan Compton Arena, Worcester, MA, 14.11.99, unwanted man 2cdr
Bob Dylan Donauarena, Regensburg, 25.5.00 2cdr

Bob Dylan NY Theater, Horsens, Denmark, 21.5.00, CC 2cdr

Bob Dylan Don't Get Up Gentlemen, Tweeter Center, Mansfield, MA, 22.6.00 unwanted man 2cdr

Bob Dylan Searching for Kerouac's Grave, Tsongas Arena, Lowell, MA, 11.11.00, unwanted man 2cdr
Bob Dylan Kingsford Smith Park, Ballina, New South Wales, Australia, 31.3.01, schubert version 2cdr

Bob Dylan Verizon Wireless Arena, Manchester, New Hampshire, 21.11.01, unwanted man 2cdr
Bob Dylan All Ages Catch Dylan, Philips Arena, Atlanta, GA, 9.2.02 2cdr

Bob Dylan International Arena, Cardiff, 6.5.02, CC 2cdr

Bob Dylan Hot Augusta Night, Augusta Civic Center, Augusta, ME, 4.8.02, unwanted man 2cdr

Bob Dylan Apple & Eve Newport Folk Festival, Newport, Rhode Island, 3.8.02, CC 2cdr

Bob Dylan I Sure Wish He'd Get That Off His Head, Newport Folk Festival, Newport, RI, 3.8.02, unwanted man 2cdr
Bob Dylan I Didn't Expect Such a Good Crowd (Really!, Meadowbrook Music Arts Center, Gilford, NH, 21.8.03, unwanted man 2cdr
Bob Dylan Wembley Arena, London, 15.11.03, CC 2cdr A
Bob Dylan Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, England, 23.11.03, CC 2cdr A
Bob Dylan Hammersmith Apollo, London, 24.11.03, CC 2cdr A
Bob Dylan The Orange Peel, Asheville, NC, 9.4.04, fin remaster 2cdr

Bob Dylan El Fontanar Sports Hall, Córdoba, Spain, 11.7.04, schubert version 2cdr

Bob Dylan Brubaker Auditorium, Messiah College, Grantham, PA, 6.11.04, schubert remaster 2cdr

Bob Dylan Paramount Theater, Seattle, CA, 7.3.05 2cdr

Bob Dylan Ft. Lauderdale Stadium, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 26.5.05, soomless version 1cdr A-

Bob Dylan Bright House Network Field, Clearwater, FL, 29.5.05, soomless version 2cdr A-

Bob Dylan Clipper Magazine Stadium, Lancaster, PA, 19.6.05, 24-bit/96khz version 2cdr

Bob Dylan Yogi Berra Stadium, Little Falls, NJ, 24.6.05, 24-bit/96khz version 2cdr

Bob Dylan The Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver, British Columbia, 20.7.05 2cdr

Bob Dylan Scandinavium, Gøteborg, Sweden, 21.10.05, CC 2cdr
Bob Dylan Gigantium, Aalborg, Denmark, 22.10.05 2cdr A
Bob Dylan CCH, Hamburg, Germany, 24.10.05 2cdr
Bob Dylan Arena Treptow, Berlin, Germany, 25.10.05, schubert remaster 2cdr

Bob Dylan Ahoy, Rotterdam, Holland, 28.10.05 2cdr

Bob Dylan Vorst Nationaal, Brussels , Belgium, 1.11.05 2cdr

Bob Dylan Galaxie, Amneville, Metz, France, 4.11.05 2cdr
Bob Dylan Zenith, München, Germany, 8.11.05 2cdr

Bob Dylan Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland, 13.11.05 2cdr

Bob Dylan Brixton, London, 20.11.05 2cdr

Bob Dylan The Point Theatre, Dublin, Ireland, 27.11.05 2cdr

Bob Dylan Offial Rarities, vol.1&2, most of the offical released promos & rarities 17cdr
Faces Tea Party, Boston, MA, 1970, SBD 1cdr

Faces Loose Fetters, Nassau Colliseum, New York, 12.10.75, SBD 1cdr
Fairport Convention BBC Sessions 1967-1968 1cdr

Fairport Convention A Chronicle Of Sorts 1967-1969, BBC sessions + Bouton Rouge TV 1cdr

Fairport Convention The Alternative Heyday - The Lost Tracks, BBC Radio One, 1968-1969 1cdr

Fairport Convention Harlow Town Park, Harlow, 15.6.74 1cdr

Fairport Convention Holland 1975, january 1975, w/Sandy Denny 1cdr

Fairport Convention Velodromo Vigorelli, Milano, Italy, 25.7.79, SBD 2cdr

Fotheringay Farewell Fotheringay, w/Sandy Denny 1cdr

David Gilmour Jonathan Ross Show & Live In Concert BBC Radio 2 FM, march 2006
Glass Harp Firestone High School, Akron, 24.3.71, SBD 1cdr
Nick Gravenites & John Cipollina King St. Studio, 6.1.70 1cdr

Arlo Guthrie Gerdes Folk City, New York, 1966 1cdr

Tim Hardin Remastered Recordings, 1963-1980 2cdr

Françoise Hardy Europe 1 Musicorama Special, 1963-1965, L'Olympia, Paris, France 1cdr

Roy Harper Stonehenge Festival, 21.6.83 2cdr

Roy Harper Red Lion Folk Club, Birmingham, England, 12.5.84 1cdr

George Harrison Alternate Wonderwall, pear 1cdr

George Harrison Songs For Patti, ATMP sessions, definitive edition 1cd

George Harrison The Art Of Dying, complete ATMP sessions, demos & remixes 6cdr

George Harrison Living In The Alternate World, alternate takes of Living In The Material World 1cdr

George Harrison Fort Worth Express, Fort Worth, TX, 22.11.74, SBD 2cdr

George Harrison TCCC, Fort Worth, TX, 22.11.74, from master tapes by T 2cdr

George Harrison Live At The Omni, Atlanta, GA, 28.11.74 1cdr
George Harrison Chicago Stadium, Chicago, IL, 30.11.74 1cdr

George Harrison Detroit, MI, 4.12.74, matinee 1cdr

George Harrison Philadelphia Lumberjack, Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, 17.12.74, matineé show 2cdr

George Harrison Somewhere In England, original rejected version & more, pegboy release 1cdr

George Harrison Lost And Found, Cloud 9 rough mixes 1cdr

George Harrison Acoustic Masterpieces, outtakes & demos 1cdr

George Harrison All Things Must Pass - A Conversation With George Harrison 1cdr

George Harrison The Smith Collection, interview 2.5.70 & Dylan sessions 1970 1cdr

George Harrison Hear All About It, introduces Extra Texture, september 1975 1cdr

George Harrison B-Sides George, 1971-2001 1cdr

Mickey Hart Mickey's Barn, Novato, CA, 1972/1973 1cdr

Hole MTV Unplugged, Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York, 14.2.95, complete 1cdr

John Lee Hooker Wise Fools Pub, Chicago, IL, 9.11.76, SBD 1cdr
Hot Tuna Matrix, San Francisco, CA, 22.7.69 2cdr

Jefferson Airplane Calliope Warehouse, San Francisco, CA, 6.11.65 1cdr
Jefferson Airplane Captain Consciousness Presents, Vancouver 14./15.1.66 & Winterland 24.9.66 1cdr

Jefferson Airplane Kitsilano Theater, Vancouver, 14./16.1.66, SBD 1cdr

Jefferson Airplane Winterland, San Francisco, CA, 23.9.66 1cdr

Jefferson Airplane Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA, 30.9.66 1cdr
Jefferson Airplane Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA, 2.10.66 1cdr

Jefferson Airplane Winterland, San Francisco, CA, 7.10.66 1cdr
Jefferson Airplane Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA, 14.10.66 1cdr

Jefferson Airplane Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA, 16.10.66, with parts of 15.10.66 1cdr

Jefferson Airplane Webster Hall, New York, 8.1.67 1cdr

Jefferson Airplane Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, 8.2.67 1cdr

Jefferson Airplane Winterland, San Francisco, CA, 5.9.67, SBD & Smothers Brothers, 25.6.67 1cdr

Jefferson Airplane The Matrix, San Francisco, CA, 1.2.68 2cdr

Jefferson Airplane Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento, CA, 17.5.68 & County Fairgrounds, Santa Clara 18.5.68, day 1cdr

Jefferson Airplane Shrine Exhibition Hall, Los Angeles, CA, 18.5.68, night 1cdr

Jefferson Airplane Falkoner Centret, Copenhagen, 28.8.68 1cdr

Jefferson Airplane Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, CA, 1969 1cdr

Jefferson Airplane SUNY Athletic Field, Story Brook, NY, 1.5.70, SBD 2cdr

Jefferson Airplane Winterland, San Francisco, CA, 4.10.70 1cdr

Jefferson Starship Alternate Dragonfly, alternate takes 1cdr

Jefferson Starship Curtis Hixon Hall, Tampa, FL, 6.11.74 2cdr

Elton John ACC, Notre Dame University, South Bend, IN, 3.11.74 2cdr

Janis Joplin Get It While You Can, Honolulu, Hawaii, 6.7.70, SBD, w/Full Tilt Boogie 1cdr
Ustad Vilayat Khan Montreal, Quebec, 30.6.78, SBD, w/Avatar Singh, Tabla 3cdr A+
Paul Kantner & Grace Slick Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA, 16.10.88 1cdr

King Crimson Fillmore Visions, Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, 16.12.69 1cdr

Kinks Rare Kinks Anthology, vol.1 2cdr

Kinks Rare Kinks Anthology, vol.2 2cdr

Kinks Another Great Lost Kinks Album, missing BBC sessions & live TV recordings, 1964-72 1cdr A

Kinks Pierce College Gym, Woodland Hills, CA, 21.11.70 1cdr

Kinks Colden Hall, Queens College, New York, 27.3.71, PCRP#8, w/Trapeze 2cdr

Kinks Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, 12.3.72 1cdr

Kinks Slum Kids, BBC compilation, 1974-77 1cdr

Kinks Here Comes The Groove, Hippodrome, Golders Green, London, England, 14.7.74 1cdr

Kinks Starmaker & A British Biscuit, Manchester, 25.7.74 & London, 14.6.75 1cdr

Kinks X-Norman - A Soap Opera, Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, 20.4.75 2cdr
Kinks Midlife Krisis, Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, CA, 19.2.77, SBD 2cdr

Kinks Kristmas Koncert, Rainbow Theater, London, 24.12.77, SBD 1cdr

Kinks Penn State University, PA, 17.2.79 2cdr

Rahsaan Roland Kirk Warsaw, 14.10.67 1cdr

Rahsaan Roland Kirk Village Vanguard, New York, 31.12.73 1cdr

Rahsaan Roland Kirk Village Vanguard, New York, 14.4.74 2cdr

Rahsaan Roland Kirk Village Vanguard, New York, 3.1.75 1cdr

Kris Kristofferson The Four Rules, demos, outtakes, alternates & live rarities, sbd
Lemonheads Berkeley Square, Berkeley, CA, 29.8.89 1cdr

Lemonheads Glastonbury Festival, UK, 24.6.93 1cdr

Lemonheads Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, England, 15.9.05 1cdr
Led Zeppelin Graham's Superb vol.1, Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, CA, 26.4.69 2cdr

Led Zeppelin Studio Gems vol. 2, Outtakes & Home recordings, 1970-72 1cdr
Led Zeppelin Voodoo In The Gardens, Trentham Gardens, Stoke-On-Trent, 15.1.73, SBD 2cdr

John Lennon 1970 Plastic Ono Band - Home & Studio, green grape 2cdr

John Lennon 1970 Home Recordings, green grape 1cdr

John Lennon 1971 Home Recordings, green grape 1cdr

John Lennon Let's Have a Party, Syracuse, NY, 9.10.71 1cdr
John Lennon One To One Concert Rehearsals, 22.8.72, chapter one, w/Elephants Memory Band 1cdr

John Lennon One To One Rehearsals, 22.8.72, orange, w/Elephants Memory Band 2cdr

John Lennon Willowbrook Rehearsals, Butterfly studio, 22.-26.8.72, black bird 2cdr

John Lennon Somewhere In New York City, the un-telecast performances 1cdr

John Lennon Mind Games - Alternates & Demos 1cdr

John Lennon Over Walls & Under Bridges, unreleased home demo's & studio recordings for Walls and Bridges 1cdr

John Lennon 1974 Home Recordings, green grape 1cdr

John Lennon 1974 July 13 Studio Rehearsals, green grape 1cdr

John Lennon 1974 Walls & Bridges Sessions, green grape 2cdr
John Lennon A Toot And A Snore In 74, spring 1974, w/McCartney, Nilsson 1cdr

John Lennon Filming The Fantasies, last studio filming session 18.8.80 1cdr

John Lennon Journals (Part1), demos, outtakes & live 5cdr

John Lennon Journals (Part2), demos, outtakes & live 5cdr

John Lennon Acoustic Masterpieces, demos 1968-80 1cdr

John Lennon A Heart Play, home demos, studio-outtakes & rough mixes for Double Fantasy 1cdr

John Lennon For The Other Half Of The Sky, Double Fantasy sessions, barrier 2cdr

John Lennon Double Fantasy Working Version 1cdr

John Lennon Behind The Lines, complete home recordings 1975-1980, multimedia DVD 1dvd-r or 9cdr

Lindisfarne Christmas Concert, Newcastle City Hall, Newcastle, 23.12.76 & Alan Hull Demos 2cdr

Lindisfarne University of Essex, Colchester, England, 1978 1cdr

Love Black Beauty, unreleased album, 1973 1cdr

Taj Mahal Ludlow's Garage, Cincinnatti, OH, 13.2.70
Taj Mahal Fillmore East, New York, 15.1.71, late show 1cdr

Bob Marley Black Ark Demos, 1978 1cdr

Pat Martino Music Of My Mind, studio outtakes, 1981-82 1cdr

John Martyn Les Cousins, London, june 1968 & february 1970, Lagga Shoebox Archive 1cdr

Mazzy Star Copenhagen, Loppen, Denmark, 4.6.00 1cdr A
Paul McCartney Alternate Ram, pear 1cdr

Paul McCartney Raw Ram, extractions from the album 2cdr

Paul McCartney & Wings Alternate Wild Life, pear 1cdr

Paul McCartney & Wings Alternate Red Rose Speedway, pear 1cdr

Paul McCartney The Making of James Paul McCartney, SBD 1cdr

Paul McCartney & Wings Ottenbachhalle, Frankfurt, 19.7.72 1cdr

Paul McCartney & Wings Ullevi Stadium, Gothenburg, 10.8.72 1cdr

Paul McCartney & Wings Olympean, Lund, Sweden, 11.8.72 2cdr

Paul McCartney & Wings Fyns Forum, Odense, 12.8.72 2cdr

Paul McCartney & Wings Rheinhalle, Düsseldorf, 16.8.72 2cdr

Paul McCartney & Wings Junior's Farm, Chattanooga, 27.8.72 1cdr

Paul McCartney & Wings Got Any Toothpicks, live in Europe 1972 1cdr

Paul McCartney & Wings Venus And Mars Sessions, february & march 1975, rough mixes 1cdr 

Paul McCartney & Wings Venus And Mars Basic Trax 1cdr

Paul McCartney & Wings TCCC, Fort Worth, TX, 3.5.76, 1st show, from master tapes by T 2cdr

Paul McCartney & Wings Wings Over Philadelphia, Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, 12.5.76 2cdr

Paul McCartney & Wings Great Lost TAKAL Master, Capitol Center, Largo, ML, 15.5.76 2cdr

Paul McCartney & Wings Seattle Kingdome, Seattle, Washington, 10.6.76 SBD 2cdr A

Paul McCartney & Wings Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA, 13.6.76 2cdr

Paul McCartney & Wings San Marco Square, Venice, 25.9.76 2cdr

Paul McCartney & Wings Hammersmith Odeon, London, 29.12.79, Last show 1cdr

Paul McCartney Backyard & More, yellowdog 1cdr

Paul McCartney Live In Paris 1989, vol.1&2 2cdr

Paul McCartney Robert F. Kennedy Stadium, Washington, DC, 4.7.90, SBD 2cdr

Paul McCartney Back To The Big Egg, Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, 7.3.1990 3cdr

Paul McCartney Veggie Pie, Flaming Pie Demos 1cdr

Paul McCartney Together On Stage, Los Angeles, 14.6.01 & more 2cdr

Paul McCartney Ullevi Stadium, Gothenburg, 12.6.04 2cdr

Paul McCartney Ready For Fire, Olympiastadion, Helsinki, 17.6.04 2cdr

Paul McCartney Stade De France, St. Denis, Paris, 24.6.04 2cdr

Paul McCartney MoMac's Hidden Tracks, vol.9-26 16cdr

Paul McCartney Sold on Song, BBC Radio 2, 17.9.05, green grape 2cdr

Paul McCartney Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, PA, 22.9.05, jerseyboy 2cdr
Paul McCartney Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, PA, 23.9.05, jerseyboy remaster 2cdr

Paul McCartney MCI Center, Washington DC, 8.10.05, green grape 2cdr

Paul McCartney Alternate Takes 1970-72, TJT productions 1cdr

Paul McCartney Alternate Takes 1973-74, TJT productions 1cdr

Paul McCartney Alternate Takes 1975-78, TJT productions 1cdr

Shelagh McDonald Never Said She Was Coming Back, London february 1971, Lagga Shoebox Archive 1cdr

Roger McGuinn Jabberwocky, Syracuse, NY, 1.1.74, SBD, 1cdr

Roger McGuinn WLIR Radio Living Room Concert, Long Island, NY, 1975 1cdr

Roger McGuinn & Gene Clark Calderone Theater, Hempstead, New York, 25.11.77 1cdr

Roger McGuinn, Gene Clark & David Crosby Boarding House, San Francisco, CA, 6.12.77, early show 1cdr

Roger McGuinn, Gene Clark & David Crosby Boarding House, San Francisco, CA, 8.12.77, late show 1cdr

Roger McGuinn, Gene Clark & Hillman Regent Theatre, Sydney, Australia, 1978 1cdr
John McLaughlin Munich, Germany, 19.8.72, solo 1cdr

Don McLean Ebbets Field, Denver, CO, 14.4.75 1cdr

Joni Mitchell Gerdes Folk City, New York, october or november 1967 1cdr

Moby Grape Dark Magic, various live, 1965-1969 2cdr

Van Morrison Auditorium Theater, Chicago, IL, 18.10.74 2cdr

Jim Murray, The Lost Album, Mickey Hart Ranch, december 1970 & January 1971

Mickey Newbury Outtakes, various sources 1cdr

Mickey Newbury San Diego State, San Diego, CA, 1973, SBD 1cdr

Mickey Newbury Flying Solo, 17th & Porter, Nashville, TN 1cdr

Mickey Newbury Ramblin' Blues, unknown venues, 1996 & 1998 1cdr

Mickey Newbury Lost Triad Sessions, Triad Studios, Eugene, OR, 6.3.99 1cdr
Joanna Newsom Demo EP's, Walnut Whales, 2002 & Yarn and Glue, 2003 1cdr

Joanna Newsom Live at Mercury Lounge, New York, NY, 22.6.04 1cdr

Nico Theatre Campagne Premiere, Paris, 31.3.78 1cdr
Nico Live At Squat Theatre, New York, 30.8.80 1cdr
Nico Zeche, Bochum, 16.5.82 1cdr

Nico Clutch Cargos, 64 W. Elizabeth St, Detroit, MI, 7.6.82, SBD 1cdr

Nico Quartier Latin, Berlin, 18.10.85 2cdr

Nico Another Dark Night, Studentski Kulturni Centar, Belgrade, 29.3.87 1cdr
Laury Nyro Fillmore East, New York, 22.12.70, SBD 1cdr

Oasis First Demo Tape, 1992, Mickdude 1cdr

Oasis The Boardwalk, Manchester, 1992 1cdr

Oasis Whatever Demos, 1993, Mickdude 1cdr

Oasis Borderline Sessions, Borderline Club, London, 21.8.94 1cdr
Oasis Earl's Court, London, UK, 5.11.95, SBD 2cdr

Oasis Clapham Grand, London, 22.5.05, SBD, BBC 1cdr

Phil Ochs WBAI Studios, New York, 1965 1cdr
Phil Ochs Rutgers University, New Jersey, 22.5.66 1cdr

Opal Early Recordings, vol.2, unreleased studio demos 1cdr

Opal Live in Berlin 1988, featuring Hope Sandoval 1cdr

Opal, Bloom, Mezzago, Italy, 24.3.88 1cdr
Gram Parsons & The Fallen Angels Live In Boston, 18./19./20.3.73 2cdr

Pentangle Fillmore East, New York City, 7.2.69 1cdr
Pentangle Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley, CA, 29.5.70 2cdr

Pink Floyd The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn, mono edition 1cdr

Pink Floyd The Complete Top Gear Sessions 1967-69 2cdr

Pink Floyd Meddled, Paris Cinema, London, England, 30.9.70 1cdr
Pink Floyd Umma & Gumma, Ummagumma revisited, fan project, fa002 2cdr

Pink Floyd Before the Fire, The Fireman's Tapes, vol.3, Altes Casino, Montreux, 21.11.70 2cdr
Pink Floyd Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, 19.2.81, new source 2cdr A-

Police, Lost BBC Studio Tapes 1978-79 1cdr

Elvis Presley Cut Me & I Bleed, the other side of Elvis 2cdr

Elvis Presley American Sound, American Sound Studios, Memphis, TN, january/february 1969 10cdr A+

Elvis Presley There's Always Me, vol.1-4, essential unreleased studio outtakes 8cdr A

Elvis Presley O Come All Ye Faithful, Christmas album, outtakes & alternate mixes 1cdr

Elvis Presley The Complete Dressing Room Session, 1968 1cdr

Pretty Things Pure And Pretty, Emotions songs without overdubs & more 1cdr

Pretty Things Philip DeBarge, unreleased album & BBC 1cdr

Procol Harum Isle Of Wight, 28.8.70, SBD, upgraded 1cdr

Phil Ochs WBAI Studios, New York, exact date unknown, 1965 1cdr
Phil Ochs Rutgers University, New Brunswick, 22.5.66, SBD 1cdr

Queen Complete Kampuchea Concert, Hammersmith Odeon, London, 26.12.79 2cdr

Quicksilver Messenger Service Shady Grove Studio Rehearsal, 12.2.69 1cdr

Quicksilver Messenger Service What About Me Studio Sessions, 30.7.69 1cdr
Quicksilver Messenger Service First Annual New Years Eve Costume Ball, San Francisco, CA, 31.12.70 2cdr
Reverend Gary Davis Friends' Center, Seattle, WA, 8.7.67, SBD 1cdr
Rolling Stones Beat Beat Beat At The Beeb 1963-1965, complete BBC sessions 2cdr

Rolling Stones So Much Younger Than Today, Honolulu, Hawaii, 28.7.66, 20-Bit Master 1cdr

Rolling Stones Musicorama Mixdown, L'Olympia Theatre , Paris, France, 1965/66/67 2cdr

Rolling Stones In Action, rare SBD recordings 1965-67 1cdr

Rolling Stones Du Fond Du Coeur, early live 1965-67 1cdr

Rolling Stones The Legendary Apple Acetate 1cdr

Rolling Stones Their Satanic Majesties Request Remastered, MickBoy remaster 1cdr

Rolling Stones The Trident Mixes, Trident studios, London, autumn 1969 1cdr

Rolling Stones Lost Marquee Tapes, Marquee Club, London, UK, 26.3.71, SBD 1cdr

Rolling Stones Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PA, 22.7.72, SBD 1cdr

Rolling Stones Swiss Made, Bern, 26.9.73, first & second show 2cdr
Rolling Stones The Abcko Masters, alternates & outtakes 1968-70 1cdr
Rolling Stones Place Pigalle, studio outtakes 1971-81 4cdr

Rolling Stones Black & Blue Session Tape 74-75, alternates & outtakes 1cdr

Rolling Stones Order In The Court, Earl's Court, London, 22.5.76, SBD 2cdr

Rolling Stones Backstage Limited, Palais Des Sports, Lyon, France, 9.6.76, SBD 2cdr
Rolling Stones Start Us Up, Tattoo You sessions 1cdr

Rolling Stones The Alternate Versions vol.1 1cdr

Rolling Stones The Alternate Versions vol.4 1cdr

Rolling Stones The Alternate Versions vol.5 1cdr
Rolling Stones Voodoo Brew, Voodoo Lounge sessions 4cdr

Tom Rush Chilmark Concert, Martha's Vineyard, MA, 2.9.62 & demos june 1961 1cdr

Tom Rush Live Events 1963-69 & demo 1cdr

Rutles Hard Day's Rut, rarities, demos & alternate versions 1cdr

Rutles Bloomsbury Theatre, London, 1.12.04 1cdr

The Seeds Melodyland Theater, Anaheim, CA, 1968 & Strawberry Alarm Clock, 1969 1cdr

Silly Wizard Houston, TX, 18.10.82, SBD 2cdr

Paul Simon Alternate Hearts & Bones, demos & outtakes 1cdr
Simon & Garfunkel Home Recordings 1964, including Chez 1cdr

Simon & Garfunkel Feelin' Groovy, Buffalo, NY, 2.1.67, SBD 1cdr

Simon & Garfunkel BBC Sessions & More, BBC 1965, BBC promo 1967, Sing Out TV show & Haarlem 1966 1cdr

Simon & Garfunkel Long Beach, CA, fall 1969 1cdr

Simon & Garfunkel Demos & More, various demos 1966-69 1cdr

Frank Sinatra Fund Raiser For Presidential Candidate Humphrey, Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA, 22.5.68 1cdr
Patti Smith Palls Mall/Jazz Workshop, Boston, MA, WBCN-FM broadcast, 7.4.75 1cdr

Patti Smith Roxy Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, 30.1.76 1cdr
Soft Machine Middle Earth, Covent Garden, London, 10.11.67, set 1&2, T-release 2cdr

Phil Spector Studio Outtakes & Sessions, Gold Star Studios, 1962-1966 5cdr

Bruce Springsteen The Price You Pay, remastered River outtakes 2cdr

Bruce Springsteen The Definitive Remastered Darkness Outtakes, june 1977 - april 1978 2cdr

Bruce Springsteen How Nebraska Was Born, remastered Nebraska demos & outtakes 2cdr

Ringo Starr Ringo, DCC Gold disc (not a bootleg, ua) 1cdr

Ringo Starr Lost & Found, Unreleased 1987 album sessions, Three Alarm Studios, Memphis, TN, 14.-17.4.87 1cdr

Steeleye Span BBC Sessions 1970-71 2cdr

Steeleye Span My Father's Place, Roslyn, NY, 20.4.73 1cdr

Cat Stevens Plumpton Jazz, Blues & Pop Festival, Plumpton, 8.8.70, Lagga Shoebox Archive 1cdr

Cat Stevens Berkeley Community Theatre, Berkeley, CA, 30.6.71 1cdr
Cat Stevens Santa Monica, CA, 1.7.71 1cdr

Cat Stevens Gaslight Club, New York, 1971 1cdr

Cat Stevens New York City 1971, unknown location 1cdr

Stephen Stills Wooden Music, unreleased studio & live 1cdr

Stephen Stills Outtakes & Rarities 1cdr

Stephen Stills Palms Playhouse, Davis, CA, 11.12.83 1cdr

Stephen Stills & David Crosby Cowboys For Indians Benefit, Manor Downs, Austin, TX, 9.5.87 2cdr

Stills-Young Band Pine Knob Music Theatre, Clarkston, MI, 23.6.76 2cdr

Stills-Young Band Boston Garden, Boston, MA, 26.6.76 2cdr

Stills-Young Band Lost Tales Of Exile, Springfield, MA, 27.6.76 2cdr

Stills-Young Band Convention Center, Niagara Falls, NY, 4.7.76 2cdr

Stone Roses Ultimate Rarities, tapes originated from Ian Brown, 1984-89 2cdr
Strawbs Plumpton, 8.8.70, upgrade, Lagga Shoebox Archive 1cdr

Strawbs Heroes Are Forever, BBC 1cdr

Strawbs Heroes Are Forever, BBC, 25.3.73 & 11.4.74 2cdr
Swell 2 Meter Session, 21.5.94, NOB radio studio, Holland 1cdr
Swell Black Session, Paris, 10.4.97, FM 1cdr

James Taylor Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY, 16.5.70 1cdr

James Taylor Fillmore East, New York, 25.1.71, SBD 1cdr

James Taylor Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA, 5.7.72, complete show 2cdr
Teenage Fanclub King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow, 22.5.91 1cdr
Teenage Fanclub Town And Country, London, february 1992, BBC broadcast, SBD 1cdr

Teenage Fanclub The Astoria, London, 1994 1cdr

Teenage Fanclub Accelerator, Folkets Park, Malmö, Sweden, 5.7.05, FM 1cdr

Ten Years After Live At The Bronx, Gaelic Park, New York, august 1971 1cdr
Richard & Linda Thompson Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, 25.4.75 2cdr
Richard & Linda Thompson Lesser Free Trade Hall , Manchester, 7.2.81, w/S. Nichol 1cdr
Richard Thompson Henry T.H. Fly, Uppsala, 23.11.