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Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to the Student Courses. For the Specialist Programmes terms and conditions directly agreed with the Management apply.

By signing up for a course with PETERSBURG STUDIES GMBH, the participant is accepting the following Terms and Conditions.


The registration form will be sent to applicants upon request or can be downloaded from the PETERSBURG STUDIES web site. The form must be signed by the person responsible for the payment of fees, as well as by the participant and returned to PETERSBURG STUDIES GMBH together with the deposit. The completed registration reserves one place on the course, subject to references and suitability. The deposit will be returned if the place on the course is not granted. The number of participants is limited.


Fees are established according to tariffs and exchange rates at the time of printing. PETERSBURG STUDIES GMBH will itself absorb the first 3% of any change in the event of variations due to exchange rate fluctuations.

Changes in the fees amounting to more than 3% will be brought to the applicant's attention. If the change is more than 6%, the applicant may withdraw from the course with the full return of the fees and/or deposit, as long as we are informed of this decision within 14 days after notification of the change in fees.


PETERSBURG STUDIES GMBH operates internationally with bases in London, Zurich and St Petersburg. Fees may be paid in total, either in Pounds Sterling or Euros, to the corresponding PETERSBURG STUDIES GMBH accounts, details of which are supplied on the registration form.

Payment must be made in full 10 weeks before the course or programme commences.


If PETERSBURG STUDIES GMBH is obliged to cancel the course due to circumstances of force majeur and/or act of God, war, riots or natural disasters PETERSBURG STUDIES GmbH will return all monies that have not been committed irrevocably to third parties.

For the Gap Year Course, if 10 weeks before the start of the course there are insufficient bookings PETERSBURG STUDIES GmbH reserves the right to withdraw the course. Applicants will receive a full refund of the fees and/or deposit.

Participant's Cancellation

If a participant needs to cancel, notice of such must be made in writing to the management of PETERSBURG STUDIES GMBH. There will be a percentage charge of the total fees, dependent on the period of notice before the start of the course:

between 56 and 29 days:  50%

between 28 and 7 days:  80%

within one week:  100%

Insurance and Responsibilities

Participants must have travel insurance to cover medical and property issues within Russia. Students are obliged to provide PETERSBURG STUDIES GMBH with proof of the insurance cover, plus the relevant Emergency Help contact number.

Participants are expected to behave responsibly and reasonably. Should the Management consider an individual's behaviour to be unacceptable, PETERSBURG STUDIES GmbH reserves the right to remove the participant from the course, helping to arrange homeward travelling with no extra cost to the company.

Participants are liable for any damage caused by them to property or for costs incurred as a result of unreasonable behaviour during the course. Payment for such damage must be made at the time.

PETERSBURG STUDIES GMBH is responsible for the accurate description and implementation of the course as set out in our programme. We will monitor our participants' satisfaction by means of a questionnaire and note each participant's contribution through discussion. For the student courses, a certificate will be granted at the end of the course on completion of the programme.

Passport and Visas

Participants must hold passports, which need to be valid for six months beyond the final date of the programme. Most non Russian citizens require a visa to enter the country. Visa support and purchase of flights to St Petersburg can be easily provided by travel agents specialising in Russia.